Hillary Wants to Run the World…… Bank!

Friday, Jun 10, 2011

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is leaving the Obama administration next year and reports say she’s headed to the World Bank.

A lawyer, a former First Lady, a two-term US Senator from New York, a presidential candidate, and now Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has managed to out together an impressive resume of professional accomplishments.

According to Reuters, Clinton has been in discussions with the White House about leaving her job next year to become the first female president of the World Bank, this from sources familiar with the discussions.

The revelation could hurt Clinton’s efforts as America’s top diplomat if she is seen as a lame duck in the job at a time of enormous foreign policy challenges and failures for the Obama administration, such as Libya and Obama’s covert war in Yemen.

The World Bank provides billions of dollars to the poorest countries and is also at the center of issues such as climate change, rebuilding countries emerging from conflict and recently, the transitions to democracy in such countries as Tunisia and Egypt.

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6 Responses to Hillary Wants to Run the World…… Bank!

  1. Name says:

    Seems like a good idea.

  2. I think a sizable number of people would like to see Hillary challenge the nitwit in the White House in 2012.

    She has the money, organization and gravitas to be president of the United States. I truly think Hillary would be president today had it not been for the Hillbots. Their orgiastic support for Hillary simply drove many voters away from Hillary and into the arms of the hapless Obama.

  3. Woodcliffe says:

    Hillary is wise to step off the sinking USS Obama before it goes completely under the water. I do not believe the current wisdom that says Obama’s reelection is s forgone conclusion. Obama sinking in the polls, losing various demographics he needs in order to win reelection. At his point, I think the American people are more worried about their future than at anytime since the Great Depression and when they look at Obama, they see a lightweight who has surrounded himself with too many men and women from Goldman Sachs. At this point, I think Mitt Romney will defeat him. Like him or not, Romney has real world experience in business and he created jobs. Something millions of Americans want and can’t find.

  4. Rachel says:

    The World Bank is a good fit for Hillary.

  5. Estacada says:

    Hillary always struck me as a reports-and-numbers gal. Not a warm, charismatic leader.

    President of the World Bank is a good place for her. Sorry Pumas but it doesn’t look like Hillary’s running for US president in 2012 or 2016.

  6. Jolly Roger says:

    I really think I made a major mistake in not getting behind Hill.
    As I pointed out back then, her voting record and the President’s were nearly identical, which caused me to do a lot of head-scratching that the ardent supporters of either so hated the other one. The thing with Hill was that she would have come in hating the Rushpubliscums, and likely would have had a hell of a lot less patience with their behavior. Hill in that spot might have meant no Speaker “Junket John” Boehner.

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