Google: “Palin responsible.” About 3,440,000 Results

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good morning to everyone. Contrary to media reports, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has not recognized her husband, hasn’t squeezed her doctor’s hand and is not preparing to go to brunch. Rep. Giffords is in a medically-induced coma. Her condition is critical.

Also, it looks like Sarah Palin is the second shooter in this horrendous tragedy.

Google: Palin responsible. You will find about 3,440,000 results. Palin’s violent rhetoric activated a network of berserk sleeper cells.

Mama Grifter can offer her sincerest “thoughts and prayers” for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on her Facebook page, flowers and even an autographed copy of her heavily-ghost written book but, Palin is responsible for inciting the violence that led to the shooting.

Editor Update: Doctors at University Medical Center Hospital in Tucson report some limited good news. Gabrielle Giffords chances for survival have gone up, and they are “very, very encouraged” by her ability to respond to simple commands along with their success in controlling her bleeding.

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29 Responses to Google: “Palin responsible.” About 3,440,000 Results

  1. feminazi says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the proverbial head, as usual. Sarah Palin and her lynch mob has been fanning the flames of political hate ever since Obama and Biden defeated her and McCain. Palin is all about violence. Especially gun violence. She’s an extremely dangerous woman and needs to be placed on the US’s terrorist watch list.

  2. Marcus Ybanez says:

    Palin’s violent rhetoric activated a network of berserk sleeper cells.

    Ka Ching! I hadn’t looked at it like this before but you’re correct.

    If the Tea Party can’t get its way — fair and square, in an honest election, they simply rise up and shoot their political opponent. This is true mob mentality and suggests how elections are carried out in a banana republic.

  3. Stephan Iversonn says:

    I think it’s time to start connecting the dots.

    DHS probing shooter’s ties to fanatical group

    The feds are reportedly probing whether shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner has ties to an anti-Semitic, anti-government hate group that has ads for Tea Party organizations on its website.

    A Department of Homeland Security memo quoted by Fox News says the agency is looking into whether Loughner is “possibly linked” to the fanatical group American Renaissance.

    The group promotes views that are “anti-government, anti-immigration, anti -ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government), anti-Semitic,” the DHS memo says.

    Read more:

  4. Stephan Iversonn,

    Wow. Thanks for updating us. It’s rather stunning how many people on both the left and right, keep saying “we can’t rush to judgment,” and, “let’s wait and see what the details reveal.”

    I connected the dots yesterday. It seemed obvious to me and I stand by my position that Sarah Palin and her violent rhetoric and political graphics makes her the second shooter.

    Thanks again, friend.

  5. okjimm says:

    Phew! Time to go out and get a NY Times in below frostbite weather. I must be honest, though, I cannot lay sole blame of yesterday’s tragedy at the feet of Saragh…… there is plenty of blame to go around. She is though, GUILTY of fanning the flames of intolerance, hate, misinformation. The truth is the woman is an attention whore who will do anything for money. Say anything, do anything….. I remember the quote from the McCarthy-Army hearings…”After long last, have you no shame?” She hasn’t any….but if you paid her she would find some!

    I still chuckle about the comment yesterday…..from LIBERTARIAN “I can tell this is a LIBERAL site !”
    Wowsers…..!!!! I guess if there are pictures of peaches on the label you can expect peaches in the can! still breaks me up!!

  6. Rachel says:

    There are so many hate groups in America. You would think I would be numbed to it all by now but I’m still shocked. Sarah Palin skilfully walks the gray line between far right and radical, rightwing. I have to think she has people advising her because she isn’t very smart. Of course Palin is the second shooter — symbolic or real, she placed Gabrielle Giffords in rifle cross hairs.

  7. okjimm says:

    … and the loving folks at the Westboro Baptist Church plan on picketing the funerals…….

  8. Jolly Roger says:

    I agree with okjmm-let’s not forget Beck (already responsible for the murders of 3 Pittsburgh Police officers,) Bachmann (who said bluntly that the Democratic Caucus was full of anti-American types,) and Hannity (responsible for the murders of children in a Unitarian Church.)

    The machine they created is now a Hydra, and who the hell knows where the next head will lash out.

  9. Jolly Roger says:

    Christopher beat me to Palin-I automatically thought about Beck and Bachmann when I heard that this had happened. It took me about 10 more minutes to become aware that Giffords was on the “crosshairs” map 🙂

  10. libhomo says:

    Sarah Palin must be prosecuted for her terrorist gun target map. It should have happened a long time ago, but now there simply is no excuse for giving her a pass.

  11. R.J. says:

    I blame Palin for this mess. There’s reason to believe this never would have happened if that map and Sharron Angle’s “Second Amendment remedies” comment never made the light of day.

  12. TOM339 says:

    I concur with you. Palin is the “second shooter.”

    She drove the get away car while her boyfriend robbed the bank. Her language was designed to ignite a fire on the political fringe. These are the nutcases who rushed out to buy her book.

    The mainstream media is guilty too. They just resist reporting her every remark, move and thought. She’s easy copy and they’ve created a monster.

  13. palin , beck, malkin, hannity and the rest of the teabag society crowd – tripping over themselves to be contrite and respectful

    then they go back home and say “what the fuck do we do now – Rove has to get the talking points out soon.”

    as good as the teabaggers are at doling out the hate – they are even better at passing the buck to someone else.

  14. Brigadoon says:

    Does anyone know if Queen Sarah of Wasilla has graced her chair at FOX Noise with her important presence or, is she flying under the radar now that millions of Americans blame her for the tragedy in Tucson? If Murdock has a brain, he will quietly let her go. Maybe she can her rightful place under Rush Limbaugh’s desk diddling his little pecker while he broadcasts?

  15. okjimm,

    The ugly face of Christianity on display once again.

    I’m sure they will be greeted warmly by the gun nuts and the Palinites in Tucson who wanted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and Judge John Rolls dead.

  16. Peace Nick says:

    FOX’s Geraldo Rivera said last night:

    “The shooting in Tucson will seriously impact Sarah Palin’s political goals.”

  17. Eric Blair says:

    You opened with the exact same picture as I did today! The metaphor is clear. The dots are very easily connected which I point out in a bit of detail in my blog today – mostly by the actions of those feeling guilt.

    I should point out that the dots to connect this scenario are even more straightforward than the dots that Palin and others tried to connect between anything Muslim (like a cultural center) and terrorism. Ironic, no?

  18. SeeThroughIt says:

    I know that this blog is a place for the angry and intolerant left to make statements like this and high-five each other for being right-on, but really it’s quite a stretch. I mean, we all get it. You hate and are intolerant of conservative views. You think conservatives shouldn’t be allowed on the radio or tv because it hurts your position. This is an opportunity to exploit Rep. Giffords awful circumstances and that of the other victims for your cause. I know you are angry about this travesty. I am too. It isn’t right to use this, to twist it to fit one of the scenarios that you want. You want Palin and other conservatives to be the reason for this guys actions, but no reasonable person really thinks that. Even those who say it because it is beneficial to their political stance, are too smart to really think that. We all are finding out that he was unstable. He was angry with his community college’s grading method and thought the US government was employing mind control on it’s citizens by controlling their grammar. He was angry about having to pay his bills with currency that wasn’t backed by the gold standard, and listed his favorite books as ‘the Communist Manifesto’ and ‘Mein Kampf.’ He didn’t have many friends and he was possibly into racist anti-semitic beliefs. On Dec. 13th he said on his MySpace account, “I don’t feel good: I’m ready to kill a police officer! I can say it.” Palin didn’t say anything about targeting police. On NBC, their expert said he was likely just targeting his representative regardless of political party. I know the truth isn’t going to change what many people who post here think about this situation because they come here with the answer already. This is a place for like-minded leftists to hate conservatives and be intolerant as a group. I just wanted to post something contrary. It’s good for them.

  19. SeeThroughIt,

    The Lone Wolf/angry lefty, ‘the Communist Manifesto’ meme has been tried and discredited. You’re about 36 hours behind.

    Jared Lee Loughner was a huge admirer of Sarah Palin and even said so on his Facebook page. Why do you think the Feds are scouring it?

  20. Marilyn Welsh says:

    Crazy lone wolf…..that is exactly who the right want to rev up. Simple. Sooner or later one will crawl from the woodwork and do their bidding. Then blame the crazy dude. Not the first time that strategy worked.

  21. Marilyn Welsh says:

    Simple strategy that has worked before. Spew your hatred and wait for the lone wolf crazy dude to do your bidding.

  22. Jolly Roger says:

    Yeah, before Lone Wolf goes off in search of some librul to kill, he really ought to stop and consider how fast his heroine has moved to distance herself from her own rhetoric. Lone Wolf, WHY on Earth would you worship such a detestable COWARD? Do you think she’s gonna come save you, after you kill somebody for her and they lock your stupid ass up?

  23. Face the Truth says:

    Someone gets shot by a gun welding nut job in the States… what else is new in America? Feel so sorry for all the peace loving folks down there. You’re fighting against extremist Taliban abroad and you also have to deal with nut job Pee Party Taliban minded extremists here as well. And the guns,yes..only in America do they spend so much time and money and grief over guns. If many Americans aren’t whining and complaining, they’re usually crying about keeping their guns. Then there are the politicians like Palin and professional hate mongers like the Rush Lard-ass and Bill O-Racist, the 2 biggest phonies in the history of the country. Here you have 2 millionaires who obviously are smart enough to say whatever their “listeners” want to hear. But you can’t blame the idiots for listening to them can you? No, for every hateful there’s money that follows. The rich conservative interlopers who own media and tv stations, to the rich bigot meddlers who make money off of tobacco and oil and arms dealing. Just like the rich in Saudi Arabia who fund terrorists groups. What’s different in America? Nothing really. Money trumps everything. Money buys the poor, money bribes the politicians, money keeps a lousy medicare in place, money makes new Palins and Bushes. You poor people have no clue do you? The smart Americans who create wealth and ingenuity only to have the ignorant poor and the stupid used that capital to elect an interloper like bush and Cheney and waste trillions of dollars in useless, fruitless wars. What’s funny is how so many Democrats try t take a higher ground. It doesn’t work when you’re dealing with dumb-asses from the right. Instead of fighting fire with water, do the same as they do. The only thing an ignorant person understands is ignorance. Tell your left wing politicians to make web pages inciting violence against the right,do unto them as they have unto you. The more blood that spills, the better. Angry people who want to fight and create havoc can only be taught when the same violence is applied to them. Look at Irag, Do they ask you to stop invading their country? No, they just plant car bombs. They are willing to die ten times in order to kill one of you. Democrats have no choice but to do the same. Talk of sensibility and reason only works for people who have reason or sensibility. And in your country, those are the two things that are sorely lacking now. Why do you open minded people spend so much time trying to talk reason to so many bigots? Go protest in front of bigots houses, their workplaces, just like the anti abortionist nut jobs. Go cut more and more taxes, so that roads are unpaved and hospitals are rundown. Go give Pharmaceutical companies more money and power. Spend more on the military and wars. Only by destroying all of the foundation can you wake the idiots up. Wake up, it’s 2011 and when half your population has the mental capacity of an ingrates, you know that your biggest failure as a nation is in the educational system. It’s a lost cause, move over to Europe, where at least your children don’t have to deal with so many gun totting backwards self serving ingrates and their soon to be ingrate children who will inevitably do the same . a cycle of American Conservative Extremist Talibanic Stupidity.

  24. feminazi says:

    Why are people defending Sarah Palin? Why? What’s in it for you? She’s a failed mayor. A failed governor. Not bright, not informed and she’s not a good mother. There’s much evidence that she engaged in an affair with her husband’s business associate. Plus, she’s annoying. But people line up to defend her? No one can even say what she stands for on the important issues of the day.

  25. Bep says:

    Why are the mentally ill still able to bear arms?

  26. Jolly Roger says:

    In by God Uhmuhricuh, it is easier to score a Glock than it is to score a nickel bag. That is the sad, but true, state of our affairs. If the mentally deranged were able to score a little ganja instead of a Glock, we might see some serious mellowing out.

  27. Eric Blair says:


    The leaps and bounds of your discussion defy logic. Your attempt to rebut positions amounts to trying to label the other person and then ascribe to them traits based on that label. As a result, you never deal with the topic at hand. As I laid out in my blog, there is a definite, long record of violent language directed at American political opponents coming from the major players from right. That’s a simple fact. And one that you haven’t dealt with.

  28. Over 8.4 million hits now.

  29. Eldubb says:

    This moron (Palin) is the joke of all satires! How can any living breathing real person look at this nut as a president, yet alone a candidate. I wish there could be 2 americas, one where you’d have Palin as president and Limbaugh as vice and Bachmann, O’reilly and the rest of the feces along with their followers. Imagine all the crosshairs by other countries on their USA. They’d be left to hate on each other with Fox as their media vehicle. We just outed an unstable mess from our dwelling, and you’d be surprised at the change in the climate and the people. it felt as if a cancer was removed. Ditto woth Palin and her followers and her cohorts, please ship them to Alaska! But after the recent voting outcome, I’m not too sure Alaska wants that harlot back! If Jesus did come back, he’s have alot of work to do. And we wonder why countries don’t like us.

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