Michelle Obama: I Don’t Support Gay Marriage

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

America’s jet-setting, fat-hating First Lady, Michelle Obama, is no friend to the gay community. Let’s be perfectly clear. Mrs. Obama may adore her community vegetable gardens and military families but when it comes to supporting the civil rights of gay Americans — specifically marriage equality, the First Lady needs to evolve.

Case in point, former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey recently suggested First Lady Michelle Obama supported gay marriage. Mrs. Obama nearly knocked down her elderly mother to deny it.

During a CNN In the Arena interview, host Eliot Spitzer asked McGreevey, who came out gay amid a sex scandal that ultimately forced him to resign as governor, if he was disappointed with President Obama’s weaselly position on the issue.

McGreevey answered:

“If he could only listen to Michelle more often. I think the president is moving. And, you know, for many elected officials they all started in the same place, you know, marriage is between a man and a woman, but they understand that they are moving inevitably, catching up to the American public.”

On Tuesday, the First Lady’s Communications Director Kristina Schake immediately pushed back on McGreevey’s claim telling POLITICO:

“Mrs. Obama has never made any public statements about same-sex marriage.”

The First Lady had the option of saying nothing but instead chose to telegraph the view that she’s in lockstep with her husband on the issue. President Obama has repeatedly said he believes marriage is between a man and woman but not same-sex couples. The basis for his viciously homophobic view is based solely on religion.

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19 Responses to Michelle Obama: I Don’t Support Gay Marriage

  1. Gingerboycat says:

    Did Mrs Obama actually said, or issued a statement which said, “I don’t support gay marriage”? Please link. Thanks.

  2. fran says:

    Well if he’s so damned religious, what happened to “Thou shalt not kill”, our president has us in so many wars now, I am having difficulty keeping track.

    Obama is a Constitutional Scholar, he should have no problem with civil & equal rights.

    So according to Obama gay freedoms include being able to put your life on the line in the military, to die for the country, (even dragging out enacting that change), but not the right to have a legal marriage.

    War = good
    Marriage = bad

    Hard to believe this is the 21st century & we are still hashing this out.
    Him saying the Civil Union is an acceptable alternative is bogus.
    Equal but separate is discrimination.

  3. Brigadoon says:

    Gingerboycat – Click on the word “telling” which is a hyperlink. It goes to the Politico article. As for the Obamas weaselly stance on gay marriage, they’re triangulating. They say they support all the civil rights for gay couples that straight people automatically receive with marriage but, in reality as a legal matter, civil unions are separate but, equal. Shame on America’s first African American first family for sucking up to the religious right and throwing the community under the bus.

  4. Pechanga says:

    Is anyone really surprised?

    The Obamas are very much like the Clintons. Wildly ambitious politicians with their eye on a second term in the White House. Barack Obama stands for nothing because he is nothing. Michelle Obama had to dial back remarks she made about her college thesis in which she said she thinks all white people are racists.

    Yeah honey. Tell it to the 50 million white Americans who voted for your husband. Stupid bitch.

  5. Harry says:

    I agree. Michelle played this terribly. She shouldn’t have said anything. Now she will be asked why she hates gay people.

  6. VicoDANIEL says:

    Curious that Laura Bush is more “evolved” on the issue of marriage equality than is Michelle Obama?

    No wonder when Maggie Gallagher and the National Organization for Marriage soldiers stampeded through California in support of Proposition 8, they primarily targeted African American churches to spew their message of hatred and bigotry. The sad thing is, it worked.


  7. The Real Adam says:

    I believe the Olsen/Boise challenge to Prop 8 will be used as the template to challenge DOMA before the US Supreme Court.

    Since the basis of their argument says DOMA is counterintuitive to the 10th Amendment, and the High Court has a long history of upholding and enshrining the US Constitution, they justices will have other choice but to rule the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional on the merits.

    Then, the Obamas and all the other DINO Democrats will find themselves on the wrong side of history.

  8. Marcus Ybanez says:

    The Obamas, our “fiercest advocates”?

    I wonder if the guards at the extermination camps (Vernichtungslager) and death camps (Todeslager) told the Jews the same thing? How did that work out?

  9. ajihani says:

    Can we finally stop pretending Barack Obama and his wife are our fiercest advocates?

    Nothing can be further from reality and this is precisely why my ATM is permanently closed to his reelection in 2012. Even if he puts Andrew Cuomo on the ticket as his VP. I don’t trust Obama with the economy, the military, his commitment to Israel or his support to the gay community.

  10. Show Queen says:

    This is my favorite picture of the FLOTUS.

    Her resemblance to a screech monkey is undeniable. Her rapid-fire pushback on the issue of gay marriage should be a wake-up call to all the libs out there who think the Obamas are supporters of the gay community that nothing can be further from the truth.

  11. Herminio Sanchez says:

    It’s become a popular parlor game to compare who has the largest number of gay friends from the old ‘hood.

    The Clintons have gay and lesbians friends going all the way back to Little Rock. Chelsea attracted a large couturier of gay male friends from Stanford and later, New York. Many of whom became close to her parents.

    The Obamas, by contrast, come from Chicago. A city with a huge number of gay and lesbian residents but neither Barack or Michelle don’t have any gay or lesbian friends to point to. Something White House insiders thought was odd.

  12. Robyn says:

    I stopped believing the Obamas were our fiercest advocates a long time ago. I’m not surprised.

  13. joost says:

    No issue sends terror into politicians like “teh gays.” Unless you’re Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York but for all the rest of these sorry SOBs — including Michelle and Barack Obama, say “gay” and they run to their consultants to ask how much it will cost them in the polls if they embrace equality and civil rights.

  14. Herminio Sanchez,

    I’ve heard this too.

    Washington DC is basically run by gay people and the backstory is the Obamas had no gay or lesbian friends in Chicago. Almost all the contact they had with the LGBT community took place once they came to Washington.

    They’re the opposite of the Clintons.

  15. Mauigirl says:

    Shame on Michelle. And I hate when people say their religion prevents them from approving of gay marriage. I’m not religious, but seems to me Jesus was all about love and inclusion, not exclusion.

  16. Estacada says:

    Michelle and Barack care about one thing: four more years in the White House.

    They’ve become masters of throwing people and groups (especially the scary gays) under the bus if it serves their career goals. Fuck ’em both.

  17. Debbie Banuelos says:

    Michelle and Barack care about one thing: four more years in the White House.

    I couldn’t have said it any better myself, Estacada.

  18. mary says:

    Really Christopher????Its known in Chicago Obama is a member of Man’s Country a gay bath house. He is scared he will lose votes if found out,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Really Mary?????? I’ve heard and I’ve read the rumors that George W. Bush was the campus cocksucker at Yale. Even Kitty Kelly reported the rumor in her book about the Bush clan titled ‘The Family’: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty.

    In fact, Kelly claims Bush’s nickname at Yale was “Lips Bush”. So well was Bush’s reputation at Yale for blowing members of the college’s various fraternities that the story reached his mother, Barbara Bush, who stepped in to order her son to stop sucking off his college chums or his future in GOP politics might be imperiled.

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