Trig Truthers Banned from Huffington Post

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The murky facts and endless speculation surrounding the real parentage of Sarah Palin’s “retarded baby” (her words, not mine) will no longer be tolerated at AOL’s Huffington Post.

Ben Smith at Politico reports:

Huffington Post appears to have drawn the line on acceptable political debate to exclude theories about the nativity of Sarah Palin’s youngest son.

Palin critic Geoffrey Dunn, who has contributed a long line of attacks on the former Alaska governor to the site, published his version of the “Trig Truther” theory to Business Insider today, after Huffington Post turned the blog post down.

“We did pass on a submission by Geoffrey Dunn about Trig, as it ran counter to our policy against conspiracy theories,” Huffington Post spokesman Mario Ruiz confirmed in an email.

Huffington Post is only interested in bringing what’s left of its readership such mindless hokum as “Animal Rescue of the Week” and “What to Do About Smelly Feet.

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17 Responses to Trig Truthers Banned from Huffington Post

  1. daisydem says:

    Well, before long it will be bye-bye to HuffPo. I had already stopped going there (they became too sensationalistic and misleading) but now more and more of my blogger friends are closing their accounts there too.

  2. Estacada says:

    Can liberal females stop praying to Saint Arianna for guidance?

    She was always a phony liberal. Her liberal act got Huffington Post launched and made her $100 million when she sold it to AOL. Even she admits the site is no longer liberal.

    But women still embrace her like she’s royalty. It’s quite bizarre if you ask me.

  3. Seabec says:

    AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, the far right conservative who now controls Huffington Post, also happens to be a major financial supporter to SarahPAC. I’m sure this is why “Trig Birther” threads are now disallowed on Huffington Post. The thing that rankles my ass is Bill Maher’s continued relationship with Arianna Huffington. Arianna is a media whore and a sell-out.

    Can’t Maher see past this or does Arianna blow him for face time?

  4. Mets Fan says:

    Can’t Maher see past this or does Arianna blow him for face time?


  5. Rachel says:

    I think Seabec hit the nail on the proverbial head.

  6. Pechanga says:

    The Trig controversy is something Donald Trump could sink his resource into resolving, if he is interested. For example, the hospital in Wasilla, AK, Matsu Hospital, has no record of the little scamp ever being born there.

    Why is that? Curious, eh?

  7. PoliShifter says:

    HuffPo is a joke. Clearly Ariana played everyone and used what’s the Capitalist’s Dream – free labor – aka slave labor. Ever since the AOL deal I stopped with that place and removed their link from my blog. I would encourage all to do the same. You can get the same content just by going to google news or yahoo news. What HuffPo does is not unique. All they do is rip everyone off. Goodbye Ariana…I wouldn’t be surprised to see you run for some political office in the near future as a Republican.

  8. Jolly Roger says:

    I removed my link to HuffPo years ago, when they started getting heavy-handed with the censoring. Now that they’ve become the BartPo, where a well-known racist lias like WHITEbart can have his post on the front page, but nobody can talk about a 44 year old woman with a problem pregnancy who spent 20 hours fluttering around (including a 10 hour plane ride) after her “water broke,” is not a place worth even looking at.

  9. Jolly Roger says:

    Uh, shoulda been “it’s not a place even worth looking at.” Damn dyslexia.

  10. TOM339 says:

    My wife says she remembers Arianna Huffington from 20 years ago. She wrote some book about Picasso from a “feminist” perspective attacking the 20th century master and arguing he hated women.

    Didn’t Picasso have like 7 wives and as many lovers? He was producing children into his 70’s. Sounds like he didn’t hate women at all. He loved women and couldn’t get his fill.

  11. feminazi says:

    OK guys. I’m behind the curve here. Who is Trig’s mother and father? It’s not Sarah and Todd Palin? Is the little guy a prop baby or a plastic baby?

  12. okjimm says:

    I thought she got the kid from Russia?

  13. fran says:

    As the world knows, angry unpaid bloggers are suing Arianna Huffington for $105 million after the sale to AOL for $315 million.

    Obviously Arianna is a sellout, quite literally.

    Her ex contributors contributed freely, but then she walks away w $315 million & they get nothing? Sure in the end, the lawyers will be the ones who make the most, but Arianna sure did rip off all of those who did the actual work & writing for Huff po.

    As for the Trig scandal….. it is something to consider, but the bigger picture is that Palin is unworthy to serve, in fact when she had the opportunity, she threw in the towel & quit mid term as Governor. She was overwhelmed with lawsuits & questions about her ethics– using State money to fly her family wherever she wanted to go- including Todd’s snow machine racing events (was supposed to be for official gvmnt business only), the troopergate debacle, questions about accepting expensive gifts, unchecked promises & sales of natural resources… in other words she could not escape from herself & her inability to play by the rules & have basic ethical standards.

    I guess I’d rather see a wholesale dismissal of her as an entity worth air time.
    The real scandal about Trig is his mom claimed to be an advocate for kids w disabilities, and she seems to be an AWOL parent. Chasing after the almighty buck & hungry for media attention- who is caring for the special needs child & the 2 other children?
    Palin should not get the attention she gets.

    Maybe her & Glen Beck can create an island of misfits they can rule together?

    Him w a chalkboard, and her with a podium & a microphone.
    Gawd! That sounds like a Twilight Zone episode.

  14. Jolly Roger says:

    Feminazi, I highly recommend Politicalgates and Palingates as excellent places to learn about all of the problems with Mama Grifter’s chronology. You’ll also see some pictures that will give you a lot of cause for pause.

    The “I went about my business for 20 hours after my water broke, even though I was 44 and knew I had a problem pregnancy” is Meme Grifter’s own account. Not m,ine, not some tin hatter’s.

    Honestly, I don’t know who Trig’s mom is (some say Bristol, and that may be true. It certainly seems more likely.) All I’m about certain of is who is NOT the boy’s mom.

  15. when you have corporate controlled media – of which HuffPo is – then you have corporate controlled content –

    Huufpo is nothing more than the National Enquirer with bytes instead of dead trees. Half (or is it 3/4) of the stories are about Lindsay Lohan like crap or some other celebrity drivel. there is still the sprinkling of left leaning and liberal articles to keep the “masses” coming back (that way Miss Post herself can keep the traffic up).

    Sure Arianna is a sellout but so are all the media czars. they want TV time and ratings and traffic and dollars – and if it means articles on smelly feet and banning Trig stories – sobeit. It is NEVER about informing or truth or exposure and always about getting P&G or BofA to buy ad space.

    anyone who contributes to her for nothing is a fool – it is a high price to pay for attention and exposure.

  16. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    The good Huff Poops have proclaimed the matter of the “Trig Truthers” was solved and put to rest by “reasonable reporters.”

    No wonder most people in America today under the age of 50 get their news from Jon Stewart and from the blogs.

  17. winston says:

    ‘conspiracy theories’?? Huffpost banned me for making a single 911 truth related post! They suck!
    Wtc7, the disassembled superstructures 1100 missing bodies, & pulverized concrete from the 15 seconds it took each tower to ‘collapse’ the fema bpat appendix C showing molten metal, the iron rich microspheres in the dust , the Harrit study, etc etc are not ‘conspiracy theories’ they’re facts.
    Wake up america !

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