BREAKING: John Edwards Owes Feds More than $2 Million Dollars

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Federal Election Commission approved a final audit on Thursday concluding that former presidential candidate John Edwards’ campaign owes the Federal government more than $2 million.

Edwards, a former conserva-Dem senator from North Carolina faces other legal battles.

He was indicted on June 3 for allegedly misusing nearly $1 million in campaign funds to help cover up his affair with Rielle Hunter, a campaign videographer, while he was running for president in 2008 and his late wife, Elizabeth, was battling cancer.

Rielle Hunter had a child by Edwards as a result of the affair.

The FEC voted 6-0 to approve the June 23 memorandum from its chief compliance officer and audit division, which stated the Edwards campaign owed $2,278,315.

At one time, Edwards was said to be on then-Sen. Barack Obama’s short list for vice president.

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4 Responses to BREAKING: John Edwards Owes Feds More than $2 Million Dollars

  1. Rachel says:

    That’s a lot of ca$h for Johnny Boy to have to pay back. I hope Rielle Hunter was worth it. She cost him everything; his reputation, his career, and now, his back account. Personally, I think he’s a little boy who never really grew up. A southern Peter Pan.

  2. Adirondacky says:

    Edwards is a moron. To think I once supported him. Oh well.

  3. Johnny says:

    I remember in the 2004 primaries he was asked (paraphrasing) if he considered opposition to gay rights to be bigotry, and he said no. And as far as I know he’s still opposed to gay marriage, unlike his wife who publicly supported it. What a douche.

  4. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    Edwards, like Obama, is one of those still evolving on gay marriage guys.

    Funny thing is, while he was very much married and to a smart, attractive woman who was also fighting cancer, Edwards was screwing some bottle, blonde hag and fathering a love child. But Edwards could never feel entirely comfortable with LGBT equality? He can go to hell.

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