NJ Gov. Christie Takes Helicopter to Son’s High School Baseball Game!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gov. Chris Christie Arrives at Son’s Baseball Game in Police Helicopter and Hanging Out in the Bleachers

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie arrived at his son’s baseball game on Tuesday aboard a new State Police helicopter and got into a black car with tinted windows that drove him 100 yards to the baseball field.

At a time when Republican Christie tries to destroy unions, slash the state budget and provide property tax relief through reforms public health benefits, the porcine Christie was ferried to the baseball field in a brand-new AugustaWestland helicopter, purchased at a cost to New Jersey taxpayers of $12.5 million.

The game was being held at St. Joseph Regional High School in Montvale in Bergen County. Christie watched the game from the stands, flanked by a cadre of State Police security guards.

Editor Note: NJ Gov. Chris “Porky” Christie said today he would reimburse the state for use of its helicopter amid a growing outcry he misused the vehicle to go to his son’s baseball game. I’ll be watching this one to see if he delivers payment.

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33 Responses to NJ Gov. Christie Takes Helicopter to Son’s High School Baseball Game!

  1. Debbie Banuelos says:

    Do as I say, not as I do.

    People like Chris Christie give Republicans a bad name. The people of New Jersey should have their heads examined for electing this fat pig.

    Enjoy it New Jersey. You sure picked a winner.

  2. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    What a piece of shit this guy is………………… why didn’t he just ride his pet Dinosaur?

  3. feminazi says:

    I have an old friend in Jersey. I asked her why on earth did the state elect Chris Christie when there is growing evidence he violated state election laws by holding taxpayer-funded campaign events? Her answer was “Over half the state if overweight so voters could relate to having a governor who looked like them.” Her response was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  4. okjimm says:

    hmmm….. does he have his Big Macs delivered the same way? If it thinks fat, acts fat, talks fat…. it must be a Republican Governor.

  5. Tiny Dancer says:

    So Gov. Chris Christie can’t walk 300 feet? He must be shuttled the distance in a state paid limo? Are you serious?

    Maybe if he tried walking a bit — even 300 feet, he wouldn’t weigh 350lbs.

  6. Robyn says:

    I wonder how many union jobs it took to pay for this.

  7. Brigadoon says:

    “…the porcine Christie.” ROFL! Perfect description of this toad.

  8. The Real Adam says:

    Everyone is missing the point.

    Gov. Chris Christie is a RINO. Christie squawks about the need to cut state spending in order to pay for property tax reductions but Christie spends taxpayer dollars like he’s Donald Trump. He’s a criminal and a fraud. Now, it’s up to the voters of New Jersey to correct the problem. The polls all say he is not popular nowadays so let’s see if he’s tossed out of office on his fat ass.

  9. joost says:

    I’m sure New Jersey Medicaid patients don’t mind paying for this obese piece of GOP shit to live like he’s the president of the United States while they have their benefits cut and even eliminated. When will voters wake up from their stupor? There is no such thing as a good Republican. Be it Gary Johnson or Ron Paul. Scratch the surface and they’re all alike. Crooked and corrupt and happy to stomp on the most vulnerable in our society so they can live like Kings and Queens. New Jersey elected Christie and now New Jersey gets to enjoy him. I hope a few Democrats who voted for Chris Christie over Jon Corzine post here about this wonderful man and his leadership.

  10. TOM339 says:

    In my opinion, the New Jersey legislature needs to order this stupid fuck to payback the state for the cost of the helicopter and the limousine.

    Contrary to what Obama says, the country is still in a recession as is evidenced by the double-dip drop in the national housing market. New Jersey is no different.

    If Christie needs a private helicopter and limousine to take his fat ass to his son’s baseball game, let him put the cost on his American Express card and pay it himself.

  11. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    Chris Christie has many skeleton’s in his closest. Google Christie and John Ashcroft if you feel like picking your jaw up off the floor. Christie is a blubbery thug in a cheap suit and why the voters of New Jersey elected him is a total mystery.

    Christie sells himself as a crusader for ethics, and against corruption, but he’s as guilty as any Northeast mobster.

  12. DMason says:

    Chris Christie is nauseating to look at. He looks dirty and greasy like he devours peanut butter and bacon sandwiches for breakfast, and fast food for lunch and all-you-can-eat buffets for dinner. I bet he’s been thrown out of all-you-can-eat restaurants for eating enough for to feed 15 people. What a scumbag.

  13. mauigirl says:

    Chris Christie is a fat hypocritic pig and as a resident of New Jersey, I’m mortified he is our governor. I am also really mystified why the rest of the GOP seems to think he’s presidential candidate material! WTF??? They must not know much about him because he sure as heck isn’t popular here. The only reason he got elected was the poor performance of Governor Jon Corzine who was not cut out to be a leader. I of course did not vote for Christie but apparently a lot of other people did – to their regret.

  14. Great comments everyone! Please keep them coming.

    I think TOM339 is spot-on. Christie needs to reimburse the state and people of New Jersey for this outrageous example of craven excess. No one would deny him attending his son’s baseball game but, he can drive himself or use a state car, if such a thing is the norm for New Jersey.

    But a helicopter and limo? Who the hell does he think he is? John Gotti?

  15. Pechanga says:

    Gov. Christie looks like Bobby “Bacala” Baccalieri from ‘The Sopranos.’

    In any case, I thought New Jersey was flat broke and the voters elected this fat cat (no pun intended) to clean up the state? Oh well, New Jersey, maybe you’ll get it right next go ’round.

  16. Fast Diane says:

    Christie came into office with an $11 billion deficit, and quickly managed to alienate teachers, police, firefighters and hospital workers with his draconian suggestions to fix all that ails the Garden State.

    But evidently, the fixes don’t include our rotund governor. It just so happens Christie had nothing on the official state schedule yesterday — Tuesday being the day after the Memorial Day weekend, so no one gets to save him public opinion with allegations of “he’s just a family man trying to be a father and a governor.”

    Maybe the helicopter gallows him more quickly to the nearest Jack-in-the-Box when he was crazy with hunger and doesn’t want to deal with traffic? All I know is, Chris Christie needs to go. I don’t care where he goes, just go.

  17. Bob Hunter says:

    Attack the fat man. Yuck, yuck, yuck. What a typical group of liberal phoneys.

  18. Marcus Ybanez says:

    New Jersey’s bank is reportedly broke, but they ordered five of these Augusta Westland helicopters at a cost of $12.5 million each. Five times $12.5 million is $62,500,000.

    Yet Gov. Chris Christie is doing everything in his power to dismantle the NJEA teachers union and continually singles them out as the cause for the state’s economic woes. If Christie is interested in trimming costs and balancing the state budget, why is New Jersey buying $12.5 million dollar helicopters for the governor to use as personal taxis?

    Christie is a typical Republican hypocrite.

  19. Rachel says:

    How does he hoist that big belly up in order to pee or fuck his wife? Seriously, morbidly obese men like Gov. Christie have to pee sitting down and screw the misses with their tongues. Sorry to be so graphic but since we’re all adults here, I think everyone can handle the truth.

  20. okjimm says:

    re Bob Hunter…..//Yuck, yuck, yuck.//
    ya, Christie flies, trolls suck.

  21. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Hey Bob Hunter – This one goes out especially to y’all!

    Gov. Chris Christie is so fat his BMI is measured in acres.

    Suck it, asshole.

  22. Randy Arroyo says:

    Arizona Leatherneck – Hahaha! Good one! Christie is a dope. I hope New Jersey wises up and tosses him out on his big rear.

  23. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    Chris Christie is so fat he was baptized at Sea World.

  24. Adirondacky says:

    I always say, voters need to make sound choices at the ballot place. When you screw up like the voters of New Jersey did by electing Chris Christie, you’re left to clean up a big mess and I’m not referring to his McDonald’s wrappers.

  25. fran says:

    Three strikes yer out @ the old ball game!

  26. Jolly Roger says:

    More of that Klanbagger “small GUBMINT.”

    He should have stayed in Disney World. And his followers ought to stay there with him.

  27. Herminio Sanchez says:

    Christie isn’t the first Republican governor the voters of New Jersey elected.

    Remember Christine Todd Whitman? She got elected by promising to lower automobile insurance rates for her state. At the time, New Jersey residents were forking over the highest rates in the country. Of course, she failed.

    Now they’ve done it again. Found a bottom feeder (or should I say, tater feeder?) to run their little cornet of the world.

  28. scaredstiff says:

    For fun, if ever we get close enough to him…….let’s throw out a pork chop and see what he does. Bet he moves then, to get to it first. Or…..ring a dinner bell at one of his speeches….. Fat boy will move then. He is FAT BASTARD.

  29. CommonSense says:

    Interestingly, Democrats/Liberals always seem to feel they are “morally superior” to their conservative counterparts when it comes to cultural and social tolerance and understanding. Yet, the first thing they attack our state’s governor for, is not his politics, but his weight. If this had been a Democratic Governor, the Lib-tarts in NJ would be screaming DISCRIMINATION! All of you attacking him for being overweight simply appear tactless, insensitive and devoid of intellect. If you had any tact or intelegence, you would take up real political issues. The fact of the matter is, no one wasted money and misused money like Corzine, yet, N.J. re-elected him. Our previous governor may not have had a weight problem, but sure had no respect for the taxpayer’s money by way of taxing us more and more and cutting NOTHING. He only got praise from the local rags. On the other hand, when Gov. Christie makes fiscal decisions that save money there is no celebration or appreciation. I agree that he made poor judgment deciding to use the State Police helicopter for personal use—that was going to go up anyway—but, he made it right by paying for it personally. I doubt any of the previous Governors would have done the same thing in this case. I can at least respect that he did and I now know that when things get complicated, Christie will most likely do what is right in the end.

  30. Common Nonsense,

    The simple reason for this is, Democrats/Liberals/Independents, are “morally superior” to conservatives.

    As for attacking your porcine governor’s weight, a morally and intellectually superior man (or woman) would never allow themselves to become as morbidly obese as Christie has, especially having a wife and four children to think about. Apparently, his hunger for Wendy’s and Carl’s Jr. is more important than potentially leaving his family without a father and his wife without a husband.

    Your outrage over any and all mention of Christie’s massive 60 inch waist leaves me to conclude you too, must be morbidly obese so, you’re demonstrating what is known as simple transference.

    Back to Christie’s use of use the State helicopter for personal use, this is emblematic of poor judgment and an example of classic, Republican elitism. If Christie were a self-made, wealthy man, he can spend his money way he so chooses but, to use a State helicopter obviously hoping no one would notice, to attend his son’s baseball game, suggests a lack of moral character.

    Christie can undergo stomach bands surgery and lose 250lbs. but, there’s no surgery to augment his character.

  31. Ann Rutledge says:

    Look, I don’ care for the fat jokes but what a fool in taking the helicopter.

  32. Ann Rutledge says:

    I think he made a huge mistake by going after mostly middle to lower middle class workers while leaving the very top earners untouched. I am not trying to be sarcastic here, but as far as the weight I feel sorry for him. He has gained, not lost weight recently. There must be some conflict or compulsion he feels to do this while in the public eye. I will not vote for him, but I wish him no bad consequences. He is eating himself into an early grave and I hope for the sake of his family and himself that he gets help. Anthony Weiner obviously has problems and I hope he is taking care of them. Perhaps Christie should resign and take care of what ever demons are driving him to overeat.

  33. Fred Jones says:

    I’ll trade your our Florida Gov. Dick Scott ( the walking penis with ears) for your whale sized blob Christie (who may just have a heart attack befire election time).

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