As Obama Fumbles, Team Hillary Revisit Her ‘3 a.m. phone call’ Warnings

Monday, August 8, 2011

By now, even the most ardent Obama supporters must admit the president is a flop.

This rings especially so for Hillary Clinton’s supporters, many of whom are still angry at the outcome of the 2008 Democratic primary.

At a luncheon in the members’ dining room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday, many Hilary Clinton supporters bemoaned Obama’s growing list of failures. From not ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to his hands-off approach to the debt crisis. Someone said, “Hillary would have been a better president.”

“Every single person nodded, including the Republicans,” reported one observer.

As an early and former Obama supporter, I have to admit; this assessment is correct.

The Daily Beast reports:

A 64-year-old African-American from the Bronx was complaining about Obama’s ineffectiveness in dealing with the implacable hostility of congressional Republicans when an 80-year-old lawyer chimed in about the president’s unwillingness to stand up to his opponents. “I want to see blood on the floor,” she said grimly.

A 61-year-old white woman at the table nodded. “He never understood about the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy,’” she said.

Looking as if she were about to cry, an 83-year-old Obama supporter shook her head. “I’m so disappointed in him,” she said. “It’s true: Hillary is tougher.”

During the last few days, the whispers have swelled to an angry chorus of frustration about Obama’s perceived weaknesses. Many Democrats are furious and heartbroken at how ineffectual he seemed in dealing with Republican opponents over the debt ceiling, and liberals are particularly incensed by what they see as his capitulation to conservatives on fundamental liberal principles.

In Connecticut, a businessman who raised money for Obama in 2008 said, “I’m beyond disgusted.” In New Jersey, a teacher reported that even her friends in the Obama administration are grievously disillusioned with his lack of leadership—and many have begun to whisper about a Democratic challenge for the 2012 presidential nomination. “I think people are furtively hoping that Hillary runs,” she said.

The son of a longtime Democratic congressman from Texas, a 73-year-old lawyer, is so enraged with Obama that he’s threatening not to vote for the 2012 Democratic ticket—the first time in his entire life that he’s contemplated such apostasy.

Among many of the 18 million Americans who supported Hillary Clinton in 2008, the reaction is simple and bitter: “We told you so.”

On Real Time With Bill Maher, the host said that as far as he was concerned, Obama might as well be a Republican, and added that he thought last week represented the tipping point in Obama’s presidency. Wondering if liberals have “buyer’s remorse” about Obama, Maher asked his panel whether Clinton would have been a better president.

“Yes,” replied astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium, adding that Clinton would have been “a more effective negotiator in the halls of Congress.”

“She knows how to deal with difficult men,” Maher agreed.

But Hillary Clinton is a seasoned politico. When asked why she plans to leave the State Department at the end of Obama’s first term, she innocuously said “I want to stay home and have lunch with family and friends.”

On the other hand, if Hillary Clinton is anything, she’s a patriot and if enough people called on her to challenge Obama in 2012, how could she not? After all, the ‘3 a.m. phone call’ came and no one in the Obama White House answered.

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22 Responses to As Obama Fumbles, Team Hillary Revisit Her ‘3 a.m. phone call’ Warnings

  1. Robyn says:

    Obama let that three o’clock phone call go to voice mail. I hope Hillary runs again. She might be the only candidate in either party worth voting for next year.

  2. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    Obama, your ship has sunk…. you should pull a ‘Nixon’ and resign and let your vice President , Joe Biden, finish your term. He can’t possibly be worse than you have been. GO HILARY!!! Boy, go back to where you came from. Another four years of you, Ni&&ER, and we won’t have a country!

  3. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    It hurts me, deeply, but I have to say it. ‘BOY’ George W. Bush was a better President than you have been. Now why don’t you just go back to Kenya… and try negotiating with a pride of Lions. I’d love to see them make a quick meal out of your ass!!!!

  4. Brigadoon says:

    Hillary would work for me. I think she’s the leader we need.

  5. VicoDANIEL says:

    I have a friend, a former Democrat who became an independent after Obama tripled the number of troops in Afghanistan. I asked him about Hillary in 2012 and he asked, ‘where do I sign?”

    He said that single decision represented a betrayal of what Obama campaigned he would do about Bush’s wars. I had to agree. During the 2008 Democratic primary, Obama said, “I will responsibly end U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.”

    In 2011, a military Chinook helicopter is shot down killing 31 U.S. soldiers.

    If Hillary Clinton decides to challenge Obama for the nomination, she’s got my vote. I think she would have a whole lot of votes. The Hill-PAC machine is in place, her team, as well as the donor list. Plus, her supporters hate Obama. It’s utter contempt.

  6. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Obama didn’t stand up to the crybaby GOPers who opposed Elizabeth Warren either.

    They wanted someone friendlier to Wall Street so Obama tossed Ms. Warren in the dumpster. I have never seen a weaker president than Obama and if I hear one more pundit say, “Obama strives to be the adult in the room,” I will throw a hammer through my TV. Love Hillary or hate her, she’s got cajones.

  7. Rachel says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying it but, please Hillary, run. Challenge the moron in the White House in 2012 so we can move this country forward. The absence of leadership is palpable. Obama is sinking and I see no way out for him. With Sunday’s announcement that Geithner informed Obama he’s staying at Treasury (funny, I thought the president made that decision?), I know now Obama can’t lead this nation out of the economic morass that threatens our very survival.

  8. Jim says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but I wish Hillary had won. I would now encourage her to get in the race and defeat Obama. We need LEADERSHIP. Who better than Hillary Clinton, who knows where all the bodies are buried and wouldn’t hesitate to kick in a few Republican teeth if necessary.

  9. fran says:

    It’s hard to know, really. Maybe Hillary would have us in a war w Iran by now, if she were president?
    Obama has been a disappointment on many fronts.
    But seriously… who else is there running at this time?
    We go from bad to worse. Michelle Bachmann, or Mitt Romney?
    Hillary is a corporate laywer. She might just tow the line with the corporatocracy & sell out the environment as well.

    Really, I’d rather have Al Gore as president.

  10. JollyRoger says:

    I was NOT an early supporter of Bushack HW Obama, and I dropped the “ardent” fairly early in his term.

    I admit it now; I backed the wrong horse, once everyone else had been cleared out. Hill, at the very least, would have been ready to fight the Rushpubliscums, instead of adopt every one of their worst policies.

  11. Randy Arroyo says:

    Hillary’s been battling the Republicans for 25 years. The GOP war against her husband began way back in Little Rock and it followed them all the way to Washington DC. When she mentioned “the vast rightwing conspiracy” against she and Bill, the GOP and their media soldiers ridiculed her. But, guess what? She was correct. David Brock, a conservative-turned-liberal pundit, admitted he was once part of the effort to dredge up scandal against Bill Clinton. My point is, Hillary is tough and she would never back down to the likes of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell or Michele Bachmann. Unlike Obama, who went crying to David Plouffe and David Axelrod the moment they shouted “boo.” Our president belongs in the senate or on a corporate board but not in the White House.

  12. Adirondacky says:

    For me it comes back to the promise Obama made to voters back in 2008. He said he would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Last I checked, both wars were waging and U.S. troops were dying in helicopter crashes and I’m paying for it to the tune of $10 billion a week at a time when the Treasury is broke. Obama is a liar and I don’t like being lied to. If Hillary challenges Obama, she’s got my vote.

  13. JollyRoger says:

    At 3AM, he’d say what he says at 3PM. “Yes, John. Yes, Mitch. Whatever you say.”

  14. Pechanga says:

    Obama has surrounded himself with a cadre of Goldman Sachs crooks.

    Goldman Sachs values permeate this administration and this is the financial institution that led to the 2008 financial mess. Obama knows this and it doesn’t matter. He’s lazy and has made a calculated decision that they can do the heavy lifting for him. He’s completely out of touch with the American people.

  15. Uneverknow says:

    Ah, America the Racist is out in force this moring. What do you expect when the Senate Minority says his number one priority is to make sure Obama is a one-term President. Not jobs, not fixing the economy, not the welfare of the people, but sabotaging everything Obama has tried.

  16. Uneverknow,

    Please, give the “PC” victim language a rest.

    What exactly has Obama tried to fix unemployment and the economy that the big meanies on the right sabotaged?

    Obama extended the Bush-era tax cuts in a so-called “compromise” effort with Mitch McConnell which further shorted the US Treasury $900 billion at a time when the country is broke.

    Obama offered to slash Medicare and Social Security in a so-called “Grand Bargain” with the Tea Party to get a budget deal passed.

    Obama campaigned promising to end the Iraq war. U.S. troops are still fighting and dying in Iraq.

    Obama campaigned promising to end the Afghanistan war. U.S. troops are still fighting and dying in Afghanistan.

    The number of secret and covert wars have doubled during Obama’s tenure to 120. Fully half the countries on the planet have a U.S. military presence today.

    So, Uneverknow, it isn’t racist to call Obama on his bullshit and his failure to lead. Sorry, but that dog don’t bark on this Blog.

  17. Uneverknow says:

    So because some of you are impressed by the way Hilary “carries herself”, this qualifies her to be the answer to the residual effects of Bush/Republican disastrous economic policies over 8 years? What in particular did you find so persuasive? Was it the way she shook her butt? Or maybe a slight smile in the camera made you imagine that she was actually winking at just you. Hilary campaigned extremely hard against Obama and lost. Obama obviously superior. But Obama can’t be successful so they make up every excuse in the book for Hillary’s lousy campaign! There are many people who don’t want a black president and right-wing hillary supporters prove it.
    I don’t know which is worse, believing Hillary would be better, or defending and pretending racism is dead but it resides in scumbags racists like Sayingwhatneedtobesaid!

  18. retahyajyajav says:

    Uneverknow – I’m trying to follow your (il)logic here. Are you saying if you hold Obama accountable then you’re automatically a racist? Seriously?

    As for the way Hillary “carries herself,” I don’t care if she walks on her hands. She’s much tougher than the kid glove soft Obama and not afraid to stand up to the bullies in the Republican party. Obama could learn a few things from Hillary about what it means to be a man.

  19. TOM339 says:

    Obama could learn a few things from Hillary about what it means to be a man.

    ROFLMAO! Good one, retahyajyajav.

  20. PUMA Lisa 1972 says:

    Obama has one clear path to reelection in 2012.

    Dump Joe Biden and put Hillary Clinton on the ticket. Obama, as despicable and unsavory as he is to more than half the United States, will annihilate any Republican challenger. Having Hillary Clinton there to guide this Harvard-educated moron throughout his four remaining years, is the promise of real hope. Plus, Mrs. Clinton would have a guaranteed path to election in 2016.

    The choice is Obama’s and my gut tells me his wife, Queen Michele of arugula salads and kicky jaunts to Spain, wouldn’t sign off on it. It’s a well known fact within Washington circles that Queen Michele intensely dislikes the Clintons. Some say she’s threatened by the former First Lady and his successful husband, Bill.

    But if Obama truly wants to win reelection to office, this would do it.

    PUMA Lisa 1972

  21. joost says:

    I like the way PUMA Lisa 1972 thinks.

  22. ejs says:

    Barring some further devastating calamity, if Hillary were to run against Obama in 2012, she would not be successful, she would weaken Obama and she would probably be helping one of the radical right-wing Republicans to get elected President, a position from which the Republicans could continue their remorseless campaign to destroy the American middle class and cater to their rich puppet masters. She should definitely consider running again in 2016.

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