Casey Anthony Verdict Gives HLN Psychopath Nancy Grace Her Best Ratings

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial provided HLN psychopath Nancy Grace her best ratings ever.

Entertainment Weekly reports:

The controversial legal pundit had her largest audience and best ratings ever on Tuesday night following the surprising Anthony verdict, which ruled that the Florida mom was not guilty of killing her daughter Caylee.

Grace’s HLN show won 8 p.m. with 2.9 million viewers and 1.3 million — the highest ratings ever for Grace.

After the not guilty verdict was read, Nancy Grace became unhinged. She launched into a bug-eyed soliloquy saying “somewhere out there, the devil is dancing tonight.”

Later, she could be heard attacking the education level of the jurors.

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30 Responses to Casey Anthony Verdict Gives HLN Psychopath Nancy Grace Her Best Ratings

  1. Rachel says:

    The fascination with this case escapes me. I know all the cable channels exploited the trial for ratings but at the end of the day, this was about the death of a 2 1/2 year old girl and the state of Florida deciding to charge the mother with the murder. The system worked, even if Nancy Grace doesn’t agree with the final outcome.

  2. Mets Fan says:

    Nancy Grace is cable television’s version of Snooki!

    Loud, course and ugly as original sin. She should be disbarred for her on-air remarks. I’ve had smarter bowel movements.

  3. Debbie Banuelos says:

    I stopped watching both CNN and CNN HLN long ago so I didn’t know Nancy Grace was polluting the studios there.

    Grace railroaded Melinda Duckett back in 2006 who reported that her two-year-old son had been kidnapped. Duckett appeared on Grace’s TV show and received the full, Nancy Grace treatment which led to the mother committing suicide.

    Nancy Grace had better learn show self-restraint or someone is going to target her or twins. Karma is funny that way. Just saying.

  4. Nancy Grace is a Dis-Grace, she represents all the bad prosecutors we have in this country who do not believe in justice, due process or any kind of fact finding. In this case the jurors were ethical enough to do exactly what jurors are supposed to do. I agree with you that she could be a psychopath. Of course there are other charges Anthony could be convicted of, but the prosecution went for the sensational one because someone wanted to make a name for them self.

  5. Randy Arroyo says:

    Nancy Grace-less is a vicious bitch.

  6. fran says:

    I don’t know about Nancy Grace, but this Casey Anthony situation has to be one of the most strangest cases ever!

    Borrows the neighbor’s shovel right around the time of death.
    Fails to report her own missing child for a month.
    Lies more often than not.
    If that baby drowned in a pool, then why would her mouth & nose be duct taped?

    Things just don’t add up.

    Did you check out the body language of the family when she was acquitted of the most serious charges?
    No joy of an innocent person set free. Casey herself seems stunned & cries looking like she knows she is guilty.
    Her parents leave the courthouse with their heads hanging down.
    I get the strong sense justice was not served.

    Maybe they can nail her for corpse abuse?

  7. Shayne K. says:

    Nancy Grace behaves like a rabid dog.

  8. ed says:

    why was Scott Peterson convicted, with what seems like so much less evidence ?? Don’t get it.

  9. feminazi says:

    The evidence wasn’t there to convict Casey Anthony. The state of Florida failed to make its case and like it or not, this is how our system works. I’ve heard several lawyers on TV say there was far less evidence in this case than in the original OJ Simpson case. If Nancy Grace respects the legal and jury system she was once a part of, she should be quiet and give praise to the men and women who gave up six weeks of the lives to sit sequestered on that jury and entertain the evidence on both sides. If not, then she’s just a hack.

  10. erika konig says:

    I am sick over this verdict on Casey Anthony. What did the Jury think, that Caylee wrapped herself in her blanket took some garbage bags and a laundry bag from the house and walked to the garbage dump to die. Where is common sense, this child is dead and whether murder or an accident, Casey should at least have gotten manslaughter. I am appauled at the justice system and very angry.

  11. Take that, Nasty Grace! I sooo hope that Casey Anthony sues the bejesus out of you! “Tot Mom” this. “Tot Mom” that. You convicted her before the trial even started. You cause Melinda Duckett to commit suicide and settled out of court. If harm comes to Casey, expect an even larger lawsuit. You profitted greatly in your harassment and defamation of Casey, so it is only right, that she obtain some of your ill-gotten gains (​rblog/ask_the_answer_bitch​/b250837_casey_anthonys_tr​ial_over_will_nancy.html). See you in Hell, Biotch!

  12. I personally believe that her daughter died accidentally – by unknown means (drowning, overdose of chloroform, who knows?). And Casey Anthony obviously has self-esteem issues. Once her child was dead, I believe she panicked – in a big way, and most likely thought she would be arrested for child neglect and possibly whatever law covers negligent homicide in her State. So either on her own, or quite possibly with the advice/coercion of her father, she decided to hide the death. She and/or her father disposed of the body hoping it would just be an unsolved missing persons case. Anthony’s attorney alleged (but never proved – because it is really just a “she said/he said” case and hence, very difficult to prove) that her father sexually abused her; if that is the case, then her mental status would be even more in question, and her father would more than likely have a strong influence with her. Add to that the father’s repeated lying, his suicide attempt, the testimony of his alleged mistress, and his overall strange behavior, the father obviously knew something about what had happened. As to Anthony’s weird manic behavior (dancing, flirting, getting a tattoo, etc) while she had to have been aware that she was a suspect in her child’s being missing, people behave very differently to stress – especially to the death of a loved one. The bottom line is that Anthony was at least aware of her child’s accidental death and reacted in what, to a casual observer, appears to be morally reprehensible behavior. But this is just my opinion – albeit based in some small study of human behavior/psychology. I suspect we may never know what really happened. But the Prosecution did not have a case whatsoever. The only reason I halfway followed this case is because I truly loathe Nancy Grace, and when I saw her convict Anthony of murder before the trial began, I knew that Anthony just might very well be not guilty (of murder, at least).

  13. There is probably a lot more that could be said about this case and about Nasty Grace. But one thing that I did find enlightening about it is that the Conservative “news” station, Fox News, overwhelmingly pushed forward the premise that Anthony was guilty and that she would be found guilty in court – and almost all Conservative commentators did the same. It makes me at least consider the possiblity of another thing which tends to define “Conservatism” – besides their desire to lower taxes for the wealthy and “Big Business,” raise taxes on the poor and middle class, etc – that being that they just might tend to look for the evil in people more than Liberals do. And psychologically speaking, when people always see evil in others, it is often because they are aware (albeit unconsciously) of the evil in themselves.

  14. @Fran In the trial, there was never any hard evidence placing the duct tape on Caylee’s head at all. The Prosecution’s conjecture was that she died with duct tape (found at the scene) covering her mouth and nose. Similar to the Defense’s unproven premise that she drowned in a pool.

  15. Luana Caroline says:

    Nancy Grace is the best, she highlighted this case of an innocent missing 2 year old fom the inception, she spoke out for Caylee who had no voice, her mother got away with murder, i hope Nancy continues to do her job fearlessly, i love her and have the utmost respsect for her.

  16. Nasty Grace is the beast, she harassed and defamed an innocent young lady from the inception, she spoke out like a raving banshee against Casey who had no voice, Thank God, Casey was found not guilty. I hope Nasty rots in Hell forever and ever. i loathe her and can only pray her death will be slow and painful.

  17. Luana Caroline says:

    @chet childers, i genuinely pity you that the only thing you can conjure up, is a ‘prayer’ for a slow and painful death of another human being, i imagine the same kind of pain that Caylee would have suffered before her death, at the hands of her mother Casey Anthony.
    Nancy Grace is a legend, may God continue to bless her and strengthen her that she may continue to be an advocate for real JUSTICE.

  18. The Real Adam says:

    Nancy Grace is a judgmental shrew.

    As a member of the legal profession, her on-air antics make a travesty of our 235 year tradition. But, so it goes when a lucrative TV contract is at stake. I’ve seen her HLN show and what is remarkable is how she surrounds herself with cloying sycophants who dance and clamor for a kernel of approval. Guests — mostly women, clearly fear her stinging wrath if you dare to challenge her view of the facts. Nancy Grace’s omnipotent, imperious personality is more like a banana republic dictator than a learned lawyer. She’s shameless and shameful.

  19. Luana Caroline says:

    @the real Adam, and i think that is the thorn in the side of most of her learned colleagues, the ‘lucrative TV contract’ that Nancy Grace enjoys.
    Well not everyone is naturally charismatic and forthright as Ms Grace is.
    Jealously is a very destructive emotion which you need to temper dear Adam.

  20. Debbie Banuelos says:

    Ms. Grace is forthright? That’s a whopper.

    Let’s see now: Nancy Grace refuses to discuss her true age, and reinvented and embellished the facts surrounding her late fiance’s murder, and plays a victims’ rights advocate as long as the victim is a missing white woman.

    Only someone completely detached from reality and drunk on the Koolaid “Ms. Grace” serves could call her forthright.

    But then, many believe the earth is flat and all life began 6,000 years ago too. 😉

  21. Luana Caroline says:

    @ Debbie Banuelos
    So she doesn’t want to announce her age to the world thats her personal business and her prerogative, hey! Nancy Grace is simply espousing the disgust that over 65% of the US population feels about this grave injustice, and further corroborated by 12 jurors who allowed a cold hearted killer of an innocent 2 year old, to walk away scott free, and free to kill again.
    Don’t shoot the messenger, Caysey is the one who should have gotten the death sentence.

  22. Luana Caroline,

    That’s the beauty of our judicial system. You win some, you lose some.

    I thought and I continue to think, OJ Simpson was guilty but, a jury saw things differently. At the end of the day, the prosecutor(s) to make his or her case to a jury and hope for the best. In the Anthony case, they tried and they failed to convince them of the mother’s guilt.

    My problem with your queen, Nancy Grace, is her childish and unprofessional comments about the education level and professions of the jury. As a former prosecutor, Grace knows better but, with the Casey Anthony case, Nancy Grace has become unhinged.

    My advice to her (and to you) is, let it go. Casey Anthony Derangement Syndrome is unhealthy.

  23. Pechanga says:

    Casey Anthony Derangement Syndrome. Says it all.

  24. Well said Christopher. has already shown small outbreaks of Casey Anthony Derangement Syndrome with petitions requesting that the state Supreme Court redefine Double Jeopardy laws in this country (by a Canadian woman who disliked the outcome), “Caylee’s Law” ( which seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to this whole case and close to being passed in some states), laws forbidding Ms. Anthony or the defense team only from “profiting” from this trial (though we have the right to know all sides of a story, and the accused has the right to tell her side of the story), threats of boycotts which probably won’t even be honored by half of the people who sign THOSE petitions, demands that Pres. Obama order Ms. Anthony to stand a federal trial (yeah, good luck with that one.), demands that the FL state supreme court hold the jury who acquitted Ms. Anthony in contempt because the authors of said petition disagreed with the outcome, an order to have the bar where the defense team celebrated their victory to be shut down, and demands to have Ms. Anthony’s defense team brought before the FL state bar on what the author of that petition felt was a violation of legal ethics.

  25. Woodcliffe says:

    Steve Brill, who hired Nancy grace for Court-TV nearly 20 years ago, after watching her behavior during the Casey Anthony trial, referred to her as a “monster.” Ouch. There’s no question that Grace has gone completely overboard now.

  26. Michael B says:

    Nancy Grace is a self-loving, intractable, constant irritant who I cannot watch. The woman needs to be fired immediately. She is giving television, news, the legal profession and journalism an irrecvocable bad name. Once she is fired, she needs to be forced to undergo significant mental health counseling. She might benefit from a lobotomy. Hating or loathing her understates how painful her existence affects a sane world. I would love to see her in a situation where she is accused of something illegal and have the lez Mitchell or that gay guy Vinnie Politan trash her for a few years. That would be good therapy for her. If any harm comes to the jurors or anyone else invovled in the Anthony trial, she should be prosecuted for it.

  27. World of Wonder says:

    Nancy Grace is a cunt. Case closed.


    Nancy Grace,

    This is my first time speaking to you where i am so damn proud of you, Jeanine Pirro and
    Kimberly Guilfoyle for having more guts than most men on tv in pursuing justice. It is weird how
    I was going to email you yesterday but I barely had time to email Jeanine Pirro in which I saw
    your interview with Pierce Morgan on CNN. Today, I emailed Kimberly Guilfoyle and now I want
    to speak to you about the Casey Anthony case.
    The Casey Anthony case was the easiest ever where it was complete common sense along with a ton of evidence where as the OJ case (the 2nd easiest,) had a mountain of evidence but also had plenty of common sense.
    In this case the following evidence was presented: A Premeditated Computer search for
    Chloroform and Neck Breaking in which Chloroform was found in the trunk of Casey’s Car, A
    Hair Fiber found in the trunk, A Decomposed Odor in the trunk, A rare Duct Tape, A SHOVEL
    and a Decomposed Body that was dumped in a Swamp. The most incriminating physical
    evidence was the Shovel which is solely used for Digging but had no evidence on it because
    she changed her mind when she realized that there was too much work involved and that burying Cayle in the backyard was too close for comfort! Also, the most damning testimony was the Jailhouse Phone Call that showed Casey’s mom telling her “stop lying, You Did It,”
    completely unaware of the fact that the conversation was being recorded on Tape!
    These Jurors wanted a Camera showing the murder to rid them of their duties as well as
    responsibility for putting someone in Jail because they are a bunch of Secular, Liberal, Cowards
    that ran after they gave their pathetic verdict and knew that there would be public outrage. They
    made up their minds before the closing arguments even started as they deliberated for less than
    10 hours, just like the OJ case where one would think in both cases that they would be guilty
    because of the quick decision. In both cases the Jurors listened solely to the Defense Lawyers
    as they said in the Anthony case that they felt it was a Pool Accident. This bogus theory was
    developed very late in which Casey”s cell mate told her about her own daughter that drowned as they were talking in Jail, where Casey decided to use this as her new defense. The dad did
    not molest her and her mom lied for her in regards to the Chloroform on the Computer search
    which showed how desperate Jose Baez was in this case because he had absolutely nothing
    to go on.
    Jeff Ashton did a great job as he provided all the possible evidence in this murder trial and
    did not over charge where we can see from the result that these Jurors were not going to
    convict on anything, in which they focused on the words of Jose Baez, not the evidence that
    was provided by Jeff Ashton. These Jurors have no conviction for their own families let alone
    to convict a total stranger as this is a direct correlation of a broken down society that has no
    GOD, Morals or Education.
    The current jury system is flawed and is pro defense for the following reasons: Reasonable Doubt becomes a Reason to Doubt, The unanimous 12 Juror system does not provide justice
    because of the pressuring of the Jurors so that they can go home, An Amateur Jury that does
    not know the laws nor do they have common sense and a Defense Attorney that knows how to
    lie, makes it harder than ever to convict. The unanimous 12 Juror system should have a Majority Vote to relieve the pressure for the Jurors which will show more honesty and deliver much more
    desirable results. In addition, I would like to see a 13 Juror system to completely eliminate any “Hung Juries” which will save time and tax dollars for the state.
    In conclusion, the Cameras in the court room should be banned because of the fact that
    the participants act phony and the Jurors do not want to look like the bad guy that convicts or
    punishes another citizen. The OJ and Anthony case were one of the highest profile cases ever
    that had Cameras in the court room and both had disaster results along with having Liberal,
    uneducated Jurors, with no Logic what so ever. In both instances, the Jurors got the verdict
    wrong but not the public where we have religion and know right from wrong in which they were
    both GUILTY and deserved the DEATH PENALTY. Both OJ and Casey might have temporarily escaped justice in the court room but will soon find out that they will pay for their crimes in the
    outside world whether it comes from society or from GOD!!!

    I always liked you because you are tough and honest where I do not want you to change no matter what these Godless Liberals say about you and your conservative morals that you instilled in the south. I had no idea until a year ago that you started your justice career because
    of the tragic death of your husband in which I want to send my condolences to you and God bless you and your family.


    Scrappy From The Bronx

  29. I hate Nancy Grace; how’s that?

  30. I want to see Casey have psychological counselling for her father’s sexual abuse for many years. After that time, I would like to see her confront him about what he did to her. She needs so much help to make it and I doubt she will see the need for it when the money starts rolling in. At that time, she will make some more mistakes like OJ and then you know the ending.

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