Hillary is 45?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

With two years until the next presidential election, a new GALLUP Poll suggests if Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton were to challenge President Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2012, currently, she would have the support of 37% of Democrats nationally, while 52% would still support Obama.


Democrats and Democratic Leaners' Preferences for 2012 Democratic Presidential Nominee, September 2010

If Hillary Clinton decides to challenge President Obama in 2012, she finds herself in a unique position. HillPAC, Ms. Clinton’s political action committee is still operational and accepting donations. Clinton remains wildly popular in the U.S. and abroad and, she’s built a resume of solid accomplishments apart from being the wife of a former U.S. president including a two-term U.S. senator from New York, and current U.S. Secretary of State.

After nearly two years of Barack Obama flailing about as president, Hillary Clinton is looking more attractive to me with each passing day.

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16 Responses to Hillary is 45?

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    Damn. She’s already within striking distance.

    I’ve often wondered if she and Barry didn’t have some kind of a deal arranged back in 2008. It may be that he’s not going to seek another term.

  2. LM says:

    Most of the people who wouldn’t now vote Obama either have left the Democratic party in disgust and so aren’t counted, or were Independents in the first place.

  3. Rinaldo says:

    It’s not going to be pretty if Hillary challenges Obama in 2012, and whoever “wins” in that scenario isn’t going to be elected or re-elected. It’s suicidal!

  4. Jim says:

    I totally agree! What a difference a couple of years can make.

  5. Jolly Roger says:

    Whether or not Hill could win in 2012 depends on who the Rushpubliscums put at the top of the ticket. I think she’d wipe the floor with Mama Grifter, but maybe not so much with Willard.

  6. Joe in Colorado says:

    I think Hillary will clean the floor with Obama if she decides to enter the ’12 race for president. She’s paid her dues and she isn’t going to back down “for the sake of the party,” a la 2008. Plus, her supporters are still furious with Obama for defeating her. They’re ready to pounce and write checks. This promises to be quite a war should she run.

  7. Walk on Socks says:

    One thing is certain. Any fears Democrats had of Bill Clinton inserting himself into the White House if his wife took a job in the Obama administration turned out to be unfounded.

    The Big Dog is busy with the Clinton Foundation and appears more than happy to focus on Haiti rebuilding and getting cheaper AIDS to developing nations. He and his wife are separate entities.

    Closing a 15 point gap two years out wouldn’t be an impossible goal, if Hillary wants to run again. The polls suggest Obama is becoming more unpopular each passing day.

  8. TOM339 says:

    One possible scenario for 2012 is Obama replaces the increasingly marginalized and irrelevant Joe Biden with Hillary.

    If he did, Ms. Clinton would be perfectly positioned for a 2016 run for president.

    I think we will probably not know until sometime in January of 2012, if Hillary would seriously consider a stab at the presidency.

    Now, the one thing that would change the paradigm completely is if Chelsea has a baby. I think being a grandparent is more meaningful to her than being president.

  9. Brigadoon says:

    I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Hillary Clinton. If she plans to run, I think she needs to do it in 2012 and not wait. Obama is very unpopular and the voters are ready for a leader who will create jobs and end the war in Afghanistan. She could make these her signature issues and take it to the bank.

  10. Shayne K. says:

    Christopher – Wow! Do I detect a change of opinion about Hillary?

    A lot of my friends who voted for Obama in 2008 have written him off going forward. They’re tired of hearing him blame the Democratic base for his failures to deliver on his campaign promises. He’s like a classic narcissist who refuses to look in the mirror and take stock of how his own shortcomings and then assess how he can do to improve his performance. Such behavior is embarrassing in an adult man.

  11. Rinaldo says:

    Hillary is smart, and so she will probably put forth only a limited challenge to Obama in 2012, just enough to keep herself in the game, but not push it so far as to look like a spoiler. A few hundred delegates at the convention cheering for her, setting herself up for 2016.

    Whatever happens in 2012, then she can run in 2016.

    If Obama wins in ’12 then she can run as his successor (you never know, we may all like Obama again, a lot can happen in 6 years).

    If Obama loses in ’12 then she will be perfectly placed to run in ’16.

    She won’t topple Obama in ’12, that would be crazy.

  12. Doesn’t matter, or have you all forgotten that Jesus, riding on the back of Quetzalcoatl, is going to fry all of us a mere month or so after the election?

  13. Massagatto says:

    Hillary’s embrace of Israel is cause for alarm.

    Now, it is possible that after two years as Secretary of State, her world view has grown, matured and even softened — if this is the case, then, and only then, she may have the temperament to be the next President of the United States.

    But until I see evidence of this, I remain unsure I want to see her close to this nation’s nuclear arsenal.

  14. chlost says:

    If the Democrats think they are struggling for voter support now, it would be cataclysmic for them if there were a serious fight within the party for the 2012 nomination. The only possible hope is to have a united front around whichever candidate they put forward. Anything else will be handing the election to the crazies on a platter. They have shot themselves in the foot too many times. Hopefully, someone in the party will be able to turn the lesson to the party’s advantage.

  15. mauigirl says:

    I agree with Chlost and Rinaldo. Hillary shouldn’t challenge Obama seriously in 2012, it would be suicidal for the Dems. I’m also not convinced she would have done anything particularly differently than Obama has – after all, her husband was the original “triangulator” who tried to find that “third way” between the right and left. Kinda like Obama, don’t you think? Why would we think she would be any less cautious in her approach than Bill or Obama? I would certainly vote for her if she ended up being nominated, but I am realistic in what to expect from her.

  16. Thats all we need is Hillarys Ass-Pussy in the White House

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