McConnell/Boehner Debt Deal Gives Pentagon $50 Billion Raise

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kudos to Nancy A. Youssef at McClatchy Newspapers.for crunching the numbers and revealing the ugly lie about the McConnell/Boehner debt deal.

The 11th hour deal to raise the debt ceiling that President Obama just signed into law today was supposed to cut$400 billion in defense spending through fiscal year 2023.

However, deal started out cutting $350 billion from defense through 2024, effectively giving the Pentagon $50 billion more than it asked for over the next decade.

As Lawrence Korb, a defense expert at the Center for American Progress said:

“This is a good deal for defense when you probe under the numbers. It’s better than what the Defense Department was expecting.”

So, as the 2012 General Election gets underway next January and we have to suffer the image of the nitwit in the White House telling throngs of adoring O-Bots how “We cut $350 billion from defense, so please reelect me president,” you will know Mr. Obama is lying.

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8 Responses to McConnell/Boehner Debt Deal Gives Pentagon $50 Billion Raise

  1. Stephen Iversonn says:

    The military will always come before the American people.

    We will collapse under the weight of four wars, endless wars in the Middle East and Central Asia and $10 billion a week going out on credit to keep the American Empire operational, because the very culture of the U.S. is flawed and we still hold onto this antiquated belief we are the lone Super Power.

    I once believed we could change. I don’t believe we can change now. We’re going to collapse and the great experiment called America will go down the drain.

  2. ajihani says:

    It’s time for everyone — even the O-Bots to agree that Barack Obama is not a liberal or a progressive.

    He’s a conservadem and leans to the right on 98% of issues. He serves Wall Street, the banks and the military, industrial complex. In fact, Obama is far to the right of Bill Clinton on many issues. We refused to see this back in 2008 and bought into the “hope and change” mantra. But, now the voters have a bad case of buyers remorse.

  3. Rachel says:

    How the hell have we reached this point in American politics? Public service used to be something noble. Now we have a bunch of overpaid, special-interest driven clowns in Washington and none of them can be trusted to do what’s right by the American people. FDR and JFK are rolling over in their graves today.

  4. That’s how Washington math works. A spending cut has always meant a reduction in the planned budget increase; never has meant a cut as we understand the word cut. Damn near all of them, dem, repub, right, left, conservative, liberal, etc…

  5. Pechanga says:

    If you enjoyed the drama of the past two weeks vis a via the debt deal, then you’ve got something to look forward to come November when the so-called ‘super committee’ meets to look for further ways to slash and burn America’s safety net.

    I, for one, found the past two week nauseating and childish.

  6. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    What a cruel fucking JOKE!!!!!

  7. JollyRoger says:

    Bushack HW Obama is detestable scum. It is impossible to argue that he, himself, hasn’t set the stage for each and every one of the ding-a-ling wing’s “successes.”

    But Bushack, in spite of his insistence, isn’t the one who is taking a shellacking. WE are.

  8. fran says:

    I sense nothing but disgust across the blogosphere.
    The Masters of War & the wealthy win again.

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