CNN = Dopes

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back when Ted Turner owned CNN, this sort of thing would’ve never happened.

But that was a million years ago. Today CNN is now owned by Time-Warner, and is ranked number three in cable news ratings. The geniuses at the new CNN fired Aaron Brown, let Christiane Amanpour slip between their fingers, and hired idiots like Tony Harris and Rick Sanchez. Best of all, they can’t be bothered to pay a spellchecker.

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16 Responses to CNN = Dopes

  1. Greg Equality Lengkong says:

    ROFLMAO! A classic!

    I haven’t watched CNN in years. Management is run by a bunch of corporate homophobes. As soon as Thomas Roberts came out, they promptly released him from his contract. He denies it but everyone in the news business learns early on to keel quiet about these things.

  2. lea-lea says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Too funny. 🙂

  3. Big Hank says:

    Rick Sanchez is barely qualified to work as a busboy in a Cuban restaurant in South Florida.

    He’s been busted for crafting quotes about slavery and attributing them to Rush Limbaugh, he said Iceland is too cold to have a volcano, said “mothballs” refer to a moth’s balls as in testicles, and thinks the Galapagos Islands are part of Hawaii.

    Who is he screwing at CNN to have this job? Or who is he letting screw him? This stuff is gold and funny but on the once mighty CNN?

  4. 18thCfriend says:

    Lest I forget to mention it, I’m wild about your blog! Thanks for making it such a pleasure to follow, & today’s entry is truly ne plus ultra.

    CNN is a hideous mess. I watch it every evening until I can’t stand another minute of Don Lemons & Rick Sanchez. Frankly, I think neither could be any sillier say puerile, adolescent, postpubescent than he is, what with that stupid-ass tweets-reading, generalized tacky obsequiousness, & inability to read his teleprompter. Footnote: I have on several occasions tweet-replied, pointing out this or that error of fact or grammar made in a given tweet…& never a response! Incidentally, I very much like Anderson Cooper (who, hot just barely closeted gay that he is, manages to survive CNN’s homophobia only because of, I suspect, the Vanderbilt connection) & of course Larry King (whom I’m going to miss greatly!)


  5. Thai Noodles says:

    CNN works hard to be at the bottom of the cable news ratings. It isn’t easy to be beat by FIXED News and this example is why no one bothers to watch CNN these days.

  6. 18thCfriend says:

    Big Hunk said: “How is he screwing at CNN to have this job? Or who is he letting screw him? This stuff is gold and funny but on the once mighty CNN?”

    It’s all about Rick. Take a look at, for example. …insulting to good taste! And there was that hit-&-run infraction, too!

  7. Chad Lebanon says:

    Maybe they meant Sara Lee? LOL!

  8. Randy Arroyo says:

    Or Sara Jane Moore? 😉

  9. Jolly Roger says:

    I don’t see what the problem is. The person standing there is interchangeable with Mama Grifter, no?

  10. Conejo1982 says:

    Rick Sanchez added another bon mot to his growing list of hits.

    Today he issued an apology for referring to President Obama as the “the cotton-pickin’ president.” I tell you, there is no one on cable news who can hold a candle to this clown.

  11. R.J. says:

    I always called Glenn Beck a bitch. Suits me fine. LOL!

  12. fran says:

    Sara Palin- Former Presidential Candidate???

    Ha ha Did SHE write that title?
    She was a VICE Presidential Candidate.

    Now she’s a Former Guvnah, half term quitter, whore for the money.

    And now her daughter is following in her footsteps…
    spokesperson for abstinence (Ack!!!), and now dancing with the stars celeb wanna be.
    Huh! Who will watch the babies?

    Young Piper is gonna need lots of therapy down the road.

  13. Mets Fan says:

    So CNN turned “Sarah” into “Sara.”

    Can they turn her her into something other than white trash?

  14. feminazi says:

    Now, now. What’s a little typo between friends? Like the rest of you, I haven’t watched CNN for years. In fact, as I’ve said before, I watch BBC on our local PBS station and that’s it. No MSNBC and no Fox. Even the local news is unwatchable. I read the blogs and I get the local newspaper.

  15. Woodcliffe says:

    Former Presidential Candidate

    This is something FOX Noise would do. Pure and unadulterated propaganda on the part of CNN.

  16. 18thCfriend says:

    I’m about to agree with feminazi
    & to stop watching CNN altogether, all things considered.

    Animal Collective Nouns
    Animal Group Name
    Alligators Congregation
    TV news channels CNN News douchebags

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