Michelle “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann Refuses to Address Husband’s Reparative Clinic

Thursday, July 28, 2011

At a National Press Club event today, Tea Party queen and Republican presidential candidate, Rep. Michelle “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann, was asked about her husband’s, so-called reparative, Christian counseling clinic. Dr. Marcus Bachmann was recently busted by an undercover reporter who pretended to be unhappily gay and sought treatment to become straight.

While Crazy Eyes didn’t walk out like she did during an appearance on Quad Cities TV station WQAD when the hapless anchor tried to ask her about her husband’s highly questionable clinical practice, Bachmann, evidently free of the debilitating headaches that level her for days at a time she made it clear that “I’m running for the presidency of the United States,” saying “My husband is not running for the presidency, neither are my children, neither is our business, neither are our foster children. I’m more than happy to stand for questions on running for the presidency of the United States.”

Watch It:

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11 Responses to Michelle “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann Refuses to Address Husband’s Reparative Clinic

  1. DMason says:

    Bachmann is a nasty bitch. A nutty bitch. Her presidential dream is over. Go home, princess. You ain’t never going to move into the Big House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because the American voter is not about to elect an escapee from a mental hospital.

  2. Harry says:

    This hag needs to STFU.

  3. Rachel says:

    I agree 100% with David. Bachmann will never be Commander in Chief. If her husband really cared about his wife, he would get her the psychological help she clearly needs. Bachmann reminds me of one of those sad, unhinged women you see hanging out outside department store entrances talking about their dead sons and cats. She is not well.

  4. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    Too bad the National Press Club didn’t ask Michele Bachmann about Marcus & Associates receiving $144,000 in Medicaid money?

    I mean, here’s a “clinic” run by a man, “Dr.” Marcus Bachmann, whose license can’t be verified by the state of Minnesota, who practices a form of therapy long ago discredited by everyone from the American Psychiatric Association to the American Medical Association but he’s receiving taxpayer monies?

    I’m not surprised Michele Bachmann refuses to address the matter. She’s married to a quack and together, the pair is living off the Federal teat.

  5. Marcus Ybanez says:

    As a rule, I don’t find humor in physical or mental illness.

    But Michelle Bachmann has made a career out of trying to harm my tribe and I cannot and I will not show her any compassion. The woman is literally insane.

    To think she has 14 or 15 adopted kids at home and is collecting supplemental state income on each of them, at a time when people who are disabled or elderly and have been turned away by Minnesota Medicaid, makes my blood boil.

    As far as I’m concerned, Michelle Bachmann and her closet queen husband should be arrested and charged with child endangerment and misappropriation of state welfare money. She’s a loathsome woman and I hope she’s incarcerated.

  6. VicoDANIEL says:

    Adoption is lucrative. Think about it:

    $500 every month per child and the Bachmanns always maintain a stable of 15 means they receive $7,500 a month. This translates to $90,000 a year.

    Minnesota is floating the Bachmanns the cost of their home mortgage, utilities, gas, food and clothes and this doesn’t even include Michelle’s House salary which is roughly $150,000 a year. Mr. Marcus Bachmann must clean up. Bachmann and Associates got $140,000 from HHS in a single year.

    Add it all up and Michelle and Marcus Bachmann are hauling in close to $400,000 a year and this doesn’t even include their Federal farm subsidies.

    Abbey Peripatetic hit the nail on the head. The Bachmanns are living large and it all comes courtesy of the Federal teat at a time when the country is broke.


  7. Mets Fan says:

    Ya’ know, the rest of the sane, industrialized world must look at the American political system and wonder, “When did the inmates overtake the asylum?”

    I think it happened when Reagan was in office.

  8. The Real Adam says:

    Bachmann is very defensive about her family. I couldn’t care less about her family but I am interested in her husband’s “pray away the gay” clinic.

    It must be licensed if it is receiving federal Medicaid funds? Also, where did Dr. Marcus Bachmann go to university and how many of his clinical victims have gone on to commit suicide? I certainly hope Minnesota tracks this data.

  9. JollyRoger says:

    The commenters talking about the cabbage to be reaped by foster parenting are 100% correct. Here in the city I live in, I used to live in a bit rougher section of town. Every other family on that block had a couple of foster children. What they did NOT have were jobs. They didn’t need jobs.

  10. Randy Arroyo says:

    Missy Beard also wants a constitutional amendment to outlaw same-sex marriage. I hope Obama directs the IRS to the Bachmanns and they’re financially destroyed.

  11. Show Queen says:

    I have two words for Michele Bachmann: FUCK OFF.

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