Celebs, VIPs, Sign Letter to Obama to Clarify Position on Gay Marriage

Monday, March 14, 2011

While President Obama is “thinking” about releasing a portion of the strategic petroleum reserves to help offset record high gas prices, as well as “considering” arming the Libyan rebels in their fight against Mouammar Khadafi (no decision has been announced on either subject), Mr. Obama now has another decision to make.

Various Hollywood celebrities and and industry VIPs have signed a letter asking the president for clarity on the topic of gay marriage and urging him to support an end to “exclusion from marriage.”

According to Freedom to Marry, the group behind the effort, the campaign will continue until Obama expresses his support.

A few of the signatories include: Jane Lynch of Glee, actress Anne Hathaway, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, actress Portia DeGeneres, Eric McCormack of Will & Grace, actor Martin Sheen, comedienne Lily Tomlin, rocker Melissa Etheridge, playwright Tony Kushner, studio executive David Geffen, along with athletes Brendon Ayanbadejo and Scott Fujita of the NFL.

Throughout his political career, Barack Obama flip-flopped on the issue of marriage equality.

In his early days as a Illinois state senator, Mr. Obama was a vocal supporter of gay marriage but, as soon as he was elected to the U.S. senate, Obama realized how divisive the issue can be and for someone with both eyes on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, now Sen. Obama soon took a more religious position, telling reporters and bloggers that he believed marriage is between “one man and one woman.”

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11 Responses to Celebs, VIPs, Sign Letter to Obama to Clarify Position on Gay Marriage

  1. Tiny Dancer says:

    Obama is a cowardly piece of shit. I thought he was a more courageous man, able to lead on issues scary to people in the Bible Belt but, he’s just a card carrying, Beltway politician.

    Can’t wait to say adios to him in 2012.

  2. Randy Arroyo says:

    I signed the petition on the Freedom to Marry website. My straight neighbors signed it too. But the sad truth about Obama is, he’s not going to come out in favor of marriage equality until such time he has nothing to lose politically, and this means once he’s out of office and about to publish his memoir. I agree with Tiny Dancer: Obama’s a coward.

  3. Greg Equality Lengkong says:

    I will be shocked if Obama replies.

    Even if he puts the basketball down long enough to address this letter I expect him to revert to his 2008 campaign rhetoric on the subject. He’s not about to take any political risks with gas prices at or above $4 a gallon and no end in sight.

  4. Adirondacky says:

    They say Obama’s middle name is “Hussein.” I think they’re wrong. I think his middle name is “Duck and Cover.” 😉

  5. Jolly Roger says:

    His pandering to the Jesusistanis was the first thing that caught my attention. I didn’t figure back then that anyone trying to woo the lunatic fringe was going to be much good. Sadly, he didn’t disappoint me.

  6. Brigadoon says:

    As I’ve said before, Obama’s support is shrinking on a daily basis and when you add up all of his former groups of supporters: labor, women, independents, gays, Hispanics and even African-Americans, it seems highly improbable he will be reelection in 2012. Even the $600 million deposited at the DNC can’t reverse the tide of hostility Americans have for him now. Add to this the gas prices and I think Barry and Michele will be headed home for Chicago in 2012.

  7. stradella says:

    Politicians have thrown the gays under the bus for as long as I can remember.

    As for the shrinking pool of Barry’s supporters, all I know is this sistah is done with him. I thought he was field negro but come to find he’s just another house negro looking to get over on the backs of the disadvantaged.

    The tide turned for me when I learned about Barry’s Debt Reduction Commission and the scalawags he hand-picked to shiv the old and disabled.

  8. Marcus Ybanez says:

    “I thought he was field negro but come to find he’s just another house negro looking to get over on the backs of the disadvantaged.”


  9. Tiny Dancer says:

    This is the single issue that caused me to not vote for Obama in 2008.

    Initially, I read candidate Obama supported gay marriage so naturally my interest in him piqued. But upon further reading, to my horror, I discovered he had taken a 180′ on the issue from his Chicago days and held the identical position as John McCain. He’s a charlatan and I couldn’t vote for him.

  10. I still don’t understand how gay marriage is so controversial in 2011?

    Our nitwit president claims he’s all about repealing DOMA. If it happens, this will lead to marriage equality in all 50 states.

    It’s a regular shame that courage inside the Capital Beltway is in such short supply but alas, cowardice is the political currency of the realm.

  11. Mets Fan says:

    I don’t understand it either, Christopher.

    But this I know. Obama, if he bothers to respond to this letter (after all, he’s very busy making his NCAA picks now), will be a recitation of his “marriage is between a man and a woman” and reassert his separate but equal BS about civil unions.

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