Bette Davis on Saint Reagan

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bette Davis on Ronald Reagan: “Jane Wyman divorced him because he was a bore.”

Happy 100th Birthday, Ronnie!

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9 Responses to Bette Davis on Saint Reagan

  1. Terry C - NJ says:

    The late great Ms. Davis referred to Saint Ronald of the Monster Deficit as a glorified chorus boy.

    Myrna Loy hated his guts…ever since she butted heads with him when he was governor of California.

  2. Stephan Iversonn says:

    Reagan’s daughter, Patti Davis, wrote in her book of introducing her father to the celebrated, anti-nuclear war activist, Dr. Helen Caldicott.

    The story went something like this. Reagan agreed to meet Dr. Caldicott at the White House early one afternoon. The meeting had to take place before 3p.m. because Reagan stopped work at 4p.m. each weekday. Dr. Caldicott tried to explain to a confused President Reagan how dangerous nuclear weapons planted on space-based weapons known as “Star Wars” could for humanity.

    Reagan appeared to be a sweet old man and finally leaned over and said “Look, I’m not going to talk to anyone about this.” Dr. Caldicott said he mumbled something about “the second coming of Christ,” staring out the window of the Oval Office before rising and ending the meeting.

    Alzheimer Disease? Religious insanity? Take your pick.

  3. retahyajyajav says:

    Our time honored legacy of electing bumbling idiots to be president.

  4. Chad Lebanon says:

    Reagan was a dope which is precisely why General Electric decided to make him governor of California and later, president.

    He swam from the shallow end of the gene pool.

  5. Thai Noodles says:

    Who is Reagan feeding? His eldest son, Michael Reagan?

  6. Mike Tidmus says:

    Brilliant! Good catch, Christopher.

    The sun is going down here in San Diego. The devoutest of the devout Reaganites are preparing to sacrifice their first born, if St Ronnie doesn’t appear in the night sky pulled by winged steeds in a flaming chariot (alleged to have been borrowed from Liberace).

  7. I guess the old fart/gipper has to play second banana to the Super Bowl today – but it March apparently the whole country can partake in Festishit – the bowing down to the Patron Saint of Teabagging and the man who raised taxes 11 times and turned the US into a debtor nation – and never mentioned the word AIDs

    you know what Chevy Chase used to say about General Franco

  8. Terry Callen says:

    Terrible actor. A lousy governor.

    A disaster as president,

  9. wild bill says:

    When Ronald Regan took office the USA was the largest creditor nation on earth when Reagan left eight years later the USA was the largest detour nation. Regan was a lousy B grade actor and a worst president. Regan was an FBI rat – code named “T”. What kind of man marries an actress known for giving the “best blowjobs” in Hollywood This guy is the worst president ever.

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