Sen. Harry Reid Sets DADT Repeal Vote for Next Week

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This just in from Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid’s official blog:

Sen. Harry Reid has reiterated his commitment to repealing the military’s ban on gays serving in our armed forces. This afternoon, he informed Republicans that he intends to bring the Defense Authorization Bill–including repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, to the Senate Floor next week.

This would overturn the decade-old policy that bars openly gay, lesbian or bisexual Americans from serving in our armed forces, and is an important step towards equal treatment of all Americans.

Senator Reid believes that Americans should not be denied the opportunity to serve their country just because of their sexual orientation.

Megan Jones

Friends for Harry Reid

Could this really signal the beginning of the end of the 17-year nightmare courtesy of the cowardly Bill Clinton?

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19 Responses to Sen. Harry Reid Sets DADT Repeal Vote for Next Week

  1. R.J. says:

    This was an unexpected surprise. Not the vote. The fact that Harry Reid is behind this. My concern is how will the midterm elections affect the vote?

  2. Chad Lebanon says:

    Am I excited? Of course.
    Is this a good thing? Yes.
    But I still can’t get beyond why it has taken our so called Democratic friends in the senate, even with a majority to wield and a Democratic president, two, God damned years to act?

  3. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    14,000 honorable men and women have been kicked out of the military since DADT became law.

    Their lives were turned upside down and the security of the US suffered as a result. The policy was wrong from the start but it gave Clinton an opportunity to show Republicans he wasn’t beholden to the gays and could stand his ground.

    The irony is, the GOP impeached his ass anyway!

  4. retahyajyajav says:

    Even if DADT is repealed, I think it’s too little, too late. Repealing the ban won’t save vulnerable House and senate Democrats.

    The ban should’ve been dealt with in Obama’s first 100 days in office. But the Democrats were high on regaining power after a long hiatus and they forgot who they work for and who elected them.

  5. Randy Arroyo says:

    I hear you, Chad. I thought Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand planned to hold senate hearings? Then she and Sen. Joe Lieberman planned to introduce a repeal bill? I guess the issue was too politically charged in an election year? LGBT rights issues always send these scalawags screaming for the hills when pus, comes to shove. I really hate them all. No wonder voters plan to punish the incumbents in November.

  6. Greg Equality Lengkong says:

    Shortly after Barack Obama was sworn in, it became abundantly clear that he had no template to fulfill his campaign lies made to the gay community.

    To call this president an ‘Epic Fail’ on gay rights is an understatement. I am not the least bit surprised to see his poll numbers in the toilet with demographic after demographic.

    Contrary to what many claim, the voters know a liar when they see one. Obama isn’t the worst we’ve seen but he’s far from the best either. After 20 months, I have to conclude he’s not ready for primetime. If he had waited another 10 or 12 years to run, perhaps things would’ve been different but as it stands now, I can’t wait for 2012.

  7. Thai Noodles says:

    80% of Americans polled want the unconstitutional and homophobic DADT repealed.

    The country is fighting ever-expanding wars and we’re broke. Americans don’t want anymore tax dollars used to enforce and prosecute it. Do you know everytime a gay or lesbian soldier is removed under DADT, it costs the taxpayer $250,000 to replace him? I think the GOP will have a lot of splainin’ to do come November if they defy the American people on this.

  8. Massagatto says:

    I don’t know what President Obama stands for?

    Is he pro-Israel or pro-Hamas or both?
    Is he pro-Wall Street or pro-Main Street or both?
    Is he pro-civil/electronic rights or anti-civil/electronic rights?
    Is he pro-military or anti-military?
    Is he pro-gay rights of anti-gay rights?
    Is he pro-environment or anti-environment?

    He’s like Mercury. He slithers and bends and wraps himself around the talking heads yapping on the cable network with the highest audience share.

    Americans like a president who stands for something.

    Obama stands for Obama.

  9. Adirondacky says:

    However they get DADT repealed, they need to move on it now because if the polls hold, the Democrats will lose by numbers that rival 1994, making repealing the ban impossible. It’s a shame but Obama created much of the negative feelings out there by not focusing on jobs in 2009. Unemployed Americans were desperate and all the president cared about was healthcare.

  10. LM says:

    I’d love to see DADT repealed, but with the shortcut to citizenship measure added to the same bill it’ll be a hard sell. And I’ve got to tell you I’d likely vote against it myself.

    Then again, I have no desire to be in the military, and both my family and my partner struggled through all the steps for legal immigration to get here.

    A legal path to immigration is an advertisement that you can come illegally and stay if you play the game right. I’m sorry folks, but there are some trades I’m not willing to make, and those, like encouraging illegal immigration, that seriously threaten the stability of this country are among them.

    Unfortunately for the repeal of DADT, there are likely many have a say that agree with me.

  11. Pechanga says:

    What about military benefits?

    If DADT is jettisoned, will surviving partners of gay and lesbian service people killed in the service of this country be treated identically to straight service people who die protecting this country?

  12. Joe in Colorado says:

    Isn’t Robert Gates conducting another survey of our enlisted men and women to make certain they don’t object to gay soldiers? This stall-tactic ordered by the president is just more proof the administration was never serious about repealing the ban. Hogwash I say, utter hogwash. I’ve never seen a more spineless group than Obama and his inner circle.

  13. feminazi says:

    What’s remarkable to me is, after the poor treatment many gay Americans receive, they still clamor to rise up and serve this nation, protect our shores and risk their own lives for the country. Meanwhile, people like Cheney, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly couldn’t be bothered.

  14. Brigadoon says:

    I agree with Adirondacky’s comment from last night. Time is of the essence and the senate needs to move decisively before Obama grows a vagina and totally wimps out about signing a repeal bill into law. LM’s remarks are emblematic of people who come here and then want to close the door behind them. It’s kinda’ sad but common. Chad Lebanon echoed my thoughts on this as well. Why has it taken nearly two years to get the senate and the president off their collective asses and act on DADT? Our “friends” in Washington are more like frenemies.

  15. Walk on Socks says:

    Time is of the essence and the senate needs to move decisively before Obama grows a vagina and totally wimps out about signing a repeal bill….

    You mean Obama hasn’t already grown a vajayjay?

    If I hear him sob to the cameras about “working with our friends across the aisle,” I’ll puke up my coffee.

  16. lea-lea says:

    I don’t know how to say this without offending people so please understand that I mean no one any diss but, Democrats always, ALWAYS do this to the gay community.

    They stay on the sidelines and do little to nothing. Then the polls tank and suddenly, they throw the gay community a bone because the pols know gays have nowhere else to go. What I’m trying to say is, the pols take the gays for granted and the gays, well, they keep taking it.

    The game makes me crazy.

  17. Abbey Peripatetic says:

    I’ll believe it when it happens but until it the repeal is passed, and signed into law, I would caution to not hold our collective breath.

    Mr. Obama is one of least courageous presidents I’ve seen in my 37 years on this earth. If he can find a way to not sign the bill, I will be surprised.

  18. Rinaldo says:

    Don’t ASK the Democratic party establishment any questions, and certainly don’t TELL them what to do! They know better, of course.

  19. Jolly Roger says:

    The timing is right. We need the Klanservatives to pop a few blood vessels just before the November elections. People may be anti-incumbent right now, but poll after poll says that they most certainly are NOT pro-Rushpubliscum. Let the wingnuts prattle on and on; it’ll remind people that even with the sorry state of affairs we have right now, it could be worse. Much worse.

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