BREAKING: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) Shot in Tucson

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, a Democrat, was shot in the head while holding a public event in Tucson, AZ, according to Reuters.

Giffords, along with 11 other people were shot when an unidentified gunman ran up and began shooting indiscriminately as Giffords addressed supporters.

Giffords was shot point blank in the head. The gunman was in custody.

Multiple media sources incorrectly reported Giffords died at University Hospital in Tucson.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is a Blue Dog Democrat who supports increased border security, embryonic stem cell research and increasing the minimum wage.

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17 Responses to BREAKING: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) Shot in Tucson

  1. Rachel says:

    This is a political murder and stinks of the Tea Party. Mark my words, we will discover the shooter is a radical, rightwing, Palinite supporter. These people aren’t normal and want to kill the opposition. These are profoundly dangerous times.

  2. Harry says:

    I want my country back. This is appalling and not a country I want to live in.

  3. Dutra says:

    The shooter will prove to be a liberal, angry at the Congresswoman for voting against Pelosi.

  4. Pechanga says:

    The shooter will turn out to be a Christian Tea Party kook, enraged at Rep. Gifford for defeating the Tea Party challenger, and angry at Rep. Gifford for supporting stem cell research.

    The MO is pretty certain.

  5. James P says:

    Why do you guys have to jump to conclusions? For all we know the guy could be just some random guy with mental problems that isn’t affiliated with either party.

  6. okjimm says:

    sad, tragic, appalling….. we don’t need control? gun regulation?

  7. Carpe Diem says:

    All the cable networks are reporting Rep. Gifford was targeted for violence since 2008.

    Her office had rocks thrown through the window, and signs around Tucson went up at the expense of the Tea Party accusing her of murder because she supports federal funding for stem cell research.

    Draw your own conclusion.

  8. the governor – the disgusting piece of shit Jan Brewer – recently signed into law – people in Arizona can carry concealed weapons without a permit

    the same brewer who denies transplants

  9. sad day says:

    It appears it is a rather seriously deranged and mentally ill person, which if the case, makes many of you very sad people to have blamed a number of possibilities. Shame on any of you who have jumped to conclusions. Your vitriol, hate and anger is of the sorts that can drive mentally ill people to do terrible things. I do not see much difference than those who bully. Not all democrats, repubs, tea partiers, anarchists, etc are murderers and terrorists. I don’t see much a difference between them and those who want to shut down anyone else who has a different opinion than you. Isn’t that terrorism too?

    Prayers for everyone who has been harmed by this today.

  10. okjimm says:

    Sad Day….. that was a really Sad statement…. devoid of logic, reason, coherence, clarity and consistent grammatical syntax. No one has jumped to a conclusion…. the trail was obvious and clear.

  11. libhomo says:

    Sarah Palin must be held criminally accountable for this.

  12. A. Simons says:

    Do you know the liberal blog, Daily Kos, has Giffords targeted?

    “So you’re angry about the Democratic capitulation? Don’t take it out on the party. ..we can narrow the target list by looking at those Democrats who sold out the Constitution last week.”

  13. Conejo1982 says:

    A. Simons – Nice try. I opened the link and saw a simple political list.

    Palin put 17 Congressional members in rifle crosshairs. The two are not even remotely similar. You’ll need to try harder next time than blame DailyKOS for the shooting. Today’s assassination reeks of the Tea Party’s mental illness.

  14. This is your county on right-wing “conservatism,” where felons own guns and right-wing talk show hosts incite violence and the execution of political figures; where corporations are “persons” that own/control the government and democracy dies.

  15. Dutra says:

    Pechanga, looks like the old Dutra called it right again. The guy leans so far left he can’t walk a straight line.

  16. Lot says:

    This is a rude awakening. There should be control as to who can keep guns. I 100% agree with you, Okjimm on this. We can’t let this happen again… Can you imagine if this happened this coming weekend and not last weekend when UA was still closed for this semester? I couldn’t because my daughter goes to U of A.

  17. Lot says:

    Let’s not point our fingers to any party at all…. It’s obvious, this is another sad case of a mentally deranged high schooler. You have to trace the history of this sick guy and maybe, we will understand where he’s coming from. Treat him first, but when he’s back, make him be responsible for what he did. Pass a law prohibiting just “anybody” from owning any guns or ammunitions…. This has to be done…. This is clearly a sad example for being so “lenient” in this area. It’s happening everywhere in the country. How much more of these appalling case(s) do we need to hear and see?

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