Gov. Ed Rendell: “Hillary Clinton can’t resist White House run”

Monday, August 15, 2011

Former PA Gov. Ed Rendell told POLITICO on Monday that he doesn’t believe Hillary Clinton is ready to retire from public life and the possibility of becoming the America’s first female president “would probably be too much for her to resist.”

“I think, and this is just my thinking, that if she leaves after the president’s first term is over and she leaves and she teaches, does something like that, and rests, I think the possibility of being president and being the first woman president in history would probably be too much for her to resist.”

Rendell is bullish on Hillary in 2016 and told the New York Post on Monday, “It’s going to be Hillary Clinton in 2016.” Too bad he doesn’t think it will be 2012.

According to Rendell, there is a group of 2008 Hillary Clinton supporters who call themselves “The Last of the Mohicans” who continue to urge her to run for president.

How can I join this group?

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12 Responses to Gov. Ed Rendell: “Hillary Clinton can’t resist White House run”

  1. stradella says:

    Christopher – As an African American woman it pains me to admit it but, Hillary would have been a better president. Period.

    I had such hopes for Barack Obama but he is just too weak to battle the GOP. No president worth his weight gives the party opposite 98% of what they want in budget negotiations. I was horrified by the sight of Obama backing down. He’s a damned wimp.

    Michele must have to close her eyes and pretend it’s Denzel Washington!

  2. Tiny Dancer says:

    Michele must have to close her eyes and pretend it’s Denzel Washington!

    Girl, sometimes I close my eyes and pretend it’s Denzel Washington. 😉

  3. Randy Arroyo says:

    If Hillary challenged Obama for the nomination in 2012, there would be a political tsunami cover the USA. The pitiful group of declared Republican candidates wouldn’t know what hit them and slowly, they would disappear. As for Obama, I just have this sense he doesn’t care. He gave it his best shot and his best shot wasn’t good enough. Time to go back to Chi-Town and write a book about his experiences.

  4. Robyn says:

    Clinton has to run. There is no one else running that’s qualified to lead this country.

  5. Adirondacky says:

    We gave Obama a chance in 2008. He didn’t deliver. Now, we need to get behind the person who has the smarts, the gravitas and the experience to get this country back on track: Hillary Rodham Clinton. Let’s do it.

  6. JollyRoger says:

    I have said it before, and I say it now: I made a mistake in 2008, and I’m sorry about that. Hill might also be a mistake, but I believe that she’d actually stand up to the Rushpubliscums from time to time. That’s good enough for me, right now.

  7. feminazi says:

    If not Hillary in 2012, then who?

  8. TOM339 says:

    Hillary Clinton has managed to build an impressive CV of professional accomplishments.

    A lawyer who worked on women’s and children’s rights, a U.S. senator from New York and now, as Secretary of State. There’s no question she has the intelligence and the work ethic to tackle the seemingly implacable list of problems facing this country.

    But I’ve read that she’s worn out. In 2010 alone, she logged more than 350,000 miles of travel and with a schedule so grueling as hers, who can blame her if she’s ready to stay home and garden and hang out? Hillary’s earned some down time.

  9. Brigadoon says:

    If Hillary leaves State and she cuts that awful, stringy long hair, and styles it chic and short, a la, 2008, then I think we can safely assume she is back in the presidential game. I’m telling you, watch her hair. Her hair is a barometer of her presidential intentions.

  10. Rachel says:

    Brig – That’s what they said about Al Gore too. In his case, watch his weight. If he got skinny he was probably entering the race for president. I think this could be true of Hillary as well. Her shorter, more styled and highlighted hair looked fabulous and more powerful. Good observation.

  11. Estacada says:

    Please, Hillary, please run for president.

    I think 2012 is lost to Romney or Perry thanks to Barry’s incompetence so 2016 is the most logical general election for her to enter. Rendell is correct. Hillary 2016 is the one to follow.

  12. ajihani says:

    I’ll believe it when it happens. I don’t get the sense Hillary has the slightest interest in running for president again. 2008 was awful for her. I’m surprised she didn’t retire then.

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