Rick Perry Tosses His Salad

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TX Gov. Rick Perry isn’t ready for primetime and he’s certainly not ready to be the next president.

Bloomberg reports the Lone Star governor while campaigning in Iowa, said it would be “treasonous” if Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke agreed to increase stimulus spending before the 2012 election.

Perry drawled:

“If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don’t know what you would do with him. We would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas. Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in is almost treacherous, or treasonous in my opinion.”

The Texas governor’s statement suggests he thinks Bernanke should be put to death, because in the U.S., treason is a capital offense.

Now I know Texans love the death penalty. Texas executes more prisoners than all other states combined but, if Perry actually believes Bernanke should be sent to the State Penitentiary in Huntsville, TX for execution, then this salad tossing Hee Haw needs to go back to the ranch, ASAP.

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14 Responses to Rick Perry Tosses His Salad

  1. Pechanga says:

    Perry’s cowboy, loose-lip rhetoric may play back home but outside the state of Texas, he comes across as a moron.

    Of course, Perry is a moron. I mean, what sane governor says he wants his state to secede? He’s a local politician reaching for the stars.

  2. craigtamy says:

    I was born in Texas and my parents moved us to California when I was 18 mo. old. Thank goodness for that, for I am ashamed at the level of ignorance coming from some of these people. Now I know there are far more sane and lovely people than nuts, but you wouldn’t know if from the grandstanding of the obviously boorish Perry. These are the ilk that make me ashamed to say I was born there.

  3. lankyguy says:

    I love that photo.

  4. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Everything isn’t country music and BBQ between Karl Rove and Rick Perry.

    Here’s Rove blasting Perry for making this asshole comment on Fox News:

    “It’s his first time on the national stage, and it was a very unfortunate comment. You don’t accuse the chairman of the federal reserve of being a traitor to his country and being guilty of treason and suggesting that we treat him pretty ugly in Texas — that’s not, again, a presidential statement … Governor Perry is going to have to fight the impression that he’s a cowboy from Texas. This simply added to it.”

  5. Eric Equality Kuntz says:


    The image of Rick Perry “tossing his salad” made me throw up a little in my mouth.

  6. JollyRoger says:

    Guv Goodhair looks like he’s enjoying that frankfurter jut a little TOO much, if you know what I mean.

  7. ajihani says:

    I’m not an expert but isn’t threatening a high placed Federal employee a crime?

  8. i guess Gov Ricky (who more and more is reminding me of some sort of deranged Howard Beale) – found his stimulus package

  9. Robyn says:

    I see Governor Goodhair is trying to show the media there’s another thing he’s better at than Michele Bachmann besides politics.

  10. Adirondacky says:

    Perry is a dangerous guy. I think he will self-destruct as the weeks pass, forcing the Republican king makers to look elsewhere for a candidate. He’s too extreme for mainstream America. Besides, when a presidential candidate talks secession, people don’t like it.

  11. fran says:

    Things you won’t hear Perry bragging about Texas in his election campaign:

    • 49th in teacher pay
    • 1st in the percentage of people over 25 without a high school diploma
    • 41st in high school graduation rate
    • 46th in SAT scores
    • 1st in percentage of uninsured children
    • 1st in percentage of population uninsured …
    • 4,056,130 on food stamps (Over 4 MILLION!)
    • 985,720 unemployed
    • Revenue $144,739,916,500
    • Spending $184,938,100,500
    • Debt per citizen $8387

    Perry talked a lot about secession– but then comes running to the Federal Government, squealing like a pig @ the trough, asking for help when H1N1 flu arrived, when oil washed ashore from Deep Horizon, Hurricane relief aid, and probably for the 700 water pipes bursting a day in Houston & the current drought. He wants secession, until he needs help from the Feds.
    Now he wants the #1 Federal job??? He has been Governor of Texas since the Shrub/Decider Bush 2 was assigned the presidency by the Supreme Court in 2000. It’s fair game to attach Texas issues with his 11 years as governor, including the fact the State overspent their revenue by $20 BILLION.

    There is much wrong with Texas & Perry, there will be lots more damning facts to surface.
    His mannerisms are so much like GW Bush, it’s disgusting & revolting.

  12. Peace Nick says:

    Perry’s remarks were incredibly irresponsible.

    But the people of Texas love him. He’s the longest serving governor in the nation. He speaks their language. The question is, can Perry translate to a national audience? Perry, like Bush, speaks in a way Americans understand. Unlike Obama, who speaks and no one understands what the hell he’s talking about.

  13. joost says:

    My guess is, Perry will self-destruct by the end of the year as new Republican faces like Paul Ryan and Chris Christie enter the race. Perry doesn’t have a chance of winning the nomination. I know he’s the new Sarah Palin and has Democrats worried but, he’s just too far off the plantation to carry the center of the country.

  14. Nigel Karsten says:

    I had to look up the meaning of “tossing one’s salad” and all I can say is gross.

    A perfect description for the Texas asshole.

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