5 Days Home from 10 Days on Martha’s Vineyard and President Obusha Leaves for Vacation Number 7

Friday, September 3, 2010

Less than a week after returning from a 10 day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard — his sixth this year, President Obusha is headed to Camp David for the long Labor Day weekend.

Seriously folks. I think the time has come for someone to glue the president’s ass to his chair in the Oval Office so he’s forced to focus on the worsening U.S. economy and the employment situation. August saw a net loss of 54,000 jobs.

Before leaving the White House for Camp David today, President Obusha was asked if he regrets calling this Recovery Summer. The president stammered then said, “I don’t regret the notion that we are moving forward, but because of the steps that we’ve taken and I’m going to have a press conference next week, where, after you guys are able to hear where we’re at, we’ll be able to answer some specific questions.”

Huh? No wonder he needs a 7th vacation!

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13 Responses to 5 Days Home from 10 Days on Martha’s Vineyard and President Obusha Leaves for Vacation Number 7

  1. Dmitris says:

    He’s in a race with his predecessor to see who gets the most taxpayer-funded vacation time. I’m beginning to think we no longer have a president but a member of the Monarchy residing in the White House.

  2. Harry says:

    Nice work if you can get it. Like David Letterman said the other night, “Obama will have lots of vacation time when his first term ends.”

  3. Pechanga says:

    I certainly understand how stressful being president must be. But in all honesty, Mr. Obama isn’t in his office long enough to become stressed out.

    He’s definitely taken a page from the George W. Bush playbook: work a little, vacation a lot, and give as few Oval Office addresses as possible.

    Look, I like the guy, I voted for him but, Mr. Obama is quickly becoming a caricature. Cut the downtime, Barry. You’re losing the respect of middle class Americans.

  4. 18thCfriend says:

    I agree entirely with Pechanga.”Look, I like the guy, I voted for him but, Mr. Obama is quickly becoming a caricature. Cut the downtime, Barry. You’re losing the respect of middle class Americans.”.

    I voted for Obama & even campaigned for him.but his attitude seems to have gotten too careless, soft, & unaggressive~to himself, to the Democratic Party, & to Congress~ for my taste.

  5. emcee says:

    Barry is one lazy ass brother. Hey, I’m all for vacations but 7 this year? Look, I think Obama knows this is his one year, so why not squeeze all he can squeeze from the people who elected him?

  6. Chad Lebanon says:

    Maybe Obama saw those “Go Away Earl” signs on TV warning away the hurricane and he thought they said “Go Away Barack?”

    Still, seven vaycays is six too many in one year.

  7. Vivzzz says:

    If Democratic loses in the US House and Senate in November are as serious as many predict, President Obama may be on vacation all the time until his term is up. Very quickly, this man is quickly worn out his welcome with increasingly large swath of former supporters.

  8. Massagatto says:

    Various reports say Obama arrives in the Oval Office after 10a.m. and leaves before 5p.m., M-F. Unlike Bill Clinton who would regularly work until 1a.m. and often 6 days a week.

    If we’re being charitable, Obama did work most of a week after returning from Martha’s Vineyard, so he’s got to be plumb worn out. He needs 3 additional days at Camp David to play golf.

    I predict he will be off another week beginning the week of Thanksgiving, followed by 4 more weeks on the slide between Christmas and New Years. This will raise his annual vacation total to 9 for 2010.

    Obama will have surpassed Bush at this point.

  9. Who would have thought we would be this disgusted with a democratic president only 1 3/4 years in after George W. Bush? Change we can believe in, my ass. That said, Obama lost me with his FISA vote, so I voted third party. Yes, I am very happy with my vote.

  10. fran says:

    The Shrub spent 1000 days on vacation in 8 years.
    Bushe spent 487 @ Camp David alone.

    Obama has had 26 days

    guess Bush set the bar high??

  11. Estacada says:

    There’s been a change in tone in Obama’s speeches and talking points. In 2008 and early 2009, he was more focused and upbeat. Inspirational, if you will.

    Today, in the second half of 2010, his rhetoric is flat and robotic. Someone said he’s becoming a caricature and I have to agree.

    Maybe he’s lost his mojo? Or, maybe he needs to step up and clean house. Get rid of cabinet members who don’t serve him and replace them with people who will reinvigorate his presidency. All I know is at this rate, if things don’t change, the American voter will change their president in 2012.

  12. TOM339 says:

    Here’s an idea?

    The Obama White House needs to have a moratorium on further vacations until the national unemployment rate drops by 1 percentage point?

    US unemployment now stands at 9.6% so when it drops to 8.6%, the president is free to spend a week in Hawaii or Chicago as a reward for good behavior.

  13. Brigadoon says:

    Massagatto – Bill Clinton is an anomaly. He thrived in the political arena. Most politicians are lazy and they fold when the going gets tough. I never thought the day would come when I would feel nostalgic for Bill Clinton but I’m there. Things are so bad in the USA that I’m starting to worry if we will even exist in 25 years as a nation.

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