Texas Tells TSA: Hands Off My Anus, Sex Organs, Butt, & Breasts

Friday, May 13, 2011

TSA Perv Awaits His Next Airport Passenger Victim at LAX

It’s a rare day I agree with anything out of Texas but this is one of them.

The Texas House passed a bill that makes it a criminal offense for TSA agents to inappropriately touch travelers during airport security pat-downs.

Approved Thursday, the measure makes it illegal for TSA agents to touch “the anus, sexual organ, buttocks, or breast of another person” including through clothing.

The bill’s chief sponsor is Rep. David Simpson, who said, “this has to do with dignity and travel, and prohibiting indecent, groping searches.”

He believes the bill will keep Transportation Security Administration officials from treating travelers like criminals, though the measure may be superseded by federal law.

After a brief debate, lawmakers approved the measure with little opposition.

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13 Responses to Texas Tells TSA: Hands Off My Anus, Sex Organs, Butt, & Breasts

  1. Vivzz says:

    Did you hear this week the TSA groped a nine month old? The TSA agent laid the infant out and worked him over like a first date between two, horny college students after a party. I was disgusted and pleased to read the parents plan to bring a lawsuit against the TSA and Homeland Security. I would never, in a million years allow my child to be worked over like this by a stranger at an airport. Why do Americans permit this?

  2. Vivzz,

    I heard about the case you mentioned. I believe it was a TSA pedophiles at Kansas City International Airport. The UK Mail reported on it. Here’s a link:


    As for what’s wrong with parent? Who knows. I would deck anyone other than a doctor who touched my kid in such a disgusting fashion.

  3. Jenna Bush Stole My ID says:

    See? Every ten years or so my homestate does something right.

    Look, if the Feds were serious about national security they would deploy US troops along the border to stop the drug cartel scourge from spilling over onto American soil. But instead, now Obama and Bush before him, ignores a murderous civil war along the 1,900 border we unfortunately share with Mexico that has resulted in the deaths of nearly 35,000 people since 2006, fearful of offending the La Raza crowd and their donors. It’s so much easier to station 100,000 troops in Afghanistan and tell the American people their government is making them safer.

    As for the TSA, I say make state participation optional and train and pay the agents so they can be genuine security professionals and not minimum wage rejects from Wal Mart.

  4. Randy Arroyo says:

    The U.S. should follow the Israeli airport security model. It works. It’s proven and so far to date, it’s 100% successful. The TSA model is a joke. How many more knives and guns have to slip past the TSA until the government admits the system is broken?

  5. Matteo says:

    Good for Texas. I only wish California would pass a similar bill.

    But look at this. President Reagan Obama has gone and lost his mind.

    Drones Fly Through Congress to Enter US Skies


    Within weeks and possibly days, President Obama is likely to sign into law a bill that will bring unmanned aerial vehicles – drones – into US general airspace, crisscrossing the country in company with passenger planes and other human-carrying aircraft.

  6. lea-lea says:

    I won’t fly nowadays because I am afraid of the back-splatter radiation machines they use at all U.S. airports and I refuse to have my private parts fondled by some $7 an hour bitch who gets off touching busty women.

    Maybe the law passed in Texas will lead to other states passing laws preventing these freaks from groping otherwise, law-abiding American citizens? I sure hope so.

  7. Nigel Karsten says:

    In theory, isn’t this the way representative democracy is supposed to work?

    When enough people complain to their town, state or federal representatives, the law is changed. The truth about the American TSA model is, it is based on ancient Roman law where by you are presumed to guilty and must endure what amounts to foreplay at the hands of TSA agents before you are permitted to board your flight, a flight you have already paid for a ticket to fly on.

  8. feminazi says:

    If I saw the guy in the picture waiting to frisk me I would run the other way to the airline ticket counter and demand a refund for my ticket.

  9. TOM339 says:

    One point that keeps getting lost in the TSA debate is this.

    Every potential violent or terrorist behavior on a flight originating from the U.S. has been stopped by make passengers, Air Marshals, and flight crew. The days of passive behavior from passengers is a relic from the past.

    How many times since 9/11 have we heard of an incident where someone tried to light the fuse of a show bomb or storm the cockpit door during a flight and passengers jumped up and pounced on the guy? Believe me, a 9/11-style event will never happen again. We don’t need the TSA.

  10. Rachel says:

    The TSA agent pictured is kinda’ hot. But the context is all wrong. Good for Texas. I hope other states follow their lead on this one. The TSA is depraved.

  11. Peace Nick says:

    The Texas lege got something right for a change.

  12. PJ says:

    This stuff about the Texas law possibly being “superceded by federal law” is bull – there is NO LAW that allows the TSA to do this. They have simply changed their policy to commit illegal acts – they can only change the law with consent of Congress. IF YOU SEE A TSA STAFF MEMBER MOLESTING A CHILD, CALL 911 AND REPORT ‘SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A MINOR IN PROGRESS’ http://www.stoptsa.hpage.com

  13. Just Not Right says:

    I was on a flight today to Chicago. I took off my belt, put all my gear in my briefcase, went through the poorly named “rapiscan” wearing only a pair of black levis, a shirt, an undershirt and a pair of cotton Calvin Kline underwear. What they saw caused them to pat me down in a way that was just incredibly invasive. This ridiculous TSA jerk fondled my testicles from both my rear and front, and dug his hands into my waste band for six or eight minutes. It was more invasive in its way than most physical exams. I swear, if anybody other than your doctor or your spouse did this to you, it would be sexual battery. I have flown millions of miles over 30 years and never experienced anything like it. I had no metal, no proximity to weapons or chemicals – nothing remotely sinister in any way, shape or form. These people need to be stopped.

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