Dog Killer Michael Vick Has a Fan in President Obama

Monday, December 27, 2010

Peter King of NBC reported during Football Night in America that President Obama, recently called Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to congratulate him for giving convicted dog killer, Michael Vick, a second chance at NFL stardom.

Lurie signed dog killer Vick to a $5.3 million contract.

In 2007, Vick was sentenced to 23 months in a Federal prison for running a lethal dog fighting operation in home. Vick initially lied about his involvement. The dog fighting operation resulted in the brutal deaths of more than 100 dogs.

Let’s hope the Secret Service is keeping a watchful eye on First Dog, Bo.

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41 Responses to Dog Killer Michael Vick Has a Fan in President Obama

  1. Randy Arroyo says:

    It’s difficult to say who is the dumber ass: Obama or Vick?

  2. Mr. Roach says:

    Why should convicted felons have a “level playing field” with those of us who have never committed a felony?

  3. Adirondacky says:

    The NFL’s decision to let Vick return to play football was wrong from the beginning. Vick is a convicted felon. He joins the long list of NFL thugs convicted of everything from wife beating to child abuse. Obama has this tendency to offer his opinion on issues that lead to controversy. Like he did with the 9/11 Mosque.

  4. Massagatto says:

    In the United States, a convicted felon (like Michael Vick) will face long-term legal consequences after the end of their imprisonment, including:

    Disenfranchisement, exclusion from obtaining certain licences, such as a visa, or a gun permit, ineligibility to serve on a jury, exclusion from voting, and deportation if the criminal is not a citizen.

    In some states, lenders will not make car and/or home loans to convicted felons.

    For those us who have never been arrested, or received a moving citation, it is difficult to understand how Michael Vick — a convicted felon who spent 2 years in a Federal prison, was, upon release, rewarded with a $4 million dollar a year contract to throw a football.

    For many of us, it is equally difficult to understand why the president of the United States, would heap praise on the Philadelphia Eagles owner for signing Vick.

    My view of Vick is, he should be working in a fast food restaurant earning $6 an hour for the rest of his life.

  5. The 120 dogs Vick killed didn’t get a second chance. They weren’t allowed a chance to be rehabilitated because they didn’t fight or because they were turned mean by these ghetto cretins.

    But Vick gets a second chance and $4 million to make it real. Now the brother is whining about getting another dog and the idiot president of the ASPCA is onboard with it.

    Obama isn’t as smart or savvy as we thought. He bows to foreign leaders, says the Sharia Muslims should be allowed to build a mosque 600 feet from the Twin Towers and now, Obama is giddy cuz’ Brother Vick is playing in the NFL again. Do you detect a pattern?

    Our president hates America and he hates Caucasian Americans.

  6. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Michael Vick is a thug. He came up with thugs and after he signed his first NFL contract, he brought thug-dom along for the ride.

    When a convicted pedophile is released from prison, he isn’t allowed to work in any involving children such as teaching. There’s a reason for this and I don’t think many people would disagree. But Michael Vick is back in the environment that embraces dog fighting as “the Sport of Champions,” and President Obama is oozing praise for the man who made it happen?

  7. Bep says:

    Mick Vick is a consummate prick.
    O-Pootie is a consummate fool for even weighing in on this.
    Meanwhile, I will say a prayer tonight for the 100 dogs who died at Vick’s Virginia estate. They didn’t have a president to weigh in for them.

  8. Tiny Dancer says:

    Dog Killer Mike Vick Has a Fan in President Obama

    Too bad the 120 dogs who were slaughtered didn’t have any fans to look out for them before they were shot, electrocuted, stoned, hanged and knifed, all so Michael Vick and his homeboys could get their rocks off.

  9. MJ says:

    “He cannot be a gentleman which loveth not a dog.” (John Northbrooke). Vick is no gentleman. More like a savage.

  10. stradella says:

    The reaction of the black community to Michael Vick runs about the same as the reaction of the black community to OJ Simpson.

    Most black people don’t think OJ did it. The few that do dismiss his deeds because he killed his white wife and her white friend. All that matters is OJ climbed out of the slums of San Francisco and made it. They will support OJ till the day he dies.

    I like what Oprah said about dating black men: “If you meet a man and he thinks OJ was innocent, run, don’t walk and get away.”

  11. Joe in Colorado says:

    President Obama needs to learn self-restraint when it concerns hot button issues like this and just keep his mouth shut. By weighing in on Michael Vick, Obama has angered white men and women, independents, dog lovers, conservatives and people who already dislike him. The urban, NFL crowd may appreciate his phone call to Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie but, Obama can’t win reelection with this single demographic.

  12. Brigadoon says:

    Killing more than 100 innocent dogs for sport isn’t a normal crime. We’re not talking about robbing a liquor store for easy money to buy dope, or even stealing a car. Killing more than a 100 dogs for sport suggests something is missing from Vick’s brain that didn’t allow him to see the difference between right and wrong. I wonder of President Nitwit plans to pardon Vick by the end of his term?

  13. Rachel says:

    Thank goodness John Wayne Gacy is dead or President Obama would offer him a job as the First Baby Sitter for Sasha and Malia. Seriously, Obama needs to zip it and be more careful before he invites controversy like this. It just makes him look not-ready for primetime.

  14. Ohio Pride says:

    Obama is a cardcarrying idiot.

    Iran’s on the precipice of becoming a full nuclear power committed to the destruction of Israel, North Korea is lobbing missiles on South Korea leading to the USA sending an aircraft carrier to the region, Russia is moving to totalitarianism again, gas prices in the USA are over $3 a gallon, unemployment is 10%, and 100 banks are forecast to fail in 2011 and this is what out president is focused on?

    Just stay on vacation in Honolulu. You’re not relevant and you’re no longer needed.

  15. Harry says:

    What Massagatto said.

  16. Pechanga says:

    Michael Vick was definitely born at the shallow end of the gene pool.

    To the people who defend him, I would just ask you to read the legal accounts of what happened in the death chamber called the “Vick estate” and the level and extent of suffering these dogs endured for the fun and the pleasure of Michael Vick, his father and his posse.

    These are not normal, healthy people and just because Vick served 23 months in federal prison doesn’t change the nature of his conviction. If you defend Michael Vick, you’re defending a true monster.

  17. TOM339 says:

    The sad truth is, defending Vick allows Barry to feel like a man.

    He’s happy to play slut to this convicted dog killer. I am 100 convinced that Obama will pardon Vick before he leaves office. Thus, giving him eternal cred with the brothers who still hang out in the barbershop in Southside Chicago. Their approval is what Obama craves most.

  18. GJ says:

    Vick shoould get one yesar in prison for every dog that was killed because of his actions.

  19. DMason says:

    I think everyone is missing the point here. For months, people have been asking what President Obama is doing about jobs creation. The Eagles hired Michael Vick, paid him $4 million so he’s one less American looking for a job. Obama can take credit for Vick having a job!

  20. Marcus Ybanez says:

    I’m so damned tired of hearing Vick’s defenders say he paid his debt to society because he served 23 months in a country club federal prison.

    To his defenders I ask you to do the math: 23 months divided by 120 dogs translates into a net value of 19 days for each dog killed. Seriously? 19 days per dog? And the facility he served his modest sentence at was a low security joint filled with white collar criminals. We’re not talking about San Quentin.

    Oh well. By praising Vick’s so-called rehabilitation and $4 million dollar NFL salary, President Obama leaves no question about his character.

  21. Aunt Peg says:

    This is the last straw for me with President Obama.
    He’s a disgusting human being and I am ashamed that I ever voted for him.
    If I’m still alive in 2012, I will not make this mistake again.

  22. Kate Novotny says:

    Barry needs to learn impulse control. He must be lousy in the sack. Let’s see now. He’s flapped his piehole about:

    – the Cambridge Police
    – the 9/11 Mosque
    – Michael Vick

    Sorry, but this just doesn’t look or sound presidential.

  23. Gulfport Rules says:

    Why should convicted felons have a “level playing field” with those of us who have never committed a felony?

    Mr. Roach –

    You raise a very good point. I would walk it back to Affirmative Action.

    Why should a black student, with inferior grades, receive a coveted seat in college when a white student with superior grades get passed over?

    No one would suggest slavery was just, moral or anything we should look back on with pride but, how many generations of American students who happen to be white, be forced to pay with their future lives because of an injustice that took place 350 years ago?

  24. Jolly Roger says:

    Our president hates America and he hates Caucasian Americans.

    Was the interjection of inbred racist bullshit necessary? This is why nobody takes you Klanbaggers seriously; you can’t get past the President’s skin color.

    The rest of us, meanwhile, have actually found legitimate things to complain about.

  25. Conejo1982 says:

    Vick may enjoy adoration of NFL nation but he remains one of the most reviled men in America.

    I vividly recall the day I first heard about Vick’s nauseating crimes and I remember thinking, had he not been caught, how long would he have run the dog fighting operation on his property, and how many more dogs would have died for no good reason? The president should be ashamed of himself for cheering Vick’s alleged rehabilitation.

  26. VicoDANIEL says:

    President Obama needs to learn self-control and not insert himself in these controversial topics and issues that just wind up pissing people off and alienating even larger swaths of the electorate.

    I saw this on another blog and found it chilling. I’ll repost it here for people to consider when they think of the monster named Michael Vick.

    In studies of serial killers they found they all had three things in common:

    · A history of childhood physical/sexual abuse
    · A history of bedwetting well beyond the age when most children are ‘potty trained’
    · A history of abusing animals, beginning in childhood

    The kind of abuse Michael Vick and his homeboys perpetrated on hundreds of innocent dogs — some adopted under false pretenses so they could be fed to fighting dogs, makes you wonder if Vick is a sociopaths?

    And President Obama? He’s just a regular fool with a Secret Service detail.

  27. Undivided American says:

    Since Vick is a negro, it must have been the dogs’ fault. They asked for it. Right President No Sense?

  28. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    PETA approves of Obama kissing Michael Vick’s ass.

    I don’t and judging from the comments I’ve read on this blog and others, the bulk of opinion isn’t too keen on Obama’s remarks either.

  29. Miss Courtet says:

    I saw something on the ‘internets’ that said Vick wants another dog. No, I’m not making a joke. This cretin wants another dog and the pinhead leader of the ASPCA is onboard. Believe you me, if Vick is permitted another dog, we will learn something horrible happened. He should only have a goldfish.

  30. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    There’s an old Marines term that goes like this: “Is this the hill you want to die on?”

    In short, pick your battles wisely. Obama doesn’t have much common sense getting involved in the Michael Vick mess.

  31. Jim says:

    Disgusting! When will Obama learn to keep his mouth shut.

  32. Stefani says:

    I think this is the last straw for me. As a progressive, being called “crazy” by Gibbs, “retarded” by Emmanuel, and having Obama go off on me and my ilk for having the temerity to be upset that he didn’t fight the tax cuts for multimillionaires, was bad enough. Watching health care reform turn into a Bush-like program in which federal funds are funnelled to the same corporations who have CAUSED our health care, health cost crisis (the insurance companies) was bad enough.

    But this?

    I’m done with Democrats. The Compromiser in Chief may even have made a smooth political move here. It seems more popular than not.

    But not with me. Vick and those like him who commit and ENJOY acts of prolonged torture committed upon helpless, shivering, cowering, precious dogs are PSYCHOPATHS. and PSYCHOPATHS are not rehabilitable.

    I can’t stomach the Dems anymore and I have been Dem my whole life. But I think voting for them — not voting 3rd party — has be the REAL throwing my vote away. I hope there is an alternative on the left in 2012.

  33. Stefani says:

    I guess I should have remembered. It would have spared me the disappointment. President Obama is, after all, related to Dick Cheney.

  34. blakmira says:

    What Obama was betting on when he made this P.R. call was that the majority of Americans he’d like to get back in his corner care more about watching football on bigscreen TVs than the lives of animals. By backing Vick, he’s scored some major “bud” points with them. Hell, these Vick idolizers go through buckets of KFC and McDonald’s Big Macs while they’re watching their hero score a touchdown; who gives a crap about the suffering of animals? They’ve probably even got a deer rifle in the closet.

    Only if there’s enough of a backlash will Obama will make any sort of backpedaling excuse or half-assed apology — but I doubt it. There’s just too many mean a$$holes who don’t give a damn about ANYTHING decent in this country.

  35. feminazi says:

    There are more dog lovers in America than there are Obama supporters. I guess the president doesn’t understand this. Maybe he will “get it” in 24 months when the electorate tell him “Adios” and elect someone else to run the country?

  36. Dustbin says:

    I think Michael Vick would be a more forgivable character IF:

    1. the guy was only a hulking defensive tackle or a fatter then fat offensive guard instead of a lithe super agile gifted wonderful golden victorious franchisee quarterback playing a once collegiate pass time that has since degenerated into a gross league of freaks and miscreants;
    2. the perp was just strangling families of Chimpanzees whom he might have likely resented having higher IQs then himself instead of founding and running an institution called the “Bad Newz Kennels” for inter alia the swinging the dogs by their tails and smashing their heads into large rocks, holding their heads in buckets of water to drown them, or hanging the dogs from trees, or hey feeding the little guys and the passive to the tougher guys and personally beating the other dogs to death;
    3. the felon’s acts consisted only of the occasional strangling entrapped bird brain eagles for their plumage (or Eagle fans as a public service) instead of puppies;
    4. resurrecting a particular human member of the human anatomy from limpness demonstrated that only obscene torture of the helpless was the single way a broken brain could generate an erection and/or orgasm (with human type females or males or Viagra etceteras in the alternative failing miserably);
    5. psychiatrists argued more forcefully that psychopaths need affirmations for gosh sakes and this complaint of a psycho amusing himself by putting untrained house pets in with the fight dogs and watching them get torn apart is a thing many boys just grow out of. Boys will be boys after all. tsk tsk;
    6. more fiends argued that it matters not that pure evil whether congenital or cultivated, (evil being its own reward). Evil does not need no goody goodys yammering all the time and which yammering is in all events a bit much considering our already sodden society;
    7. Americans understood our soldiers only once in a while chance but nine months in prison for killing unarmed civilians type human beings ( while they hold their hands in the air). All evil is fair game in a society where the presidents…including and specifically the forgiving family man ‘Bombs away Obama’…whom receives all sort of gushing bouquets across our land for ordering his own brand of mayhem upon men women and children in faraway lands;
    8. Michael Vick sincerely felt he was among the chosen by god to fulfill god’s biblical promises of canine specie cleansing;
    9. we understood that the dog strangling is not a gateway to activity to becoming a more estimable serial killer. After all the dog fighting operation which the man oversaw and whom participated in the torture and murder of defenseless animals, and then perjured himself initially before finally admitting his preoccupations does not mean we should never embrace and forgive and forgive and forgive all the innumerable times the monster ahem dabbled in his delinquencies. Understand that life time incarceration, torture, and denial of trial are reserved in this country for those alone whom the state alone has deemed offensive to itself;
    10. and finally TaTa ….the character was not hailed and embraced by a city rightly and now emphatically known as Filthadelphia.

    Beware this Philadelphia writer has been banned from the Huffington pPost and deleted from the Daily Beast.

  37. All animal lovers and anyone with a shred of decency should boycott all Eagles games. I refuse to finance Mike Vick. He should be forever barred from playing any professional sports.

    Did Mike Vick give dogs a second chance as they lay there whimpering for mercy? No, all dogs who didn’t perform well were executed in a brutal manner.
    Take a look at photos of the mercy Mike Vick showed the dogs.

    The Bible says, “You will reap what you sow” which basically means what goes around comes around. He should receive the same kind of mercy. He should stop being such a cry baby as if he is a victim and take what he has done like a man. Mike Vick will not change but find a way to continue dog fighting under the radar of officials. I say this because for years he participated in dog fighting and only stopped because he was caught. Even his own Father urged him to stop in 2001 and he refused. If a Son will not listen to his own Father, then who will he listen to?
    Boddie told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that around 2001, Vick was staging dogfights in the garage of the family’s home in Newport News and kept fighting dogs in the family’s backyard, including injured ones which the father nursed back to health. Boddie said his son had been urged to not engage in the activity, but continued. He stated: “This is Mike’s thing. And he knows it.”

    If Obama wants Mike Vick to have a second chance then let the government give it to him. Recruit him in the military so he can observe REAL men and women doing REAL work and not for the absurd amounts Mike gets for tossing a ball around.

  38. PrideOfTexas says:

    Obama should honestly stop worrying about how is college basketball brackets are doing or make congratulating phones to coaches for winning a game, when he needs to focus on fixing bigger problems. How about starting with this country?

  39. Reginald Griffin says:

    You people are very ignorant because everyone deserves a second chance and you have no right to judge a person you know nothing at all about.

  40. SickoftheBS says:

    I think it’s great he was given a chance to do what he does best and that the president thanked a man for giving him another chance in spite of all the ridicule he was going to receive for it. It had to be a hard choice knowing all the BS that was going to come with that choice. But let’s get real…these were DOGS!! They are animals that are descendants from wolves and have been used to serve man for many years in many different purposes! Attacking prey is their nature; Dogs chase, bite, scare and kill KIDS every day! 60% of all dog-bite victims are children, -fact! People go to jail for less than time Vick for killing people and some have never went to jail at all. He did 2 years for his so-called crime for these vicious animals; get over it people and move on! He is trying to be a better person, how about you work on yourself and your own hate issues!

  41. chrisdurant2000 says:

    I think part of the problem with this case is the majority of Americans are truly ignorant as to what Michael Vick actually did. So many people think this was only about dog fighting. As if dog fighting is not vicious enough, this case was about so much more.

    Michael Vick and his associates with Bad NewZ Kennels willingly and joyfully engaged in the following:
    1.) Repeating slamming a dogs body to the ground until it was dead
    2.) Bludgeoning a dog with a shovel
    3.) Drowning dogs in 5-gallon buckets of water (this took 2 -3 men)
    4.) Hanging dogs – they had a special post constructing for this
    5.) Throwing dogs into Vick’s pool and then attaching batter cables to them as they struggled to climb out
    6.) Wetting dogs down and electrocuting them
    7.) Forcibly extracting all of the (42) teeth from a “bait” dogs mouth (without any sort of anethesia) so that it could not fight back
    8.) Personally throwing two of his own family pets into the ring to be mauled and laughing as he watched.

    Another little point – Michael Vick has NEVER served one day in jail/prison for “dog fighting” or “animal cruelty”. Instead he pled out to some very weak Federal “Conspiracy” charge. This was allowed to happen when according to court documents there was hard evidence of 34 separate counts of dog fighting and animal cruelty that could have been brought agaisnt him.

    And as for the previous poster, if you seriosly that was a “hard choice” for the President to make, you really have no concept of the President’s job. While I think it was a STUPID decision, not well thought out and honestly quite inappropriate, I don’t consider it a hard choice at all. In fact, I would think that very little thought went into it at all.

    For more information on Vick’s case including great facts and links to the actual court documents, read Michael Vick was WRONGLY CONVICTED!

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