FDL: Julian Assange’s Sex Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Well, well, well. The WikiLeaks plot thickens.

FireDogLake reports:

Julian Assange, the human face of WikiLeaks, the organization that’s enabled whistle-blowers to reveal hideous war crimes and expose America’s nightmarish foreign policy to the world, looks like he was set-up for the fall by a US-funded, CIA-tied anti-Castro group.

Assange’s accuser is a Swedish woman who just happens to have been publishing her work in a well-funded, anti-Castro group, that just happens to have links with a group led by a man at least one journalist describes as an agent of the CIA: the violent secret arm of America’s foreign policy.

She also happens to have been expelled from Cuba, a nation who just happens to be a global symbol of successful defiance of American foreign policy.

Despite her work in Sweden for the human right of gender equity, in Cuba she just happened associated with a group openly supported by a CIA agent who himself who committed mass murder when he actively participated in the terrorist bombing of a jetliner carrying a Cuban sports team, in an act that was of a piece with America’s secret foreign policy of violent attacks against Cuban state interests.

This same Swedish woman just happens to have gone to Swedish authorities to report she had sex with Julian Assange sans a condom and her report that was used as for Interpol to issue a “Red Notice” informing the world’s police forces of charges against Julian Assange.

Gee, and I thought Mr. Assange had the most to worry about from the Saudis?

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25 Responses to FDL: Julian Assange’s Sex Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group

  1. Nigel Karsten says:

    Sorry but, America looks like she’s chasing the dog down the street and the dog is winning.

    The Obama administration failed to secure the data in the Wiki reveal and now they must detail with the fallout. Assange had better move to Ecuador and take up residence. He will be safe there.

  2. Randy Arroyo says:

    Assange is going to end up dead. Wait and see. We’re going to turn on cable news and they will announce, “Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange was found dead today in his London apartment. No cause of death was given.” The US government is out to destroy him and they will stop at nothing.

  3. R.J. Lawson says:

    All of this makes for a good novel, doesn’t it?

  4. Adirondacky says:

    Julian Assange has attained folk hero status now.

  5. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    I’m curious how Assange and “Anna” met? Did he pursue her or did she hit on him and leave her calling card?

    In any case, adults fuck — deal. Men and women, men and men and women and women. This is how the world goes round. Based on this piece and the supporting link, it looks to me like the CIA set Assange up and what better way to discredit him than to level a rape charge at him?

  6. Jolly Roger says:

    Well I am just shocked, I tell you! You mean a GUBMINT would make up shit just to shut up a troublemaker?

  7. TOM339 says:

    I didn’t know Interpol issued a “red alert” for an alleged sex crime between consenting adults?

    Of course Interpol probably does a lot of things when the “player” is the big and powerful USA and you’ve got people like Holder and Clinton leaning on a government to do as they’re told to do.

    This entire case reads like a Hollywood movie. I can imagine Jeremy Renner in the role of Julian Assange and Angelina Jolie as “Anna,” the murky, Swedish spy and accuser.

  8. Joe in Colorado says:

    Some guy in British Columbia called for Assange’s assassination. The far left, loony websites like Democratic Underground dismiss Assange because he’s casting Obama in a negative light, and the radical, rightwing blogs like Townhall say Assange should be charged as an “enemy combatant.” When did the truth, or revealing it become so controversial? Americans who can’t handle the truth. They’re like children after all who still want to believe in Santa Clause and Adam and Eve.

  9. feminazi says:

    Classic shoot the messenger.

  10. MichaelTAtheist says:

    Sounds like a typical US Gov’t set up to me………………. I wonder who the next Truth teller will be. This man should be getting the Daniel ELLSBERG award.

  11. Brigadoon says:

    An anti-Castro, CIA-related fuck spy? I wonder if Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson know her? I remember once reading the spook community is small and everyone knows everyone. All I can add here is, Eric Equality Kuntz is correct. What better way to smear someone — especially a man, than to accuse him of rape? This is gutter tactics at its worst.

  12. Brigadoon,

    I wondered that too. Plame and Wilson know everyone in the intelligence community and they have contacts across the globe.

    But Plame and Wilson are officially out of the business, sort to speak, so I would assume they’re not going to say anything.

  13. Rachel says:

    The USA is engaged in a game it can’t win. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has said he’s sitting on an encrypted “poison pill” cache of uncensored, sensitive documents including files on everything from BP, to Guantanamo Bay, to Bank of America and even UFO data and the effort by the American government to hide the facts. Assange warned that any government who tries to curtail his activities risks triggering a new deluge of state and commercial secrets. Obama and Co. need to let it go and move on or this neophyte president could see his administration toppled before its natural time frame expires in 2012.

  14. Harry says:

    Rachel – UFO files? Really? Well, my interested just picked up! 🙂

  15. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    The hottest spies are always tiny blondes with big tits.

    This Julian Assange guy is one lucky son-of-a-bitch if he’s getting Swedish poontang.

  16. lea-lea says:

    Bill Hussein O’Reilly — You are too funny!

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  20. carl singh says:

    keep givin dem hell wiki
    cause hell is all they deserve

  21. rebelation says:

    Interpol was created by the nazi’s, the C.I.A. Brought 50,000 nazi’s to the states (operation paperclip) for their technical (NASA) and brainwashing (MK Ultra) abilities. Now, they chase a man willing to give his life for us, by showing the world the truth. We OWE it to Mr. Assange to support him and the idea of an open society, by speaking the truth relentlessly we can help him, and ourselves. Silence is for the weak. Stop Amerikkka from becoming the 4th Reich. Please.

  22. thalis says:

    This article is a nice job. Well done.

  23. judy komlosi says:

    i kind of like what he does nothing will be hidden in that day but someone that is worrying about the morals and all the people lying maybe he need to look inside his heart why he is doing this

  24. - says:

    so fucking tired of people being sexist and getting away with it. read what actually happened and sit and think for 20 seconds about the history of misogyny in anti-imperialist and anti war struggles. im not putting my own survival second anymore, and if any man in the movement assaults me, well then fuck you, ill sue him.

  25. hotels.fr says:

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