Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen Busted for Cheating on Wife

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The old adage says people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. This is especially true for network television personalities who play morality cop.

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER reports Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen was busted for cheating on wife! Hansen, best known as the star of To Catch a Predator lives with his wife, Mary and their two sons in Connecticut.

Reports in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER and RadarOnline say Hansen has been cheating with Kristyn Caddell, a news anchor at NBC affili­ate WPTV in West Palm Beach, FL.

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28 Responses to Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen Busted for Cheating on Wife

  1. Randy Arroyo says:

    I used to laugh at the National Enquirer then they busted John Edwards for his affair with Reille Hunter and his use of campaign donations to support her. None of the mainstream print media like the Washington Post and the New York Times would touch the story, even though they had the same information. Hansen makes my skin crawl. It could happen to a nicer guy.

  2. Jolly Roger says:

    Probably one of those “values” types.

  3. Robyn says:

    I want to know if he was confronted in the kitchen with the video tape while the bait went off into another room.

  4. Joe in Colorado says:

    Chris Hansen is one of those self-righteous son-of-a-bitches like John Stossel and it always comes around to bite them in the rear end. But you’re so right. Hansen is a major creep.

  5. feminazi says:

    Those who live by the erect penis die by the erect penis. Did I really say that? You guys are having a terrible influence on me and I like it! Hansen’s career is over. You can bet the cheap, bottle blonde on it.

  6. Debbie Banuelos says:

    What kind of woman is interested in a man who says “I’m Chris Hansen from NBC’s “To Catch a Predator””? I would run the other way.

  7. says:

    Mr Hansen, why don’t you have a seat right here…
    Just what were you planning to do to that young lady?

  8. Brigadoon says:

    Feminazi! ROFL! Good one! When you started posting here you were so reserved. See what three years and lot of outspoken gays have done to you?

  9. I always said it was just a matter of time until Chris Hansen is revealed to be a major league creep.

    I wonder if NBC will stand by him?

  10. VicoDANIEL says:

    Chris Hansen invited Kristyn Caddell to the hotel and said, “Why don’t you have a seat over there.”

    Then he told her, “You may know me (after all, everyone knows this narcissist), I’m Chris Hansen from the NBC show, ‘To Catch a Predator.”

    Kristyn replied, “I’m barely legal, but I’m legal.”

    The rest is history!

  11. Walk on Socks says:

    Coming this fall to NBC, “To Catch a Philander” hosted by Chris Hansen.

  12. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    Coming this fall to NBC, “To Catch a Philander” hosted by Chris Hansen.


  13. Stephen Iversonn says:

    Chris Hansen always made my skin crawl.

    First of all, the issue of men praying on underage girls working as prostitutes is a serious matter and NBC has no business exploiting this terrible situation for ratings.

    Second, Hansen isn’t a member of law enforcement and even if he is temporarily deputized for the sake of legality, he and NBC go way over the line sending in an army of armed cops to take down some 5’4″ computer programmer who isn’t getting laid.

    NBC had better fire him or I plan to write to the US Attorney General.

  14. Randy Arroyo says:

    Don’t you wish you were on the team who busted Chris Hansen? How satisfying. Hansen is creepy and I always told friends of mine that one day, he was going to get busted for something huge like child porn or child pornography. But this is better still because it goes to his character as a married and man and a father of two sons. What a douchebag.

  15. fran says:

    who wouldn’t tune in to watch HIM get busted & thrown to the ground by the cops for real?

  16. Star says:

    Funny thing about karma…ya never know when it’s going to come back and bite ya…Whattajerk…

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  27. Jake says:

    In ancient times, the penalty for sleeping with a young girl out of wedlock resulted in you having to marry the girl and pay compensation to her father. Adultery, on the other hand, carried a death sentence. Chris Hansen is more morally corrupt than any of the “predators” he harassed on his show.

  28. Jahlin says:

    Why does this have to be the ONLY reiballe source? Oh well, gj!

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