Breast Cancer Survivor Forced to Remove Prosthetic Breast by Aggressive TSA Agents

Friday, November 19, 2010

A North Carolina flight attendant and breast cancer survivor says she was forced to remove her prosthetic breast during an airport groping by a pair of aggressive TSA agents.

Cathy Bossi lives in south Charlotte, NC.  She has been a flight attendant for the past 32 years, working for U.S. Airways the past 28 years.

Bossi told WBTV News she was walking through security when she says she was asked to go through the new full body-scanners at Concourse “D” at Charlotte Douglas International.

She reluctantly agreed.  As a 3-year breast cancer survivor she says she didn’t want the added radiation through her body.

“The T.S.A. Agent told me to put my I.D. on my back,” she says.  “When I got out of there she said because my I.D. was on my back, I had to go to a personal screening area.”

She says two female Charlotte T.S.A. agents took her to a private room and began what she calls an aggressive pat down.  She says they stopped when they got around to feeling her right breast where she’d had surgery.

“She put her full hand on my breast and said, ‘What is this?’.  And I said, ‘It’s my prosthesis because I’ve had breast cancer.’ And she said, ‘Well, you’ll need to show me that’.”

Cathy was asked to show her prosthetic breast, removing it from her bra.

“I did not take the name of the person at the time because it was just so horrific of an experience, I couldn’t believe someone had done that to me.  I’m a flight attendant.  I was just trying to get to work.”

Since then, Cathy has contacted the Legislative Affairs Team, a group through the flight attendant union.  She says she wants to see a crackdown on these personal pat downs.

“There are blowers and there are dogs out there that can sniff out bombs,” she says.  “There’s no reason to have somebody’s hands touching your body parts.”

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15 Responses to Breast Cancer Survivor Forced to Remove Prosthetic Breast by Aggressive TSA Agents

  1. What’s wrong with this? Who’s to say ingenious terrorists don’t purposely get various forms of cancer in order to conceal explosives? Safety first!

  2. Rachel says:

    The poor woman. She survived breast cancer only to be humiliated by some TSA bitch who obviously enjoyed her power over the flight attendant. I hope Ms. Bossi sues the TSA and everyone on staff the day this happened. Mark my words, the day is coming when a TSA agent will either be beaten or worse.

  3. MichaelTAtheist says:

    This is unacceptable… but it’s our own fault! If we had Nuked Mecca ten years ago and Afghanistan, where we knew Osama Bin Laden was hiding, we wouldn’t be having this problem now. We’re spending more than 800 billion dollars a year for defense, more than the entire rest of the World put together, yet we’re defenseless What a strange world we live in……

  4. BamaGuy says:

    This is disgusting. The TSA must be stopped. It is sheer insanity that American citizens are being assaulted by poorly trained fools, this kind of pat down is only legal if you are being checked into jail and suspected of carrying a firearm. This woman did NOT set off an alarm and there was no reason for this physical assault and humiliation. RESIST or we are headed towards a total police state in the USA

  5. Peace Nick says:

    Appalling. Too bad this brave woman didn’t kick the TSA agent’s ass.

    Obama and Jan Nap are well aware of this grievous Constitutional violations and they’re so arrogant that they refuse to reign in the TSA. If this woman were my sister or mother or wife, I would urge her to bring a massive law suit against the TSA.

  6. Harry says:

    This is a ridiculous TSA policy and it needs to stop.

  7. joost says:

    So when did airline pilots, co-pilots and flight attendants become potential threats? When I fly (something I try to avoid nowadays thanks to bullshit like this), I look at the airline staff as professionals and they make me feel safe. To think two little bitches wearing a TSA uniforms could so inhumanly treat a breast cancer survivor and an airline professional makes my blood boil. I’m beginning to hate my country a little more each day.

  8. Kate Novotny says:

    Aren’t there any lawyers in Charlotte, NC? This case of TSA overreach has law suit written all over it. The flying public must push back hard against this nonsense. We are not the problem. We are not terrorists. I am sick and tired of the government treating us like we’re the bad guys.

  9. Randy Arroyo says:

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Fuck you, TSA freaks.

  10. lea-lea says:

    This makes me spittin’ mad.

    As a woman I am outraged at the TSA. The flight attendant should hire a team of lawyers and go after the TSA. The agents should be fired and the policy changed. It’s difficult enough to survive breast cancer but to be treated like a common thug by these morons?

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  12. Brigadoon says:

    Can’t add much. I feel so sorry for this Cathy Bossi. She was kicked in the chops by breast cancer and then again by the TSA. No one deserves to be treated so badly. I too hope she hires a lawyer. Maybe the Flight Attendants union can help her? All I know is if I were a woman and a breast cancer survivor and this happened to me, I would have beat the TSA agent in the face with my fist.

  13. okjimm says:

    I can’t get through an airport scanner……. I have a ‘lead belly’, steely courage, heart of gold, mercurial behavior, tein ear and a head full of spare change.

  14. Tammy says:

    Out of all the stories about the TSA at this time, this is the topper for me. How awful for this woman!

  15. wfir says:

    Stop flying. That’s the only language these people understand. I completely feel like yelling,screaming and even worse at these people. But all that’ll do is get us in more trouble. However, when you hit their wallet, that’ll hurt bad! So, I cancelled my plans for vacation in January,instead I’ll stay local and drive to where I’m going. I recommend everybody looking at this page do the same. Then if we each tell 2-3 other people, and they in turn do the same, this issue will be solved soon. As for the poor flight attendant, there are plenty of lawyers on the web…

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