How Many More Teenagers Must Die?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

So far this year, nine American teenagers have committed suicide. The epidemic of bullying sweeping America has a single underlying theme: homophobia.

I am furious at parents for failing to teach their children the difference between right and wrong. No teenager deserves to be tortured to death for being gay or lesbian. The roots of homophobia begin at home and often, are justified with the Bible.


The following nine teenagers have taken their lives so far this year.

Tyler Clementi (age 18) September 22, 2010. New Jersey
Billy Lucas (age 15) September 9, 2010. Indiana
Cody J. Barker (age 17) September 13, 2010. Wisconsin
Seth Walsh (age 13) September 19, 2010. California
Asher Brown (age 13) September 23, 2010. Texas
Harrison Chase Brown (age 15) September, 25 2010. Colorado
Raymond Chase (age 19) September 29, 2010. Rhode Island
Caleb Nolt (age 14) September 30, 2010. Indiana
Felix Sacco (age 17) September 29, 2010. Massachusetts

Please, America. Bullying is not a joke and it needs to stop. In time, bullying may lead to depression, drug addiction, and even death.

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17 Responses to How Many More Teenagers Must Die?

  1. Big Hank says:

    I don’t know what to say.

    As a parent, I can’t imagine my kids committing suicide because they were repeatedly harassed and taunted for who they are. This is shocking and I am really angry to learn how bad it’s gotten.

  2. Melhael says:

    Plus all the kids we never hear about…

    Twenty years ago my name could have ended up on a list like this one. The only thing that kept me alive is the knowledge that, one day, high school would end things would get better.

    It did, eventually. And it did get better.

  3. Rachel says:

    My heart breaks reading this. I would like to see “America’s first Black president” tape an anti-bullying PSA and all the networks carry it and schools show it on the first day of school. I know Mr. Obama is busy campaigning for at-risk Dumbos but America’s kids are at risk too.

  4. Jim says:

    Well done! Schools should all have a policy in place to deal with bullying. No one should be afraid at school, much less tortured.

  5. Liberality says:

    I notice that two of them came from Indiana which doesn’t surprise me at all. I am outraged by the bullying and it must stop.

  6. Brigadoon says:

    Democratic Sen. Lautenberg is introducing a bill that will require a uniform approach to bullying in schools and universities if they receive federal student aide. This would force the hand of schools reluctant to do what’s right and protect the students from hooligans.

  7. Peace Nick says:

    The parents must sue the school, the administrators, and the district.

    Legal action is what lights the fuse under these cowardly assholes in the Ivory Towers who stood by and allowed these innocents to die.

  8. Scott Dancer says:

    Once again Christopher, your timing was perfect.

    Let us also remember that on the night of October 6-7, 1998, Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old student at the University of Wyoming who was tortured and murdered near Laramie, Wyoming.

    He was attacked and later died from his injuries at the Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, CO, from blunt force head injuries.

    When his attackers stood trial, witnesses stated that Shepard was targeted because he was gay. He was murdered for being gay..

    Matthew Shepard’s murder brought national and international attention to the issue of hate crimes legislation at both the state and federal levels.

    Yet, all these years later, American youth are being hounded to death for the crime of being gay.

  9. DMason says:

    Peace Nick is correct Where were the parents? Why didn’t they hire legal representation and bring a lawsuit against the school? Trust me, if it were my son or daughter, I would make it my life’s work to punish everyone involved.

  10. Vivzzz says:

    Americans put up with too much bullshit. I don’t know why you overlook things like allowing the schools to not protect your children. Do you not pay property taxes to fund the school system? It is reasonable to send your children to school and know they are safe.

  11. fran says:

    The bullying is a serious matter no doubt, but seriously we have to look at the bigger picture in our society. What makes these bullies so bold?
    What fuels & fans their flames?
    Is it they look around & see the Military doing the same kind of bullying? Do they see state after state voting against equal rights for gay marriage?
    Discrimination is seen on every level.
    It is tragic that for these kids named (and others unknown), that our nation is so openly hostile in discriminating & denying equal rights, they wind up feeling they would rather be dead than outed?

    Sure there will be cruel bullying, and yes tolerance & diversity should be a required course at every level of education– but it is not just the bullies at the school level. This is a nationwide issue, the bullying kids get the green light by seeing how we as a country openly discriminate & uncork that kind of hatred & venom.

  12. Girl says:

    This is not an issue just in America. But all around the world. I live in Europe and have been bullied and hurt by it in almost every school I went to. This is a big social issue in our society. The shools are useless in these cases co they don’t do shit about it! And when other kids see what’s happening well they don’t want to get involved The problem is everywhere. And it’s not just about the gays But being different for the kid in general I guess. Btw i am 17 female in college now Switerland and still being bullied The weirdest thing: I am actually attractive.

  13. Seabec says:

    We’ve become a xenophobic nation of homophobes and bigots.

    I blame Bush’s “war on terrorism,” and the “stranger danger” mentality. We’ve been programmed to fear people who we think could be “different” from us. The difference could be sexual and/or affection orientation or religion or even language.

    This isn’t America. This is Americans who have let themselves be brainwashed.

  14. okjimm says:

    …. and it isn’t just gay kids that get bullied. Back in HS I remember a little quiet kid who some fucking bozos thought it was fun to pick on. One day I told a acouple of the them to knock it off. response? “Yeah, make me!” I took two steps at the guys before I realized there were three other guys walking forward WITH me! It ended. WE all have to walk together.

    Keep the faith.

  15. between the media’s complete ignoring of this horrendous epidemic and parent’s indirect (or often direct) encouragement of this kind of behavior (how many of those christian fundamentalist families do you think actually tell their kids to NOT harass or bully gay or minority kids – NONE)

    this problem is going to get worse – much worse. next step will kids bringing weapons to school to get rid of those they consider different or inferior – oops they already do that

  16. Brigadoon says:

    The issue of bullying is so disturbing. And while I’m at it, just where is our ‘fiercest advocate?” Is all 145lbs. of him hiding behind Michelle in the White House? He needs to get his ass out in front of this issue, tape an anti-bullying PSA immediately. Allegedly, Obama is the leader of all 310 million Americans, even the gay, teenage Americans. This president is such a wuss.

  17. guy jesse says:

    I tried to kill myself when I was 9 because of bullying. 9 years old, and I was contemplating suicide. I still remember the name of the bully who brought me to that state. I also remember the (private boarding) school’s response; “as your son’s grades were only the 3rd highest in his class, we cannot accept him as a student for next year.” So only the top 2 students went to the next grade? Bull sheet! Easier to kick me out of school than the bully. As for the school–St. John’s Ravenscourt; let’s name names–last year 3 of its senior students molested 20 of the younger students, shoving broomsticks up rectums and threatening to kill the targets if they talked. It “ended’ when one teacher went public with what was happening. St. John’s Ravenscourt took immediate action; as all 3 of the bullies were from abroad and under 18, they were hustled out of the school and back to their own countries. Way to go SJR!–circle those wagons, cover your ass(ets), protect your image instead of your students!

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