Hillary 2012 Talk Hits the Los Angeles Times

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It’s one thing when liberal bloggers cheer on a Hillary Clinton challenge to the sinking President Obama but, when the conversation reaches the prestigious pages of the Los Angeles Times, people sit up and take notice.

From the Los Angeles Times:

They’ve started again — the Hillary questions.

Will the once-vanquished first lady, who’s been the solid voice of administration foreign policy since Day One, challenge White House incumbent Barack Obama for the Democrats’ presidential nomination a year from now in Charlotte, N.C.?

Of course, she and everyone will say no, no, no — until the day they might say, well, actually, yes.

Or until the day the ex-state senator takes Joe Biden off the 2012 ticket and replaces the aging gaffemeister with her because Obama is in so much trouble and the party’s big-money people from New York and California insist that the Harvard guy needs a woman’s help. And they don’t mean Oprah.

The Hillary question came up again Monday at the White House briefing. Jay Carney, with his Where’s Waldo glasses, tried unsuccessfully to joke it off. Similar queries will return in coming  weeks. It’s been a little over a month now since grumpy old Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont suggested that Obama needed a challenger in the primaries because he’s gone way too far right. Which is news to those on the right seeking to fire the guy.

A challenge to Obama seems pretty far-fetched today, with his job approval hovering around 39%. Hard to imagine the loyal secretary of State, who’ll turn 64 in October, abruptly resigning to mount a challenge to her current boss and onetime bitter rival (“Shame on you, Barack Obama!”).

And she swears — well, actually, she just proclaims — that she’ll never seek elective office again.

But, say, winter nears and the Republicans are dominating the political news with Mitt Romney and Rick Perry duking it out.

And August’s 39% job-approval rating for the president has melted into 33% or 32% and the economy shows no real signs of improving despite another couple of empty Obama jobs speeches calling for more spending on infrastructure because the first $787 billion didn’t work.

Hillary is a sensitive subject around BO. Remember, she walloped him in Pennsylvania and Ohio (Texas too), states the 2012 ticket is going to need to win without Florida.

And remember in September 2008, just before the stock market collapse doomed John McCain’s bid, when Joe Biden was doing that town hall in his shirtsleeves, walking around and talking, talking? And he suggested candidly that Hillary would have been a better VP choice.

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9 Responses to Hillary 2012 Talk Hits the Los Angeles Times

  1. Insouciant says:

    Hillary Clinton 2012? Yes, a thousand times yes.

  2. Sweet Pea for Hillary says:

    I believe Hillary would have unemployment reduced to under 7% in her first two years as president.

    The Clintons know how to work Capitol Hill and grease the wheels. They don’t need a stupid golf game and a beer to move a piece of legislation.

  3. Look, I agree with Bernie Sanders on everything, but I don’t think we on the left need to take the advise of a guy who was Laura Bush’s press secretary. (The author of the L.A. Times screed worked for the Bush crime family, so maybe we should consider the source first.)

  4. DMason says:

    Gallup has Obama down to 38%. It took Bush 6 years to reach 38%. The polls show both Romney or Perry either tying or even trumping Obama in 2012. The DNC needs to take their collective heads out of their arses and begin to think strategically because barring divine intervention and I don’t believe in such things, Obama is headed for a fall come 2012. Hillary is the right candidate for the tremendous task at hand: saving the United States.

  5. Seabec says:

    From your lips to Hillary’s ear? You need to push this effort up. Get it done or we’re screwed.

  6. Yes! Hillary 2012!

  7. Randy Arroyo says:

    In Southern California, Hillary Clinton has always been more popular with Democrats than Obama. I know for a fact that his last fundraiser in Pacific Palisades was sparsely attended by Hollywood’s A-listers. I know the caterers and they had the 411 on the guest list. No Streisand, no Cher and no J-Lo. Hollywood likes the Clintons — Obama, not so much.

  8. JollyRoger says:

    another couple of empty Obama jobs speeches calling for more spending on infrastructure because the first $787 billion didn’t work.

    OK, this is a hack, and probably a winger. There was no $787 billion “spent on infrastructure.” Most of it was in the winger-preferred method of tax cuts.

    It pisses me off when some hack criticizes Obama for following the dogmas that they, themselves, set in stone. It seems to me that perhaps this writer ought to tell the truth about why Obama’s “stimulus” failed. But I’m guessing he doesn’t dare.

  9. feminazi says:

    When the major national newspapers begin reporting on the “Hillary talk,” it is much more likely she will take notice of it and start thinking seriously about 2012 and beyond. 2012 will be lost to the GOP if Obama is the Democratic candidate. I don’t want to see this happen.

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