The Cost of Catching, Killing Osama bin Laden: $3 Trillion

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The most elusive public enemy in American history was killed one week ago from two bullets wounds; one to the chest and one to the head. It all sounds so simple. If only this were true.

What’s stunning is how much efforts to hunt him down and kill the 9/11 mastermind cost America. By conservative estimates, Osama bin Laden cost the U.S. at least $3 trillion over the past 15 years, counting the disruptions he brought to our domestic economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the increased security triggered by the terrorist attacks he engineered and funded.

What do we have to show for that tab?

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that continue to occupy 150,000 troops and tie up one quarter of our national defense budget; a bloated homeland-security apparatus that often oversteps the bounds of our cherished civil liberties; soaring oil prices attributable to the global war on al-Qaeda; and a mounting national debt nearing $15 trillion dollars which threatens to destroy the U.S. economy unless lawmakers agree to cut critical domestic programs like Medicare and Social Security.

Other enemies throughout our history have extracted higher gross costs, in blood and in treasure, from the United States. The Civil War and World War II produced higher casualties and consumed larger shares of our economic output. But the Civil War ended slavery and eventually united the nation. The World War II machine revved up our economic engine after the Great Depression and led to an unparalleled expansion of postwar growth and prosperity.

But the War on Terror resulted in none of these benefits. What we’re left with is a national debt now equal to our entire national GDP. Was it all worth it? I suppose only history will ultimately be able to answer that question.

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14 Responses to The Cost of Catching, Killing Osama bin Laden: $3 Trillion

  1. retahyajyajav says:

    We could’ve nabbed Bin Laden faster and cheaper by hiring mobsters to do it.

    The mob gets the job easily done and they do it using fewer than six men for the desired target. This goes on in New Jersey, Staten Island and the Bronx every other month and no one even notices.

  2. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    Osama is laughing his ass off at US, on his way to hell. He accomplished his mission…… He bankrupted this country!!!!!

  3. Peace Nick says:

    $3 trillion dollars to kill one, 6’4″ Saudi extremist living in relative luxury in Pakistan for the past 5 to 6 years.

    What a joke. But I’m not laughing at this. The US is building 8 new military air bases in Afghanistan as we speak at a cost of $26 billion dollars. Obama can sing and dance all he wants about how “I”m moving ahead with plans to begin troop withdrawal in 2014,” but only a fool would believe him. Remember, the original date for withdrawal was 2011 then they punted to 2014. Trust me. When 2014 arrives whoever is president will make it 2018, then 2022, then 2030.

    America is perpetually at war and this isn’t a good thing for our national psyche, or economy or our standing in the Muslim world.

  4. Bep says:

    Sheyat. That scalawag in the White House offered to pay me $5 million I could’ve gone over there and put a few bullets in Osama’s ass. I’ve done worse for less.

  5. The Real Adam says:

    “….that scalawag in the White House offered to pay me $5 million I could’ve gone over there and put a few bullets in Osama’s ass. I’ve done worse for less.”

    OK? I would’ve done it for $500,000.

  6. Big Hank says:

    We forked over $3 trillion dollars to kill Osama but Father Obama won’t let the children see the picture of the corpse?


  7. feminazi says:

    I believe the US is a nation perpetually at war. We’re addicted to conflict and our war machinery just keeps expanding, forever looking for a new enemy to confront. This addiction will one day be our downfall. Like a dying elephant gasping for breath.

  8. TOM339 says:

    I saw all those college kids dancing around the fence outside the White House last Sunday night and I kept thinking, who tipped them off? Did Obama’s staff use social media to send messages to George Washington University and American University? How did they manage to have those signs ready to carry? Did the Obama people print them too?

    Yes, it’s great Osama was caught but maybe not killed. We lost so much intelligence by shooting him dead on the spot. Now we have to hope the computer hard drives have $3 trillion worth of information to use in the war against al Qaeda.

    I think like Feminazi said, we’re perpetually at war and the day is rapidly coming when all the monies spent on Social Security and Medicare will be used to fight the so-called “war on terrorism.” This will go on until the country finally comes apart from within.

  9. Jolly Roger says:

    The question is liable to have the same answer the USSR got. Likely to, actually.

  10. Pechanga says:

    America’s CIA and Interpol have had covert assassination teams for decades. These men are train in languages, poison usage and of course, weapons.

    It does seem a bit odd to me that it took so long and cost so much to get him.

  11. Tiny Dancer says:

    Osama is dead. Or so Obama says without releasing picture proof.

    The question for me is, why then are we still in Afghanistan? Hasn’t the goal of the war been met?

  12. Smooch says:

    Does anyone know what percentage of that $3 trillion was paid for what was borrowed from China and Japan?

  13. Debbie Banuelos says:

    What the USA should’ve done is contracted with the Israelis.

    We send them $3 billion is foreign aide each year anyway — an appalling some of money for a country who enjoys a higher standard of living than America. We could’ve paid their intelligence agency, the IDF, and their foreign intelligence agency, the Mossad, and their military to locate and blow Osama’s head off.

    I bet the Israelis would have had the job done in two weeks and for $50 million.

  14. Jack says:

    “I bet the Israelis would have had the job done in two weeks and for $50 million.”

    You’re talking about sending Israeli forces into a Muslim country to kill a Muslim? That would probably start world war 3, or at least another war between Israel and it’s Muslim neighbors. Which would cost the U.S. even more money.

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