Sarah Palin Put Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the Crosshairs

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tea Party Queen, Sarah Palin, in a shocking display of violent extremism, targeted Democratic Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords for defeat by putting the Congresswoman in a rifle crosshairs graphic on her SarahPAC website.

In the event Rep. Gabrielle Giffords should die, she will be the first political victim of Sarah Palin’s radical rightwing Tea Party.

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190 Responses to Sarah Palin Put Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the Crosshairs

  1. Pechanga says:

    If the shooter is a Palin/Tea Party supporter, I hope Federal prosecutors go after Palin and name her in their action.

    This is simply beyond belief.

  2. Carpe Diem says:

    That’s an appalling graphic, Christopher.

    I had heard the loud controversy surrounding Palin’s SarahPAC and the crosshairs but I never had the chance to see it for myself. Thanks for posting this and keeping us informed.

    If Rep. Gifford dies, he blood is under Sarah Palin’s fingernails.

  3. okjimm says:

    from the HuffPo 4/16/10

    “PHOENIX — Favoring the constitutional right to bear arms over others’ concerns about gun safety, Gov. Jan Brewer on Friday signed into law a bill making Arizona the third state allowing people to carry a concealed weapon without requiring a permit.

    The measure takes effect 90 days after the current legislative session ends, which likely puts the effective date in July or August.

    “I believe this legislation not only protects the Second Amendment rights of Arizona citizens, but restores those rights as well,” Brewer, a Republican, said in a statement.

    Alaska and Vermont now do not require permits to carry concealed weapons.

    By eliminating the permit requirement, the Arizona legislation will allow people 21 or older to forego background checks and classes that are now required.

    Supporters say the bill promotes constitutional rights and allows people to protect themselves from criminals, while critics worry it will lead to more shootings as people with less training have fewer restrictions on carrying weapons.”

    oh, Boy….

  4. VicoDANIEL says:

    Thank you, thank you and thanks again for posting this.

    Palin has since scrubbed SarahPAC of crosshairs symbol map targeting Rep. Gabrielle Gifford. Palin says she’s not to blame for today’s carnage.

    I say Palin should be arrested and charged in the shooting.

    You know, you don’t have to rob a bank to be charged in the crime if you drive the get away car. Sarah Palin drove this car.

  5. MiddlePassage says:

    Palin is very bad for America. She incites hatred.

  6. Palin – Angel (second amendment remedies) – Brewer – Beck ALL have blood on their hands

    do they care – NOT ONE IOTA – they will spin their way out of it and the MSM (or to quote Moose-killer herself – lamestream media) will let her off the hook

    this is their fault – Palin and the teabaggers.

  7. joe says:

    Why in the world would you nut cases single out the Tea Party and Palin as responsible entities in this senseless shooting? Any one who believes your ridiculous assertion needs to get a life…
    This is nothing more than the actions of a deranged person or persons!

  8. okjimm says:

    Joe…. yes, you are correct….//deranged person // goaded, aided and abetted, encouraged by hate rhetoric… and the people of the ilk of Sarah Palin and Jan Brewer. I have a life and I hope to keep it.

  9. shelley says:

    Who is sicker the shooter or the ppl calling to shoot Palin… Suck it up, we are responsible for our own actions and you ppl are sick as the shooter. You ppl are sick….very sick.

  10. Disgusting show of violence. Please let it be some non-partisan nutjob.
    (By the way, guys, it’s “Giffords” with an ‘s’.)

  11. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    Vico Daniel is correct.

    You don’t have to don a mask and a gun and rob a bank to be arrested and charged in the robbery if all you did was drive the getaway car. Sarah Palin drove the getaway car.

    Why else would she scrub her SarahPAC website of this sickening crosshairs graphic? The Bitch from Wasilla knows her ass is toast.

  12. Looks like Palin’s braindead army of supports are on the move!

    They remind me of the zombies in AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead.’ They look vaguely human but, they’re anything but, human.

  13. joe says:

    I believe you are a little off kilter with your beliefs. But you certainly have a right in this County to believe what you will. (at least so far)…

  14. lea-lea says:

    Jared Lee Loughner shot 19 people today.
    He killed a nine year old child.
    He killed a Federal judge.
    He injured a sitting Democratic Congresswoman.

    There is a thin line between sanity and insanity. When the extremists in the Tea Party spout their crazy, wild-eyed rhetoric, they push people on the fringe over the edge.

    My heart goes out to all the victims in Tucson. And to Sarah Palin, go to hell.

  15. okjimm says:

    Shelly…. READ the comments! NO one called for shooting Palin. Joe.. I AM totally correct in my beliefs. And your statement is contradictory… you seem to deign me the right to free thought and then insinuate that it should be revoked. Hate Speech, does kill….., and does encourage the less mentally capable to rash acts. I certainly hope you do not own a gun

  16. Aunt Peg says:

    What is happening to this country? I’m old and I won’t be here many more years so my heart is heavy today knowing this is the country I will leave to you younger people.

  17. AM:Hate Radio Inc. says:

    1. Gabrielle Giffords is listed #4 On Palin’s Hit List

    2. Palin was Against Supporters of the HC Legislation [Gabrielle Gifford]

    3. Gabrielle’s Father stated “The Tea Party Is To Blame,For Their Daughters Shooting”

    4. Giffords Office was Vandalized

    Yes The Tea Party-Fringe-Republican Base- NeoCons Are All Responsible.

    If you can’t handle That-Sue Me.

  18. Greg Equality Lengkong says:

    Sarah Palin and her Tea Party has gone too far this time. She’s crossed into enemy territory now.

    To the 19 victims of the mass shooting in Tucson today, my heart and my prayers go out to you and wish for a speedy recovery. To the dead, I pray for your souls, although you don’t need my prayers.

    A nine year old child was killed. Keep this in mind, Ms. Palin. Your evil crosshairs took out a nine year old child. Are you happy now, Ms. Palin?

  19. Matteo says:

    Here’s what one of Sarah Palin’s supports said on her website, SarahPalinUSA:

    Go Sarah! Gifford deserved to die! She was a jew, a liberal, a health care reformer, an enemy of the NRA, pro abortion and pro gay. What happened to the map? One down, 16 to go!

    Wow. Palin has some truly insane supporters. May they all enjoy Hell because that’s where they’re all going.

  20. Libertarian says:

    I can tell this is a LIBERAL site ! BLAME the 22 year old ! Did Sarah hold his hand, and help him pull the trigger ? Well ? !! I think NOT ! I’m a Libertarian, FAR Right. Shooting Ms Giffords makes me ill ! Uncalled for ! I hold the 22 year old responsible !!
    I pray for Ms Gifford, and all who acuse the innocent !!!
    I pray for the Judge’s family, and the little 9 year old baby girl.
    DEATH PENALTY to this scumbag !

  21. Vigilante says:

    Is this not a smoking gun for open and/or concealed carry? And especially at political Rallies? All those in favor of the rights of unregulated militias to bear arms should get in line to wash innocent blood from their hands. It is time for us, as a nation, to take up the unconstitutionality of standing un-regulated militias.

  22. Drew says:

    Michael Corleone in one of the Godfather movies opined that “if history has taught us anything, it’s that you can kill anyone”. It appears some Americans wish not only to confirm the veracity of that observation but facilitate it’s actualisation, and all in pursuit of preventing the broadening of health-care provision.

    My thoughts are with the families of the victims.



  23. feminazi says:

    I simply don’t know what to say. I feel as if the entire nation has gone mad and no one is holding the bad guys accountable. I’m old enough (like Aunt Peg) to remember the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It was the first time I felt genuinely unsafe. I was in consolable and even my late husband couldn’t comfort me. We can’t lay claim to being a civilized nation when we kill children judges and elected lawmakers.

  24. Libertarian says:

    TO MATTEO …… You make us look BAD !!! It’s no wonder ppl think we’re evil ! Per Glenn Beck – NO VIOLENCE CONDONED ! NONE ! Just b/c ppl have different points of view, does NOT mean YOU’RE right !!!!

  25. Libertarian,

    Yes, this is a Liberal blog. Is this a revelation for you?

    As for your specious, silly half-assed argument that Palin didn’t help the shooter pull the trigger, you’re completely missing the core point: Words Have Consequences.

    When you put politicians in rifle crosshairs as Palin did on SarahPAC, there can be no question of what she’s suggesting.

    Politically loaded terms used by the idiot Palin such as “death panels,” just fuels the angry fringe.

  26. okjimm says:

    Libertarian…//I can tell this is a LIBERAL site// Whoa… youse got dem sherlockian skills working full speed. // I hold the twenty two year old responsible// what a cop-out….. Hitler never pulled a trigger…. I guess he wasn’t responsible either. You just don’t get it… and your response to Matteo demonstrates that you do not read well.

  27. okjimm,


    The Palinites aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box. Glad to see you here and posting again. I’ll stop by and post a comment on your Blog straight away.

  28. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    Christopher – Thanks for the excellent reporting on this awful tragedy.

    Does anyone know who the 9 year old victim is in relation to the people shot today? Is she Rep. Giffords’ daughter? Does she belong to one of Rep. Giffords’ aides? My mind is spinning and my heart breaks.

    I can’t really add anything of content other than my prayers are with all 18 victims of today’s acts of violence.

  29. Joseph says:

    Fighting words as defined by US Supreme Court:

    I hope the US Supreme Court takes up a case against Sarah Palin and holds her accountable for sniper rifle targets on political opponents. Blood is on her hands now.

  30. okjimm says:

    Christopher…. thanks for letting me vent. Sensible gun control has been an issue with me for years…… unilaterally. I come from a state with a strong hunting heritage…. and 99% percent of the hunters are sane and avid conservationists who would never think of owning an automatic weapon and would be the first to take care of their weapons; register them, practice safe handling, security ….. but the average citizen has no right owning an automatic weapon! This is sad…. and it was sad when it happened to Reagan, and George Wallace, too!!! Alla best to you, brother!

  31. LJ says:

    I just want to point out everyone who considers Palin innocent. Who says this man didn’t learn about Giffords political agenda through Palin’s website? The same website that targeted this woman. She is responsible for sending out this information to an angry intolerant American citizens. She is responsible for potentially goading aggressors to arms against very specific members of the congress… And now one of them has been shot in the head.

  32. Peace Nick says:

    Sarah Palin was throwing gasoline on the fires in the entirety of 2009 with her nutty remarks about “death panels.”

    You can’t keep jabbing a stick at a gaggle of junkyard dogs and not expect them to go crazy. This is precisely what Sarah Palin has done since the day she and McCain had their asses handed to them by President Obama and Joe Biden.

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  34. Tom Harper says:

    Yes, Sarah Palin IS responsible for today’s tragedy. Too many of her followers are slow-thinking quick-tempered inbreds who shoot first and ask questions later. When Palin and her fellow demagogues spout off about “second amendment remedies,” “don’t retreat, reload!” “if ballots won’t work, bullets will,” etc., some of their gullible sycophants are likely to take the message literally.

    Sarah Palin gave a pack of matches to a 3-year-old and said “here, go play in the hayloft.” And then she was shocked — shocked! — when a fire started. She said “Hey, I didn’t light the match for him, I mean, sheesh.”

    (For the benefit of rightwing commenters visiting here, the above paragraph was a metaphor.)

  35. Bel Ami says:

    18 injured by gun fire including a Congresswoman and a federal judge. 6 killed including a nine year old child.
    Is this a great country, or what?
    Truth be told, I’m ready to relocate to Australia or New Zealand.
    The USA has become one, big psych ward and I want out.

  36. DW says:

    You People Are NUTS…

  37. jon says:

    Of course Palin is responsible for the repercussions of her ill-thought-out blatherings. She clearly lacks the forethought or insight to reign in her ego-driven tongue…and inspired the crazies. Now this political yahoo finds herself with blood on her hands as her chickens come home to roost.

  38. Chad Lebanon says:

    In life, there are consequences for your actions.

    If you point a gun at a cop, there’s a good chance you’re going to get shot.

    If you put a group of Democratic lawmakers in crosshairs and blab about “reloading,” as Palin did on her website, you don’t get a pass. Sorry, Teabaggers but that’s the way the world works.

  39. dave says:

    This is why the Republicans should all be removed from office. This is there goal, to eliminate every free thinking congressman that they couldn’t eliminate through the manipulated election of 2010 no matter what the method. Sorry, I had my tongue in my cheek, and thought this comment would fit in with the rest.

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  41. Jon says:

    Sorry. I think it’s misguided for sarah to allow crosshairs to be used on this site in this manner, but you can’t pin fault on sarah or the people who make her website. What happened today was an isolated incident. The gunner looks to be a centrist if anything, but he’s more crazy than political. This guy is a real nutjob.

  42. joe s says:

    It is easy to point at Palin but ti goes beyond her web rants. The fact that she was even considered for VP shows what the ruling class thinks about the mental capacity of voting Americans. Look we tolerate the daily bombardment of hate by Limbaugh and his wanna be’s and they are all permitted to tell lie after lie to infuriate the mush brains they control. This is a result of radio, television and the www. daily attacks and brainwashings.

  43. Peter Dow says:

    Sarah Palin (spoofed) “On The Tragedy in Arizona”

    My sincere condolences are offered to the family of one of our SarahPAC’s targeted House Democrats Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of Obamacare in the USA.

    On behalf of Todd and my family, we all pray for the victims and their families, and for peaceful early retirements of House and Senate Democrats and of any Republicans who won’t toe our Tea Party line.

    – Sarah Palin (not)

  44. James says:

    Not only Sarah. Rush Fat Limbaugh, the clowns leader, Glenn Drugie/AA Beck, Sean Hannity and the rest of the hate mongers on radio are to blame for this tragedy. We all watched and listened as they inflamed emotions and spread misinformation ever since this president came to office, and YES it’s all about race even when the Crazies say it’s not.

  45. ultragreen says:

    There is one unique aspect of this political assassination (attempt): It’s target was a female. I can’t think of any other woman who has been gunned down in American politics. It’s yet another dubious milestone in American political culture.

  46. clovers says:

    Knew him from college. He was a pot head and into rock, he like Hendrix, The Doors, Anti-Flag. I haven’t seen him in person since 2007 in a sign language class. As I knew him he was left wing, quite liberal and oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy. He had a lot of friends until he got alcohol poisoning in 2006 and dropped out of school. Mainly a loner, very philosophical.

  47. James says:


    Next you will tell us he voted for Obama!

    The extent they nut jobs will go to to hide their true colors of hate

  48. libhomo says:

    Obviously, clovers is a rightist troll. I wouldn’t take anything he says seriously.

  49. kam says:

    McCain calls the shooting “evil” – will he use that word for his ex-running mate’s “targeting” of Gifford? Palin’s statement was that she would “pray” for Gifford, but she didn’t elaborate on whether she’s still asking for Gifford to be taken out. Oddly, she said she would pray for “peace and justice” – can you imagine her in your local Peace Center ???
    Next thing, these nuts will propose blasphemy laws. Bad enough we’re arming regimes and popping off civilians with drones in countries that have them.

  50. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims as well as to our country. I am deeply saddened by today’s activities. It is so sad and horrid that Sarah Palin had Rep. Gabrielle Giffords targeted in a gunsite crosshairs in her ads. It is all about race and hate and not wanting peace in our country. I agree with James, in his comment above that not only Sarah but Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and the rest of the hate mongers are inspiring people to hate, use guns, be racist. Why do so many foment hate and vilence? I just can’t understand those types. They are not people but evil demons. Why can’t we live and let live? All we are saying, is give peace a chance.

  51. Joshua says:

    @Vigilante: It is time for us, as a nation, to take up the unconstitutionality of standing un-regulated militias

    Wouldn’t you say that the recent DC. v Heller case did exactly this, with the finding that the 2A grants an individual right to bear arms? Likewise the even-more-recent Chicago v. McDonald case, with the same conclusion.

    @okjimm: but the average citizen has no right owning an automatic weapon!

    The weapon used in this case was almost certainly not automatic, although no one seems to yet be reporting what exact make/model of gun was used. Automatic weapons are incredibly expensive and difficult to get since a very-restrictive law was put into place in 1984. In order to get an automatic weapon, you must first pass a background check, then get a signed letter from a local sheriff or chief of police saying that you are of good character and “ok” to own the gun. Then you have to pay a $200 tax to the federal government. Then you have to actually have the thousands of dollars necessary to buy the gun. And even then, it will be a gun that was registered prior to 1984, which means that it will be old and out of date.

    If you’re going to speak about firearms, and specifically the legislation of firearms, at least learn what the terms mean.

  52. If you go to Sarah’s little PAC website, she has taken down the crosshairs I guess now that her dirty “in the crosshairs” deed is done.

    Her PAC website states now:
    “Sarah has reached over 2,000,000 “Likes” on Facebook. Support her today!

    “On The Tragedy in Arizona”
    My sincere condolences are offered to the family of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of today’s tragic shooting in Arizona.

    On behalf of Todd and my family, we all pray for the victims and their families, and for peace and justice.

    – Sarah Palin”

    Whatever Sarah, why don’t you stop fomenting violence. People can peacefully disagree, crosshairs aren’t necessary. Don’t put your violence in the minds of people, please!

  53. Mark says:

    Regardless of his political views or party affiliation, this boy is clearly mentally ill.

    After reading through his various postings on MySpace and YouTube, I see absolutely no reason to believe that he was a member of the Tea Party movement. Most of his rants are anti-America and anti-religion.

    The fact that Loughner shot the Congresswoman from the 8th District of Arizona is probably primarily due to the fact that Loughner lives in the 8th District of Arizona.

  54. joe s says:

    We have given the tea party the power by sitting back amd letting them have their way at the polls. They are making their conservative demnads on both parties. They have scared the President and many Cogressmembers into capitulation because Democrats like the Repubs put their re-election above the good of the country. The majority of the teaparty get their marching orders from the likes of Palin and Beck. Now instead of complaoining and bashing we need to organize a movement for the 2012 election. We should set aside many of the smaller social issues aside and demand that Congress police the corruption of Wall st., the banking industry, the Pentagon and both houses of Congress. The economy is in the toilet because these entities have stolen trillions of dollars. The voices of the talk show propagandists have influenced a minority wh banded together to represent the majority and acted in unison to capture the flag. This tea party movement has drugged the right wing and the nuttiest of them such as this shooter have and will continue to act out their brainwashing.

  55. A de Brux says:

    Re: Vigilante + at 5:14 pm

    Hi Vig,

    Just dropped in on Swiftspeech — bit of a shocker that header (re a dateline of events)… where did you get that? Good Lord! If that was published by Palin’s fellow Tea Party, then they should be charged for inciting hatred!

  56. mike says:

    We all need to protect ourselves from the republcian terrorists. In fact we need to arm ourselve and when the republican terrorists attemp to influence legislation by assasinating more freely elected officals we need to protect our way of life.

  57. Lee says:

    palin is just plain nuts. she has no business in politics. hopefully the american people are smart enough and will never consider her for any public office…again. I lived in Alaska, it is a beautiful state with the exception of palin’s presence, it is NOT her Alaska, what a joke. Keep in mind only 33% of the Alaska population favor palin and they are probably the criminals. If there is any chance she might be elected as president, I will be leaving this county I’ve called home for 62 years.

  58. Conejo1982 says:

    America has a long, storied legacy of political assassination.

    From Abraham Lincoln to John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan. When guns are as common as pennies, agitated losers “cock and reload” as Sarah Palin advised her followers, to resolve their grievances.

  59. Jolly Roger says:

    After reading through his various postings on MySpace and YouTube, I see absolutely no reason to believe that he was a member of the Tea Party movement. Most of his rants are anti-America and anti-religion.

    Better go have another look. His rants are decidedly anti-GUBMINT, which is not the same as “anti-American.”

  60. Jolly Roger says:

    I fully expect we have us a Rand fan here.

  61. Just FYI says:

    Clovers wasn’t making a claim, he/she was quoting from the media. Info from this article at MSN’s site:

    That’s where it says the shooter was identified by a former classmate as a “left wing liberal”. Also, nothing in the shooter’s political ramblings about the tea party or Palin so far.

    I’m not saying anyone’s right or wrong, just pointing out facts being reported thus far. Jumping to conclusions one way or the other without all the facts is always dangerous, even if your heart is in the right place.

  62. okjimm says:

    Joshua…. I know what I am talking about…. Most states differentiate between “licensed” desalers and “private” dealers, still loopholes all over. For bit I wrote ten years ago we were able to buy semi-automatic at “gun show” with full conmversion kit and full clip of ammo for$850mo questions7…easier tjan buying cheap car

  63. Idaho Librul says:

    I am appalled by today’s shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Gifford, U.S. District Judge John M. Roll and, the other 16 victims of this madman.

    As Americans, we can’t tolerate killing lawmakers and judges we disagree with and we can’t tolerate murdering a nine year old child.

    The shooter, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, is obviously insane. I tried to read his You Tube entry and it was just gibberish to me. BCE and ACE means this and that and the other. Perhaps he was stoned when he wrote it?

    But this much I know. When politicians and public figures like Sarah Palin use politically loaded language and violent imagery to whip up support and influence elections, she isn’t speaking to granny and grandpa in Melbourne, FL.

    She’s unleashing an army of crackpots to frighten and scare law abiding Americans.

  64. Matteo says:

    Sarah Palin’s TLC reality series fails to get renewed. Coincidence?

  65. Cj says:

    The right has been spewing this hatred since the primaries. The level of hatred by the self professed “real Americans “and oh by the way the “Christians “is horrifying. This racist political machine was pressed into action by the Republican party. When more responsible politicians ( Jimmy Carter, John Lewis and many others) began issuing warnings they attacked personally by the right. For more than 2 yrs now the elected officials on the right have not spoken out about this dangerous behavior. They stood by silently for political gain and today they should be ashamed of themselves. They are falling all over themselves today offering their sympathy. They are despicable human beings, just like their followers. If they are the christians , God help us!

  66. Adirondacky says:

    A list of the victims of today’s senseless shooting:

    – John Roll, 63, a federal district court judge
    – Gabriel Zimmerman, 30, Giffords’ director of community outreach
    – Darwin Stoddard, 76, a pastor at Mountain Ave. Church of Christ
    – Christina Greene, 9, a student at Mesa Verde Elementary
    – Dorthy Murray, 76
    – Phyllis Scheck, 79

  67. By putting 17 members of the United States Congress in crosshairs, Sarah Palin incited and encouraged violence against elected lawmakers.

    Last I checked, this was illegal. Palin must be prosecuted. It’s quite simple.

    AG Eric Holder? Crickets?

  68. Teacher S says:

    The Sarah Palin target also had this ad for a campaign event for Giffords’ opponent:
    Get on Target for Victory in November Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office Shot a fully automatic M15 with Jesse Kelly.

    But reprehensible as this may be, if you look at those Youtube videos, it is also pretty clear that this guy was a schizophrenic undergoing a psychotic break without any clear link to specific right wing politicians, even if he heard or read their opinions. You might as well blame the Beatles for Charlie Manson’s killings because they wrote and sang Helter Skelter.

  69. Joshua says:

    @okjimm: You seem to be rambling a little bit. First you bring up automatic weapons, when they have nothing to do with the Gifford shooting. Then you bring up licensed dealers vs. private-party sales. Then we’re back onto the topic of automatic weapons. I’m having trouble following you, to be honest.

    I can’t speak to your experience, so I won’t, but the experience you describe, of being able to buy a full-auto conversion at a gun show, is so far from what I’ve seen that I can’t reconcile it. The ATF comes down hard on that stuff. They put a guy in jail because his rifle malfunctioned and slam-fired. It was accidentally full-auto for a total of three rounds and he got put away for it. So, if you found somebody selling an FA conversion kit at a gun show… might as well have been selling kilos of cocaine out on the street, in terms of the level of crime that was occurring and how seriously the government takes it.

  70. Octopus says:

    I hope we will not forget about the 9-year old child who died today. Her name is Christina Taylor Green, who had just been elected to the student council of her school. According to a Twiiter account, Christina was featured in a book, Faces of Hope: Babies Born on 9/11.

    Christina Taylor Green, 2001 – 2011. R.I.P.

  71. Shirley Bonuccelli says:

    Queen Sarah and her adoring Tea Partyers et al are to blame for Gabrielle Giffords and 24 other people being shot through the cross hairs of a gun site today. All of the right-wing wackos who spout “second amendment remedies” and “taking out” those who do not hold their extremist views have blood on their hands. Since they have no consciences, more blood will be spilled thanks to their love of war and all things military. What has happened to the Republican Party???? The crazies are running the GOP asylum!!!!!

  72. the fact that Arizona is one of three states that permits concealed weapons to be carried without a permit – the fact that “responsible” leaders/influencers like Palin, Beck, Bachmann and Limbaugh espouse enough hate to fill Sun Devil Stadium, the fact that mental illness goes untreated (soon to be followed by all illnesses if the GOP has its way) – all of this allows folks like Jared Loughner to walk around and eventually crack.

    you can “lone nut” this all you want – the simple truth is that lax gun laws and the enormous of amount of vitriol and violent rhetoric from people like Palin are primary reasons for this tragedy. if Loughner is truly insane it sure wont take very much to push him over the edge. Hearing the hate from a “mainstream” personality like Palin can easily make someone cross that line.

  73. Lori Jeske says:

  74. Lori Jeske says:

    There are consequences to inciting violence…

  75. jim says:

    I believe ALL supporters of the 2nd ammendment should definately be allowed to own one shot muzzle loaders, just as the founding fathers intended. All other WEAPONS should be reserved for Law enforcement and military..
    I have been so saddened by this story today in the State that I live (AZ). This is the first post I have ever done on any site. I have been ashamed of some of the recent actions from some of the crazies in this state, but this really is devastating. I am not really much into religions, but I have prayed today….

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  77. Nils says:

    Certainly Pallin should be placed on the list of potential terrorists and terrorist supporters who are not allowed to fly within or from/to the US. And banned from entering countries with elected governments. I hope the European Union will take notice, as well as Canada and Mexico. However Russia may welcome her..

  78. ASD says:

    Prophetic Words:

    MSNBC talked to Rep. Gabrielle Gifford about the death threats, vandalism and harassments. Aired 3/25/10.

    “Sarah Palin has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district and when people do that, they’ve gotta realize there are consequences to that action.”

  79. ex-libertarian says:

    “I’m a Libertarian, FAR Right.”
    um, i assume something got garbled in your typing. rightwankers can’t even regurgitate basic reallibertarianism correctly.

    you say you’re pro-death penalty?
    then you’ve admitted that you’re a fascist death-loving rightwank.

  80. Silver Haired Granny says:

    The gun nuts and Palin’s supporters can spin until they’re blue in the face but here’s what Rep. Giffords warned in March of ‘consequences’ to Palin’s violent rhetoric.

    We’re all healthy and typing on our computers while Rep. Giffords fights for her life with a bullet in her head. Are all of you happy now? A feel good Sunday, Tea Party-style?

  81. Gleneagle says:

    Gov. Brewer of Arizona stoked fears and anger to get SB 1070 passed and she did it with personal visits from Sarah Palin. The two of them looked like crazy bag ladies standing before the cameras. But now Brewer claims she’s just heartbroken by the tragic events Saturday. Palin is sad too. So sad she took the now infamous crosshairs graphic down from her website.

  82. Joe in Colorado says:

    Google “Palin responsible.” More than 3 million hits. Of course she’s responsible. Just as the Secret Service said she was responsible in 2008 for the spike of death threats against Obama. She cleverly stirs the pot and while most rational people dismiss her as a lunatic, it’s the 10% of people who are deranged who she hopes to reach. Like on Saturday in Tucson.

  83. joe s says:

    I have a concealed carry permit and I am not about to give it up. I will never maliciously injure anyone. I do not trust the government to protect me in my home or on the streets. There is no concievable way to prevent evil people from attaining and using weapons in a predatory way. Ignorance, frustration and abnormal chromosomes are the reason there is so much hate and evil in society. Absent a gun this kid could have and would have driven a van into this crowd. It’s about mind set. There are people out there who are walking around waiting to be brainwashed. There is nothing in place to identify and treat or deal with these people before the fact. After the fact we can analyze them, litigate and punish them but none of this improves the cultural staus of this country. By the way I am new to this site. I argue with right wingers ever day on conservative sites and I have noticed some of the same vitriolic hate here. Hate begets hate. I totaly dissaprove of Sarah Palin on many levels. I can include Limbaugh ,Hannity, Beck, O’Reily and others but I would never call for thier murders. We have become so polarized as a nation that there may be no way back.

  84. dave says:

    Joe S, you’ll have to give me an example, I haven’t noticed any vitriolic hate in any of the comments.

  85. joe s says:

    Dave I apologies because vitriolic hate is too strong a word. I just noticed a lot of generalizatios and some stereo typing, such as pot smoking crack user who listens to the Doors and Jimmy Hendriks. That infers some negativity about people who might like the Doors or Hendricks. And they may be prone to mass killing because they smoke pot or listen to the Doors. In order todevelop communication to deal with the problems facing this nation we have to stop making leaps into judgementalism. But again this in not as hostile as I have noticed on other sites.

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  87. kam says:

    it does not matter whether Loughner was clear about his motives or how crazy he is (it is NOT normal to gun people down on the street) – he tried to assassinate a political figure targeted for removal by the mass media.

    it’s the same as the Taseer assassination in Pakistan by a lone gunman (read Asad Hashim’s “Deadly Warning to Pakistan’s Liberals”). Taseer replaced the opposition in his province undemocratically by a government that is lying about drone attacks on its own people among other things, but after all that, he was targeted for crossing the religious right in a country full of poor and illiterate people – no other reason.

    any nut can pull a trigger, but somebody powerful paid a lot of money to market Palin & anti-healthcare etc and to shift congress against the public’s interests. that’s DIRECT responsibility. don’t get distracted.

  88. okjimm says:

    FYI… you do not need a permit to buy a gun in
    AZ…. there is no prohibition to purchasing a fully automatic weapon
    and you can buy on line!

    Subject/Law Long guns Handguns Relevant Statutes Notes
    State Permit to Purchase? No No None no
    Firearm registration? Partial Partial ARS 13-3101 State law duplicates the registration requirements of the National Firearms Act.
    “Assault weapon” law? No No

  89. Marcus Ybanez says:

    You know what?

    If this vile crosshairs graphic had been authored by a liberal, you can bet the pig farm that the FBI and Homeland Security would pay the person a stealthy visit to ask, “What up, blood?” Why was Palin given a pass?

  90. leroy brown says:

    Left wing wack jobs.

  91. Brian says:

    Sarah Palin’s quote of putting opponents in her ” Political Crosshairs ” now is being construed as an endorsement to kill Congress people is utterly ridiculous, but no more than the indoctrinated that spew this kind of rubbish.
    Sarah took down the graphic in good taste, knowing that it is a time for mourning, but some people with an agenda do not even show enough intelligence and good taste to honor this time of mourning over the death of six innocent people, instead they try to further their warped agenda by pointing fingers into the air and try to find a link to their political rival, totally ignoring the facts that the media has presented.
    The Shooter has never had an affiliation with the Tea Party.. Sarah Palin has never called for assassination’s, but this does not stop the Politically inept who’s agenda is to take a tragedy and turn it into a battle field to further their destruction of America.
    Jared Loughner was a disturbed young man that went on a suicide mission. People that know him directly have even stated he is disturbed, with the media reporting all this for your ears, yet you don’t listen, which leads me to believe you really could care less about any truth in this matter which is an indictment of your logic and personal character.

  92. Thai Noodles says:

    Right wing wack jobs.

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  94. okjimm says:

    Brian….”Sarah took down the graphic in good taste”….. but it was beyond bad taste to have posted it in the first place! …and now she is wonderful to remove it? The truth of the matter is that Sarah Palin, since she rose from well deserved obscurity, has done all she can to promote Sarah Palin. If she can further her pocket book, her loosely askew agenda…. she will say it or do it.

    I still remember her interview with Katie Couric….. where she could not name ONE periodical or Newspaper that she reads. Brian, my logic is well placed and my Character is impeccable.

  95. BECK FAN says:

    Typical LIBERALS ! Place blame on the innocent to distract it from YOU. We whooped butt last election. Hmmmmmm, WONDER WHY ! Figure that one out slick ! Just b/c the TRUTH gets out on ya, doesn’t mean violence is incited.
    This site is a JOKE !
    It was Jared Loughner’s favorite book…. Hmmmmmmmm

  96. Joshua says:

    @okjimm: “there is no prohibition to purchasing a fully automatic weapon”

    You are just plain wrong. The laws about owning a full-auto weapon are federal. States add their own restrictions, but the things I listed are federal requirements and are universal across states. That very web site you listed has the following page, which shows the steps you must go through to own a fully-automatic weapon:

    Nothing in the state law summary you quote pertains to automatic weapons. You are spreading misinformation and you don’t even seem to know it.

  97. malialitman says:

    Thanks for bringing this to the attention of people around the country. I am doing my part too. Malia

  98. libhomo says:

    Notice how the rightist trolls are joining the corporate media in lying about the shooters teabagger, Sarah Palin worshiping ideology. They don’t want to be held accountable for their efforts to promote political violence.

    Christopher: You are absolutely correct. Atty. General Holder must prosecute Sarah Palin ASAP.

  99. Joel S Henderson says:

    First of all…Sarah Palin (& Glenn Beck) do N O T represent ‘real’ politically-conservative values, nor do they represent ‘real’ tea party values.

    They (along with idiots like Hannity, Limbaugh & Coulter) most likely don’t care a whit for America or the world and certainly don’t work towards any sort of synergy or teamwork.

    All of you who are slamming ‘liberals’ or ‘conservatives’ (as if ANYONE really knows what either of those terms mean any longer) are paving the way for the soulless phonies like Palin, Beck, Limbaugh ad nauseum.

    Listen people; a severely disturbed person brutally shot people in Tucson yesterday – let’s honor the victims by DROPPING the false left vs right facade & start finding common ground.

    What exactly do all of you want: a constantly devolving battle of words (which leads to much worse) or a civil and eager debate in the spirit of teamwork???

    It starts with YOU – if you reply to this with something along the lines of “yeah, but the libs/teabaggers are ________” then you are NOT listening…

    Just the $.02 of a politically-conservative guy who wants this country to be successful for all…

  100. libhomo says:

    Joel: Stop defending the people who are responsible for this act of terrorism.

  101. Joel S Henderson says:

    sheesh, I just posted and then see Beck Fan & libhomo – are you guys the opposite sides of the same angry coin or what???

    Drop the game – we are ALL humans & Americans, do you want to work towards success of failure for America??

  102. Joel S Henderson says:

    @ libhomo – which people am I defending??

    Are you sure you actually read my post?

  103. sarah palin is very dangerous i dont know why she was not investigated by the FBI i had written to larry king last year about sarah palin being a threat to the american people.

  104. okjimm says:

    I think I know where Joel is coming from….. I have a bunch of fiscal/conservative/political friends….. that march for peace, support environment protection…… we tend to agree more on social issues than financial ones. None of them would vote for McCain….. one called him a senile idiot with a cheerleader whore for a
    VP candidate.
    BECK FAN is, well, typical of a Bleck Fan.

  105. Joel S Henderson says:

    you called it correctly okjimm

  106. TOM339 says:

    I’m sure Palin is flying a flag over her Wasilla home that says “Mission Accomplished.”

    She knew what she was doing publishing a political graphic with crosshairs over congress people. I remember the outcry and her supports in and out of the media, dismissed the criticism as “liberal whining.”

    Well, now we have a Congresswoman who suffered a bullet wound to her head. Ms. Giffords is in critical condition and even if she survives, she will suffer motor skills damage and possible memory problems.

    A seasoned, US District Judge is dead, as is a nine year old girl.

    Happy now, Sarah?

  107. Rowland says:

    Did I accidentally click on the “Hypocrisy Blog”?

    From: Democratic Leadership Council page

  108. Rowland says:

    Did that link not work?:
    Democratic Leadership Council page

  109. Amy says:

    I am a wife, mother of three, and a republican. Devasted by this horrific event! Please pray for the victims and their families. Extremists views should not be tolerated on either side.

  110. threadkilla says:

    wow, i never believed my friends who said that liberals were not all that bright……then i came here.

    some of you are just brainwahed beyond all help….

  111. threadkilla says:

    “Nobody in their right mind believed she was referring to anything other than “targeting” these districts for a change in political leadership”

    apparently the brainwashed robot sheople that post here do.

  112. Stephen Chin says:

    How hypocritical of Sarah Palin to send her
    ‘sincere condolences’ to Gifford!
    She who is the cause of Gifford being shot!

  113. Stephen Chin says:

    If Gifford dies, her murderer is NOT Jared. It is Sarah who killed her through Jared!

  114. SeeThroughIt says:

    What NBC news is saying now is that the boy was extremely confused, believed that government was evil and employing mind control on it’s citizens, and that he likely lashed out at Giffords because she was his representative. He was mad about his community college’s grading method, and US currency. No indication that he even knew of any map on Sarah Palin’s website. It was Jared NOT Sarah. Geez. C’mon folks. This is about the heartbreak of senseless killing of good people. Not your political agenda.

  115. Jack Beers says:

    Palin, Bachmann, Beck and other tea party leaders encouraged the killings in Arizona and should be held accountable for their rhetoric and their actions. Jack Beers

  116. threadkilla says:

    Palin, Bachmann, Beck and other tea party leaders encouraged the killings in Arizona and should be held accountable for their rhetoric and their actions. Jack Beers

    you’re just trolling……you have to be. nobody could be this biased

  117. GoodSense says:

    quote: Nobody in their right mind believed she was referring to anything other than “targeting” these districts for a change in political leadership. Some people may want to believe she meant more than that, but they don’t really.
    Yes, the Shooter!

  118. Mark says:

    According to evidence that the police found at the shooter’s home, Jared Lee Loughner has had Giffords in his crosshairs since 2007. When Gifford scheduled a public appearance at the grocery store only 5 miles from Loughner’s home, he made his plans.

    It is absurd to suggest that he targeted her because of Palin’s website. His insane hatred has been building for longer than Sarah Palin has even been a national figure. Plus, everything indicates that Loughner hated Sarah Palin as much as anyone in this forum.

  119. Mark,

    Jared Lee Loughner was a huge admirer of Sarah Palin and even said so on his Facebook page. Why do you think the Feds are scouring it for clues?

    Nice try though. Try again.

  120. Mark says:

    Christopher di Spirito,

    You are simply wrong. There is nothing to indicate that Jared Lee Loughner even had a Facebook page.

  121. Pablo says:

    Idiots, you would probably let this guy walk if you were on a jury.

  122. Mark opines: “You are simply wrong. There is nothing to indicate that Jared Lee Loughner even had a Facebook page.”

    Whatever you say, Mark.

    You’re obviously correct and, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, PSB, CBS, and the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the even the Washington Times, are all wrong.

    Mark, you should really contact the aforementioned because you know more than all of them.

  123. Bep says:

    Christopher – Mark is an oracle. A Tea Party oracle. ROFL! 😉

  124. ctmom says:

    Looking for the page declaring DailyKos put Giffords in their crosshairs BEFORE Sarah Palin did.

  125. ctmom says:

    Fake facebook pages are popping up everywhere. Anyone who thinks that an ardent atheist would admire a committed Christian is delusional.

  126. v-boom says:

    yes, in my opinion

  127. Nick says:

    I would like to preface my comment by stating that I am a libertarian socialist, notice, no capital letters. I know most of you will attack me simply for that and rant about how the two do not mix, you are ignorant if you do not understand the definitions. I am not an anarchist and not a communist. That being said, I will address the BLATANT Tea Party connections of Loughner. I don’t understand why nobody is addressing these issues – but I suppose I will.

    Loughner said in a video”You don’t have to accept the federalist laws”. He made demands for a return to the gold standard which is a pillar of Tea Party ideology. He also talked about the government imposing “mind control and brainwash on the people”. The Department of Homeland Security (not to be confused with 1940’s Germany’s Fatherland Security) has updated their information on Loughner. His ties to American Renaissance and the Arizona Tea Party have been proven – he is a anti-government, anti-immigration, anti-Zionist Government, anti-Semitic – ALL of which are part of Tea Party ideology.

    Anyone who points to Communist Manifesto, yet ignores Mein Kampf, or states his atheism proves he is a Leftist Liberal and NOT a Tea Party follower is not only ignorant to the facts on who Loughner is as an individual, but is also ignorant to what a Liberal or a Conservative is. To direct a comment in those directions is to deviate from the issue at hand: the hateful speech and copy continually released by folks like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, et al have DIRECTLY influenced troubled individuals AND completely SANE individuals to commit acts of violence and therefore should be held accountable.

  128. Jim says:

    You people make me sick.

    Wanda Sykes said she wished Rush Limbaugh would die.

    The LIBERAL LEFT in Hollywood made a movie about GEORGE BUSH getting assassinated.

    Rachel maddow, Keith olbermann, Alex Baldwin, Bill Maher and many many more libs have said terrible things about CONSERVATIVES on the air with nothing ever said about it. Their shows are so low on the ratings chart they shouldn’t even be on the air but George Soros keeps them on the air. You people are pathetic. You can’t even pay your own way.

    Quote: “F*** God D*mned Joe the God D*mned Motherf*cking plumber! I want Motherf*cking Joe the plumber dead.” — Liberal talk show host Charles Karel Bouley on the air.

    Quote: “Drudge? Aw, Drudge, somebody ought to wrap a strong Republican entrail around his neck and hoist him up about six feet in the air and watch him bounce.” — Liberal radio host, Mike Malloy

    Nothing was ever said.

    Again. You people make me SICK.

    I feel sorry for this woman and I hope she lives. I am sorry for her family. BUT it’s the fault of the guy that pulled the trigger, NOT Sarah Palin’s.

  129. Mark says:

    You are stupid look what you did did mt think hope they put you in jail

  130. Jim says:

    It turns out that HE’S ONE OF YOU!!!!!


    Go back in history and it’s always the leftwing nutcases that so this type of thing.
    Lee Harvy Oswald killed John Kennedy
    Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy
    Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon
    The Unibomber killed many
    NOW Jared Loughner shot Congressman Giffords.

    All of the above assasins were super LEFTWING LIBERAL NUTCASES.

    GET OVER IT. LIVE WITH IT. IT’S not our fault that Liberialism is a MENTAL DISORDER.

  131. Nick says:

    in reply to Jim at 10:25…

    U must not have read my entire comment… I’m not going to sit here and argue semantics with the crimes &people you listed – but you should definitely reread your history books… that being said – it’s CongressWOMAN… dolt… you lose all standing based on prevalent ignorance… proceed with your self-darwination

  132. Jim,

    Mental disorders? You’re the one SCREAMING.

    BTW, Jared Loughner is a far right, Sarah Palin/Tea Party-worshiping kook.

    He was against paper money, wrote about returning to the gold standard, disrupted college classes spouting nonsense about “the conspiracy of American education,” and posted on his Facebook page about his admiration for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.

    He doesn’t belong to us, pal. He’s one of y’alls. In fact, Tucson media sources say he isn’t cooperating with Pima County law enforcement or the FBI and even requested an audience with Sarah Palin.

    Enjoy it. He’s one of Palin’s berserk followers.

  133. ctmom,

    “Looking for the page declaring DailyKos put Giffords in their crosshairs BEFORE Sarah Palin did.”

    This radical rightwing meme was tried two days ago and discredited.

    A list naming a candidate(s) for defeat is not remotely the same as putting a Congress member in a rifle crosshairs. Not remotely the same.

    Nice try thought. 🙂

  134. Harry says:

    I would these wackos would embrace Jared Loughner? He’s one of the Tea Party’s sleeper cells. What he did Saturday is what they wanted all along.

  135. spalinsupporter says:

    You’re all a bunch of wack jobs who have nothing better to do with your time then try to misconstrue and point fingers. Get a life. Seriously. This proves SO many points in that the left is grasping for straws. Come up with something that’s actually factual and try posting that for a change.

  136. spalinsupporter,

    OK, spalinsupporter. Whatever you say. Don’t go shooting any Democratic members of Congress now.

    But, us “wack jobs” have the truth and the facts on our side, as well as the overwhelming majority of public opinion, which is the thing that makes you Tea Party loons psychotic.

    And to us having “nothing better to do” with our time, we actually have jobs, pay taxes and fund the Social Security Trust Fund that you Palinites live off of.

    Now go read your autographed copy of Palin’s heavily ghost-written book and dream of the days of Reagan and slavery. 🙂

  137. Chris Wolfe says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that when Sarah Palin first heard of this incident she smirked and thought to herself, “RELOAD AND GO AGAIN my little right wing minions!”
    I really believe this is exactly what she wanted and that she would love to see more of the same. To someone as twisted as Palin is, she would see this as a way to get the Presidency. IF Americans are scared enough, will they vote in the people murdering them to stop the murders from occurring?
    It’s a rather ugly scenario but I really believe that this is what Palin wants to happen… in her mind, causing murder and mayhem is a natural precursor to her obtaining the presidency.
    That way she can “save” us.

  138. Nick says:

    hey Spalinsupporter – my facts come from Department of Homeland Security and Loughner’s own social media.

    care to respond?

  139. threadkilla,

    I just cocked and reloaded. See ya. FOFLMAO!

  140. Shannon says:

    Sarah Palin is not responsible for this shooting. Come on! Really? Its like saying everyone against abortion is responsible when some crazy person acts on their craziness and shoots an abortion Dr. or blows everyone up in an abortion clinic. There are crazy people out there. No one but the Crazy man that did this is responsible. Give me a break!

  141. Joe Blow says:

    To all of you who are blaming Mrs. Palin for this heinous act.

    Can you produce one SHRED of evidence that Jared Loughner ever saw her website?

    Jared Loughner is an athiest, anti-semite, whose favorite light-reading was the Communist Manifesto. Jared Loughner shot Representative Giffords, not because she “voted for health care”, but because she was not far LEFT enough for him! Mrs. Giffords is a “blue dog” Democrat – of the more conservative bent of the Democratic party.
    If Jared Loughner were really driven in the way you suggest, he would have shot Nancy Pelosi or Steney Hoyer, not Gabrielle Giffords. He also would not have shot a Federal Judge appointed by George H. W. Bush, or an innocent 9 year old girl who, as far as we know, hadn’t declared her party allegiance yet.

    One shred of evidence for your claims that Mrs. Palin drove Jared Loughner’s thinking, not accusation and innuendo, but evidence – or SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE.

    Jared Loughner is a nut and a murderer. As a side note, it is because of liberals that he will languish in the criminal justice system for the next several decades, and, perhaps for the rest of his life, when it would make much more sense to just strap him to a gurney and put a needle in his arm.

  142. Shannon says:

    Or maybe it is like saying every one who is not a Democrat is responsible for this horrible awful crime. Believe it or not there are a bunch of crazy people everywhere in the world. They are just out there with their obsessive thoughts thinking and thinking on how they can save the world by killing innocent people, including children. It is horrible. Worse then horrible. Im afraid to send my children to school anymore for fear some nut will think of something crazy to do there.

  143. Shannon says:

    Like I said, just from reading some of the crazy comments on here. There are alot of crazy people out there, just looking for a reason to use their craziness to harm, kill and hurt innocent people.

  144. Conejo1982 says:

    Speaking of crazies.

    “But please look into protection for your family. An attempt on you could bring the republic down.” – Glenn Beck, giving advice to Sarah Palin in the aftermath of the Arizona shootings.

  145. common sense says:

    There’s no shortage of hatred here.

  146. Randy Arroyo says:

    There’s no shortage of hatred in the Tea Party. Sarah Palin putting Dems in crosshairs for target practice, Sharron Angle saying “we need more Second Amendment solutions for political problems,” civil rights legend, Rep. Jim Clyburn being spat on by the Tea Party nuts during the healthcare debate. I’m surprised something like this hasn’t happened before now.

  147. Yuck says:

    Westboro baptist church is holding a protest at the 9-year old’s funeral! Dear God, stop them! They’re just as nutty, saying she deserved to die. 😦 my heart aches! Sarah Palin claims they were surveyor marks, not crosshairs. Tell that to her family.

  148. Yuck says:

    No shred of evidence? Palin introduced the crosshairs map to her Twitter followers by saying “Don’t retreat…. RELOAD!”. Giffords’ Tea Party opponent in the 2010 election, Jesse Kelly, went even further with the violent rhetoric. Kelly’s campaign held an event called “Get on Target for Victory in November.” Description: “Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office. Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly.”. You wanted ONE SHRED of evidence? You want more? It took me all of ten seconds just to find that!

  149. tony says:


    It’s truly sad that even with the internet at your diposal, you still cannot find or comprehend the meaning of state and federal gun laws.

    You cannot just buy an automatic gun online. There are strict background checks, a $200 NFA tax stamp which takes months to obtain, and oh yeah, the market value for most FA guns is well above 10K.
    In the end, people like you will ultimately lose. This country was built on freedom and liberty. These things go hand in hand with personal responsibility. Why folks like yourself continue to blame every person for a specific action other than the person responsible for said action is beyond me. With your attitude, our world will never be “safe.” There will always be awful things happening with “someone else” to blame. If your ideals continue to infinge on what this country was founded upon, revolution will be imminent. It’s happened before and it will happen again. If you don’t enjoy the basic prinicples of freedom and liberty that this country was founded upon, then maybe it’s time to pack your bags and head to a country with more government and less freedom. There are plenty of them out there.

  150. tony says:

    Why in the world would any of you actually believe that Sarah Palin would want a wacko kid to assasinate one of the few pro-gun liberals in congress so all the antis will have an excuse to hurry through anti-gun legislation. It makes no sense. NONE.

    FTR……..I can’t stand Sarah Palin. But I’m not such a selfish, disgusting human being as to use this tragedy to push my personal agenda.

  151. Common Fingsense says:

    I think you all are going a little too far. This guy was a nutjob and acted like a nutjob. Even if Sarah Palin is an idot, which she is, she should not be charged with anything because she chose to use crosshairs to imply targets. Seriously? People have been using crosshairs as a metaphor for focusing attention for a long time prior to this one graphic. Screw your head on straight and THINK about things before you react and sound stupid. This is one crazy whacko, not a gun issue, not a Palin issue, nothing more than a mentally ill person killing a bunch of others. It’s sad but it is what it is and nothing more.

  152. Yuck says:

    Wait, I’m not saying she wanted Giffords to be shot. I’m saying her words and rhetoric, while they do not hold her legally responsible, do hold her morally responsible IF that rhetoric led to violence. Normal people look at her crosshairs map and say “that’s distasteful!” right winged people say “heck yeah!” and get out and campaign. Psychopaths take it literally. In this case, Giffords was a target of the tea party and a target of Loughner’s. Are you telling me he didn’t see any of the Anti-Gifford postings of the tea party? How could he have possibly missed it? It’s not that Palin or the tea party is legally responsible… It’s that their words, while they are free to say them, come at a cost.

  153. joe s says:

    Sarah Palin is an opportunist who believs she was chosen as McCains running mate for meaningful reasons. She was grossly mislead. She is definitely volatile but she is not the Lone Ranger. She is small part of a large segment of hate mongers. The important issue here is that we have deranged, ignorant misinformed people freely walking our streets. These people need to be identified at an early age and monitoered and treated and if efforts fail then they need to beincarcerated either in a mental facility or a penal institution. All of this persecution directed toward one person is detrimental towardsolving the hate and violence in this country. Though Sarah Palins actions may have played a part in this, blaming her exclusively and relentlessly gives a pass to other people and failings of our society that contribute to the disintegration of our culture. Sarah Palin is a cheerleader who thinks taht she’s a quarterback but she is not as visible and vocal as the daily dose of the Limbaugh, Hannity Bec k crew. Let’s try to discuss other elements of our eroding culture.

  154. sarah palin is a very ignorant person. how would she like if the tides were turned someone do the same thing that she did to gabrielle gifford. palin does generate hate and the fact she opens that mouth and lets it run and never thinks about it. i hope that she has no choice but to remember these folks that were effected by this tragedy. remember this sarah palin, there was an innocent 9 year old girl that was murdered. go back to alaska and never show your face in the this part of the usa, ever again.

  155. Mark Bitterling says:

    I tried to posted a link to a very informative article yesterday, but apparently it was not moderator approved.

    Here is an excerpt where Jared Loughner’s friend Bryce Tierney talks about the origin of Loughner’s opposition to Gabrielle Giffords :

    Giffords was the target of Loughner’s rampage, prosecutors say, and the sworn affidavit accompanying the charges mentions that Loughner attended a Giffords “Congress in Your Corner” event in 2007. The affidavit also mentions that police searching a safe in Loughner’s home found a letter from Giffords’ office thanking the alleged shooter for attending an August 25, 2007 event.*

    Tierney, who’s also 22, recalls Loughner complaining about a Giffords event he attended during that period. He’s unsure whether it was the same one mentioned in the charges—Loughner “might have gone to some other rallies,” he says—but Tierney notes it was a significant moment for Loughner: “He told me that she opened up the floor for questions and he asked a question. The question was, ‘What is government if words have no meaning?'”

    “He said, ‘Can you believe it, they wouldn’t answer my question.’ Ever since that, he thought she was fake, he had something against her.”
    Giffords’ answer, whatever it was, didn’t satisfy Loughner. “He said, ‘Can you believe it, they wouldn’t answer my question,’ and I told him, ‘Dude, no one’s going to answer that,'” Tierney recalls. “Ever since that, he thought she was fake, he had something against her.”

    Tierney says he has “no clue” why Loughner might have “shot all those other people.” But, he notes, “when I heard Gabrielle Giffords has been shot, I was like ‘Oh my God…’ For some reason I felt like I knew…I felt like if anyone was going to shoot her, it would be Jared.”

    Loughner would occasionally mention Giffords, according to Tierney: “It wasn’t a day-in, day-out thing, but maybe once in a while, if Giffords did something that was ridiculous or passed some stupid law or did something stupid, he related that to people. But the thing I remember most is just that question. I don’t remember him stalking her or anything.” Tierney notes that Loughner did not display any specific political or ideological bent: “It wasn’t like he was in a certain party or went to rallies…It’s not like he’d go on political rants.”

  156. Debra says:

    a man in east Texas told his son & two friends that if you ever want to ron go to the guy at this shop all cash. one of the students robbed him. The man refused to give the money & they shot each other to death. the man making the suggestion is in prison

  157. Debra says:

    sorry, I was trying to cut the facts down. a father was telling his son & friends that if you ever want to rob someone then this man with all the cash is the one. when his son’s friend decided to do such a thing; it turned both shot each other to death. I don’t know what charge they used but because he suggested the idea; he went to prison. I thought about this when Palin put that on her website

  158. tony says:


    Seriously? Maybe your English teacher should get a pay cut because your grammar and sentence structure is atrocious.

    SP never had contact with this idiot. Your comparison is hogwash.

  159. devildog6771 says:

    Did the top of the pile send out a prepared statement? All you guys are spewing just about word for word the same hype! All over the media, from the lowly at the bottom to the halls of Congress, you are all saying almost verbatum the same hype. It almost sounds like automatons set on a continuous loop of verbal hate. Is this the Alinsky method?

    How long must the loop remain in effect before the rest of us mindless radicals look like the “evil” minions you portray us? By the way, have you noticed that the evil “Americans” held back pointing out with the same vigor that the shooter was “one of your own!” Lol, if I were you guys and as far out touch with reality, I guess I would be conducting a mas,Did the top of the pile send out a prepared statement? All you guys are spewing just about word for word the same hype! All over the media, from the lowly at the bottom to the halls of Congress, you are all saying almost verbatum the same hype. It almost sounds like automatons set on a continuous loop of verbal hate. Is this the Alinsky method? How many times must the loop remain in effect before the rest of us mindless radicals look like the “evil” minions you portray us? By the way, have you noticed that the evil “Americans” held back pointing out with the same vigor that the shooter was “one of your own!” Lol, if I were you guys and as far out touch with reality, I guess I would conducting a massive re=direction campaign too!

    Let’s get real for a moment. Can you all find it in yourselves to hold off on the sewage until those dead are buried and Rep. Giffords and the other injured are out danger? This time should belong to the grieving and those patiently waiting as they hope and pray for the recovery of their loved ones.

    Let’s get real for a moment. Can you all find it in yourselves to hold off on the sewage until those dead are buried and Rep. Giffords and the other injured are out danger? This time should belong to the grieving and those patiently waiting as they hope and pray for the recovery of their loved ones.

  160. Yuck says:

    @devildog you are right that this time should be kept for those grieving, but let’s be honest… If it were a republican, conservatives would be quoting Obama’s rhetoric about “if they bring knives, we’ll bring guns.”. It’s human nature to point blame and be angry. Had Palin and the Tea Party not used those words, there would be no fingers to point. Obviously this was a deranged person and Palin, nor the Tea Party wanted this, but I still say it adds fuel to the fire. also, when a politician is the target, of course the party that supports her is going to follow with political motivation theories. I saw pictures weeks ago of Tea Party rally goers holding signs saying “we came unarmed-THIS TIME. It’s deplorable. I’ll say it again…they are not legally responsible, but anyone in a position of Power with a following needs to be cautious of the words and message they are spewing.

  161. Yuck says:

    I’ll also say this… BOTH parties need to come together and rally around the funeral of the nine year old girl so that protesters don’t disrupt the funeral. Westboro baptist “church” who hates Americans is saying she deserved to die and is planning to protest. I believe in freedom of speech, but I’d be the first to shove a sock in that “pastor’s” mouth.

  162. DevilDog6771,

    You seem particularly incensed over the national dialogue shifting to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party in the wake of the tragedy in Tucson.

    Words and actions have consequences. This is a difficult concept for the right in general and the Tea Party extremists in particular to grasp.

    Sane, rational people are outraged that Sarah Palin during the 2010 election in put 20 House Democrats, including Gabrielle Giffords in a map of the United States with the 20 Democratic congressional districts identified by rifle crosshairs. These symbols are not surveyor symbols as the right and the Palinites are now trying to claim.

    Sane, rational people are appalled at language which includes “cock and reload,” and, “Second Amendment solutions are needed in elections,” and nutjbobs who take guns to political events. The results are historic (Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan and now Giffords and Rolls), and yet the right and the Palinites keep regurgitating the same talking points: the liberals are trying to take our guns. Seriously?

    Talk about Alinsky method. Do any of you have an original thought? I guess not. But, my regulars are smart. They know they can tune into Rush, or Beck, or Savage, or any of the other rightwing media extremists, listen for 15 minutes on any given day and see the same text — word for word appear in the blogoshere that day and over the next week.

    Alinsky enough for you?

    But nevermind what I say or what you say. The fact of the matter is, Gabrielle Giffords is in a hospital bed fighting for her life because she was shot in the head Saturday. Giffords is one the the 20 House members Palin targeted with rifle crosshairs for defeat.

    If this is so innocent, then why did her people take the graphic down from SarahPAC within 60 minute of the shooting? Just a coincidence? A lack of band width space? Palin knew it was wrong from the start and after Rep. Giffords was shot, knew she had gone too far.

    Let’s talk about the late US District Judge John Rolls. He reportedly had several hundred death threats from the anti-immigration loons on the far right for his decision to a case brought by illegal immigrants go forward. His wife was afraid to leave the house. She feared for her life. But it was John Rolls who paid the ultimate price Saturday.

    Let’s stay on the topic of spouses. Congressional spouses of some of members of the US Congress are terrified after Saturday’s carnage and some are questioning whether their spouses should remain in Congress.

    This is the goal of terrorists. Frighten people into submission. The funny thing is, it’s never the left who engages in terrorism. It’s always the anti-government extremists on the far right. So bad is the situation for members of Congress that some are taking their kids out of daycare for fear they’re kids will be killed.

    The only reason I’m bothering to respond to you is, you happen to be in the one percent of rightwing posters who didn’t use hyper-charged language to get his point across and who managed to stay on message.

    All of which brings me back to the central point. Words and images have consequences. Free speech is free up until you try to shout “”fire” in a crowded theater or, “bomb” on an airplane at 37,000 feet. The far right needs to either grow up and stop acting like 40 year old children, or get themselves en masse to a team of therapists who can help them figure out why they all come to the shared conclusion that sinking a bullet into the chest or head of their political opposition is the only remedy.

    Is that Alinksy enough for you?

  163. Seabec says:

    Well said, Christopher.

    If I might add, within hours of the massacre in Tucson, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips falsely wrote, “We need to remind everyone, the shooter was a liberal lunatic.” Of course, this is a lie; Jared Lee Loughner, the man who shot nineteen people on Saturday in Tucson, including Congresswoman Giffords, is a registered Independent.

    Loughner in fact also wrote fondly about Sarah Palin on his Facebook.

  164. Rich says:

    Wow. There is so much going on here that it’s just as disturbing as the shooting itself. Chris, you make some good points. okijimm, you’re a retard about gun laws. All those BLAMING SP are no better than the people who ran the Salem Witch Trials. I’m NOT a Sarah Palin fan. There was a brief period of time when I hoped, HOPED that she was worth a damn, but that hope was quickly dashed. That said, I will agree and concede that the rhetoric used, as well as the crosshairs was not in the best taste. I am a proud gun owner, a hunter, a veteran and a federal employee. I have a family, I work two jobs, one of which is my own business, I pay taxes and I salute the flag. My very first thought when I read about this terrible event (I don’t watch a lot of TV) was, “If only there’d been someone else there with a gun to stop him before he shot so many people!” Even my wife carries concealed. We both do. We do it to protect ourselves from wackos just like this guy. His problem wasn’t political. Nor were his real motives. There is no political motive for shooting children and bystanders. They were not on Palin’s website, not in the crosshairs. So you choose to blast her (whom I do not care for, but let’s keep it real) because she used an icon that references guns on her website… Well, if you haven’t been keeping up with Palin’s agenda, it includes 2nd amendment rights. This is the only, the single, solitary reason that I ever paid attention to her, because this issue is important to me. I will also note that IMHO, Palin doesn’t know buckshot from BullSh*t. I watched that program on TV when she went hunting with her dad and mishandled her rifle in many ways and couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.
    I had never gone to the website that had the crosshairs on it, but I’ve seen it since this terrible event happened. I can say that the use of crosshairs is a little bit over the top, as was some of the rhetoric, but I don’t think for one second that Palin wanted anyone to go shoot her rivals. If she DID want that done, she would NOT have removed the images from the website. Conversely, to realize what had happened and recognize the political Kryptonite resting on her webpage in the form of crosshairs and firearms metaphors and then REMOVE that Kryptonite is just sensible. I would have done the same. If you think she’s not kicking herself right now for using those images, you’re just dense. Thick. SLOOOOOOWWW.
    One man wrote earlier that we’ve turned this into a gun-control issue/ Palin bashing panel, and I agree. I can tell you that if my wife or myself had found ourselves in the range of fire from this event, had WE been there, the headlines would be different. You want to argue for gun control? Argue how the Police protect us? Then tell me how the police protected Mrs. Giffords. Tell me how they protected the little girl Gabrielle. It’s too bad that a law abiding, gun-toting concealed carry person didn’t step up to shut this psycho down before he killed and wounded so many.
    If you blame Sarah Palin, then you’re on a witch hunt. If you blame the guns, then you’re dense. He could have killed her with a truck. Then what? Do you want to start implementing bumber control? Slow down all vehicles over 100 lbs and regulate their top speeds to less than 30 mph?
    To blame Palin for this makes as much sense as me blaming Dale Earnhardt for my speeding ticket. Her agenda in and of itself, by it’s naure takes on a sinister pall in the light of these events, but she’s not the one holding the light. You are, and the bulb is the killer. You are pointing that light where you think it will do the most political good, and that makes you, in my eyes, just as crazy as the killer. I will point this light in a different direction, because I believe in holding the RESPONSIBLE parties responsible. In this case, it’s the killer. It’s been brought to light that the man had mental illness and also had a long-lasting history of angry issues with Mrs. Gifford, for whatever twisted reasons his warped mind came up with. For you all to blame Palin for his actions is reprehensible. I guess you’d also blame Jodie Foster for Hinckley trying to kill Reagan. And with your help, I’ll get out of that aforementioned speeding ticket. I’ll just blame NASCAR. Or maybe the director of “The Fast and the Furious.”
    This type of mentality is exactly what makes so many Democrats look bad. You should try and remember that there are still people out there who can’t make up their minds about which party they most relate to, and when the intelligent ones start reading your blogs, they might get soured by the taste you leave in their mouths. The only one of you that I’ve seen post well-thought out statements (if a bit snide) is Christopher. I don’t even agree with some of the things he says, but at least he’s intelligible. Most of you look to me like torch-bearing hate-mongers yourselves, decrying that which you despise while looking just like them, seeking out your witch to burn… and make no mistake, you are trying to burn Palin down. Your speech gives you away and demostrates the HATE in your heart. I hope Sarah Palin (as we know her now) does not become the leader of our country. People can change, and mature, and become more than they are now, but the Sarah Palin we have today, with the agenda and political wherewithal she has today, isn’t fit for duty. Nonetheless, she didn’t coerce that kid to pull any trigger. She didn’t buy him bullets. She didn’t tell him where and when to target anybody. She sure as hell didn’t tell him to murder anybody, much less women and children. That’s on the nutcase who did the deed. Palin is NOT responsible for every psycho in our country, and it’s not just Republicans or Tea-partiers who go postal. The left owns its fair share of killers, gun control or not.

    Ok. I’m off my soapbox now. Fire away.

  165. JAson says:

    Thank god im Canadian! It is scarry to see how easily half your country is sucked in by the Tea Party. They are all one of the the follwoing if not all:
    Gay haters
    How can half your country want Palin who does not even know the three Countries in the North American Free Trade Agreement when there are only three countries in North America.
    Yes Palin for next President! Crazy rednecks.
    By the way, we have had health care for everyone for decades and it works. We don’t leave our poor to die.

  166. Daniel says:

    Yes, we too thank God that you are Canadian. We already have more than enough nuts in this country.

  167. MJL says:

    I can’t believe that Beck, Rush, O’Reily, Fox all of them are so Naive to think that a mentally unstable person would interpret Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs in any other way than Sara intended, YES INTENDED. This woman is DANGEROUS TO ALL AMERICANS> Please, FBI GO AFTER SARA, for insighting an assassination or something. She and the rightwing tea baggers are very dangerous to all of us.

  168. MJL says:

    You are lucky that you have health care, Not all of us are tea baggers, some of us are Independants and DO THINK for ourselves. I vote for the person not the party. So no, I did not vote, will not vote, will never vote for Grizzly, soccer, crazy gun shooting Palin

  169. Palin is a Cunt says:

    Sarah Palin thinks Africa is a country.
    Her gif is making stoopid conservatives feel real smart. Real smart.

  170. JAson says:

    Daniel how is not being a raceist homophobe a nut. MJL I realize half the country are normal but dam are there alot of sheep that will believe any crap spewed out by Fox.

  171. Daniel says:

    Only a nut would believe that half of the population of the USA consists of racist/gay haters/churchies. Only a nut would believe that those characterizations are representative of the Tea Party.

  172. joe s says:


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  174. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    I just want to say, as a native Arizonian, there are millions of perfectly good, decent folks here who loathe John McCain, Jon Kyl, Jan Brewer and the cultural shift we’re suffering under the weight and the influence of the Tea Party.

    But, I want to say, what happened in NW Tucson is totally unacceptable and fucked up and my heart breaks to think about the suffering and death that took place last Saturday. There are no words to make it better.

    Now all of America will think everyone here is a fucking lunatic. This is a false premise. Just like the premise that everyone in Texas or Florida is a rightwing kook. People who are familiar with my posts know I am not one of these Tea Party idiots. As for Palin, fuck her.

    Peace to all who died.

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  177. okjimm says:

    //okijimm, you’re a retard about gun laws.//
    Whoa…. but then most gun laws as written are retarded. And when Retards are outlawed, only guns will have retards….or invite a retard to a clambake, but don’t give him a gun. Or… is that a gun in your pocket, retard, or are you just glad to see me?

  178. devildog6771 says:

    I have read Alinsky’s books and Sunstein’s books. I have read DSA National Conference minutes, and know any tactic is acceptable to achieve the desired result. I remember the violence and bombings of the 60’s. Anarchy and revolution is what you all stand for and when, or if, you succeed here, you will go somewhere else and do the same thing.

    “Top down, bottom up, and inside out!” to quote Van Jones.

    The same tired. boring socialists/Marxists/communists are behind all of this leftist movement and have been since they were in college. Now they are just older, and they have slowly worked on building up to the chaos and violence we now see and hear about everyday, still call for spreading wealth as they make their millions which they, by the way, have yet to share, and still answer every question with another question or finger pointing. They never assume responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

    Though not appointed to that role, they have proceeded to dedicate their lives to telling others how to live and manipulate others to live their failed socialist,communist/Marxist fantasy. A fantasy which, by the way, has enslaved and or led to the deaths of millions throughout the world!

    I’m not nearly as angry at such sad people as empathetic for the misery they ,must carry around inside to work so hard to spread it around to others! If they really believe their views were right, why not go live where their views have already existed for over a century. However, I suggest they carry a warm coat, take a set of fatigues, or stay away from public places where free speech is never tolerated!

    A young man went nuts,! He tried to kill his stalking victim! End of story! Sadly, in any environment, this happens! Sometimes you get rain, sometimes you get snow! Who’s fault is it when you get the one you didn’t want?

  179. devildog6771,

    It appears you’ve jumped the shark.

    From the Left is a blog and not a therapist’s coach. There’s nothing here I can do to help you. You need to move on now. Good luck.

  180. Bruce says:

    Can’t find Sarah Palins site with crosshairs on Gifford!

  181. Bruce,

    Of course you can’t.

    Her site manager quickly took it down within hours of the Tucson massacre. Which is why bloggers and the media grabbed it before they had a chance to scrub her site clean of the offending graphic.

    I grabbed it 20 minutes after the shooting spree. Beating out NBC, CBS and ABC.

  182. feminazi says:

    Bruce – This is why we so appreciate the efforts of bloggers like Christopher who is committed to keeping us informed and up to date on the important issues of the day. Palin and he team were very sneaky. They thought they could put this awful, violent graphic down and hide it. But our host got to first.

  183. StokeS says:

    Wow!! This is insanity!!

  184. joe s says:

    Recent discussion about vitriolic rhetoric has demonstrated that communication in this country has deteriorated to an all time low. Debates ,discussions and media hype about social and political issues are are at best inflammatory and at worst downright volitile and ignorant. There are several indications when one feels he is losing an argument or has no valid answer. One may revert to name calling, loud interruptive speech, dismissing other party such as hanging up on them, changing the subject or commenting on ones physical appearance such as calling someone fatso. Have u ever heard that done on radio? Talk radio has given us all the wrong rules of conduct for debate. The American people have been driven to polarization by the the politicians and the media. Look what they have done to our country while we were busy hating each other over social issues such as immigfation,abortion, race, guns, sexual preference and party affiliation. And it has come to the point that we would rather be dimissive to one another than carry on a logical even keel discussion. We have been conditioned to hate the messenger not the messge. People are branded over their opinions. Those who disagreed with the Iraq War were labeled unpatriotic. Americans who oppose the failures of our immigration laws are deemed racists. If we are to move forward in this country we need to learn how to communicate with one another and agree to disagree at times. While we have been practising hate down here in the streets politicians and corporations have been stuffing their pockets with our money and laughing at our ignorance.

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  187. Bill Carroll says:

    I worked with the mentally ill for many years and while he would probally not thought of shooting her on his own just seeing the web page with the bullseye on her would be enough to put him over the edge.

  188. Thanks to your nice blog. I appreciate your writing.

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  190. It’s nearly impossible to find knowledgeable people on this subject,
    however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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