Obama Yearns to Sing Kumbaya with His Muslim Friends

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I guess if you can’t fix double-digit unemployment or lower $4.27 a gallon gas, all that’s left is to reach out to your Muslim friends and sing Kumbaya.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

President Barack Obama is preparing a fresh outreach to the Muslim world in coming days, senior U.S. officials say, one that will ask those in the Middle East and beyond to reject Islamic militancy in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death and embrace a new era of relations with the U.S.

You have to wonder who is advising this president? With his approval ratings in the Arab world at an anemic 16%, and Pakistan — our so-called partner in the war on terrorism promising to declare war against the U.S. if we violate their sovereignty  again, maybe this isn’t the smartest moment in history to ask those in the Muslim world to reject Islamic militancy.

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13 Responses to Obama Yearns to Sing Kumbaya with His Muslim Friends

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    Actually, this would be the time for an outreach. To not make the effort would be Chimpy-like in arrogance.

    Not that it is likely to produce anything. Only our withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq will produce any positive movement.

  2. feminazi says:

    Withdrawal from Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya would represent the boldest gesture and not some flowery, meaningless speech. But flowery, meaningless speeches have come to define this president. He won the Democratic primary making flowery, meaningless speeches, and got elected making flowery, meaningless speeches. My thinking is, in the Arab would, he will be seen as a hypocrite.

  3. 2L4O says:

    Obama is becoming more and more like his cousin, Dick Cheney, who was energized by the death and carnage of war. Obama got a huge psychological boost for having killed almost one thousand innocent civilian men, women and children in Pakistan last year with his Nobel Peace drones. No wonder Cousin Cheney has become one of Obama’s loudest cheerleaders.

  4. Debbie Banuelos says:

    Between all this “reaching out to the Muslims” and “reaching out to our friends across the aisle,” O-Bummer doesn’t have much time to reach out to his base.

    I guess he’s so arrogant now that he just assumes the left lives in his shirt pocket.

  5. Pechanga says:

    Black man’s burden?

    Obama needs to address the myriad problems facing the USA today and save the foreign policy legacy to his second term, assuming he will have a second term.

  6. VicoDANIEL says:

    Listen to the polls in Iraq, Barry.

    We’re not welcome. The American military is viewed as a foreign occupying force and the Iraqis want us to leave.

    Jesus, why are these presidents so tone deaf? Obama is no different from Bush.


  7. Idaho Librul says:

    The USA is seen as a conquering military empire populated by people with good teeth, a fat guts and a thirst for oil in much of the Arab world.

    I’m sure Mr. Obama’s Muslim outreach satisfies his deep psychological need to carry on Martin Luther King’s legacy but, when and until the US troops are called home and Iraq and Afghanistan and now Libya, become American-free zones, there’s not much this president can do to make things right again.

    You see, what Mr. Obama forgets is his own rhetoric. Most of the Muslim world isn’t radicalized. They’re oppressed — a HUGE difference.

  8. Bel Ami says:

    Obama is one arrogant son-of-a-bitch. Reach out to the Muslim world? Between March 2003 to August 2007, according to Opinion Research Business, more than 1,000,000 Iraqis were killed by the US military. More than 8,000 Afghans, according to the UK Guardian, have perished in the last four years alone thanks to US military fire. How much more “reaching out” can these poor people take from the US? Now the death toll of Libyan civilians is beginning to be counted and the news isn’t good. Obama is worse than Cheney who said US soldiers would have flowers thrown at their feet by Iraqis. I give up. The arrogance of our leaders is beyond the pale.

  9. Massagatto says:

    Allahu Akbar!
    Allahu Akbar!
    Allahu Akbar!
    Allahu Akbar!
    Allahu Akbar!

    Barry Soetoro, AKA, Barack Obama, is America’s most Muslim president in history, so I feel quite confident his outreach to his Muslim brothers (Muslim Brotherhood?) will be warmly received.

    Even Michelle Obama, Barry’s horse-faced, Nubian queen let slip in the video here that Africa is his husband’s “HOME COUNTRY.” I’m sure Mrs. Soetoro isn’t lying? Why would she?

    You see, I take no issue with being from Africa. I have lived and worked in Morocco and in Chad and left with many, fine African friends. My exception is the untruth, the total fabrication perpetrated by Barry Soetoro, AKA, Barack Obama, on the American public.

  10. DMason says:

    I still hold 2012 won’t be any different from 2008. It’s the economy, stupid and the economy is sick and on life support. There’s not a school district in the country that hasn’t laid off teachers or is contemplating it. This is America. What the hell happened to this country?

  11. Shayne K. says:

    Wow Massagatto. You usually post such drivel that I end up laughing at you but in this video, Michele Obama indeed refers to “Africa” and “Barack’s home country” in the same sentence.

    Very curious.

  12. Joe in Colorado says:

    Massagatto — You don’t really believe the stuff you post here? I mean, come on. What Michelle Obama was referring to is Obama’s ethnic heritage. Like I’m German and Czech. So I can correctly refer to myself as German-American or Czech-American. But I am still a card carrying American citizen.

  13. Demarlo says:

    BION I’m imsedsper! Cool post!

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