New Balance President and CEO Jim Davis Donated $500,000 to Mitt Romney

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Balance Athletic Shoes President and CEO Jim Davis made a $500,000 donation to the Political Action Committee in support of anti-gay Mormon presidential candidate Mitt “Willard” Romney.

Now, the blow back from donation is making headlines. Here’s the company’s weaselly  response. According to New Balance, while they admit Davis made the donation, New Balance doesn’t necessarily agree with the Romney’s recent decision to add his name to an anti-gay marriage pledge.

Dear New Balance associates, customers and consumers:

Earlier this year, a private donation was made by our Chairman to a political action committee that is affiliated with Mitt Romney. First, let me be clear that this was a private donation and not a contribution from New Balance. We encourage civic engagement at all levels and will always respect the right of any of our associates to engage in the political process as they see fit. We typically do not comment on private political donations; however, this situation is different.

Mr. Romney recently signed a pledge that challenges same sex marriage and that has offended many including those in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Mr. Romney’s position on this issue is not reflective of Jim Davis’, my or New Balance’s position and support of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered community. As a company, New Balance embraces the differences in all people and we work tirelessly to create and sustain an environment where everyone – our associates, consumers, customers and guests – are treated with dignity and respect.

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12 Responses to New Balance President and CEO Jim Davis Donated $500,000 to Mitt Romney

  1. Robyn says:

    Whew! I have a pair of New Balance shoes and I’d hate to give them up.

  2. Brigadoon says:

    So New Balance is saying while their CEO is a Romney supporter, we shouldn’t hate them? Just look the other way, hold our noses and keep buying their shitty shoes made in China? OK, got it. No, New Balance can go to hell. I will never purchase a pair of their shoes again.

  3. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    Where can I send my 3 pair of New Balance shoes to be burned, without poluting the atmosphere????

  4. Rachel says:

    Thanks for this post, Christopher. We need a formal “Boycott Watch” of presidential candidates and maybe you can be that person? The mainstream media ignores these issues. I won’t be buying any New Balance shoes after learning about this donation and I plan to tell everyone at work so they can make informed consumer choices.

  5. Mets Fan says:

    A donation of this size by a corporate CEO suggests the ruling class expects Mitt Romney to defeat Obama in 2012 and they’re trying to position themselves for favoritism.

    The ruling class usually don’t back losers and as Peggy Noonan observed, Obama is a loser.

  6. fran says:

    Old Imbalance?

    Here’s a little blurb about NB:
    Twenty-five percent of New Balance shoes sold in North America are produced by our US workforce, using US and imported materials. When possible, we obtain materials from domestic suppliers. At times, due to availability, economic or quality reasons, there is a need to import components from foreign sources. Where the domestic value is at least 70%, we have labeled the shoe “Made in the USA.” Where it falls below 70%, we have qualified the label referencing domestic and imported materials. This determination is based in part on the Federal trade Commission’s survey of consumers.

    According to this article in Fortune Magazine, 75% of New Balance shoes are made in China and Vietnam.

    In any case, we are to assume the employees in the sweatshops of Vietnam & China are treated with dignity & respect. We can also assume that is reflected in the fair wages they are paid.

    No sale! New Balance does not get to ride the fence on basic civil rights issues.
    They support the candidate, but not his discriminatory stance?


  7. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Fuck New Balance. I’d never buy another of their “Made in China” running shoes now.

  8. DMason says:

    And so it begins. Another election season and another list of companies to boycott. Honestly, don’t these corporate bigwigs know their donations will become public and there will be consequences? These guys may be presidents and CEOs but they’re not very savvy about the ways of the cyber world.

  9. Jim says:

    NB needs to take a good look around, find a new CEO and leave this self serving, narrow minded bigot in one of their sweatshops.

  10. Anon says:

    Jim Davis made his Romney contribution AS A PRIVATE CITIZEN, not on behalf of New Balance. He has every right to act on his political views just as well all do. Hilarious how the left crows about individual rights and “to each his own” until someone does or says something that doesn’t line up with their ideology. Then they rush to condemn that person with all sorts of pejoratives. Steve Jobs is definitely an Obama follower but you don’t hear conservative Apple customers bitching and whining about it.

    And people who don’t support gay marriage are homophobes? Yikes. If name-calling is what we’ve stooped to, then gay marriage supporters are perverts. Even now? Good.

    One last thing – New Balance is the only sneaker company making any sneakers in the United States anymore. Try supporting it. That is, if you really care about America and American workers.

  11. EVAN ANTHONY says:

    Jim Davis ,Worked for every dime he has…..This is a true statement…He came from Greek immigrants that worked from day one….this too is a true statement…..I personally watched the man take a hole in the wall place on Everett Street ,Allston Mass and make it something…..If everybody did their share and stop buying in China…Maybe he would too….Im a gay man and Im not offended …I’m from greek immigrants…He’s NOdifferent than the average JOE he should have his rights…….let it go!!! and stop being jelious…….I bet if you called him and asked for a donation for a worthy cause…..YOU WOULD GET IT……He does share believe me….and it has no political gain to him……………………..people should watch and reserve their opinions till they have all the information………..evangelos anthony allston mass…..HOME OF NEW BALANCE

  12. paul marshall says:

    I grew up with the Davis family, went to high school with them, drank oozo on Sunday mornings at their house etc etc etc. You will NEVER find a better family, and yes Jim Davis is a self made man
    and if you met him on the street would have no idea whether he was the owner of new balance or a town worker making 35k annually.

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