Why Does President Obama Hate Registered Nurses?

Friday, January 28, 2011

In a recent article, TIME Magazine reports President Barack Obama is looking to the late, anti-labor Ronald Reagan as his role model. It appears to be true.

The National Nurses United (NNU) is sharply critical of the President Obama’s decision by the U.S. Department of Labor on Tuesday to withdraw a rule requiring employers to report musculoskeletal injuries to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Karen Higgins, RN, co-president of the 160,000-member nurses union says:

“This is a disturbing sign that the Obama administration may be putting the economic interests of employers ahead of the safety of nurses and other working people.”

The decades-old rule was pulled by the DOL at the request of the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, according to NNU.

Says Higgins:

“Nursing is one of the most dangerous occupations in the U.S., and nurses are especially subject to serious back and other musculoskeletal injuries. One step we can take to keep nurses safe and at work is to have an accurate picture of when and how they are hurt on the job.”

Serious back injuries typically are caused by nurses lifting and turning patients, and can lead to permanent disability.

Higgins emphasizes:

“Current, accurate reporting will allow us to pinpoint causes of chronic disabling injury, such as on which shift nurses tend to be injured and which duties account for the highest number of injuries. The rule is important to allow workers and hospitals to identify unsafe practices earlier and put in place corrective equipment and procedures, and then analyze whether such corrective interventions had a positive impact on worker safety.”

In addition to calling on the Obama administration to restore the rule, NNU is sponsoring legislation in Congress to require all hospitals to provide sufficient life equipment it says will reduce workplace accidents that not only injure nurses but also, endangers patients.

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9 Responses to Why Does President Obama Hate Registered Nurses?

  1. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is the best Republican the DNC could’ve found to run for president in 2008.

    I don’t know about the rest of the country but, I’m all but through with this president. He can roam around the country talking to workers are plants and auditoriums full of zombie-like O-bots, ready to let him shut down the internet with a single flip of a switch but, not this American.

    We were sold a fake bill of lading in 2008 and I’m ready to move on.

  2. Estacada says:

    Obama has never had a close relationship with organized labor. He was slow to embrace the AFL-CIO and even slower to reach out the Teamsters.

    I read the Time piece I think you’re referring to. They suggest Obama is rather obsessed with Reagan much the way Hillary is said to channel Eleanor Roosevelt. If Nancy Reagan endorse Obama’s reelection effort in 2012, then you know the country is in trouble.

  3. mbmdl says:

    One of the reasons I became a Nurse Practitioner was I injured my back after 15 years as a floor nurse. I have since learned a whopping 54 percent of workplace injuries in nursing can be traced to musculoskeletal injuries and disorders that started in the workplace. Many hospitals have older patient beds meaning the lifting and proper positioning of patients falls to the RN and the nurse aide. Many a nurse aide finds their career in healthcare cut short due to a back injury. President Obama and the Dept. of Labor is just flat wrong here and yes, to stop reporting musculoskeletal injuries says to me the Obama administration is looking at ways to limit and restrict disability claims in the nursing profession.

  4. Walk on Socks says:

    Of all the presidents past and present this nitwit could look to for modeling, Obama chose Ronald Reagan?

    I’m very troubled by the positions the Obama administrations has taken on a large swath of issues. From maintaining the failed, 45-year old “war on drugs,” and coming out against the legalization of marijuana, to supporting an extension of the USA Patriot Act, and to prosecuting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Obama is in lockstep with the very worst aspects of the Reagan era.

    I would like to think we can change this administration at the ballot box in 2012 but, to ignore the power of the incumbency and the vast sums the Obama White House, rumored to be $650 billion, to use for the 2012 reelection campaign, suggests we may be stuck with him another 6 years.

  5. Brigadoon says:

    Obama’s concentric circle of support is shrinking on a daily basis. There appears to be few demographics or special interest groups he hasn’t pissed off in the short span of two years. I wouldn’t be so sure Obama’s reelection is written in stone. The Republicans might pull a rabbit out of the hat between now and 2012. Time will tell.

  6. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    This president is such a disappointment.

    He has no clue and couldn’t care less what registered nurses deal with on a daily basis, the high injury and burnout rate and how underpaid they are as highly trained, medical professionals.

    In many markets in the country, registered nurses have no shield between them, their employer and access to disability rights. Only a handful of states in the USA offer union representation for registered nurses, which means when they’re hurt on the job, they must fend for themselves.

    I think we can do better than Barack Obama. We must find a better man or woman to elect president.

  7. Jim says:

    Nurses have to move patients multiple times per day. Even with careful body mechanics, there will always be injuries. It’s outrageous that once more, this administration would try to weasel out of taking care of those who take care of others.

  8. libhomo says:

    Barack Bush doesn’t care about middle class nurses. He will make millions in “speaking fees” after he is gone from the White House just like Reagan and Clinton did.

    The Greens keep looking better in 2012.

  9. nurses are paid well as they claim and should be.america medicare and medicaid program are set to the framework within.labor cuts should be enforce against it,esp to senior nurses saving budget deficits,giving opportunity to other hopefuls humanely.with a growing demands of population growth and medical insurance it would cover up a cycle return flow of fiscal budget spending.a labor bracket and social security paid on terms.

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