NOM’s Maggie Gallagher Weighs in on Anal Sex

Friday, January 28, 2011

Maggie Gallagher, the founder of the National Organization for Marriage, which she created to oppose gay marriage, weighs in on anal sex. It remains a mystery how the morbidly obese Gallagher would know anything about anal sex but here’s the quote:

“Anal sex is painful, unsanitary, unsatisfying for women and creates unique risks for serious physical diseases (if you doubt me, go read the Wikipedia entry on the subject) because the anus is not designed for sexual intercourse, increasing the risk of torn flesh and the intermingling of bodily fluids—blood, semen, fecal matter—that can spread an astonishing variety of diseases. The female partner is far more at risk than the man in these encounters. This should be a feminist issue.”

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35 Responses to NOM’s Maggie Gallagher Weighs in on Anal Sex

  1. Brigadoon says:

    Maggie needs to put a glazed donut in her fat mouth and shut the fuck up.

  2. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    I hate to be rude but, how would anyone find Maggie’s anus to screw under all those layers of blubber?

    I mean, someone needs to introduce this homophobe to Jenny Craig.

  3. Rachel says:

    Maggie Gallagher says anal sex needs to be a “feminist issue?” So, now she’s attempting to bring her radical, rightwing, antigay agenda into the feminist community and hide? Oh honey, Maggie, I was a feminist long before you were rejected romantically by the first gay man you fell in love with. Don’t even try to sully feminism with your bullshit.

  4. zarathustra says:

    She must have a very vivid imagination……….. an elephant would have trouble mounting her ass

  5. Peace Nick says:

    My God but Maggie Gallagher is a nasty cow.

    She really has it out for gay people. I’ve never seen anything quite like her disdain for anyone gay or lesbian.

  6. Tiny Dancer says:

    “I hate to be rude but, how would anyone find Maggie’s anus to screw under all those layers of blubber?”

    ROFL! Go ahead on girl. Git her!

  7. zarathustra says:

    Maggie, you huge fat elephant…………the only thing you might be useful for would be to keep a huge aircraft carrier from crashing into a dock

  8. VicoDANIEL says:

    Maggie is quite the expert on butt sex.

    If she actually knew what the hell she was talking about she would know to douche first and use lube and a condom.

    But like all the other drivel that falls from her piehole, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Next?

  9. zarathustra says:

    When I first observed her picture, I thought some joker had added a head. & two arms to a pile of refuse outside of a slaughter house…………

  10. CritcalEyeyeyeyeye! says:

    I know how she solves the problem of having too many people opposed to her views……… She eats them!

  11. zarathustra,

    I was told this lovely picture was taken by her good friend Pastor Rick Warren. The “Mags” was in the hospital for her 5th, failed bariatric surgery.

    She’s quite the looker, wouldn’t you say? 🙂

  12. CritcalEyeyeyeyeye! says:


  13. SkepticalObserver says:

    Maggie, you should go to Africa and offer yourself up! You could help end World Hunger amungst the Cannibals.

  14. SkepticalObserver says:

    Maybe she’s so big……….. because she’s sooooooooooooo full of SHIT????

  15. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    Maggie Gallagher is equating anal sex with feminism? I’m confused?

    If Maggie is now marketing herself as a feminist, isn’t core to feminism to not tell women what they can and can’t do with bodies? This was central to the US Supreme Court upholding Roe 38 years ago.

  16. Zarathustra says:

    Chris, what did she do………………….. eat the Doctors?????

  17. Zarathustra says:

    Peace Nick………… Cows take Offense at your comment! She’s really more like a Hippo or an Elephant!

  18. Zarathustra'sSon says:

    Maggie looks like something that dropped out of a Whales Anus!

  19. lea-lea says:

    Maggie Gallagher is a truly despicable woman.

    She will say anything to keep her brand alive, donations and bookings coming in, and help her avoid working at a real job like the rest of us.

    As for her comments suggesting she has a feminist sensibility, I’m a woman and I’ve been a feminist for 20 years and Maggie Gallagher is no feminist. She’s a radical, conservative who has a pathological dislike of gay people.

    She needs psychotherapy to work through his hatred of gay people. It’s unhealthy and is probably the cause of her obesity.

  20. Zarathustra says:

    You know……….. when I was a little boy, my mother always told me to stay away from huge piles of shit like Maggie Gallagher, so I wouldn’t get the stink on myself!

  21. Zarathustra says:

    Maggie, how can you even have an opinion on this? I’d take a FORK-LIFT just to get near your ass………..

  22. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Is Maggie’s neighborhood Dunkin’ Donuts closed for repairs?

    Otherwise, Maggie’s mouth would be munching on an apple fritter and not uttering mindless, senseless shit like this.

  23. Conejo1982 says:

    There isn’t a man — gay or straight, anywhere on planet Earth, who would go anywhere near this revolting bitch’s butthole. She’s as vile as they come.

  24. Zarathustra says:

    You know…………. all you good people, if you think about this seriously for a moment, there’s really very little to worry about from this BEAST of a woman. Anyone who would eat herself into the state she currently is in……… obviously has some mental problems……….. Here piggy, piggy….Here Maggie!

  25. Randy Arroyo says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Maggie Gallagher looks like a morbidly obese Anita Bryant? Just saying…..

  26. Zarathustra says:

    A Funny choice of words to introduce, this article, don’t you think? ………….. Maggie Gallagher “WEIGHS IN”. when Maggie ‘weighs in’, she almost throws the Planet off its axis! She must own an iPad, don’t you think? She could never get close enough to a computer to type on it! Unless she has a PC jammed up her ass too! LMAO!!!!!!

  27. Adirondacky says:

    If Maggie Gallagher doesn’t want to engage in anal sex, no one is holding a gun to her head or butt. Just don’t do it, but as others have pointed out, it seems very unlikely she has a line of suitors lined up to partake in her nether region.

  28. Robbie says:

    A feminist issue? The ones I know who have done it love it. No issue there.

  29. Gigi says:

    That’s an old picture of her, before she’d gained even more weight. She eats when she’s sad. She eats to fill the big, empty void in her life. The poor thing has no friends other than Ms. Tony Perkins and Porno Pete. That’d drive me to Little Debbie too!

  30. feminazi says:

    Maggie Gallagher is a disgusting heffa.

  31. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Maggie is one, fat-assed homophobe.

  32. libhomo says:

    Rachel: I also thought it was bizarre that someone like Maggie Gallagher who despises feminism feels entitled to tell feminists what their issues should be.

  33. desertvoice says:

    This image is photoshopped. Whatever truth is in the article is moot as the credibility is lost on the lie.

  34. CritcalEyes... says:

    Since Maggie is such a huge “ASS”……….. would twenty guys gathered around her Hugeness, jerking off on her, qualify as ‘Anal Sex’????????

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