Poll: Obama Five Times Worse Than Carter on Economy

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still think President Barack Obama is viable in 2012?

U.S. News & World Report published two new polls today find that just one third of the public believes President Obama deserves reelection, while five times more Americans think Obama has done a worse job fixing the economy than Jimmy Carter, the modern era’s Herbert Hoover.

Washington Whispers contributor John Zogby says his new poll is spirit-crushing for the already depressed Obama White House. “It was a very bad week for Barack Obama. Our polling shows his job approval at 39 percent. The percentage saying he deserves re-election at 33 percent, both the lowest of his term, while the percentage of voters saying the nation is on the wrong track reached a high since he took office at 75 percent,” he said.

The American public’s view, like wet cement, may be setting when it comes with their dissatisfaction with President Obama’s handling of the economy.

All of which begs the a question? We know Mr. Obama spent 2009 trying to pass his national healthcare program. But, what the hell has he been doing the rest of the time he’s been president?

Clearly, Mr. Obama chose to ignore every public opinion polls which consistently said the American people were pleading with him to focus on jobs and the economy and not play golf and shoot hoops.

Zogby posed the question this way:

“Many recent presidents up for reelection have struggled with troubled economies and growing unemployment like the current situation. Which of the following was the worst at fixing the economy?”

1. President Obama: 47 percent
2. George H.W. Bush: 40 percent
3. Jimmy Carter: 8 percent
4. Ronald Reagan: 5 percent

Democrats had better cajole Hillary Clinton into a primary challenge to Mr. Obama or be prepared to say President-elect Romney or, President-elect Perry.

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6 Responses to Poll: Obama Five Times Worse Than Carter on Economy

  1. DMason says:

    His term is a mystery. A big, black hole in space and time.

  2. Jolly Roger says:

    Carter really wasn’t that bad, and I remember the era well; it was a hell of a lot worse in the early 80s, no matter what Saint Ronnie’s hagiographers say. Just about every historian marks 1979 as the last year the middle class managed to hold steady.

    Having said that, this era is much worse than that era was. Of this there is no doubt.

  3. TOM339 says:

    It’s a confidence thing.

    From everything I read and hear, the American people have lost confidence in President Obama to solve the country’s worsening financial woes. The question I hear over and over is, where are the jobs? There aren’t any and now, as Obama starts his bid for reelection, polls suggest Americans have started looking elsewhere for leadership.

    For Obama, I think it’s too little, too late.

  4. Jim says:

    A profound disappointment. I don’t know how we could’ve been so duped.

  5. Brigadoon says:

    The take away from this is simple. The American people simply have no confidence in Obama’s ability to handle the economy and lay out policies that help to create jobs. It’s ironic considering Obama is basically a banker himself. I have to tell you I’ve move on from this man. I am looking ahead to a 2012 challenger and to the 2016 race. Obama is toast.

  6. Neither of the other presidents on that list faced what was almost another great depression. Nor did they govern during two wars, moreover govern during wartime and not raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for the wars.

    I’m unhappy with the state of the economy too. But we have to keep perspective.

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