Ann Coulter: “Can We Get The Ad To Find Obama’s Cocaine Dealer?”

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ann Coulter said she wants someone to run an ad to find President Obama’s “cocaine dealer” during an appearance on Sunday’s “Fox and Friends.”

“Can we get the ad to find, you know, Obama’s cocaine dealer now that he’s two years into his presidency?”

Watch It: Media Matters

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12 Responses to Ann Coulter: “Can We Get The Ad To Find Obama’s Cocaine Dealer?”

  1. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    I’m wearing an Ann Coulter mask this Halloween…… That’ll scare a few people! LMAO!!!!!

  2. neil moerman says:

    How come all these conservative women are so ignorant?If brains were dynamite none of them could blow their nose.

  3. DMason says:

    Where’s the ad to find Ann “Matthew” Coulter’s gender reassignment doctor in Thailand?

  4. Estacada says:

    Coulter is a vicious shrew.

    I have this fantasy of Valerie Jarrett meeting her at an event in Washington and she takes Coulter outside where she promptly kicks her ass.

  5. The Real Adam says:

    Ann’s never looked lovelier than in those pictures. What a knock out! 🙂

  6. Jim says:

    What a miserable worthless HAG.

  7. JollyRoger says:

    While we’re at it, could we find out if C__tler gets her meth from a dealer, or cooks it up herself?

  8. BamaGuy says:

    Can you imagine what her fans are like? What mean spirited cynical selfish cruel nasty-ass people her ardent fans must be. I cannot listen to her or look at her – to me, Ann Coulter is like the Medusa. She is repugnant in every way. If I saw her on the street I would cross the road or turn and go the other way – those sharp features, those hideous leers and grimaces, those laserbeam eyes so painful to look at, and that shrill WHINE of a voice like chalk screeeching across the chalkboard painful to the ears, painful to the eyes, and the evil thoughts she expresses, how I loathe her!

  9. PoliShifter says:

    Obama is clean and straight as an arrow. So far the GOP can’t even impeach him over Libya let alone hookers and coke or BJ’s. If Ann is so sure about it she/he should put up her own money.

    How much money did Trump spend investigating Obama’s birth certificate? Would have loved to be the PI on that job. “we’re getting close Mr. Trump…just need a few more days in Hawaii…can you wire some more money?”

    Pay me Ann and I will go “look around” for you maybe in Indonesia (I think Java or Bali is close enough by). I’ll sit on the beach and report back daily with “serious leads”.

  10. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Obama a drug user? Please. Obama is a country club Republican masquerading as a Democrat.

    Coulter is pathetic. I want her to release a OB-GYN-confirmed photo of her vagina. Until I see it I do not believe she’s a biological woman. Coulter is a he-she.

  11. Rachel says:

    I would so love to knock Ann Coulter’s teeth down her throat with my fist.

  12. Gawd, she’s vile! Have you heard her laugh?
    You can buy Ann Coulter Halloween Masks from this website:

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