“President Obama Shot Dead” FOX News Tweets

Monday, July 4, 2011

Nothing says Happy July Fourth like erroneously tweeting President Obama was shot dead. Especially, if you are FOX News.

The Twitter account of FOX News was hacked on Monday, posting several false tweets that said President Barack Obama had been killed.

Of course, Obama is celebrating the July 4 with his family at the White House and a and plans to take in — what else, a game of golf.

The first tweet appeared around 2 a.m. and said:

@BarackObama has just passed. The President is dead. A sad 4th of July, indeed. President Barack Obama is dead.

The next tweet said:

@BarackObama has just passed. Nearly 45 minutes ago, he was shot twice in the lower pelvic area and in the neck; shooter unknown. Bled out.

In all some six false tweets were issued, saying Obama had been shot at a restaurant in Iowa while campaigning.

The faux tweets are the latest in a series of high-profile hackings that have swept the globe in recent weeks.

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12 Responses to “President Obama Shot Dead” FOX News Tweets

  1. feminazi says:

    And you know what? I bet a sizable portion of Fox News’ viewers were beginning to celebrate these fake tweets before learning they were just that, fake. Fox Inc. really dislikes Obama, not because he’s a Democratic or many of his plans haven’t panned out. They hate because he is black.

  2. Joe in Colorado says:

    How do you hack a giant news account Fox? I can’t figure out how people hack individual accounts so when you bump it up to one as big as this, I’m even more stymied. In any event, I think this event just further solidifies Fox News and a joke news organization.

  3. VicoDANIEL says:

    This is terrible!

    It took three years and several court challenges to convince FOX News views that Obama was born in the USA and not Kenya or Indonesia. Do you have any idea how long it is going to take now to convince them Obama’s alive and well and living in the White House?

    These aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box and they’re easily confused.

    Expect to hear calls for “We need to see current DNA tests to prove Obama is alive.”


  4. MeMaw says:

    How do you hack a major news agency? Or do you just post erroneous statements to be unamerican?

    As for this post, why shouldn’t the President play golf on July 4? I am glad to see the President relax a bit. He deserves it.

  5. Woodcliffe says:

    FOX isn’t above hacking their own website in order to generate press and play the victim card. Now they can claim some unnamed “liberal group targeted them in order to embarrass them and make them look bad.” Sorry, but I’m buying it. Hacking a news organization’s twitter account isn’t easy because twitter accounts exist on a protected server. Screw FOX.

  6. Robyn says:

    It’s a Twitter account. Those don’t take a rocket scientist to hack. On the other hand, the Anthony Weiner excuse won’t hold muster. I bet it was a Fox staffer who did this.

  7. oceansky says:

    It sounds just like a typical Faux news report anyway. LOL. But it would be a sad day if it were true. Anyone who thinks this would help the country or send things rocketing skyward is a fool. Everything, disagreements included can be worked out, and people can cast their votes at the right time. Maybe this will do some good in that it will remind Obama to be extra.

  8. oceansky says:

    to be extra careful that is. Wish this site had comment editing..

  9. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Have a great July 4th everybody. Stay cool.

    About Fox, nothing would surprise me. They’re rating are down 20% this year over last so planting a story like this helps create buzz and makes them look vulnerable.

    I’m sure Bill-o and Sea-Boy will be whining about it next week. Puke.

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  11. fran says:

    Faux nooz ticker was hacked in May– but by menacing ‘librals’

    Fox is total garbage. Will there be an official apology about this, or is just some wingnut’s
    sick wishful thinking?

    What would the headline read?

    Hack news organization gets hacked repeatedly.

  12. Vivzz says:

    The last time I watched Fox News I saw a very blonde anchor woman interview a soldier. She was emotionally unstable and broke down in tears over the fact the soldier has a young son at home. I was struck by the fact the story wasn’t news or newsworthy but, had a tabloid quality to it. She said something about “I’m a mother too,” and she sobbed on air. It was unprofessional and made me extremely uncomfortable to watch. Fox is not a news channel by any measure of the imagination.

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