Police Arrest One Suspect in Beating of SF Giants Fan at Dodger’s Home Opener

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bryan Stowe shown here with his two children at a Dodgers-Giants game in San Francisco

One of the two most hated and sought after men in Southern California was arrested early Sunday morning by the Los Angeles Police SWAT team.

Giovanni Ramirez, 31, a heavily-tattooed ex-convict and documented gang member, was arrested on suspicion that he was one of two cowards who blindsided Bryan Stow, a Santa Cruz EMT and San Francisco Giants fan, in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium on March 31 following the season opener between the rival teams.

Stow, 42, suffered brain damage in the attack. He remains hospitalized and in a coma.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Shortly before 7AM Sunday morning, a SWAT team from the Los Angeles Police Department crept into the courtyard of a dreary, run-down apartment building on Mariposa Avenue in East Hollywood. With weapons drawn, the officers made their way toward apartment no. 25 — the rear unit on the second floor.

Snapping the quiet of the morning, they announced themselves with a loudspeaker and ordered the people inside the apartment to come out with their arms raised. Among those who emerged was Giovanni Ramirez, a stocky 31-year-old with a head shaved bald.

Ramirez was booked on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on $1 million bail. Because he is accused of kicking Stow while he was unconscious on the ground, police consider Ramirez’s foot a deadly weapon.

The Los Angeles Police are seeking a second suspect in the case.

Ramirez, who police said is a documented member of the Varrio Nuevo Estrada street gang, has at least three prior felony convictions. According to police sources, he was convicted of attempted robbery in 1998, robbery in 1999, and firing a weapon in a public place in 2005.

Which begs the question? Why was this scumbag allowed to wander the streets freely and not charged under California’s “Three Strikes Law“?

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15 Responses to Police Arrest One Suspect in Beating of SF Giants Fan at Dodger’s Home Opener

  1. I feel terrible for Mr. Stowe, his family, and his friends. What happened that day was a huge setback for Dodgers baseball and the reputation of the fans who attend the games at Chavez Ravine.

    Stowe’s crime was wearing the wrong team’s jersey. I know the overall vibe at Dodger Stadium has become more menacing in recent years as more and more people from the ‘hood’ decide to use attending inexpensive day games their chance to harass women and vandalize cars in the parking lot. The Dodger front office needed better security years ago but they cut corners and came down on the side of saving a few dollars instead of protecting patrons from the animals.

    Since Giovanni Ramirez has at least three prior felony convictions, he deserves life without the possibility of parole. Let’s see how tough this piece of shit incarcerated at San Quintin or Pelican Bay.

  2. travelingman.rick says:

    I read about this earlier and I am so happy that they finally made an arrest in this case. On mothers day I read the article in the times and it just broke my heart. Hope they catch the second guy.

  3. Mets Fan says:

    I read the LA police now have 150 uniformed officers at each home game and the LA Dodgers are footing the bill for the assignment. You can’t have a sports event where the ticket buying fans don’t feel safe.

    Let this be a cautionary tale for other sports teams.

  4. Herminio Sanchez says:

    So this cholo was convicted of convicted of attempted robbery in 1998 and paroled.

    He was convicted of robbery a year later in 1999 and paroled a second time.

    In 2006 he was convicted of firing a weapon in a public place and paroled a third time.

    Then he stomps a San Francisco fan nearly to death in 2011. If convicted, will the parole board approve parole for him a fourth time?

    I mean, there seems to be a trend here.

  5. Robyn says:

    To answer the question of the “Three Strikes” law, it’s quite possible the robberies may not be considered “serious” felonies. At minimum this will be this scumbag’s second strike. Let’s hope he gets life without parole.

    As for Dodgers fans, search Dodgers fan fights on YouTube and there’s more videos of fan fights at those games than at Raiders games. Many of them are night games against the Giants, too.

  6. Joe in Colorado says:

    Too bad they can’t have Fan Appreciation Day at Dodger Stadium. Have Giovanni Ramirez walk onto the field and let the fans take care of him the Roman Colosseum way but with whips, chains, baseball bats and rocks. Save the final blow for Bryan Stowe’s wife and parents. Citizen justice will do what the California justice has failed to do these past 13 years.

  7. feminazi says:

    The story was even reported in our tiny, local newspaper. Attending a baseball game was once a fun event on a sunny, summer afternoon. The notion that in 2011, punks have managed to even take this away, is beyond belief. I hope they Giovanni Ramirez in oil. He deserves nothing less.

  8. Robyn,

    I don’t think a felony robbery is ever considered anything less than serious.

    Under Three Strikes, when a third conviction is something as minor as stealing a six pack of beer from a Circle K or a bicycle from a store, a career criminal can do many years incarcerated.

    That’s the whole point of California’s now 15-year old Three Strikes law.

  9. The Real Adam says:

    A public hanging for Ramirez would work for me.

  10. Rachel says:

    As I understand it, Three Strikes was upheld by the CA courts numerous times. The issue of enforcement is prison overcrowding. CA has some of the worst overcrowding in the USA. I think AZ ranks first, then FL, GA and CA. But I’m glad they caught one of the thugs. I hope they fry his sorry ass.

  11. Debbie Banuelos says:

    Dear Mr. Ramirez’ mama was on KFI radio today doing what all mothers do: defending his son and saying he’s an “innocent tattoo artist” and that explains all the ink.

    The poor woman even said her little precious “hates baseball.”

    Mothers always defend their brood — I get it but, after 3 felony convictions, wouldn’t you think she would finally be forced to admit by now her kid is a scoundrel?

  12. DMason says:

    Drop him in a shark tank and let the hungry fishes devour his ass. I’m so tired of the way this country treats criminals like a protected class while the rest of us play by the rules each day.

  13. Deb says:

    Did you see mommy on the TV talking about how her little son is innocent and they have the wrong person…Yeah right…LAPD has the RIGHT guy…Did you see that female on the news saying he was at her house watching his kid…Yeah…right..haha..and then she says..”I was at the game” but he wasn’t…YEP…how stupid does she think people are. Witness WILL identify HIM…THIRD strike is coming…should have been in prison the last time for a third strike. What a ghetto scum family. Mama should be SO proud of her little gang banger…Maybe mama should have raised him right…What a disgusting family. I hope he fries…along with the other guy and female driver. I wonder if that female who was talking is the driver…I hope she gets in big trouble for LYING to police saying he was at her house..hahaha…Stupid ghetto trash.

  14. Brigadoon says:

    The California Supreme Court ordered the state prison system to release some huge number of prisoners due to overcrowding. Out of 140,000 prisoners, I think the court said let 35,000 or 40,000 go free. I was horrified. Watch the crime stats begin to climb now with tens-of-thousands of thugs roaming across California’s cities. This is a certain recipe for disaster.

  15. franklin says:

    How about tying this man up at homeplate in AT&T Park in SF and let Giants ace Tim Lincecum throw fastballs down this thoat…………………send him to prison for the last time

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