Mike Huckabee’s Dog Killer Son & the Cover-Up

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mike Huckabee’s dog killer son, David Huckabee

With speculation swirling around flat earth darling and FOX Noise oddity, Mike Huckabee, is he planning to run for president, I thought this would be a good time to revisit the disturbing story of how the one-time governor of Arkansas handled a very sensitive family matter: allegations that one of his sons was directly involved in the hanging of a stray dog at a Boy Scout camp back in 1998.

The incident — no mere rumor, led to the dismissal of 17-year old David Huckabee, son of Gov. Mike Huckabee, from his job as counselor at Camp Pioneer in Hatfield, Arkansas. It also prompted the local prosecuting attorney — who was bombarded with complaints by a national animal rights group, to write a letter to the Arkansas state police seeking help to investigate whether David and another teenager had violated state animal-cruelty laws. The state police never granted the request, and no charges were ever filed against David Huckabee. I wonder why?

John Bailey, then the Director of Arkansas’s State Police told NEWSWEEK that Governor Huckabee’s chief-of-staff and his personal lawyer had both put pressure on him to write a letter officially denying the prosecutor’s request. Bailey, a career officer who had been appointed chief by Huckabee’s Democratic predecessor, said he viewed the lawyer’s intervention as improper and terminated the conversation. Seven months later, he was called into Huckabee’s office and was summarily fired. “I’ve lost confidence in your ability to do your job,” Bailey says Gov. Mike Huckabee told him.

One reason Huckabee cited was “I couldn’t get you to help me with my son when I had ‘that problem’,” according to Bailey. “Without question, he [Huckabee] was making a conscious attempt to keep the state police from investigating his son,” says I. C. Smith, the former FBI chief in Little Rock, who worked closely with Bailey and called him a “courageous” and “very solid” professional. Interesting.

Mike Huckabee continues to maintain Bailey’s account of the incident is “totally untrue” and describes him as a “bitter ex-employee.” Huckabee even made the extraordinary charge, “I asked him [Bailey] to resign because he had so alienated the entire state police. It had nothing to do with my son.” Brenda Turner, Huckabee’s then chief of staff, and Kevin Crass, the Huckabee family lawyer, naturally backed Huckabee’s account of the matter, disputing Bailey’s account of his termination.

The details of the dog killing incident remain murky to this day. The Animal Legal Defense Fund got an anonymous fax in the summer of 1998 alleging David Huckabee and another youth had been involved in the hanging of a stray dog at Camp Pioneer on July 11. A local animal-rights activist, Joyce Hillard, later contacted the camp director. Hillard’s notes state: “Boys confessed & were fired. Director is making excuses, saying dog was sick & boys were putting him out of his misery.” The camp director admitted to NEWSWEEK only that a stray dog was “put down” and that the counselors were fired for violating the Scout credo to be “kind.” The father of the other counselor was quoted by the Arkansas Democrat Gazette in August 1998 as saying that his son found the dog “hung over a limb and choking.”

David Huckabee did not respond to requests for comment of the incident but his father, Mike Huckabee, told NEWSWEEK that his son did not engage in “intentional torture. There was a dog that apparently had mange and was absolutely, I guess, emaciated.” The implication being killing the dog was an act of kindness. But people close to Mike Huckabee say David “regrets” the incident and as proof, notes that he later even made Eagle Scout.

In a separate incident, David Huckabee was arrested at 6:00 AM, April 26, 2007, for trying to board a commercial airline flight at Little Rock International Airport carrying a loaded Glock handgun. A misdemeanor charge was brought against him for “attempting to carry a gun in a prohibited place.” Huckabee had a concealed-weapon permit at the time of the incident and said he “forgot” about the weapon in his luggage.

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21 Responses to Mike Huckabee’s Dog Killer Son & the Cover-Up

  1. Adirondacky says:

    The question comes down to this. Do we believe John Bailey, the Director of Arkansas’s State Police or, do we believe Mike Huckabee and his Little Rock Mafia? For me, it’s simple. Mike Huckabee is a phony, ambitious, moralizing scoundrel with no credibility. His son and his son’s pal killed a dog. I don’t care if the dog was sick or not. If the dog was ailing, you call 911 or animal control. You don’t take matters into your own hands. Thank you for blogging this, Christopher. I’m sure the mainstream media won’t go anywhere near it for fear they will lose access to Huckabee.

  2. Nigel Karsten says:

    Is Mike Huckabee’s son mildly retarded? He certainly looks it in this picture.

    I have no capacity for animal cruelty. Especially as it pertains to dogs. Anyone so heartless to kill a dog must be a paranoid schizophrenic. Judging from the pictures, i bet he’s on meds today in order to function in society.

    But people like David Huckabee must be monitored so they take their meds or they will relapse in a psychotic episode.

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    I remember posting on Little Huck awhile back. He’s a real piece of work.

  4. stradella says:

    David Huckabee’s spirit animal is definitely a chupacabra.

    To Nigel’s comment, I can’t say if he’s mildly retarded or not. Just fat and evil. If you kill dogs at summer camp, you’re evil.

  5. Joe in Colorado says:

    I read in our local paper this morning that Gomer Pyle isn’t running. I guess he has too much negative baggage like this crazy son and the wife who spends money like she think she’s Ivana Trump.

  6. Brigadoon says:

    What angers me so much about this piece is, the 17 year old fat-ass David Huckabee played God with the presumably sick, stray dog and decided to kill the poor creature. Who’s to say if the dog had been take to a veterinarian, it would’ve had a fighting chance and gone onto to be adopted? But the dog didn’t get that opportunity. As for his papi Mike Huckabee covering up the ordeal, all I can say is where there’s smoke, there is fire. Even down yonder in Arkansas.

  7. feminazi says:

    Mike and Janet Huckabee belong on the Jerry Springer Show. Not in the White House.

  8. VicoDANIEL says:

    Mike Huckabee makes stoopid Hillbillies look like Einstein by comparison.

    As recently as 1992, he wanted to quarantine AIDS patients. Huckabee was in favor of rounding up all the AIDS patients in the U.S. for quarantine. This was not 1982 when little was known about the virus that causes AIDS but 1992.

    No wonder he was hired by FOX and given his own show. The FOX audience aren’t known for their intellectual prowess. Maybe he was just pandering to the evangelical base he calls his own? Otherwise, such ignorance suggests an IQ equal to the room temperature in my home — currently at 70.


  9. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    I have no tolerance for animal cruelty. As far as I’m concerned, animal cruelty needs to be made a federal offense punishable by a minimum of 10 years in prison.

    I also agree with Nigel Karsten. David Huckabee looks retarded. It has nothing to do with him being fat. It’s his affect. The guy isn’t normal.

  10. Robyn says:

    I can see two reasons why The Huckster won’t get elected. No wonder he decided to stay on Fixed News.

  11. Various media sources report Mike Huckabee receives $3 million a year for his work at FIXED News. Nice work if you can get it.

    I never believed he would jettison the FIXED News gig for a run for president. It’s a simple matter of economics.

    Nonetheless, since Huckabee put himself out there so the scandal involving his son is fair game now. I also think, and I believe, readers have a right to know the facts. It centers around animal cruelty and the abuse of power. Two subjects that make me bristle.

  12. TOM339 says:

    By the age of 17, you know right from wrong. Assuming you’re normal and have a moral compass.

    I say this as a parent who has a daughter who at the age of 15, brought home an injured cat and insisted we take the furry, little creature to the vet for medical care.

    The cat lived and was adopted. What was wrong with David Huckabee at the age of 17, three years older than my daughter who faced a similar predicament?

  13. Idaho Librul says:

    America isn’t going to elect a Bible-waving, religious extremist who says things like the “earth is 6,000 years old.” The anti-science and anti-reason faction of the population in this country is, fortunately, quite small.

    Maybe in the future, the Bible-waving people can all pack up and relocate to another country. Like Afghanistan. It has good weather and now with the mineral haul the US hopes to steal, lots of jobs for skilled and manual workers.

    Leave the US to the sane, reasonable people.

  14. Tiny Dancer says:

    America isn’t going to elect a Bible-waving, religious extremist who says things like the “earth is 6,000 years old.”

    I respectfully differ, Idaho Librul.

    America reelected George W. Bush in 2004. Note I didn’t mention 2000 because he wasn’t elected but installed by an activist US Supreme Court.

  15. Harry says:

    David Huckabee is a cautionary tale to never eat squirrels and possums.

  16. Rachel says:

    TOM339 – You did a good job raising your kids. I remember being as young as 12 years of age and finding an injured pigeon. I took it home and my mother put it in a box and we nursed it back to health. It never occurred to me to kill it. Clearly, David Huckabee is missing a few brain chips and his father tried (and failed) to cover up the whole event.

  17. VicoDANIEL,

    I never heard this before about Huckabee and his “fix” for people living with AIDS. He’s dumber than a bowel movement.

    The only other high-profile person I ever heard of call for a quarantine AIDS patients was the late William F. Buckley. He even went so far as calling for AIDS patients to be tattooed a la Hitler and the Jews.

    I don’t know what disease the loons on the radical right are inflicted with by I hope it isn’t catching.

  18. Massagatto says:

    Mike Huckabee. Once weighing in at 400lbs. and today, a trim 185lbs. dripping wet.

    One wonders how such a thing is possible? Middle aged men in the south don’t, as a rule of thumb, just magically lose more than half their body weight unless they undergo some type of gastric surgery; or suffer an illness; or, use meth amphetamines to help them suppress their appetite.

    It’s common knowledge that in the south, particularly in the poorest regions of the south, amphetamines are as common as missing teeth and first cousins marrying.

    I don’t mean to imply the governor used an illegal drug to help him shed more than half his body weight but, with access to the contraband his city and state police obtained during his years as Arkansas governor, if Mr. Huckabee needed some help, a push in the right direction, he would had the chance and opportunity.

  19. Big Hank says:

    Huckabee used to weigh 400lbs.? Really?

  20. Estacada says:

    Have you seen Mrs. Huckabee?

    She looks like the female robot Arnold went in drag as in Terminator. Ru Paul would not be pleased. 🙂

  21. Atheists for Obama says:

    David Huckabee really, truly looks like he has Down’s syndrome. He looks just like his zeppelin bodied daddy. Mike Huckabee is challenged as well.

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