Cenk Uygur: “Can anyone name Obama’s principles? Something he will not bend on?”

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When President Obama offered to slash Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to get a debt deal with congressional madmen like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Eric Cantor, many liberals and progressives started to wonder aloud, just what does Obama stand for?

Cenk Uygur wondered too:

Can anyone name Obama’s principles? Something he will not bend on? A progressive priority he will defend to the end?

Does Obama even think of himself as a progressive? He once pointed to a glass half-filled with water and told Sen. Bernie Sanders, “That’s the problem with you progressives. You see this as half-empty.” You progressives?

But does anyone think that the guy who hired Tim Geithner, Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, William Daley, Peter Orszag, Ben Bernanke, etc. is remotely progressive? If you looked throughout the whole country, could you find more conservative, establishment Democrats? Barely, if at all. And, of course, some of those guys aren’t even Democrats.

Now, the Obama supporters won’t believe this either. They’ll blame the messenger as usual. But go ahead, ignore this message at your peril. Apparently, the people at the White House think they’re such geniuses. “Did you know it turns out centrists decide elections?” This is the kind of politics you learn in third grade and they think they’re playing three dimensional chess. Yes, independents are important, but they hate weakness in their leaders. Giving the Republicans everything they want every single time doesn’t appeal to any independents and will lead to half of your own voters staying at home.

Unfortunately, this is the only guiding principle Obama has — compromise.

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6 Responses to Cenk Uygur: “Can anyone name Obama’s principles? Something he will not bend on?”

  1. Robyn says:

    I totally agree with Cenk on this. If all I’m going to get from Obama and other Democrats is someone who gives Republicans what they want when they stomp their little feet in anger, why bother voting Democrat?

  2. I think Obama is akin to Clinton. Both extreme Liberals that are intelligent enough to be realists. They were/are both faced with a very partisan Congress which is Republican-dominated and a populace that is increasingly independent. To get anything passed now, there has to be compromise – even painful compromise. Liberal-purists do not seem to understand this. Clinton did. And I think Obama is using the Clinton model to get things accomplished.

  3. Brigadoon says:

    Cenk is correct. Obama stands for nothing. He’s an empty suit who can read a teleprompter and he plays white liberals rally around him because it helps them assuage their guilt over slavery. I can’t tell you the number of times I read an article that asked “why are you supporting Obama?” The response was some version of “because it is time for a black American.” Total bullshit.

  4. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    I’d like him, O-bummer, to bend over so I can ram something yo his poop shute! That BOY has no principles……………… He’s lied about, or failed to fulfill every one of his campaign promises. He should be Tarred and Feathered and sent out of town on a rail.

  5. retahyajyajav says:

    Obama stands for nothing. The money boys on Wall Street and at the Big Banks allowed him to get elected so he could do their dirty work for them.

    That decision has worked out quite well for them, wouldn’t you think?

  6. ultragreen says:

    I don’t agree with the proposition that “centrists determine the outcomes of elections.” Their importance is overestimated, as I explain below.

    Obama (and many others) overestimates the importance of independents in determining the outcomes of elections. Independents often don’t agree with each other and their votes tend to be divided between the Republicans and Democrats. As a result, their votes tend to cancel each other out. If conservative Republicans or liberal Democrats are unhappy with their party’s candidate, they either sit out the election or vote for a third-party candidate. Thus, their impact on election outcomes is often greater than what many politicians and pundits think. A good example of this is Al Gore losing the election to George Bush in 2000 because too many liberals defected from the Democratic party to vote for Ralph Nader.

    Another problem with alienating your political base is that the conservatives and liberals give lots of money and volunteer time for the candidates that they support, while independents are less likely to do this. As a result, Obama can’t count on his liberal base to donate $500 million to his political campaign, like they did during 2008. And Obama needs their money in order to convince independents to vote for him through political advertising.

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