AZ Gov. Jan ‘the Klan’ Brewer Says Hillary’s Letter is Unconstitutional

Monday, August 30, 2010

Arizona Gov. Jan ‘the Klan’ Brewer demanded U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remove a reference to the state’s highly controversial immigration law from a State Department report to the United Nations’ human rights commissioner.

The report included the Dept. of Justice’s legal challenge to the law on a list of ways the Federal government is protecting human rights.

In a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Brewer says it is “downright offensive” that a state law would be included in the report, which was drafted as part of a larger UN review of human rights in all member nations every four years.

Gov. Jan ‘the Klan’ Brewer wrote:

“The idea of our own American government submitting the duly enacted laws of a state of the United States to ‘review’ by the United Nations is internationalism run amok and unconstitutional.”

Arizona’s SB 1070 mandates police and other public service people such as teachers, nurses and doctors, whose salaries are paid from state-funded sources, investigate the immigration status of people they suspect are in the state of Arizona illegally.

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18 Responses to AZ Gov. Jan ‘the Klan’ Brewer Says Hillary’s Letter is Unconstitutional

  1. Vivzzz says:

    Arizona Gov. Jan ‘the Klan’ Brewer

    Hahahahahaha! This bitch is “downright” crazy and is about to have her saggy ass handed to her by Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

    Brewer is an ugly hag!

  2. TOM339 says:

    The people of Arizona, and by extension, Americans in overall, should have the peace of mind that comes from a well-protected border.

    Every nation on earth enforces border security except the USA, and with the increased criminal activity of the Mexican cartels, I think Washington lawmakers had better get off their asses and stop worrying about phony labels of being “anti-Mexican” and secure the border.

    But that said, SB 1070 does nothing to secure the border Arizona shares with Mexico. The measure is a back-handed attack on illegal immigrants and puts and unfair burden on the police and teachers to do Washington’s job because lawmakers are cowards.

  3. feminazi says:

    Brewer looks crazier each time I have the misfortune to see her. It’s all, as they say, in the eyes. I remember when Obama nominated Janet Napolitano to head Homeland Security and Brewer was Lt. AZ governor. This was the first time I saw her. She looked pretty unremarkable then. But over the past year, she just looks batshit crazy and someone to avoid.

  4. Walk on Socks says:

    The UN report Brewer is so outraged over is prepared as part of the UN Human Rights Commission report every four years.

    If Brewer doesn’t like it, maybe instead of screeching like a wounded shrew, she should travel to New York City and request addressing the UN body to make the case in favor of S.B. 1070?

    Otherwise, the only thing I find downright offensive” is Brewer’s stupidity about the United Nations and how it’s structured.

  5. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    The day Obama nominated Janet Napolitano to head Homeland Security, I told my friends and family this would be the day Arizonans would regret for years.

    I like Napolitano. She’s an easy going, centrist lesbian Democrat. Harmless and a tireless worker. She got a lot done and wasn’t afraid of the old money guard in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

    On the other hand, I knew all about Jan Brewer and I knew she was nuttier than a fruitcake. The thought of her as governor made me want to relocate to Las Vegas or Albuquerque. And, guess what?

    She’s turned out to even be worse than I imagined.

  6. Brigadoon says:

    Arizona Leatherneck – So was it common knowledge that Janet Napolitano is a dyke? My gaydar always stood on its ears whenever I saw her and I thought is was cool one of the family had risen so high up the political food chain.

  7. R.J. says:

    Jan “The Klan” Brewer… LOL! I like it.

  8. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    Brig – I don’t know the woman but in all the years she’s been kicking around Phoenix, Napolitano was never seen with a man, never pretended to be straight and there were media stories about her and her “friend” (a woman) spending Christmas in Sedona.

    Arizona isn’t the KKK, Aryan Nation state many think it is thanks for SB 1070 and Jan the Klan. It’s a live and let live place, filled with a lot of people from the NE, California and the UK. For some reason, Brits love it here.

  9. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    I forgot to add.

    One of reasons I hate the @&@)(@^!% drug cartels so much is I never, ever heard anti-immigrant talk here and I’m second generation Arizonan. Until the reports of kidnappings by the cartels in Phoenix targeting poor Mexicans.

    Then the politicians introduced SB 1070.

  10. Rachel says:

    Is anyone handicapping her chances for reelection? I know the Democratic state AG is running against Jan ‘the Klan’ Brewer but I know next to nothing about him or his positions. Anyone would be better than this desert monster. Brewer scares me.

  11. DMason says:

    Someone should design “Jan the Klan” Halloween masks and sell them on eBay, then give the profits to the repeal SB 1070 effort underway. Would serve this witch right. What a dreadful woman.

  12. Greg Equality Lengkong says:

    Sounds to me like Jan is nervous.

    She’s smart enough to know she’s about to have the whole force and power of the U.S. Dept. of Justice bearing down on her and she’s going to lose. Big time.

  13. lea-lea says:

    My brother has a friend who worked at the Biltmore in Phoenix. He was recently laid off because their convention business has evaporated thanks to the passage of SB 1070.

    No one wants to schedule a convention in Arizona now.

    It’s getting really serious there.

  14. Chad Lebanon says:

    Jan the Klan looks like Chuckie’s mother.

  15. Randy Arroyo says:

    Except Chuckie got all the looks in the family!

  16. Jolly Roger says:

    I coined her “Klan Brewer” first, bucko 🙂

    All kidding aside….. this stupid moran cannot wipe without 2 aides standing by-one to position her over the pisser correctly, and the other one to perform the actual service. Those are occupations they don’t pay enough to get me to accept.

  17. Conejo1982 says:

    Her arrogance is costly. Especially during a recession.

    Can Arizona honestly afford to spend the $$$ to defend SB 1070?

  18. JC says:

    When the federal government chooses not to enforce federal law so they can use the flood of illegals into the nation to force a massive make over of immigration policy, at a time when terrorists have killed thousands in this country, is putting every citizen of the US at risk – simply for political gain.

    It is cynical and reflects complete indifference to the welfare of the citizens of states and to the illegals who are being killed trying to sneak across the porous borders.

    Arizona simply tried to get the federal government to enforce the law. It astonishes me that this law suit, in effect, is asking the courts to allow the federal government, and the Justice department to choose to NOT enforce the laws.

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