Obama Uses Chicago-Style Politics to Scare Seniors about Social Security

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How low has President Obama sunk in the debt talks enveloping Washington? So low that he’s using Chicago-style slash-and-burn politics to frighten America’s seniors and disabled about their next Social Security check.

In an interview Tuesday with CBS News’ Scott Pelly, Mr. Obama said he cannot guarantee retirees and the disabled will receive their Social Security checks on August 3 if Democrats and Republicans fail to reach an agreement on reducing the deficit.

“I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.”

What kind of monster scares the most vulnerable in our society in order to get his way?

Here are the facts about Social Security versus Obama’s shameless falsehoods.

U.S. workers pay Social Security tax called FICA through their employers. Each month employers send a payment to the U.S. Treasury which includes all of the income taxes collected. These include Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes. Then the U.S. Treasury pays interest on the monies.

The amount of money in the Social Security Trust Fund is ever changing based on the number of U.S. workers contributing to the fund. When unemployment is low, more money is deposited into the fund. Conversely, when unemployment is high, less money is deposited into the fund.

While the amount of money in the Social Security Trust has been hammered recently by stubbornly high unemployment coupled with President Obama’s irresponsible decision to reduce the FICA tax withholding rate from 6.2% to 4.2%, the fund still has enough money to pay monthly benefit checks through at least 2037.

As of 2010, the accumulated surplus in the Social Security Trust Fund stood at just over $2.6 trillion — more than enough to pay Social Security checks on August 3 to America’s seniors and disabled.

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37 Responses to Obama Uses Chicago-Style Politics to Scare Seniors about Social Security

  1. feminazi says:

    I have a longtime friend. She’s about 20 years older than me and she and her late husband and me and my late husband would all go to Florida together in the winter for a few weeks to escape the cold and feel the sunshine. Obama really worked his magic on her. She’s literally terrified she might not get her Social Security check next month. The poor thing is literally panicked. Shame on Obama.

  2. TOM339 says:

    My elderly mother called me and said she was afraid too.

    A president is supposed to calm and reassure the American people — not frighten them for political expediency. Obama is a low-life for doing this to our retirees just to get a leg up with the Congress.

    I hope this tactic comes back and bites him in the ass.

  3. Rachel says:

    Christopher – Thank you for this level-headed and informative post about Social Security. Back in 2008, Obama said Social Security was sacrosanct. He promised to protect it and now he’s playing politics with it. It’s a shocking turn of events and one I never could’ve predicted.

  4. Harry says:

    Welcome to Jimmy Carter’s 2nd term.

  5. Mets Fan says:

    Great information, Christopher.

    Thanks for posting it. As for Obama, he’s toast. Scaring seniors is the death knell in politics. He shouldn’t run for reelection. Just quietly and quickly bow out.

  6. STEEL TOE says:

    Obama’s ruthless exploitation of Social Security recipients and VA payments confirms the repugnant character of a man who was never properly vetted by the FBI prior to the Democratic primary.

    Former president Bill Clinton said it best in the summer of 2008 when said “He’s [Obama] is simply a typical Chicago thug.” I am surprised to see a reasonable member of the “reality-based community” correctly characterize Obama’s exploitation of Social Security as “Chicago-style politics.” Few on the left will tell the truth about the president.

    If Obama has the least interest in protecting the fund that 80% of America’s elderly rely on to eat, pay rent, taxes, buy food and medicine, he would never have agreed to a FICA tax holiday at a time when 18 million Americans are officially unemployed and that many fewer workers are paying into the system. This decision was criminal.

    What conclusions might be made from Obama’s threat to withhold Social Security checks and VA payments?

    1. the Executive Branch has no constitutional authority to withhold Social Security payments
    2. the Executive Branch has no constitutional authority to withhold VA payments
    3. if the Executive Branch attempts to withhold Social Security payments and VA payments, Obama is opening himself up to an impeachable offense

    Obama is free to focus his limited attention span on NBA predictions but, the American people have had all they can take from this president. The tide has turned.

  7. Great comments everyone. Keep them coming.

    In round terms, Washington gets $200 billion in monthly revenues and spends about $50 billion on Social Security each month. But Obama says he may not send out the Social Security checks?

    Who the hell does he think he’s fooling. Obama is a demagogue. We can’t have four more years of this clown.

  8. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    What Obama is doing is classic fear mongering. So let’s revisit Civics 101.

    The U.S. Treasury sends out Social Security checks. Not the president. Let me repeat.

    The U.S. Treasury sends out Social Security checks. Not the president. Social Security checks will go out on August 3 even if Obama throws a temper tantrum. He has no authority to harm our seniors and our disabled.

  9. Paul Haider says:

    President Obama would be more successful in scaring our seniors if he told them about the “death panels” they would be forced to enter that are filled with Weapons of Mass Destruction from Iraq. Next, President Obama could threaten them with a lump of coal from Santa Claus and denying them an invitation on Jesus’s spaceship back to heaven, which will arrive in Meggido, Israel on May 21, uh, October 21 (revised new date!) of this year for the rapture. I’m only afraid of what will happen to our economy if Congress does not raise taxes on the wealthy (over $250,000 in salary per year) and permanently end the tax-exempt status of organized religion in the United States.
    Paul Haider, Chicago

  10. DMason says:

    This statement is among the most boneheaded, poorly thought out things I’ve heard from this president yet. No wonder they keep attached to his trusty teleprompter. If Obama is allowed to speak extemporaneously, he digs himself a hole and is forced to try and climb out of it. The strange thing is, he seems to be doing this more and more. It’s as if he’s becoming less comfortable as president.

  11. Jolly Roger says:

    I wonder if the Klanbaggers, blue hairs all, have learned anything?

    Without all those Klanbaggers they sent to Congress, Bushack wouldn’t get by with a statement like this. With the Klanbaggers in Congress, they have absolutely NO corner to run to for assistance.

    Snowe and Coburn have emerged as the most reasonable people even discussing any of this. Coburn, for Dog’s sake.

  12. Estacada says:

    With 20% real unemployment, instead of creating a jobs bill and taking to the American people to shame the Congress into passing it, President Obama is essentially siding with the Tea Party and ignoring jobs while scaring our senior citizens.

    Obama doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing and the longer he’s in office, the more convinced I am of this.

  13. Debbie Banuelos says:

    1. the Executive Branch has no constitutional authority to withhold Social Security payments

    Correct. The United States Treasury disputes Social Security and Social Security Disability payments to Americans. Apparently, Mr. Soetero thinks he’s a dictator from Uganda.

    If he keeps this up he’s going to be impeached.

  14. Matteo says:

    Remember when Bush was president and each time he opened his mouth the dollar tanked?

    Now, the same is happening to Obama. He talks “compromise,” “cuts to Social Security,” and uses fear-mongering about “I can’t guarantee Social Security checks will go out,” and the dollar tumbles.


    Obama — like Bush before him, has the opposite of the Midas touch.

  15. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:


  16. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    Say….. O-Busha, I have an Idea how America could save Trillions of Dollars!!! Let’s make Ni&&ers like you, Slaves again! This Presidential thing just isn’t working out!

  17. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Christopher – Excellent reality-pushback to Barry’s fear factor bullshit.

    Quite frankly, I didn’t know the Social Security Trust Fund contained more than $2.6 trillion. If you listen to the Zombies in Washington DC blather on, you might think the fund was bankrupt and unable to issue checks.

    My father relies on VA benefits for his retirement. The last thing he needs in his current state of health is worry about his VA benefits.

  18. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    Obama…… youse a lying fucking Ni&&ER!

  19. ultragreen says:

    The Social Security Trust Fund is merely an accounting method that records the accumulation of Social Security tax receipts minus Social Security expenditures across the decades. In spite of the accumulation of $2.6 trillion in this trust on paper, it doesn’t exist in reality. You see, for years and years, the government has used the surplus in Social Security tax receipts to pay for everything else that the government spends money on. Because the portion of the government budget that is not related to Social Security always has a deficit that is greater than the annual Social Security surplus, this trust fund doesn’t exist in reality, but only on paper. Therefore, there isn’t any real money available from the ‘trust fund’ to pay those Social security checks.

    Because of the government shut-down under Bill Clinton during the 1990s, Congress passed a law that describes the order in which government programs are closed down should it fail to appropriate funds for the annual Federal budget. Under this law, the very last programs to be closed down are defense and social entitlement programs (including Social Security) for the poor, disabled, and elderly. In this case, the President isn’t free to pull the funding of various government programs in any order that he pleases.

    On the other hand, this threatened government shutdown isn’t the result of Congress failing to appropriate funds for the annual Federal budget (that was resolved earlier this year). Instead, the threatened government shutdown is the result of Congress failing to raise the debt ceiling so that the Federal government can borrow money by selling Treasury bonds. I’m not certain what would happen under these circumstances, but probably the first thing that would happen is the government would fail to make the interest payments on its huge debt. This would undoubtedly plunge the entire world financial system into an unprecedented crisis. Because the government annual deficit is so huge, not making interest payments on the national debt still wouldn’t balance the budget — spending would have to be slashed for other government programs. It is not clear to me if the law that Congress passed during the 1990s would have any bearing on this matter — it may not apply to a shut-down that is caused by a failure to raise the deb-limit.

    I agree with the preceding comments that Obama is stooping kind of low in his attempts to scare senior citizens about the possible consequences of the government shutdown. Apparently this is an attempt to make them more open to further cutbacks to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. However, it seems to me that Obama could solve the entire problem by issuing an executive order to raise the debt limit himself, or by ordering the Treasury Department to simply print money to cover the Federal deficit without even bothering to auction off any new Treasury Bills. This is a variation of the ‘quantitative easing’ that has already been implemented by the Federal Reserve. Thus, if Obama really wanted to, he could exercise his presidential authority to pay the government’s bills using one or both of these methods, whether or not Congress authorizes to raise the debt ceiling.

  20. Seabec says:

    ultragreen – I’ve read this too. The $2.6 trillion is continually borrowed by the Feds — usually to pay interest on the debt and for the Pentagon. The amount borrowed is supposed to be replenished by future payroll taxes. I’ve always wondered; who is keeping a watchful eye on the process? If the $2.6 trillion isn’t really there, Social Security recipients are in trouble and then it’s no wonder Obama says the checks might not go out on August 3rd.

  21. Randy Arroyo says:

    Thanks, Christopher for providing your readers with the information on the Social Security Trust Fund. I’ve read all the comments. Here’s my take. I’m not an economist but if the U.S. has sufficient funds — either from income taxes or from borrowing, to pay for four wars, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and now Libya, then the U.S. has a moral obligation to our elderly and disabled to pay for Social Security and Medicare. If it means the U.S. has to redefine itself and no longer be a warrior nation, then so be it. As for Obama’s fear mongering, he’s just a common street thug.

  22. Robyn says:

    What a scumbag. He’s almost as bad as Eric Cantor, whose investments in certain hedge funds will allow him to financially benefit from the government going bankrupt.

  23. stradella says:

    I gave up on Barack a long time ago. Like I said before, he’s one a’ dem brothers who hides behind strong women. First his late mama, then his gran, and now Michele.

    Trust me, he gonna’ bend and fold and give John Boehner and Mitch McConnell anything they want if he can avoid a fight. If Barack could send Michele in to confront Boehner and McConnell whatever they want.

    We need a fighter, a scrappy mofo but it ain’t him.

  24. Bel Ami says:


    ROFL! Good one, Bill Hussein O’Reilly.

  25. Marcus Ybanez says:

    POLITICO is reporting Obama walked out of the debt talks in a huff. He said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    WTF? Did he need to go upstairs to the watch the All Stars Game or shoot some hoops? Moody is going to down grade the US’s credit status from AAA to AA, making money more expensive for us to borrow. What could possibly be more important than the debt talks?

  26. Vivzz says:

    The anxiety Obama’s threatening words produced for millions of retired and disabled Americans who rely on their Social Security checks to buy food and pay rent, is one of the cruelest things I’ve ever seen a politician do to the people who elected him. Obama’s comments reminded me of Peron who announced one day the government food and rent subsidies would end, sending thousands of retired Argentines into the street.

  27. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    Hey you lying, sellout Ni&&er………… you can’t go fast enough. Just say Yes, Masser, to whatever your Thugpublican overseers tell you to do you, Ni&&ER. And after your loss, next year, in November of 2012, hike, your Black ass back to Kenya, BOY……………………

  28. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    I have an Idea…… Let’s send Obama-shit back to Chicgo …..on ‘Valentine’s Day’

  29. Idaho Librul says:

    My husband and I both have elderly parents. Luckily, they are in good health and they are active.

    However, they, like 50 million others of a like age, rely on their Social Security checks to live. I heard from my mother after Obama made this unfortunate comment. She was very, very worried that the president might withhold her Social Security check.

    I reassured her and told her no president has the authority to do this. She isn’t online or I would’ve referred her to this post. But how dare Obama scare senior citizens in such a reckless manner?

    Would he do this to his mother-in-law? I think not. Michele would kick his ass. Maybe that’s what he needs?

  30. Gene says:

    My 90 year old mother turned off her air conditioner because she said the President was going to take away her Social Security, it was 105 here yesterday. Her neighbor called me and I went over and turned it back on, it was already 90 in her home whe I got there. If my mother had died, that would have made Barak Hussin Obama guilty of murder, as far as I am concerned! Please, Mr. President don’t take from those who have so little already, I never thought I would ever hear an American President threaten to basically throw the country’s elderly and disabled out int the street. Shame on, Sir, and shame on every politician in Washington,D.C. None of you deserve the peoples respect!

  31. Gene,

    So sorry about your mother and the fear this Nitwit of a president caused her.

    I’ve received dozens of emails from people who read my Blog who share similar stories as the one you shared. Obama should be ashamed of himself for frightening our elderly and disabled in such a patently cynical manner. He’s beyond belief.

  32. naenae says:

    yes this is very sad indeed. my parents r both disabled and like a lot of other people wont b able to eat r pay their bills…so we loose our childhood home bcuz they will have to sell it to survive. and Gene…tht broke my heart wht u posted. ur poor poor mother…she is n my prayers and so is the rest of the world tht is affected by our STUPID president…but lemme say…i did not vote 4 him


  33. Jim says:

    Vote Obama out of office in 2012. This is dirty of him when he plans to hold up payments on Social Security, Military, and Disability checks to get what he wants in politics.

  34. dianna says:

    it is a shame what was done and a very sad one indeed. this will go down in history and should not be forgotten… because what is the next threat that will be made or done?if this president doesn’t get his way?!all he wanted was more money to waste our government has us into so much of a mess by all their iou’s… but left up to the people to be taxed more and more just to give more and more to waste.when the s.s. retirement started… the people voted yes to the tax for retirement at age 65 not 68-70 but if we work longer years it gives them more to waste of the retirement fund we pay. i do not know too many that can work hardly to 65 years of age let alone longer years.and i say we vote stop the help abroad start w/ here at home. and big business is killing the average american’s.we need a president that only hand shakes to our enemy not to bow down to them as he did to him s. . a king look for yourself on you tube. think and believe your eyes not what you are told to believe. listen to your hearts and vote vote vote in 2012 everyone don’t forget what is going on our very freedom is in our hands… but i heard someone say obama was going to stop elections only heard this do not know for sure… but look at all the camera’s watching our evey move… but still doesn’t stop crime.. look at the 2 year old w/ all the camera’s looking but was kidnapped and killed… just too many things and our troops are still fighting a loss. the list goes on and on.and what good did it do to kill bin ladden still more and more to take his place our military is cut in size and all are over seas . look at chinas military very strong we don’t have a chance in a terrorist attack.we didn’t have any of our tax dollars spent on anything that it was to go for but in the pockets of to waste . and i worry about the b. p. thugs at the voting pole’s. it is a very scarry world we are in and worry much for my grandchildren.and our seniors to be worried anymore than they have to each and every month…. and a president to throw a kindergarden fit to do this just because he did not get his way. we need all new government leaders really.but i am just a 60 year old who knows nothing.but doesn’t like seeing my country messed up by greed… and working in our school system i see how our young are being brain washed daily into this way of thinking but teachers are younger now and seem to not see it but the older ones say this isn’t what happend but still have to teach the way they are told too.very sad that this what has come… next is our freedom and we all have set back and let it happen so the government has gotten stronger at doing so.but who am i? a no body who remembers the truth of the way it was. i am glad i am my age .

  35. I am a senior citizen living on a disability income, what I live off of for one month most D.C. politicians spend in a day. And they need a raise while I have to find another way to support myself for the next month, two months, how long? I personally think this is a typical political smoke screen being blown up our noses with an alternative in the wings of the White House waiting to make it’s appearance. Obama got our attention, and now our outrage. All part of his design to edge this alternative in. I can only imagine what they have in place to fend off holding back checks to the V.A. and S.S. to the U.S. citizens. I know it ain’t going to be a reduction of paychecks for those gangsters that supposively run this country.

  36. wandangel says:

    I don’t understand why the race card has to be brought into anything that happens. It’s the man himself who is the problem…not his skin color. But, unfortunately, his skin color and his party affiliations are what got him elected. If people voted more according to what is known of the man (or woman) then perhaps we would have less turmoil in the government. I have worked since I was 15 years old and paid into social security all this time (I will be 60 years old in October) and am now disabled. It took me two years to get approval for disability…and that only after having to pay a lawyer to go to court for me. The only money I have to live on is my disability check and the small amounts I receive for my children. I am raising 3 of my grandchildren, whom I have adopted. And one of those children is now 19 and no longer in school so I don’t receive a check for her, but I do still support her. If Obummer withholds my hard-earned money, my children will not be able to eat…or have clothing to wear to school. And worst of all, we would no longer have a roof over our heads. I have no desire for my kids and I to be homeless. And to know that this sorry excuse of a president plans to cut our payments and increase the charges for Medicare absolutely infuriates me! You can be darned sure that he and his cronies will not receive any cut in pay, nor increased anything he has to pay to the government (if he even pays anything in!!!). I really don’t think it is fair that former presidents receive so much in benefits once their stint in office is over. Once they are no longer in office, I believe they should obtain another job if they below retirement age (or not disabled) and continue to have money paid into the treasury just the same as any other citizen. I believe presidents and their families should be treated the same as any private citizen after their term(s) in office are over. The amount of a former president’s pension is absurd! It amazes me that politicians can set their own salaries, benefits, and increases. I believe that those items should be voted on by the citizens of the USA. My God, we have given them carte blanche to dip their fingers into the till and take out as much money as they want! This is wrong!!!! They get greedier each year and then wonder where all our money has gone! Wake up people!!! We need to get these money grubbers out of office NOW and let them know that this is NOT OKAY!!

  37. Paul Haider says:

    Paul Haider’s poem about President Obama is brilliant! It appears that Chicago-style poetry is much better than Chicago-style politics. Of course, it was the Alaska-style politics and lies about “death chambers” that scared the senior citizens two years ago. Was it President Obama who invented the concept of “death chambers” or was that from the mind of a half-term governor?
    Paul Haider, Chicago

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