Christine O’Donnell: “I’m Not a Witch, I’m a Felon”

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tea Party darling, Christine O’Donnell, is now the target of a Federal investigation to determine if the former Delaware senate candidate broke the law by using campaign money to pay personal expenses, including her rent and her mother’s rent.

The U.S. Attorney’s office confirmed it is reviewing a complaint about O’Donnell’s campaign spending filed by the watchdog group CREW — Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, but the FBI declined to confirm whether a criminal investigation was underway.

O’Donnell, who set a state record by raising more than $7.3 million in a Tea Party-backed campaign this year, has long been dogged by questions about her campaign and personal finances.

At least two former campaign workers have alleged that she routinely used political contributions to pay her personal expenses in recent years as she ran for the Senate three consecutive times, starting in 2006.

Predictably, O’Donnell’s campaign has denied wrongdoing, but acknowledged she part of her rent at times with campaign money, arguing that her house doubled her campaign headquarters.

Federal law prohibits candidates from spending campaign donations for personal benefit. FEC rules say this prohibition applies to the use of campaign money for a candidate’s mortgage or rent “even if part of the residence is being used by the campaign,” although O’Donnell’s campaign claims it was told otherwise by someone at the FEC.

Christine O’Donnell attracted national attention for a bizarre YouTube campaign ad where she denied she is a witch — a reference to a comment she made on Bill Maher’s program where she said she had dabbled in witchcraft. The YouTube ad became an internet sensation with bloggers and provided comic material for late night TV hosts.

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17 Responses to Christine O’Donnell: “I’m Not a Witch, I’m a Felon”

  1. Pechanga says:

    I heard the rumor O’Donnell was using campaign donations to pay rent last summer. O’Donnell’s defenders said the rumors were just the work of mean liberals out to get her.

    If O’Donnell broke FEC laws, she’s in trouble. Imagine if the Feds had the courage to investigate Palin?

  2. DMason says:

    I’ll make a bet early next year President Obama will make so idiotic remark about how he likes Christine O’Donnell and understands how a mistake like can be made and how she deserves a second chance, a la, Michael Vick.

  3. Thai Noodles says:

    Christine O’Donnell: “I’m Not a Witch, I’m a Felon”


  4. squatlo says:

    Looks like another episode in The New Adventures of Old Christine…

  5. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    A crooked, Tea Party candidate with ties to Sarah Palin? No! How is it possible? 🙂

    I hope the witch goes to prison. Sally and Jane will be there to welcome this piece of Tea Party fluff into the pink.

  6. fran says:

    She will play the victim card, for sure….

    Poor poor pitiful witch!

  7. Jolly Roger says:

    Sister Christine will scream “LIBRUL PERSECUTION!!!,” and the donations for her defense will roll in.

  8. stradella says:

    Trouble, trouble, soil and bubble……

    If this heffa is a witch, she can cast a spell and change the course of the federal investigation and send it out to sea.

    Like a bad storm. That’s what Andorra would do. But if she winds up in the tank, her magic ain’t so magical after all.

  9. Jim says:

    What an idiot!

  10. R.J. says:

    About time someone had the stones to do this. These rumors were flying around back in late September.

  11. feminazi says:

    Christine O’Donnell has no apparent means of support. No job, no husband and no inheritance but, she lives a rather comfortable existence. I thought she was just a Tea Party tool and they were underwriting her lifestyle but even if this is the case, FEC laws and rules are quite clear. If she used the donations given to her campaign to live on, i.e., pay rent, make her car note and eat, then she’s in a lot of trouble.

  12. Stephan Iversonn says:

    The late Charlie Wilson was legendary for “borrowing” against his campaign account and he was never prosecuted for it.

    Of course, this was pre-FEC and he was smart enough to repay the loan and thus, never attract attention to himself. O’Donnell isn’t smart enough to understand how you fly under the government’s radar. She’s too blatant.

    Since she has no apparent job, I will enjoy watching her try to repay the $7 million she stole from her 2010 senate campaign. I’ve heard porn pays well. Even for a chubby 40-ish witch with a flabby ass.

  13. Jolly Roger says:

    I think sister Christine thought she’d cash in like her grifter hero has done. Unfortunately, she’s from the wrong part of the country for that.

    Maybe if she heads on down to Atlanta, she can score some bling.

  14. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    Tea Party witch porn.

    Yep, sounds like Christine has finally found a career. Hey, there’s niche porn for every taste and freak.

  15. Rachel says:

    Tea Party witch porn.

    LMAO! I think you should become Christine’s manager. This is a perfectly brilliant suggestion to help her dig a path out of the financial mess she’s gotten herself into. Hey, there are freaks out there who pay naked fat woman to watch them eat. Why not witch porn?

  16. Harry says:

    A witch denialist who claims she’s the victim of a witch hunt? I guess I’m old school but I’m confused and bewitched.

  17. These comments are a riot! Keep em’ coming!

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