New York Becomes the 6th State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Friday, June 24, 2011

New York on Friday became the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage.

By a vote of 33-to-29, including four Republicans, the New York state senate approved marriage equality.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the new marriage equality bill, starting what is expected to be a flood of gay weddings beginning in 30 days.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs marriage equality bill late Friday

New York Senate approval was the last hurdle for the same-sex marriage legislation, which was approved last week by the Assembly. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed the measure at 11:55 p.m., and the law will go into effect in 30 days.

Congratulations New York!

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17 Responses to New York Becomes the 6th State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

  1. I watched the dickwad Rubin Diaz give his “reason” for voting no (there is no reason – he is a bigot and an asshole period). and then calling the republicans tools of the democrats – there is a serious lack of brain cells in this douchebag.

    I hope Dolan and Donohue and all the other religious assholes heads are exploding today. I can only imagine how fast the legal vultures have been calling the church folk to be their representatives in the countless lawsuits that will now arise.

    meaning NOM can eat shit

  2. Joe in Colorado says:

    What a great day for New Yorkers. From Montauk to Buffalo, New York did the right thing and now joins an elite group of states who embrace true equality for all citizens. Well done, New York. I hope this leads to the end of DOMA. The pressure is on Obama to get it done.

  3. feminazi says:

    I’m stunned and I’m pleased beyond words. Gay New Yorkers were handed freedom and equality and much of it was courtesy of Andrew Cuomo’s leadership. Cuomo makes Obama look like a piker. I think Cuomo could successfully challenge Obama in 2012, if he wants to. If not, Cuomo is the lead Democrat for 2016. All told, a great day for everyone.

  4. Debbie Banuelos says:

    Straight people for gay rights! Woo Hoo! Thank you New York!

  5. Tiny Dancer says:

    It’s perfectly scandalous that New York passed marriage equality but states like California, Oregon and Washington have not.

    What the hell is going on with the court challenge to Prop 8 in California anyway? How long does it take for a case to wind its way through the system? NOM is broke I hear from mortgaging everything on opposing marriage in New York. They don’t have the money to return to California and behave like fools again.

  6. Jennifer Granholm says:

    If NY can grant all of its citizens freedom to love in dignity w/o interference from gov’t, surely other states can do the same.

  7. Harry says:

    Christopher, will you and Jim return to New York now that marriage is legal?

  8. Robyn says:

    This is awesome news. Andrew Cuomo needs to get his hat in the ring for ’12. That my friends is what we call leadership.

  9. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a true leader. He campaigned promising to pass marriage equality and he delivered.

    No pussy-footing around, triangulating, courting Republicans and wasting time. He just did what he told New Yorkers he would do and now gay and lesbian New Yorkers are equal. What a concept.

    Our silly, timid president needs to put down the books about Ronald Reagan and study Gov. Andrew Cuomo. His template for how to lead the country is right in front of him.

  10. Christopher, will you and Jim return to New York now that marriage is legal?


    Anything is possible. Cuomo also capped property taxes — a pet peeve of mine, so affordability is greater now. You got me thinking.

  11. Tim says:

    The comments were great and said it just about all. It was a great day and I’m proud of NY. My wife and I went to the capitol to record a bit of history. I made a crude film of it. Hey I’m no D-Cap.
    Not to be a downer but the fight in some ways has just begun. There were a lot of pissed GOD fearing people who want revenge. Of course If I were at my site I’d say fuck em but since I’m not I’ll refrain…;)

  12. DMason says:

    I’m very happy for the New York LGBT community. The good news is, New York has no residency requirement so gay couples from California to Maine, and from Alaska to Florida, can travel to New York and marry. This is so powerful and New York will make millions. Looks like Barry had better use what influence he has left to get DOMA repealed because 50-state marriage equality is coming whether Maggie Gallagher likes it or not.

  13. Chad Lebanon says:

    Speaking of dear, sweet, Maggie Gallagher, is she on suicide watch today?

    I bet there’s not a Ding-Ding, or Ho-Ho anywhere in suburban DC. She’s bought them all up and is laying in bed gorging.

  14. VicoDANIEL says:

    New York. A beacon for human and civil rights. Well done, New York.

    Oh, and President Obama, who is opposed to marriage equality, declaring just this past week that the matter is a “states rights” issue, and is opposed to same-sex marriage, must be against what took place last night in the Empire state.

    No wonder the White House has been uncharacteristically quiet today.

    But rest assured, Monday, at the White House daily briefing, Jay Carney will be asked and he will shuck and jive and try to put perfume on a pig.

  15. fran says:

    It is a mixed bag…. glad a 5th State in the Union finally granted equality, but the problem with the pass the buck “stares rights” approach is that the gay marriage is legal in one state & not recognized or legal in another. That sucks.
    Obama changed his tune on lots of major issues after being elected.
    Single payer health care & Equal rights for gay marriage are just two items he did an about face on.

  16. TOM339 says:

    Congratulations indeed!

    Do you think there are national implications after the marriage decision in New York? For example, increased pressure on Obama/Congress to repeal DOMA? I have to say, I expected the Congress to get this done during Obama’s first two years. The president said he opposed DOMA but like so many things, refused to lift a finger to get it accomplished.

    Once DOMA is off the books, marriage equality will become the law of the land. Of course, had it not been for Bill Clinton trying to save his own ass back in 1993, there would be no DOMA. Even he said DOMA is one of his biggest regrets.

  17. stradella says:

    Right on, New York!

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