Christian Fundamentalist Kills 92, Mostly Teenagers, In Norway

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway’s orderly existence was shattered yesterday when Anders Behring Breivik, a Christian fundamentalist, with rightwing views, detonated a bomb in a government building in downtown Oslo killing at seven people.

He promptly traveled to nearby Utoya island and dressed in a police uniform, opened fire on a youth group of teenagers. At least 85 people, some as young as 16, were killed on the island. Dead bodies were seen floating in the water surrounding Utoya.

Altogether, at least 92 dead in the attacks, the deadliest on Norwegian soil since World War II.

On his Facebook page, Anders Behring Breivik described himself as a Christian and a conservative. He listed his interests as hunting, body building and freemasonry. His profile listed him as single. The Facebook profile has since been taken down. Police said Breivik posted on websites with Christian fundamentalist tendencies.

The Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang quoted a friend as saying that Breivik turned to rightwing extremism when in his late-20s. The newspaper also said that he participated in online forums expressing strong nationalistic, anti-immigrant views.

Editor Note: Unfortunately, the death toll in Norway has risen to 93.

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22 Responses to Christian Fundamentalist Kills 92, Mostly Teenagers, In Norway

  1. feminazi says:

    Does Norway have the death penalty? I sure hope so. If ever a crime warranted capital punishment, this horrible, senseless slaughter of nearly a hundred people, most of whom were teenagers, is it. I can’t wrap my brain around such rage. My heart is heavy today.

  2. Brigadoon says:

    Anders Behring Breivik looks like a Nazi. He has the classic, blue-eyed, Aryan, square jawline and upright body posture so many concentration camp survivors reported to authorities after the WW II liberation.

  3. Peace Nick says:

    I would expect such staunch, xenophobic, anti-immigrant views from AZ Gov. Jan Brewer, Rep. Michele Bachmann or Sen. John McCain but I am truly taken aback to know people like Anders Behring Breivik exist in Norway.

    This is a very sad and troubling turn of events.

  4. Luana Caroline says:

    I hope this coward burns in hell.

  5. Estacada says:

    Oslo is the new Oklahoma City.

    Nationalism mixed with the Bible is a lethal combination. My heart goes out to the people of Norway today and even to the gunman’s parents and family. Imagine having to live with this legacy?

  6. Harry says:

    The image of dead bodies floating in the water is one I won’t soon forget. I am filled with rage to know this lunatic winger snuffed out young lives like this.

  7. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    Horrible. What happened in Norway sends shivers down my spine.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to lean immigrant-hating Anders Behring Breivik is Gov. Jan Brewer’s nephew. You can see the same type of evil in their eyes. They’re not human. They’re monsters and not suited to co-exist with the rest of humanity.

  8. VicoDANIEL says:

    The creepiest thing was Anders Behring Breivik dressed in drag as a policeman.

    Kids on that island texted and phoned their parents that they saw a cop and would be saved. Of course, the cop was really a psychopath with an AK-47 shooting anyone he encountered.

    I agree with feminazi. I’m not a big fan of the death penalty but in Breivik’s case, no punishment is more suited than a lethal injection and a trip to the crematory.

  9. Mets Fan says:

    What the hell was he planning to do with six tons of fertilizer he bought before the massacre?

  10. JollyRoger says:

    No one should be surprised. Jesusistani violent zealotry is every bit as common as Islamic violent zealotry, and is, in fact, MORE likely to be found in Europe. Surely we haven’t forgotten how many have died in Ireland over the last 100 years?

  11. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Mets Fan – Explosives can be used as explosives.

    According to a flyer distributed by the FBI:

    “Anyone purchasing large amounts of fertilizer should raise flags, including anyone not from the local area interested in purchasing large quantities of pesticides, combustibles, of fertilizers containing ammonium nitrate out of season or with cash.”

    The FBI advises farm suppliers to require valid identification, ask questions and observe responses from all new customers and to contact police if something seems out of place.

    My guess is, Norway has no similar policy. A simple farmer has no use for 12,000lbs. of fertilizer unless he planned to weaponize in some way. I suspect we will learn the bomb that went off in the downtown Oslo building was made with fertilizer.

  12. Nan Yun says:

    My heart goes out to the victims of this awful tragedy. There is no way of making sense of pure evil and Anders Behring Breivik is the very essence of pure evil. May the survivors make a full recovery and find peace. It will take time but know you are in the thoughts and prayers of the entire world.

  13. joseph says:

    Congratulations, another christian fundamentalist ruins the lives of hundreds of people. If the christian God does exist (and I certainly hope it does not), he will be rewarded in heaven for this good deed in the eyes of his god.

  14. Robyn says:

    Mets Fan — Fertilizer is for bomb making. Remember that SUV parked in Times Square not too long ago? That had enough fertilizer and other components to blow the whole block sky high.

    I’ve never felt comfortable using the term Christofascist but I think it applies here. Not all Christians are evil, but this one is the worst of them all.

  15. joost says:

    Six months ago we had the Tucson shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords by a lone wolf. That tragedy killed six including a six year old girl. Yesterday, we had Norway and 92 deaths. I’m just feeling more and more like the world is spinning out of control and I want — no I need, to step off for a while. The idea of going far into the mountains, away from news, TV, music, the internet and people. Just to walk, breathe fresh air and get back to basics. I understand how people each a point where they take steps to live their lives off the grid. The modern world is beautiful but it can also be unsettling.

  16. Patricia says:

    This is so sad. I know that the God of Christians did not command him to do this. Jesus, our Lord, tells us to pray for our enemies, to love one another, to forgive 7 times 70, to love your neighbor as yourself, that NO murder will enter the kingdom of Heaven, if you hate then you have already committed murder. Our God, does not, reward evil.

  17. TOM339 says:

    My thoughts are with the families of his victims – dead or alive.

    The families of those he killed will never be the same. The families of the survivors must cope with profound trauma now. I can’t begin to comprehend such hatred and evil.

    News reports say the maximum Breivik can serve under Norwegian law is 21 years. That works out to be about 22 months per murdered victim. He will be free to strike again in his early 50’s.

    Personally, I hope he’s killed while in prison.

  18. uba007 says:

    Why this mischief, why the emphasis that he is a christian? Christianity has a standard outside you are not a christian. The word christian means Christ like and Christ never killed a soul.Why don’t you emphasis in his freemasonry which run in opposite direction as the christainity? We know the devil is at work but nobody can hide the sun, Christianity is peace and mischief makers like the writer of this article can’t bring it to mud. After all somebody whose comment is the 13th is by name Joseph but does not believe in the christian God, is he a Christian too?

  19. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    uba007 – Pay attention.

    Norway’s Timothy McVeigh self-identified as a “conservative Christian” on his now defunct Facebook page. Why do you want to rewrite the facts of this case to erase Breivik’s Christofacist beliefs? He did what he did because he believed he was doing God’s work. He is a Christian madman.

  20. JollyRoger says:

    As I understand it, his political party and the Klanbaggers here have some interesting ties. I may post on it later.

  21. Rachel says:

    The shooter told authorities there are two other sleeper cells ready to act. Do you think he’s full of shit or telling the truth?

  22. Edwin Droom says:

    @Eric Equality Kuntz – Pay attention. He was a ‘cultural Christian’ by which he (basically) meant white European.
    His words:-
    “So what is the difference between cultural Christians and religious Christians? If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God then you are a religious Christian. Myself and many more like me do not necessarily have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God. We do however believe in Christianity as a cultural, social, identity and moral platform.”
    The difference between cultural Christians and religious Christians of course is that, Christianity being a faith, there are ONLY religious Christians.
    “I’m not going to pretend I’m a very religious person as that would be a lie”
    “Religion is a crutch for many weak people and many embrace religion for self serving reasons as a source for drawing mental strength”

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