David Letterman Knocks Obama for Sixth Vacation

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It’s been said you can get a fairly accurate, if unscientific picture of how the country is feels about their president based on the monologue by TV’s late night comics.

If true, then President Obama is in a whole lot of trouble. CBS’ David Letterman is the latest high-profile person to knock Mr. Obama for taking his sixth vacation this year.

At a time when record unemployment numbers continues to rock an already shaky economy, many Americans are frustrated that the nation’s leader is lallygagging with the elites on the tony island of Martha’s Vineyard.

The longtime Late Show host took a jab at the president, saying: “He’ll have plenty of time for vacations after his one term is up.”

Strong thunderstorms have lashed the island off Massachusetts since Sunday, causing power outages, curtailing air transportation and forcing ferry cancellations. They also triggered traffic jams and long lines at movie theaters, restaurants and other indoor venues.

President Obama will return to Washington this Sunday.

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12 Responses to David Letterman Knocks Obama for Sixth Vacation

  1. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    I haven’t had a vacation — a real vacation where we go away for a week or more and stay in a hotel, since 2006, and even then, it was all of 5 days.

    I don’t begrudge the president taking some down time away from the most stressful job in the world but 6 vacations seems excessive to me.

    And don’t get me started on Michelle’s week in Spain.

  2. DMason says:

    From the endless vaycays to embracing BP and caring more about Wall Street than Main Street, it appears what we now have in the White House is George Bush with a nice tan. Who knew things would turn out like this back in 2008?

  3. Kate Novotny says:

    President Obama will return to Washington this Sunday.

    As far as we know. 😉

  4. Rinaldo says:

    It’s not the quantity of vacation time so much as the places Barack and Michelle have vacationed at that is bothering many people. And it would help if they had characterized the trips as “working vacations”. Too late to do-over now!

  5. lea-lea says:

    I think the sixth vacation just cemented an impression of a president completely out of touch with the voters who elected him.

    Even friends of mine — diehard Obama supporters are like, “what the fuck?”

  6. Idaho Librul says:

    I’m sure the president and his family will enjoy at least another week off around Thanksgiving and then a 4 weeks off during the Christmas congressional break.

    One thing you can say about President Obama: he is following the templates for work left behind by his predecessor.

  7. MichaelTAtheist says:

    So far as I can tell, to my great dis-appointment, the only difference between Bush & Obama is…….. Obama is a deeper ‘shit’ color

  8. Harry says:

    Letterman used to be in Obama’s front pocket. I am really surprised he’s turned on him now. This is bad news for the president.

  9. MichaelTAtheist says:

    What a HUGE disappointment Obama has been. BUSH in ‘Black-face’…….. What about all the promises you made? How about Climate Change, and getting America off Oil???? What about re-building our infa-structure??? Or creating some jobs? How about ending our USELESS wars and bringing our Soldiers home? OBAMA, you’re as useless as TITS on a BULL!

  10. Chad Lebanon says:

    President Obama in Review

    1. Jobs: EPIC FAIL
    2. Repeal DADT: EPIC FAIL
    3. Repeal DOMA: EPIC FAIL
    4. ENDA: Dada

    Oh well, the Hillbots said he was an “empty suit.”

    Could they have been correct all along?

  11. Randy Arroyo says:

    You have to give it David Letterman. While 80% of the country was kissing Bush’s ass following 9/11 and his moronic “Mission Accomplished” appearance, David Letterman was dissing Bush on a regular basis. If he’s targeting Obama now, I think this bodes badly for the president’s standing with middle class America.

  12. R.J. says:

    I haven’t had a real vacation since 2005. Enough said.

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