Cher Lets Dr. Marcus Bachmann Have It

Sunday, July 3, 2011

After the outrageous comment by Dr. Marcus Bachmann, husband of Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann, that “Gays are barbarians who need to be educated,” academy award winning actress, music superstar, and powerful LGBT ally Cher, took to her twitter account to rip Dr. Marcus Bachmann a new asshole.

Cher tweeted:

Don’t mess with our Cher, Dr. Bachmann. The legendary Diva is the patron saint of the LGBT community and she doesn’t suffer homophobes and bigots gladly.

Many people are now speculating about Mr. Marcus Bachmann’s sexuality. He looks and sounds like a big, ole’ circuit queen. Could wife Michelle really be his beard?

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11 Responses to Cher Lets Dr. Marcus Bachmann Have It

  1. Tiny Dancer says:

    I love Cher. She’s rich, accomplished, beautiful and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. When Cher speaks, people listen.

    Give ’em hell Cher!

  2. Harry says:

    Go Cher! She doesn’t take shit from anyone. Especially the phony, religious right!

  3. fran says:

    “Dr. Bachmann” may have a mail order PhD.
    But when it comes to this kind of hateful prejudice he just exhibited with his “barbarian” remark, the only good thing about it is their brand of hate & prejudice is in the spotlight early on.

    Bachmann is a hateful fundamentalist, with a hateful fundamentalist agenda.

  4. Robyn says:

    I’m thinking the same thing y’all are about Mr. Bachmann: GAYGAYGAY

  5. 3 Dollar Bill says:

    Do-It-Yourself Marcus Bachmann Closet Trap:

    1. Construct 1 (one) free-standing closet with hidden sliding prison-bar door.

    2. Bait closet with Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” outfit on hanger under spotlight.

    3. Place closet outside Bachmann Clinic’s employee entrance.

    4. When Bachmann rushes into closet, slide prison-bar door closed. (You’ll have plenty of time since he’ll be struggling to squeeze into Cher’s outfit.)

    5. Ship closet to Uganda anti-gay legislation headquarters (C.O.D. of course).

    6. Celebrate by joining nation-wide sing-a-long of “I Got You Babe.”

  6. feminazi says:

    A adore Cher. As much as her talent, I like her outspokenness. She tells it like it is and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Yet, Cher is sweet and kind. The gay community has a powerful ally in Cher.

  7. Joe in Colorado says:

    Cher’s gaydar is as finely tuned as a gay man. She can tell just looking and listening to Dr. Marcus Bachmann that he’s gay. Did Michelle really think she could run for president and keep him in the proverbial closet? What was she thinking?

  8. Vivzz says:

    Cher is a hoot! She’s a survivor and she’s done it all. Music, stage and motion pictures. I have been a fan my entire life and I have seen her in concert once in Europe and once in America. She is a brilliant performer. I love the fact that she sinks her teeth into this religious hypocrite and lets him have it. Is Dr. Marcus Bachmann even a doctor?

  9. Paul Haider says:

    What would Jesus do? For starters, he would wash the feet of his all-male disciples with whom he spent an inordinate amount of time. Next, Jesus would tax the rich and care for the poor. Third, Jesus would tell Dr. Marcus Bachmann to find the courage to come out of the closet. Finally, Jesus would say, “Bachmanns, please don’t mention my name ever again. Also, I never told Michele to marry Marcus or to run for president; she experienced what is known as an auditory hallucination, and she needs to take antipsychotic medication to prevent it from happening again.”
    Dr. Paul Haider, Chicago

  10. Richard says:

    If Michelle Bachmann became President, we would have two First Ladies in the White House.

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