“Dr.” Laura Schlessinger Headed to Sirius Radio

Sunday, November 28, 2010

“Dr.” Laura “gays are biological errors” Schlessinger is headed to Sirius satellite radio less than four months after she resigned from her terrestrial radio program following a racist tirade that had her gleefully uttering the word “nigger” more than 11 times that shocked even her most ardent listeners.

The Advocate reports Schlessinger will begin her show on Sirius XM January 3, three days after signing off from her current radio show.

Schlessinger apologized her use of the n word in August on Larry King Live but said she was more concerned about having her opinions.

“I want to regain my First Amendment rights,” she said on the show. “I want to be able to say what’s on my mind and in my heart and what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry, some special interest group deciding this is the time to silence a voice of dissent and attack affiliates, attack sponsors. I’m sort of done with that.”

The monstrous Schlessinger is no stranger to controversy. In 2000 activists launched StopDrLaura.com — a grassroots campaign designed to force Viacom to pull her ill-fated TV program. The advocacy was in response to her comments that gays are “biological error.” Further, she said, “a huge portion of the gay male population is predatory on young boys.”

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25 Responses to “Dr.” Laura Schlessinger Headed to Sirius Radio

  1. Freida Bee says:

    She scares the bejeezus out of me! Good luck with that Sirius. Not.

  2. Walk on Socks says:

    One good thing about this is, Schlessinger will be heard by an even smaller number of people as Sirius has a small audience to begin with.

    On Sirius, she will essentially be corralled and can do the least bit of harm with her homophobic rhetoric.

    BTW, she looks like death warmed over in that photo. If this Sirius thing doesn’t work out she can always work as an extra on “Walking Dead.” They wouldn’t have to use any make-up.

  3. feminazi says:

    Dr. Laura is ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside. Why on earth do people listen to her? I mean, she isn’t a doctor or a psychologist. But she is a radical, rightwing kook. I remember once reading she said she was “proud to follow Rush Limbaugh” on the radio line up. Go figure that one.

  4. Idaho Librul says:

    OMG! She looks like a zombie in this picture. Is it photoshopped?

    In any case, Schlessinger is less qualified to give out advice than Dear Abby.

  5. Bee says:

    I would like to round up all the Dr. Laura’s of the country (and there are a lot) and say:

    Repeat after me: ” I have the first amendment right to say any stupid thing that pops into my empty head, but everyone else has the right to tell me what a useless asshole I am.”

  6. Tiny Dancer says:

    I predict within her first month Schlessinger will have Sarah Palin on her Sirius show. These nutcases stick together.

  7. Bungy says:

    Thank-you, Bee! Exactly! I am so tired of people (usually conservative blowhards) claiming that their First Amendment rights are being taken from them when they lose their private platforms to spew from. Their idiocy is compounded by their otherwise pontificating on the virtues of the Constitution and the free market. They don’t know what is in the Constitution, and they turn on the free market when it turns on them!

    I am wondering if the conservative and bigoted radio shtick works as well on satellite radio. Isn’t that a slightly different clientele than AM radio? I guess we’ll find out.

  8. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    What an vile, nasty woman!

    I used to hear her when I was going to college and she was on KABC radio for three hours every afternoon. I couldn’t believe how rude and uninformed she was on issues and to her callers.

    Sadly, most of her callers were dumb women who seemed to need Laura’s approval on some issue like whether she should leave a cheating husband.

    Her listeners weren’t the brightest bulbs on the shelf.

  9. Nigel Karsten says:

    Dr. Laura Schlessinger? Never heard of her.

  10. R.J. Lawson says:

    She is such a nasty bitch. I’m glad she’s going to Sirius because in my income bracket I only know a couple of people who are “rich” enough to subscribe to satellite radio.

  11. Jolly Roger says:

    Sirius is all over the place. They also have Out-Q, which is great. Hopefully Dr. Laura’s winning ways will kill here there, too.

  12. okjimm says:

    don’t listen to radio much anymore…. and certainly NEVER talk radio….. I miss the Golden Age of FM from the early 70’s. But I do believe in ‘biological errors’…. I have two of them… I call them ankles. Suckers hurt every morning.

  13. lea-lea says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Dr. Laura should never leave the house without makeup, lighting and mirrors.

    What a fright!

  14. Pechanga says:

    Laura Schlessinger is proof that in American popular culture, hate sells and sadly, hate pays well.

    I’m not sure what this says about us as a nation and a people but where else in the world do you see ridiculously well-compensated hate merchants like Laura Schlessinger, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage on the TV and radio?

    To me, this is a sad comment on the USA.

  15. Harry says:

    Pechanga is correct. Hate pays and pays well.

  16. Vivzzz says:

    This ugly cunt really looks like a character from AMC’s “Walking Dead.” I think Idaho Librul nailed it perfectly. I hadn’t moved to the USA when she was a force on the radio but from all I’ve been told, Dr. Laura isn’t fit to be on radio, TV or star in bad white trash MILF porn.

  17. Mets Fan says:

    “Dr. Laura isn’t fit to be on radio, TV or star in bad white trash MILF porn.”

    White trash MILF porn? ROFLMAO!

    Well, it just goes to show you there’s a niche for every taste!

  18. Hopefully truth matters….I never, ever called homosexuals biological errors. I talked only about the inability to relate sexually/intimately to the opposite sex. It is my understanding that gay activists have always said that homosexuality was biological and therefore not a moral issue. What I said coincided with gay activists. There is no hate coming from me…only directed at me. Hope you will all listen on Sirius and form your own opinions instead of following propaganda from politically based organizations. Warmly, drl

  19. Dear Ms. Schlessinger,

    I couldn’t agree more. Truth matters and so do words, as well as taking responsibility for your comments. In your own words:

    “I’m sorry, hear it one more time perfectly clearly: If you’re gay or a lesbian, it’s a biological error that inhibits you from relating normally to the opposite sex. The fact that you are intelligent, creative and valuable is all true. The error is in your inability to relate sexually intimately, in a loving way to a member of the opposite sex ­ it is a biological error.” – Dr. Laura’s Website, December 8, 1998

    ”[Responding to a fax, Schlessinger says:] “It goes on and says ‘Pedophilia and child molestation have zero to do with being gay, homosexual orientation’ and that’s not true. That is not true. How many letters have I read on the air from gay men who acknowledge that a huge portion of the male homosexual populace is predatory on young boys.” – Dr. Laura radio show, August 13, 1999 (quoted by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC)

    “Her claim that pedophilia is more common among gay men than straights has gotten Dr. Laura in the most trouble. [Dr. Laura spokeswoman Keven] Bellows tries to say that her boss’s comments on pedophilia have been taken out of context. ‘Of course the vast majority of pedophiles are heterosexual, she knows that,’ Bellows says. Then she repeats the charge. ‘All she said was that gay men are more likely to be pedophiles, and I think that’s true,’ she says. Why does she think it’s true? ‘Most of what we know about the gay population,’ Bellows explains, ‘is from the audience, a number of whom are gay.’ And they’re telling Dr. Laura that they are pedophiles? ‘Well, we’re not talking 8-year-olds,’ she says. When asked, then, how old she thinks boys are that gay men are having sex with, she replies, ‘Oh, I don’t know, 14 maybe, or 15.’ ‘Trust me,’ she says later. ‘These radical gay activists don’t want to talk about pedophilia.’ “- June 20, 2000, Salon.com

    “What I did say is that when an individual is not so drawn to a member of the opposite sex, in biology that’s some kind of error.” – Dr. Laura, on her radio show, August 15, 2000

    “Political activists have successfully repositioned sexual deviancy as a constitutionally protected ‘lifestyle’ equivalent in every way to heterosexuality. This is not about discrimination against homosexuals.” – “Parenthood by Proxy,” a book by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, released summer 2000 (quoted by USA Today).

    ” ‘Not being able to relate normally to a member of the opposite sex is some kind of error,’ [Schlessinger] says. ‘I do not see that as insulting at all. It is a statement of biological fact.’ .’I regret that my words were taken out of context, distorted and lied about so people were hurt from the lies,’ she says.” – NY Post, 6/25/00.

    “When we have the word homosexual, we are clarifying the dysfunction, the deviancy, the reality. We change it to the word gay, it makes it more difficult to pinpoint the truth. So one of the things that the homosexual agenda did was to change the name. Just like somebody complained to me yesterday about ethnic cleansing, that it sounds like washing machine as opposed to murder. They were right. Ethnic cleansing sounds nice. Murder is the truth, homosexuality is the truth. Gay isn’t.” – Dr. Laura’s radio show, August 13, 1999 (quoted by CBSC)

    “I call homosexual practices deviant”. – Dr. Laura quoted by the New York Post, 2/16/00

    “The gay culture? I’m trying to understand, what is that? I remember the 70s and 80s that the line was that this is only about sex, it’s not about anything else, right? So what’s the gay culture? Is that where we get into the promiscuity and the pedophilia? Or are these just regulation human beings, who somehow have an error in their sexual orientation but otherwise are seriously regulation human beings? I’m confused. First I’m told for 20 years that it’s only about sex. Now I’m told it’s a whole culture. So what’s in the culture? What is it? If it’s just about sex, then the culture must only be about sex. Otherwise you’re American culture. But listen to this. ‘They presented a slide show, Friday, during the school’s popular culture assembly which also features dances from Polynesian, African and Latin countries.’ That’s culture. Sexual deviations are not culture. They’re sexual deviations.” – Dr. Laura radio show, April 16, 1999 (quoted by CBSC)

    “Well, according to Dr. Aarden VanWeg [ph.], an expert in homosexuality and other forms of deviant sexual behavior in Holland, that although numerically there are more paedophiles that are heterosexual, percentage wise in a population, it is much greater in the homosexual community. So there is some relationship. No, not every homosexual is a paedophile. Obviously not. But it is a greater percentage, much greater.”- Dr. Laura radio show, June 10, 1999 (quoted by CBSC).

    [Explaining the use of the term ‘gay’.] “One of the first things you do is rename behaviors or what have you. Once you rename it… It’s like in Vietnam, I remember quite clearly. Instead of calling them North Vietnamese, South Vietnamese, Communist or what have you, they started calling the Vietnamese agents gooks. One of the reasons you call them gooks is because it’s easy to kill a gook, harder to kill a person. So in changing the name of the thing, it changes how we perceive it and how we can behave toward it. When we have the word homosexual, we are clarifying the dysfunction, the deviancy, the reality.” – Dr. Laura radio show, August 13, 1999 (quoted by CBSC)

    “Please, this is not about civil rights ’cause I would be the first one in the front of that line and I’m here to tell you that right now. I’d be the first one in the front of that line. But this is about taking a deviant behaviour, a dysfunctional behavior, normalizing, sexualizing our kids.”

    “You know what was largely responsible for that guy’s [Matthew Shepard’s] death? Those two guys who killed him did not go out looking for a homosexual to kill that night. They were shooting pool. He went to the bar. He left with two guys he thought he was gonna have sex with. He got murdered. How many women has that happened to? How many women have left bars thinking they were gonna get some action with some guy who raped and murdered and tortured and murdered them? Far more women than homosexual men have ended up dead that way, I would guess. Is that a hate crime against women? I think so but they specifically picked the woman who was willing to leave for sex. If Matthew hadn’t been willing to leave for sex, he might still be alive. That certainly doesn’t make him responsible for his own death but when you put yourself into a situation of going off to have anonymous sex with people you meet at a bar, what kind of person is gonna leave with you? Usually scum…. This was a terrible tragedy but it’s also one that might have been avoided if he had simply gone home with his friends instead of thinking he was gonna get a little.” – Dr. Laura radio show, April 16, 1999 (quoted by CBSC).

    So there you have it. Your words, thoughts and point of view, quoted and source cited.

    I’m a gay man. However, I am not: a biological error, not a deviant, a pedohile, nor am I predatory with children and I have no trouble relating to members of the opposite sex.

    We can have this discussion all day but quite frankly my dear, I’m very busy and I don’t have the time, interest or energy to dance this dance with you.


    Christopher di Spirito
    Editor, Owner and Blogger

  20. DMason says:


    Great response to Dr. Laura or whoever is pretending to be her.

  21. lea-lea says:

    When Sirius launched people were so thrilled.

    But people like Laura Schlessinger will be the death of the satellite radio network where every media racist and homophobe run for safe harbor. Who needs to pay a subscription fee to hear the garbage you can hear in any high school boy’s locker room? Not me!

  22. Margie Ward says:

    I’ve listened to Laura Schlessinger for many years, and I’m glad she’s going off regular radio. On the matters of family, marriage, children and relationships I think she’s point on which is her expertise and the only thing she should be commenting on. But anything else is her opinion and should be taken as such. I heard the controversal call and I also knew how it would go complete with her using the “N” word which she didn’t even have enough class to use the N term rather than use the word itself, which was a choice she made. I didn’t find the apology genuine….don’t accept it and after her show ends I will never listen to her again ….with that call I found her to be exclusive instead of inclusive, combative instead of helping with a genuine concern. No one should tolerate being the butt of some one’s wise ass cracks about thier race as this woman experienced with her husband’s friends.

    To call a Black person “hyper-sensitive” to me is an oxy-moron. My age and my personal experiences really dictate how hyper-sensitive I am. I don’t really care about other minorities or Jewish people just being honest…..but I make it my responsibility to know, learn and continue to learn about Jewish people and the Holocaust experience and minorities who have experience injustice and cruelty at the hand of people who think they are better than another race of people.

    You can never forget just how inhumane some people were to other human beings and I find there is always a different twist or hurt or horror I didn’t know. She often speaks about experiences of which she knows nothing about and thinks just because her experience was of an Jewish Italian girl growing up with some minor bullying doesn’t make you an expert on the African American experience or any other minorities experience nor does the Black driver/bodyguard you employ, or that comedians/rappers using the “N” word give you the right or the right to infer that Black people should not be so sensitive because a certain demographic of people that use the “N” word for a joke or a song so that should make us tolerant of the word being used that thought process alone is IGNORANT!!!.

    I now find her offensive with dealing with some, contradictory on some of the advice she gives depending on if it is a woman complaining about a husband or a husband complaining about a wife, I find her moving into the out of touch place that I see people experience once they start getting into the elderly stage and I don’t think it will play out too well in the future for her unless she stops trying to relate experiences to “back in her day”. As the years have gone by I find most of her “Show” negative with very little promoting positivity. I find she has to make a point of labeling whether it be the “unpaid whore” or some other equally demeaning thing to get her point across whether it helps or not. So I’m done and I’m glad that she wont have as big a forum as she once had.

  23. Jean Gardner says:

    I listened to Dr. Laura off and on for many years (try 21 years) and did not always agree with her statements, but I listened and learned. After I heard how she constantly told callers to drop all contact with their “angry” parents as she had with her mother…I still listened…after she constantly degraded President Obama (I voted for him and I am proud of it)…I listened…even after her latest rant with the “N” word (I lost a lot of respect for her)…but I still listened. Now it is time for Dr. Laura to listen: “I have no plans to spend my hard earned money to subscribe to a radio program…just to hear you spew hatred against gays, the President, parents, or blacks (I am black).” Sorry the others have been so mean about your photo…cruelty in any form is wrong…but many are correct in saying, beauty shines from within.

  24. Glen says:

    All I can say is this photo above shows the hate and anger inside of her. I am NOT saying this to be mean,just an observation. She must not be a happy woman in her personal life. But I think she has been incredibly angry and hateful to a good portion of her callers for many years. I remember when a news anchor,or someone high up on one of the channels was interviewing her, she even treated HIM like he was one of her callers! This interview was about WHY she was leaving the regular radio stations. She just does not understand how mean spirited,condensending,insulting and NASTY she is! Her callers never did ANYTHING to her. So WHY the HATRED and ANGER “Dr.” Laura?

  25. puddle says:

    she needs plastic surgery very badly, I have listened to her and she is an awful person, with a very fake laugh and when she uses her falsetto voice she sounds like a moron. I heard her tell someone that her daughter should not have sex until she is married. What is this the victorian age!! I don’t understand how she is on the radio at all, there are so many that would do a much better job, anyone for that matter!

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