Why is This Ohio GOP House Candidate Dressed in Nazi Drag?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Please meet Rich Iott. He’s the Republican nominee for Congress from Ohio’s 9th District and a Tea Party darling. So why is this clown sporting Nazi drag?

According to The Atlantic, Iott regularly wears a German Waffen SS uniform and participates in Nazi re-enactments.

Iott, whose district is in NW Ohio, is involved with a group that calls itself Wiking, and its members are devoted to re-enacting exploits of an actual Nazi division, the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking, which fought mainly on the Eastern Front during World War II.

His campaign’s website fails to mention his peculiar fetish. I wonder why?

The Atlantic contacted Iott who confirmed his involvement with the group. He claims his interest in Nazi Germany is historical in nature and he doesn’t consider himself to be a Nazi. “No, absolutely not,” he said. “In fact, there’s a disclaimer on the [Wiking] website. And you’ll find that on almost any reenactment website. It’s purely historical interest in World War II.”

But it gets even stranger. Iott participated in the group under his own name but also, under the alias “Reinhard Pferdmann,” which Iott described as being his German alter ego. “Part of the reenactor’s [experience],” Iott said, “is the living-history part, of really trying to get into the persona of the time period. In many, not just in our unit, but in many units what individuals do is create this person largely based on a Germanized version of their name, and a history kind of based around your own real experiences. ‘Reinhard’ of course is ‘Richard’ in German. And ‘Pferdmann,’ ‘pferd’ is a horse. So it’s literally ‘horse man.'”

Seriously? Horse man? Is Iott referring to a part of his male anatomy? In any case, this is one House race this blog will be watching closely. Let’s hope when the voters of NW Ohio go to the polls, they reject Reinhard Pferdmann Rich Iott and his Nazi-loving ways.

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33 Responses to Why is This Ohio GOP House Candidate Dressed in Nazi Drag?

  1. Pechanga says:

    Iott participated in the group under his own name but also, under the alias “Reinhard Pferdmann,” which Iott described as being his German alter ego.

    Is this what Iott does Friday night? Play Nazi dress up with the boys?

    Are Saturday nights are reserved for KKK play?

  2. Vivzzz says:

    Does the activity culminate with ejaculation? 😉

  3. R.J. says:

    Historical reenactment. Uh huh. I’m sure that’s all the Tea Partiers are interested in as well.

  4. Mets Fan says:

    Remember David Duke?

    He was a real Grand Wizard and Louisiana embraced him like Gandhi. I am not knowledgeable about Ohio so maybe it’s the same?

  5. Common Sense says:

    Interesting… The founders of eugenics (the left) criticizing someone for doing a re-enactment. How surprising.
    Keep putting up Planned Parenthood’s in minority neighborhoods and pointing fingers to the right.
    The left only wants to kill you if you’re Black, Hispanic, Jewish, or Sicilian. If you don’t believe me do some research on Margaret Sanger, a hero for women of the left. You can find pictures of her at a “REAL” clan meeting.
    I’m sure everyone misses Robert Byrd, such a “pillar of the senate”, or “respected voice of the senate” as lefties put it… Leaving out his fillibuster of the civil rights act of 1964. He personally recruited 150+ members to the KKK.

    I suppose if any of you were watching a civil war re-enactment you would yell “racist” at anyone wearing a gray uniform. Do some research before making blind accusations.

    Would you rather see a person in office who plays a bad guy or someone who is a villain in real life?

  6. feminazi says:

    Commonsense – Interesting, indeed. As a Jewish woman, very much “on the left,” liberal from head to toe, and I find your defense of this character both childish and offensive. But then again, members of the Tea Party, also embrace the likes of Sarah Palin as their queen and push the Birther nonsense. Maybe you should change your screen name to Nonsense, as it would make much more “sense.”

  7. stradella says:

    Some people are just born to be Nazis.

    Whenever I hear the Teabaggers shriek “We want our country back!” it really translates to mean:”We want a white president in the White House!”

    The Teabaggers are mostly older, broken down whites, angry at the growing multiculturalism that is becoming the majority in the USA. They long for a return of the plantations and minorities returned to just that that: minority status.

  8. IOtt is the tip of the iceberg. the entire teabag movement is fascism with a herbal flavor…..

    of course people will still vote for him – because he is the ‘fun’ candidate – like other complete nutcases in the GOP

  9. Matteo says:

    I found this in the Washington Post. Not everyone is buying the father/son bonding thing and the voters of Ohio shouldn’t either.


    The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants, which represents about 80,000 families, said Iott’s “failure to apologize is particularly shameful and desecrates the memory of all victims of the Nazis, Jew and non-Jew.”

  10. Joe in Colorado says:

    When I wanted to bond with my father, I went golfing with him. Golfing ranks is the most dull and boring activities in the world but, I went anyway because my papa was getting older and I wanted to spend time with him while I still had the chance. Maybe I’m the one who needs a shrink but dressing up as Nazis with my father didn’t occur to me.

  11. Rachel says:

    A plaid skirt, white knee-high socks, and black shoes? Do they go out to the Mall dressed like this or prance around in the safety of Rich Iott’s basement? BTW, I love the tacky, gold wallpaper. Looks like Holiday Inn, circa’ 1971.

  12. VicoDANIEL says:

    Harmless father/son, male bonding activities my ass.

    The Atlantic piece correctly points out that the real Wiking unit had a grisly part in other Nazi divisions. In her book “The Death Marches of Hungarian Jews Through Austria in the Spring of 1945,” Eleonore Lappin, the noted Austrian historian, writes that “soldiers from the Wiking division were involved in the killing of Hungarian Jews in March and April 1945, before surrendering to American forces in Austria.”

    Prof. Rob Citino, of the Military History Center at the University of North Texas, who examined the Wiking website writes, “What you often hear is that the [Wiking] division was never formally accused of anything, but that’s kind of a dodge. The entire German war effort in the East was a racial crusade to rid the world of ‘subhumans,’ Slavs were going to be enslaved in numbers of tens of millions. And of course the multimillion Jewish population of Eastern Europe was going to be exterminated altogether. That’s what all these folks were doing in the East. It sends a shiver up my spine to think that people want to dress up and play SS on the weekend.”

    So in conclusion, there are two ways to look at the antics of Richard Iott. Either the Tea Party of Ohio is ignorant of history, or, they agree with what the Wiking stood for. Which is it, Ohio Tea Party?

  13. Brigadoon says:

    Common Sense – Nice try. But this post isn’t about choice, or Robert Byrd, or neutral, gray suits. This post is about a Teabagger candidate, dressed as a Nazi. Critical thinking skills. Try using them next time or else you will look even more stupid than you already do.

  14. Stephan Iversonn says:

    The Nazis believed Jews were the greatest threat to the Aryan (white) race and the German nation. They saw Jews a parasitic race that attached itself to various ideologies to secure its self-preservation, such as:

    Parliamentary politics
    Trade unionism

    The economic parallels between pre-WWII Germany and the USA recession, circa 2007 to present are strikingly similar. Nationalism is usually linked to dire economic conditions. President Obama failed to see why focusing on jobs and the economy was far more crucial in his first year than healthcare reform.

    The Nazi perception of the Jews, based upon the anti-Semitic The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, emphasized physical and racial beliefs. The Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said: “The Jew is the enemy and destroyer of the purity of blood, the conscious destroyer of our race.” The Tea Party and its hatred of President Obama is clearly race-based and evidence of this is found in the signs and the placards carried at Tea Party events, and the rather insane insistence that President Obama is “different” and foreign-born, possibly Indonesia or Kenya, despite evidence proving he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    Also, the Nazis held a deep, unwavering hatred for gay and lesbian Germans. In the decade before WWII, Berlin had a large and thriving gay presence with bars, clubs, and restaurants. But when Ernst Rohm, proved to be a politically-viable challenger to Hitler’s leadership of the Nazi Party, Hitler ordered him assassinated in 1934, along with other Nazi political opponents. This purge became known as the Night of the Long Knives. Ultimately, as many as 500,000 gay and lesbian Germans were killed at the hands of the Nazis.

    Isn’t it interesting that South Carolina Republican Rep. Jim DeMint recently said on the record that gay Americans should not be allowed to teach in public schools? DeMint is also a Tea Party favorite. You can draw your own conclusions.

    So I am not the least bit surprised to see the rise of a Nazi-dressed, Tea Party favorite named Rich Iott in Ohio. in 2010, the USA is at a cross-roads. If the economy doesn’t improve and jobs are created, I think it is entirely possible, perhaps inevitable, that we will see rise a Third Part, AKA, a Third Position echoing Hitler’s Germany.

  15. TOM339 says:

    All I know is, if I said to one of my kids, “Let’s dress up like Nazis and spend some quality time together,” I can guarantee they would look at me and say, “Dad, have you lost your mind?”

    I just don’t see how quality time with your children is achieved by dressing up like SS officers.

  16. Woodcliffe says:

    The fringe looks attractive to people who feel they’ve been abandoned by their government.

    I have grave concerns about the survival of the USA as unemployment gets worse and the Obama administration is clueless about how to create jobs, preferring to instead focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    We will not survive as a nation without a vibrant middle class. Why can’t this president see this?

  17. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    “Does the activity culminate with ejaculation?”

    I wondered the samething, Vivzzz.

    If so, this takes father/son bonding to a whole, new level. I wonder if a reality TV show is in the works?

  18. Estacada says:

    So Rich Iott is a weekend Nazi?

    I’m trying to understand how this is different from a 24/7 Nazi? You know what they say: Nazi garb is a gateway costume — once you start, you can’t stop. If he’s elected to the Congress, will he wear this swag to Capitol Hill?

  19. Tiny Dancer says:

    Do I notice a strong anti-Nazi bias in these comments?

    What’s wrong with embracing an extremist group who slaughtered 6.5 million Jews and 350,000 gays? You damned Liberals. What’s wrong with you? (snark)

  20. Gleneagle says:

    I guess I’m getting old. Back in my day, father/son bonding meant joining the Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts, or Little League. Now, it’s Nazi dress up. How far we have sunk.

  21. Harry says:

    There’s a joke here: Teabaggers, Nazis, Ohio, fathers and sons. I know there’s a joke in here! Help me out!

  22. Shayne K. says:

    What says family values more than Nazi drag?

  23. lea-lea says:


    I only know one. It’s not very good but, it goes like this.

    Q: How did Hitler tie his shoes?
    A: In little Nazis

  24. Greg Equality Lengkong says:

    Have we heard from any Republican members of Congress who happen to be Jewish, like Eric Cantor, weighed in on Rich Iott’s funtime Nazi spree?

    I guess they’re afraid to open their cakeholes.

    Maybe this is just part and parcel of the Teabagger’s Big Tent that we keep hearing about? Nazis this week. KKK next week?

  25. Chad Lebanon says:

    Perhaps Rich Iott is just ignorant of the facts?

    The U.S. was at war against Hitler’s Germany in WWII as was much of the world. Fascism threatened to overtake the planet, and the nations of Europe fell like dominoes to Hitler’s superior military prowess.

    As a male, I can understand reenacting WWII from the U.S. point of view but what I don’t understand is the need or desire to reenact WWII from the standpoint of Hitler’s Germany? The U.S. suffered terrible casualties in WWII. Does Mr. Iott harbor a fantasy he could have served Adolf Hitler and his quest for global domination?

    All the more reason why the Tea Party can’t be let near the halls of power in Washington DC. These people are nuttier than the Republicans.

  26. Adirondacky says:

    I heard about this guy on Bill Maher’s program. I just couldn’t believe a father would play Nazi with his son and call it bonding time. Whatever happened to bike rides, building model airplanes or going to baseball games? Too pedestrian nowadays?

  27. Rinaldo says:

    In defense of historical re-enactors, I must point out that they do not necessarily endorse the philosophy of the role they are playing. Many movie actors have played nazis (think of Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s list), and that does not make them nazis. In a re-enactment, or in a movie, or in a play, someone has to play the bad guy! I did a little research and found that Iott has played other roles besides nazi ss soldier. Of course, historical re-enactors like Iott are not professional actors, they are amateurs.

    HOWEVER, having said all that … I do agree that this puts Iott in a very bad position and will help defeat him. This is one house seat that won’t change hands!

  28. Melhael says:

    In any case, if I had any political ambitions, I would refrain from donning Nazi outfits. I would dress as the good guys. Then again, I guess it depends whose votes you’re after…

    I’ve got a very warm RAF long coat in my closet. If he wants, he can borrow it.

  29. Jolly Roger says:

    At least THIS one is honest about what he believes.

  30. Infidel753 says:

    Should have been Pferdarsch (horse’s ass).

    A lot of teabaggers seem to be into historical re-enactment. Rand Paul wants to re-enact the Jim Crow era, at least in the private sector. Most of the rest of them want to re-enact the book of Leviticus, and Constitutional rights be damned.

    Of course, they want to force these re-enactments on everyone else in the country whether they like it or not, but that’s just part of the realism — the original bigots and theocrats (and Nazis) forced their ideas on whole societies too.

  31. Jim says:

    Perhaps they’ll next reenact slaughtering Jews. What a lovely bunch.

  32. While I appreciate it if people show an interest in my country’s history, I suggest a visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington as more appropriate for a “father-son bonding thing”. It might require more intellectual preparation, but you are sure to learn a lot and have a lot to think and talk about. And if you are so fanatical about Germany that you want an original German guide, Mr Iott, I’d be happy to give you and your son a tour: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2010/10/19/how-about-some-waffen-ss-on-the-weekend-son/

  33. mckinsey says:

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