Dr. Laura Uses the “N” Word On-Air 11 Times in Racist Tirade

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, went on-blast August 10 and used the word “nigger” 11 times in a shocking, racially charged rant.

This is not the first time Schlessinger, who is neither a psychiatrist or a psychologist, found herself at the center of a firestorm. In 1998, the radio advice phony referred to gay people as “biological errors.” Her homophobic rant cost her a short-lived TV show syndicated on Viacom.

But it appears Dr. Schlessinger learned nothing about bigotry from her experience in 1998. Her repeated use of the word “nigger” took place during a call she received from an African American woman married to a white man. The caller felt she was forced to deal with racism from her husband’s friends in social settings.

Media Matters for America has a link to the call and the transcript:

SCHLESSINGER: Jade, welcome to the program.
CALLER: Hi, Dr. Laura.
CALLER: I’m having an issue with my husband where I’m starting to grow very resentful of him. I’m black, and he’s white. We’ve been around some of his friends and family members who start making racist comments as if I’m not there or if I’m not black. And my husband ignores those comments, and it hurts my feelings. And he acts like —
SCHLESSINGER: Well, can you give me an example of a racist comment? ‘Cause sometimes people are hypersensitive. So tell me what’s — give me two good examples of racist comments.
CALLER: OK. Last night — good example — we had a neighbor come over, and this neighbor — when every time he comes over, it’s always a black comment. It’s, “Oh, well, how do you black people like doing this?” And, “Do black people really like doing that?” And for a long time, I would ignore it. But last night, I got to the point where it —
SCHLESSINGER: I don’t think that’s racist.
CALLER: Well, the stereotype —
SCHLESSINGER: I don’t think that’s racist. No, I think that —
CALLER: [unintelligible]
SCHLESSINGER: No, no, no. I think that’s — well, listen, without giving much thought, a lot of blacks voted for Obama simply ’cause he was half-black. Didn’t matter what he was gonna do in office, it was a black thing. You gotta know that. That’s not a surprise. Not everything that somebody says — we had friends over the other day; we got about 35 people here — the guys who were gonna start playing basketball. I was going to go out and play basketball. My bodyguard and my dear friend is a black man. And I said, “White men can’t jump; I want you on my team.” That was racist? That was funny.
CALLER: How about the N-word? So, the N-word’s been thrown around —
SCHLESSINGER: Black guys use it all the time. Turn on HBO, listen to a black comic, and all you hear is nigger, nigger, nigger.
CALLER: That isn’t —
SCHLESSINGER: I don’t get it. If anybody without enough melanin says it, it’s a horrible thing; but when black people say it, it’s affectionate. It’s very confusing. Don’t hang up, I want to talk to you some more. Don’t go away.
I’m Dr. Laura Schlessinger. I’ll be right back.

After a commercial break, the exchange resumed and grew heated:

SCHLESSINGER: I’m Dr. Laura Schlessinger, talking to Jade. What did you think about during the break, by the way?
CALLER: I was a little caught back by the N-word that you spewed out, I have to be honest with you. But my point is, race relations —
SCHLESSINGER: Oh, then I guess you don’t watch HBO or listen to any black comedians.
CALLER: But that doesn’t make it right. I mean, race is a [unintelligible]
SCHLESSINGER: My dear, my dear
CALLER: — since Obama’s been in office
SCHLESSINGER: — the point I’m trying to make
CALLER: — racism has come to another level that’s unacceptable.
SCHLESSINGER: Yeah. We’ve got a black man as president, and we have more complaining about racism than ever. I mean, I think that’s hilarious.
CALLER: But I think, honestly, because there’s more white people afraid of a black man taking over the nation.
SCHLESSINGER: They’re afraid.
CALLER: If you want to be honest about it [unintelligible]
SCHLESSINGER: Dear, they voted him in. Only 12 percent of the population’s black. Whites voted him in.
CALLER: It was the younger generation that did it. It wasn’t the older white people who did it.
CALLER: It was the younger generation
SCHLESSINGER: All right. All right.
CALLER: — that did it.
SCHLESSINGER: Chip on your shoulder. I can’t do much about that.
CALLER: It’s not like that.
SCHLESSINGER: Yeah. I think you have too much sensitivity —
CALLER: So it’s OK to say “nigger”?
SCHLESSINGER: — and not enough sense of humor.
CALLER: It’s OK to say that word?
SCHLESSINGER: It depends how it’s said.
CALLER: Is it OK to say that word? Is it ever OK to say that word?
SCHLESSINGER: It’s — it depends how it’s said. Black guys talking to each other seem to think it’s OK.
CALLER: But you’re not black. They’re not black. My husband is white.
SCHLESSINGER: Oh, I see. So, a word is restricted to race. Got it. Can’t do much about that.
CALLER: I can’t believe someone like you is on the radio spewing out the “nigger” word, and I hope everybody heard it.
SCHLESSINGER: I didn’t spew out the “nigger” word.
CALLER: You said, “Nigger, nigger, nigger.”
SCHLESSINGER: Right, I said that’s what you hear.
CALLER: Everybody heard it.
SCHLESSINGER: Yes, they did.
CALLER: I hope everybody heard it.
SCHLESSINGER: They did, and I’ll say it again —
CALLER: So what makes it OK for you to say the word?
SCHLESSINGER: — nigger, nigger, nigger is what you hear on HBO
CALLER: So what makes it —
SCHLESSINGER: Why don’t you let me finish a sentence?
SCHLESSINGER: Don’t take things out of context. Don’t double N — NAACP me. Tape the —
CALLER: I know what the NAACP —
SCHLESSINGER: Leave them in context.
CALLER: I know what the N-word means and I know it came from a white person. And I know the white person made it bad.
SCHLESSINGER: All right. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Can’t have this argument. You know what? If you’re that hypersensitive about color and don’t have a sense of humor, don’t marry out of your race. If you’re going to marry out of your race, people are going to say, “OK, what do blacks think? What do whites think? What do Jews think? What do Catholics think?” Of course there isn’t a one-think per se. But in general there’s “think.”
And what I just heard from Jade is a lot of what I hear from black-think and it’s really distressting [sic] and disturbing. And to put it in its context, she said the N-word, and I said, on HBO, listening to black comics, you hear “nigger, nigger, nigger.” I didn’t call anybody a nigger. Nice try, Jade. Actually, sucky try.

It’s difficult to know where to begin. Clearly, Schlessinger has deep-rooted issues when it concerns minorities. Whether they’re gay people or African Americans. I am not a psychiatrist and unlike “Dr.” Laura, I don’t pretend to be one but, I think it would be prudent if this radio personality devoted a solid 6-to-12 months in therapy where she could examine the origins of her animus toward people she sees as different from herself.

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70 Responses to Dr. Laura Uses the “N” Word On-Air 11 Times in Racist Tirade

  1. GinaM says:

    Ummmm….you said a mouthful. Yes, where do you begin. Unfortunately, for Dr. Laura that is…she let her “sheet” show in public and worse on the RADIO. Did you see her apology? Pitiful to say the least. Here it is:

    Dr. Laura’s N-Word Rant: Radio Host Apologizes For Offensive Language (AUDIO)

    Huffington Post | Danny Shea
    First Posted: 08-12-10 06:08 PM | Updated: 08-12-10 09:49 PM

    Dr. Laura Schlessinger has apologized after a shocking rant on her radio show this week during which she said the n-word 11 times over the course of five minutes.

    In conversation Tuesday with a black female caller who was complaining about her white husband’s racist friends and their use of the word, Schlessinger said:

    Black guys use it all the time. Turn on HBO and listen to a black comic, and all you hear is n****, n*****, n*****. I don’t get it. If anybody without enough melanin says it, it’s a horrible thing. But when black people say it, it’s affectionate. It’s very confusing.

    LISTEN (via MediaMatters):

    After a break, the caller said she was appalled by Schlessinger’s use of the word.

    “Oh, then I guess you don’t watch HBO or listen to any black comedians,” she said. “My dear, the point I am trying to make…we’ve got a black man as president and we’ve got more complaining about racism than ever. I think that’s hilarious.”

    Schlessinger and the caller then got into an exchange about the use of the word:

    CALLER: Is it OK to say that word? Is it ever OK to say that word?
    DR. LAURA: It depends how it’s said. Black guys talking to each other seem to think it’s ok.
    CALLER: But you’re not black, they’re not black, my husband is white.
    DR. LAURA: Oh, I see, so a word is restricted to race. Got it. Can’t do much about that.
    CALLER: I can’t believe someone like you is on the radio spewing out the n***** word, and I hope everybody heard it.
    DR. LAURA: I didn’t spew out the n***** word!
    CALLER: You said “n*****, n*****, n*****” and I hope everybody heard it.
    DR. LAURA: Yes they did, and I’ll say it again: n*****, n*****, n***** is what you hear on HBO.
    DR. LAURA: Why don’t you let me finish a sentence? Don’t take things out of context. Don’t NAACP me, leave them in context.

    “If you’re that hypersensitive about color and don’t have a sense of humor, don’t marry outside of your race,” Schlessinger said after hanging up with the caller.
    Story continues below

    LISTEN (via MediaMatters):

    She apologized the next day, opening her show with an apology.

    “Yesterday, I did the wrong thing,” she said. “I didn’t intend to hurt people, but I did. And that makes it the wrong thing to have done. I was attempting to make a philosophical point, and I articulated the “n” word all the way out – more than one time. And that was wrong. I’ll say it again – that was wrong.”

    Schlessinger said she “was so upset [she] could not finish the show.”

    “I pulled myself off the air at the end of the hour,” she said. “I had to finish the hour, because 20 minutes of dead air doesn’t work. I am very sorry. And it just won’t happen again.”

    Now you know that foolish woman received so many phone calls…probably from management and was told to GET OFF THE AIR NOW! LOL…the stupid(and racism)….it burns!

  2. MichaelKnows says:

    Dr. Laura needs to get her head out of her ass, get up on her hands & knees and take some Black Dick deeply up her ‘poop-shute!

  3. MichaelKnows says:

    Dr. Laura makes me embarrassed to admit I’m Jewish!

  4. I am not a fan of this fraud.

    I remember her vile comments about gay folks back in 1998, 1999 and 2000. I was part of the boycott to get her off Viacom and we prevailed.

    I think Schlessinger is destructive and harmful. It’s time a complaint is lodged against her at the FCC.

  5. Randy Arroyo says:

    Dr. Laura is still on the radio? Seriously? I thought she had been canceled years ago. Who knew? Well, anyone who pretends to be a mental health professional and uses the “N” word should not be in practice. She’s fooled a lot of people for a long time but I think this time, she crossed a line there’s no returning from.

  6. stradella says:

    I’d like to see this heffa use the word nigger in the Crenshaw or South Central.

    Bitch would have that shit on her head yanked out faster than you can say “double process.”

  7. Mets Fan says:

    Copy and paste this address into your web browser to file a formal complaint against this racist shrew.

    By Federal law, they must reply and investigate the compliant for merit. I just did it via email. I detest Laura Schlessinger and everything she represents.


  8. Adirondacky says:

    I just completed reading the transcript and what I came away with is a woman angry that Barack Obama is president and angry that he’s black. I agree with Christopher’s take on this. Schlessinger needs help to examine her anger at sexual and ethnic minorities.

  9. Jim says:

    The mind boggles! Clearly this woman has no place on planet earth. It is astounding that someone of her “talent” could still have a radio show. What a joke that the FCC would freak out over a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction but allow this hate-monger, “dr.” Laura, to run wild on the airwaves.

  10. fran says:

    Oh! Look at her half assed apology…..


  11. bradfrmphnx says:

    There has been a few fired off the airwaves for a whole lot less. Two that come to mind, and I know there is more…

    Imus and Jimmy the Greek. Not a fan of Imus, and what he said was wrong, but not near the caliber of racism as this loony bitch. Jimmy said…”During the slave period, the slave owner would breed his big black with his big woman so that he would have a big black kid–that’s where it all started.” Some think he wasn’t that far off the mark, and I personally believe he was too ignorant to know what he was saying. He felt he was misunderstood and always said he was complimenting African Americans.

    The Fat Bastard got fired/resigned for saying this…”I think what we’ve had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well,” Limbaugh said. “There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn’t deserve. The defense carried this team.” Donavon didn’t like that and Limbaugh resigned/fired.

    I expect Al Sharpton will pick up on this, and then she too may be seeking employment.

  12. Tim Waters says:

    Well you all pretty much covered the fraud.
    People like her giving advice to the weak minded is criminal. Someone should ask her how her son turned out.

  13. MichaelKnows says:

    Dear ‘Doctor’? Laura… From the size of the mouth appearing in the photo of you accompaning this picture, I’d say three or four huge black Dicks could fit into your Pie-hole at the same time…… to shut you the F**k UP!!!! Your twisted Old-World Jewishness, rooted in a ‘bible’ written by Misogynistic, old, Jewish, Bronze Age Cave dwellers, has gone far enough…..! Why don’t you do the Planet a favor and commit suicide already. I guess when you were ‘Analyzed’ ….in preparation for becoming a shrink, they missed your very own, very deep sickness. You’re in NY aren’t you???? JUMP IN FRONT of a SPEEDING LOCOMOTIVE, on the BMT.

  14. R.J. says:

    I was shocked but not surprised when I heard the audio on Anderson Cooper’s show earlier this evening. I had no idea she was still on the radio but it’s time she’s shown the door.

    But then again I’m willing to bet Fox News hires her as an “expert”.

  15. Stephan Iversonn says:

    The woman is a complete dope. Now, she has Rev. Al Sharpton riding her bony ass so I hope she enjoys the ride.

    Here’s what “Big Al” who is actually quite thin these days said on CNN’s “AC 360” on Thursday.

    “That is despicable. She said the word over and over, and in a very animated way, I might add, but that she actually, if you listen carefully to the logic of what she was saying was that the N-word was not offensive.”

    Sharpton is correct. Schlessinger seemed to take joy in her indulgence, using the “n” word over and over like a victim of Tourette’s Syndrome.

    Once she started, she could stop. Even after the commercial break, Schlessinger and said it eight more times.

    I hope the FCC acts on this bitch. If they’re going to fine CBS $500,000 for a 1/5th second peep of Janet Jackson’s nipple, how can they allow the use of the “n” to stand in the public radio system?

  16. Joe in Colorado says:

    I’m just vaguely aware of who is Dr. Laura. I thought she made a name for herself back in the 1990’s? I don’t recall hearing her name these days. Do you think this was intended to be a publicity stunt to drum up ratings? Surely, she can’t be this stoopid on her own?

  17. Prairiedog says:

    Since she used NAACP as a verb. “Don’t NAACP me.”

    This is quite a clear portal into the soul of this woman and the picture isn’t pretty. In fact, as Christopher observed, she makes her living doling out advice to callers so it’s time she look at her own homophobia and racism in the context of her superiority complex.

  18. Brigadoon says:

    Laura Schlessinger was estranged from her mother, Yolanda Schlessinger who lived in an apartment in Beverly Hills. Yolanda Schlessinger was found dead in her home back in 2002. Her sad, lifeless body went undiscovered for 4 months until a neighbor reported a stench coming from her unit. Laura Schlessinger took to her radio show to blame her mother for the rift between them. Can you imagine? Dissing the dead woman who happened to be her mother? This says all you need to know about her character.

  19. Rachel says:

    Everyone knows Laura Schlessinger is a brittle, patronizing, condescending bitch, who celebrates Rush Limbaugh, and has a history of saying vile things about gay folks. So I’m left to wonder why would anyone call into her advice show for help about anything? I wouldn’t ask Schlessinger how to peel an onion. She’s nasty and vicious and obviously profoundly unhappy.

  20. lea-lea says:

    So in post-racial America Dr. Laura can use the “N” word freely to rough up a caller who reached out for help on a legitimate matter?

    No, this is not acceptable behavior.

    No wonder KABC dropped her from their radio line up many years ago. She’s trouble and corporate America doesn’t like trouble.

  21. shad says:

    Dr laura is an idiot, and too egotistical for her own good. She did however have a good point. That point being that either the n word is offensive, or its not. Period. It shouldn’t matter the skin color of the mouth it comes out of to determine its offensiveness. If african americans are offended by the n word, then don’t use the word.

  22. No Nonsense says:

    The word is offensive regardless of who uses it. Rapper, comedians, actors etc. I am a black woman who was born and raised in a different country where that word is not in it’s lexicon yet I cringe when it’s used by anyone of any race. And to think that it’s use is pervasive among African American is also ignorant, because it isn’t.

  23. Rishona says:

    In regards to the remarks to Dr. Laura being Jewish; she converted to Judaism….and then denounced it…or some ish like that :-/.

  24. Teresa says:

    I am a black and reading the comments of Dr. Laura and Jade, I don’t see racism anywhere. We all do things a little different. I mostly do things the “white” way, don’t get offended most of the time that is the better way. I work in an all white office, meaning that I am the only black. The receptionist and I are real good friends. One day she came to me and said, “my mom said that black people eat fish on Friday. It was Friday and I had a take out for fish in my hand. I did not take that offensive because that is what we do. Just like we use the work nigger with each other and get of offended when another race uses it. My only things is to learn from each other. Her husband is white, and his friends are curious it could have been very well the opposite. Come on people, “can we all get alone”.

  25. Charles says:

    I agree with everything you all have said here, however I have to add that comments made by “MichaelKnows” are pretty offensive language for an open forum such as this, and I’m a bit surprised that everyone seems to accept them apparently without batting an eye.

  26. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    I think callers should start calling Schlessinger a kike.

    Then when she gets all uppity, just give her a dose of her own medicine and say, “But, Dr. Laura, where’s your sense of humor?”

  27. samantha says:

    wow! wow! wow! doctor laura. wait is she really a doctor? hatred has prevailed once again with this lady.

  28. frank says:

    Now foks, define the difference between being called a nigger and beening call whitee or honky.
    Is it ok for a black person to call a white person whitee or honky. Seems to be a double standard here. Believe me I hear whitee spoke very very often.

  29. Amy says:

    But what she said is true … let’s not igore that. I am offended by all swear words – but people use those in front of me all of the time – adults and kids. No one seems to care. But Heaven help them if the “wrong person” uses the N-word.

  30. Holly says:

    Point proven that people are too sensitive!

  31. Teresa says:

    Saying the N word once is too many. Just because someone else uses it doesn’t give her the right to use it.

  32. Sean says:

    I see from the comments that everyone is all worked up over the fact that she used the word in an example situation. Yet when the black panthers use white racial slurs maliciously then thats ok. I fail to see the logical thinking here. As long as we dont damage the black community we will be ok but they can trash every other race as they see fit and thats ok. You see every “minority ” has their little group with their own special agenda except for the people who pay all of the bill for the non-offensive bull and thats the working white man. Like it or not its the truth. When white slurs are made who gets outraged over that?????????? Sorry not finding anything

  33. robert says:

    The n-word was originally used as a derogatory and demeaning term referencing Blacks people…it was used for that purpose by whites and passed down generation to generation…still meaning the same thing. The only white person who would say that “affectionately” is one who has grown up “black”…so why would anyone question why a black person would be offended by a white person using it. Yes and some black people have used racial slurs when referring to whites, Hispanics, Jews or others…it is not right either; but how many times have you heard it being defended or portrayed as not being an intentional offense?? Let’s keep it real…when white people use it, it is intended to be demeaning…like calling people in the Mid East “sand n*****s”…it is so ingrained that white folks export it to other countries…but the meaning and the intent remains the same. And it would be well and good if you could separate Bad” blacks” from “good blacks” and use that word strictly in reference to them…but the fact of the matter is that when most of you see a black person, unless you personally know them (and for some of you, even if know the black person), that person is one of “them”… and that generally means “bad”.

  34. Jamgrae says:

    The radio commentator acts confussed when Black people use a word that whites shouldn’t use. I think the radio commentator is either a lier, or just plain ignorant. I have over heard many different races call each other racist names and they didn’t make the mistake of saying it to another race. I have heard Italians call other Italians….WOP…but, I don’t think that another non-Italian can use that phrase to an Italian. What is said among peoples of the same race has always been different than what you call a member of an opposite race. There is no mystery about Blacks using the phrase among themselves. If the conservative commentator is further confussed, perhaps she could get a better understanding if she said it away from the comfort of her radio, and said it among a group of black people…young or old. MAYBE THOSE PEOPLE COULD GIVE HER A BETTER UNDERSTANDING WHY WHITES SHOULDN’T USE IT.

  35. karmanot says:

    No, the Laura is not a psychiatrist. She got her Ed. degree from Trailer House U. in Arizona in advanced bulletin board decoration for grades 1 to 5, titled the “Permutations of Colored Paper and Straight Shapes On Developing Young Minds.”

  36. robert says:

    There it is…Sean just said it…malicious…that is what it was. That maliciouness is the problem…red, white, black or brown…not the word. Without the maliciouness, the word is just a word….let’s work on that one>>>>hmmmm?
    Like saying that the working white man pays the bill for non-offensive bull…I’m not mad at you because I know you are not aware of the bill paid by blacks due to the institutional racism that still exist in America…and that is not non-offensive bull that’s happening in the schools and the prison systems, in the workplace, that is stuff that is affecting the lives of people everyday that you do not get to see from your side of the street. You have not had to live it but you want to pass judgement on it from the sidelines …that’s malicious.

  37. Luke Easter says:

    Black History Month (Why February?)

    The cries of the weak and helpless are heard from the shore,
    To a ship bound for the America’s under the master’s roar,
    “Up the anchor, set all sails, let this profitable journey begin, ”
    With a laugh, “you’re safety’s temporary, we’ll be back again.”

    If today’s descendants of slavery had a small idea, if they only knew,
    For freedom the daily struggles their ancestors had to go through,
    There could never be a class to prepare or nothing you’d ever do,
    Black kids would realize wearing pants below the butt, is not cool.

    February’s the selected month celebrating what’s called Black History,
    Why we only have one and not all twelve is an even bigger mystery,
    Not that I’m in denial about the planting & harvest of Blacks as slaves,
    But, is there really that much difference between now and yesterday?

    And if there truly is then how come African Americans don’t rejoice,
    Exercising this freedom in the form of voting, we died for this choice,
    Doing well in school, obeying parents, seeking to expand and excel,
    The 21st century practice of bondage is simply none other than jail.

    And the 13th Amendment really wasn’t all that effective because,
    Many Blacks are still slaves, this time to smoking, drinking & drugs,
    What’s the sign of a predominantly black neighborhood? Think fast,
    The streets and schools of the inner city are usually filled with trash.

    The bible tells us that, “a house divided against itself will not stand, ”
    Some Blacks act like they’re charter members of the Klu Klux Klan,
    I never read in the paper; heard from a radio, saw on television news,
    Whites shooting other Whites for Starter Jackets or Air Jordan shoes.

    February is more than the exploits of Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King,
    It’s about the everyday pride of our history to each other we excitedly bring,
    After the day is over, chores are done, are you willing to answer the call?
    Black America is more than hip-hop rappers or playground basketball.

    There’s big money in entertainment and sports, millions earned and paid,
    Truth is that many of our people still have to struggle with minimum wage,
    Back History is more than meager celebrations, a speech or gala parades,
    It’s Black Americans presenting ourselves as examples every single day.

    Plantations, cotton fields, whipped, raped, hung 24/7, cruelty didn’t tarry,
    Slavery was the backbone of building this country & all we get is February?
    Who was responsible for the crops, creating growth, centuries of hard work?
    As breath of life left our bodies we weren’t allowed burial in the same dirt.

    Slaves taught each other to read and learn the bible, reaching for the stars,
    Some even had the nerve to set their goals far beyond the planet Mars,
    Considered property, a statement about our race is that we’d NEver GROw,
    Those latter two words combined were used to identify our race as Negro.

    2008, we’ve more than paid the price with mountains of blood, sweat & tears,
    It’s time to stop setting aside one month and start recognizing us by years,
    Yowza master, yessir boss, are these times actually many decades in the past?
    If we continue killing & disrespecting our own race how long can we last?

    Don Imus uses the word, “Ho’s” so we have condemn him to hell,
    Hip-Hop Rappers use it in songs, millions of records they will sell,
    There is a huge outrage and a cry of racism when used by Whites,
    However, Blacks describe their women with this and it is all right?

    Guy #1 broadcast it on talk radio and he is fiercely under attack?
    #2 dudes get a pass played on likewise radio cause they’re Black,
    Certainly it’s a double standard so should there be any mystery?
    Why do we have such a hard time? Disrespecting our own history!

    Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, NYC & South Central, LA,
    Murders in the Black communities average several per day,
    You don’t have to be in a gang when shooters just drive by,
    Just being Black anywhere is the only criteria needed to die.

    Ok how many of you know who created the elevator, Alexander Mils,
    And Richard Spikes, invented the gearshift creating automatic thrills
    Joseph Gambol, Super Charge System Internal Combustion Engines,
    Garrett A. Morgan, traffic light signals were his contributing invention.

    John Love’s pencil sharpener along with William Purvey’s fountain pen,
    Albert R. Robinson, rapid transit system’s electric trolley, all Black men,
    Joseph Smith the Lawn Sprinkler, the Hand Stamp William Purvey again,
    Dr. Charles R. Drew pioneered techniques preserving blood plasma when?

    I am sure at this point, that some of you are just about beginning to ask?
    No, Garrett Morgan did not invent but he did help update the gas mask,
    Also, the surgeon who helped stabilize plasma did not die as many say,
    He fell asleep at the wheel and a white hospital did not turn him away,

    John Burr did the Lawn Mower, Lee Barrage’s new Type Writing Machine,
    Charles Brooks, mastermind behind the street sweeper too keep cities clean,
    Phillip Downing the Letter Drop, W. A. Love the Advanced Printing Press,
    William Barry the Postmarking & Canceling Machine, nothing but the best.

    Everyday we use, Thomas W. Steward the Mop, Lloyd P. Ray the Dust Pan,
    Granville T. Woods, the automatic cut off switch yep still another Black man,
    Frederick Jones cool with the Air Conditioner, Lewis Lattimer Electric Lamp,
    Alice Parker, Heating Furnace & how many Blacks were Heavyweight Champ?

    Jan E. Matzelinger the Shoe Lacing Machine while Walter Sammons the Comb,
    Sarah Boone invented the Ironing Board, millions depend on these in their home,
    John Standard invented the refrigerator yeah just like this list the band played on,
    Many African Americans are engaged in doing & creating right instead of wrong.

    Life is more than entertainment, music Grammy’s and athletic MVP’s,
    Alex Haley’s “Roots” is something middle school students should see,
    There’s more to African Americans than Snoop Dogg, Beyonce, Jay-Z,
    Almost before everyone reading this was born that’s real Black History.

    Last but not least, for all of the years of slavery and discrimination we did tarry,
    There are twelve months in every year so why do we get the shortest, February?
    Well, if you think that’s a slap in the face stop what you’re doing and think again,
    Because we are in a very exclusive club, how exclusive? Read “American Indian.”

    In Leviticus sacrifices to God must be, “without blemish” this is how we should strive,
    To respond on a daily basis not through arrogance, standing tall with historical pride,
    One of the greatest oracles ever delivered was on August 28,1963, “I Have A Dream, ”
    Without battlefield soldiers like Rosa Parks there’s no generals like Martin Luther King.

    02/10/10 A Metro Seattle bus terminal was the scene of a senseless and vicious attack,
    A 15 year-old female was minding her business then viscously beaten by another Black,
    After the beat down she was stomped & kicked in the head as Metro Security looked on,
    While lying unconscious another Black teen stole her purse & the gang of ten was gone.

    Yeah right February the month assigned to honor African American History and celebrate,
    An innocent young lady lies so badly injured it’ll take medical professionals to resuscitate,
    While the gang escaped up the escalator laughing like hyenas there is some good news,
    The assault was captured on video surveillance cameras & of course it’s now on you tube.

    OK, I challenge you to watch the injustice like the 3 Metro Guards, who did not get involved,
    Now this means that just more than the act of, “Attempted Murder” also needs to be solved,
    And the saddest most disturbing of all, is this not a one time thing or even an isolated case,
    Never in recorded history have another people been so intent on destroying their own race.

    Black on Black crime while the attitude of security seemed to be let them kill each other,
    Not Whites, Asians, Hispanics no other race or creed just our own sisters and brothers,
    Why join the military go to a foreign country fight a war where you seem to be all alone?
    Put on your fatigues grab your weapons start the car there’s a battle right here at home.

    Probably the most amazing things are the incidents occurring in the years 2009 and 2010,
    Because in 2008 Barack H. Obama ran for President Of The United States oh did he win?
    Blacks get very upset as people like Rush Limbaugh & Sarah Palin show him no respect,
    Republicans, Democrats sure but then neither do some of us what else would you expect?

    02/11/10, there is a push on cable news to question the security guards and that too is fine,
    However, they are missing the main point about this, which is BOBC, Black On Black Crime,
    Slavery to freedom back to slavery as at least 5 are charged with felonies, possible jail time,
    This cancer of a blatant disregard for human life is malignant so how can we make it benign?

    June 1 1921, how many reading this have ever heard of the name, “Black Wall Street? ”
    A prime example of how before “Nike” as a Nationality we could successfully compete,
    Alas, a major African American movement resoundingly defeated and utterly destroyed,
    So why? Obviously because of jealousy on the part of the racial majority being annoyed.

    Now, let’s fast forward to the annals of our race in corporate main street of America today,
    There’s no longer a need for outside interference because openly we keep ourselves away,
    Truly it is not from any other thing except by what Black Americans choose to do and say,
    We have to do what brought us out of bondage in the first place, we must unite and pray.

    08/12/2010 Dr. Laura confronts a caller, uses the “N” word 11 times & all hell breaks loose,
    Urban League, NAACP, countless awareness groups are crying foul just like Mother Goose,
    The homicide count of African American youth gunned down in Chicago has risen sky high,
    A Black community comes together seeking an apology from Whites but not Blacks uh why?

    By Luke Easter

  38. Pingback: field negro: Even Doctors know the "N" word.

  39. Charles says:

    This is a message to Luke Easter from me, a white male in his late 50’s. I just read your last entry, and it was beautiful. If you & I had complete control over this country and sat down together for 8 hours to work things out… well, let me just say, “What a wonderful world it would be”.

  40. fran says:

    Dr. Laura released a lame ass apology.
    So was it just hock jock radio– ( any attention is good attention?) or will she finally get her discriminating ass kicked off the airwaves?

    One can only hope…

  41. Sean says:

    Robert, the whole problem with your observation is just as you explained it. I have not lived it or even come close. Problem with that is the first time the black person does not get what he wants he cries race. Personally everybody gets what they get due to their abilities not color. As far as the public goes they cry raceism before they stop and think about the problem. The blacks have black history month, juneteenth, MLK day,Kwanza and the hispanics have at least Cinko de Mayo but to be fair when is it gonna be “honkey day” or “cracker week” or anything like that? Black or white or red or blue you get what you earn and thats the ONLY way

  42. emcee says:

    The bitch is glorified massage therapist.

    Difference is, at least a massage therapist will jack your shit off at the end of 45 minutes for a $20 tip whereas Dr. Laura just tells you you’re a dumb nigger.

  43. bradfrmphnx says:

    Sean, with all due respect, you ask the question, and it IS a valid question posed in your context…

    …”when is it gonna be honky day?”

    I would have to say that everyday is “honky day.”

    As long as the minorities in this country continue to have to fight white dominance in everything from education, to courts, to jobs…everyday will be “honky day.” I notice it was very easy for you to use the word honky, just as it is easy for a black person to call another the n word. But, if a black man calls you a honky then many here deem it okay to call them the n word, and that they are being too sensitive if they are offended by it. Two wrongs don’t make a right and the circle of misunderstanding continues.

  44. fran says:

    make the “shock jock”…

  45. fran says:

    Doh! Proofread before hitting submit!

    Make that shock jock

    Sean, for many black people in this country it was never a level playing field. First it was the horrors of slavery, then it was pseudo freedom- not slaves, but not equal– could not vote- could not even drink from the same drinking fountain!
    When education & access to it are sub par, those kids were at a disadvantage. You don’t get a good education, you don’t get a decent paying job.
    Poverty is a hard place to work your way out of.
    Racism is real.
    Dr Laura wants to turn demeaning comments into a lecture about black comedy?

    I still think she should be kicked off the airwaves.
    Her apology was as offensive as her original crappy “advice”, which was just verbal & mental abuse.

  46. Tarzan Jane says:

    It sounds like this was another staged call by a phone actress set up by a race baiter to create some sensational news. . I don’t beleive this story as “Jade” describes this family sitution.. Just trying to start some tired or news on racial trouble…I agree with Dr. Laura. This is nonsense, she made a very strong point. The rappers, comedienes, black kids say the Nigger word non stop and that’s funny, acceptable routine everyday black speak. If Blacks don’t like that word, they need to speak loud and clear, boycott rap music, Black comediens, the Jacksons and Sharptons race agitators pimps must denouce this slang word to show they are serious and setting a example . Its discrimination to expect something different from another race, and be given a pass for you own. This is all nonsense.

  47. Sean says:

    Brad no misunderstanding here. You never hear this kind of uproar over black people using the words but you let a white person use the word and oh my goodness the world must come to an end. Fran the world is so sick and freaking tired of hearing the slavery thing. The people of the country sold their own people and the white people took advantage of it so why is the blame game still going on this long afterword. MOVE ON. Everything is subpar for “minority’s”. So instead of complaining for the rest of your or their lives how about them stepping up and aiming higher instead of the rest of the world bowing down or dumbing everything else down. Maybe because the “minority’s” know that if they scream racism then everything will be made right. Come on people quit resting on your minority skin color and wait for the handouts and make your mark in this world.

  48. bradfrmphnx says:

    Tarzan Jane…you couldn’t be any more wrong. Black people don’t run around calling each other the N word. That is a stereotypical racist remark. You get confused and mistaken by the gangsta rap you hear on the radio. I think Rashana is right when she says that most blacks don’t use that word. I would have to say that any self respecting person of any color shouldn’t use those words. No matter if someone says “honky,” that doesn’t give you or Schlessinger the moral right to call them a derogatory word in return.

    Your assumption that it was a staged call is silly. Even if it was, does that give this vile excuse for a radio announcer the right to act the way she did, and say the things she said? I think not.

    There is movement within the black community to stop using that word. I have heard it talked about everytime this comes up. Bottom line is if you want to show respect for somebody you don’t call them names like that, names that serve to remind them of the history of repression and hate given to them by the white man. If you don’t want to show them respect, then just continue to keep your head in the sand, and wallow in your self proclaimed rightousness.

    The only nonsense here is your post.

  49. bradfrmphnx says:

    Sean…a grammar lesson.

    minority’s is possessive
    minorities is plural

    You used the word in a plural text, and spelled it in a possessive text. It’s hard for me to take your post seriously when you don’t know the difference. Especially when you place parenthesis around it. If you want to sound educated you should write in an educated manner. But hey, I get your point. It’s just that like I said, two wrongs don’t make a right, and that is what is being said over and over, “Because they do it, we can too.” Well…no we shouldn’t.

  50. Eric says:

    Dr. Laura’s use of the N word is just as dispiacable as Obama referring to African Americans as mongrels. I wish the African American community were as incensed at the mongrel remark as we are incensed about the N word used by Dr. Laura.

    To me its not a coincidene that these verbal assaults against African Americans are almost one week apart. One by a sitting perisdent, the other by a talk show host. A president or talk show host can set an atmospheric tone. Neither Mr. Obama nor Dr. Laura created racism in America. Their flagarant remarks have done nothing to heal the situation either.


  51. Scott Dancer says:

    Controversy is the the grease that keep rightwing radio going, people listening and advertisers buying airtime.

    But let’s not forget, Laura Schlessinger is the same woman who in 2000 opined that gays and lesbians are “biological errors,” “deviants,” and a “violation of Scripture.”

    Her outrageous comments led to an advertiser revolt and she was forced to take out a full-page Variety ad, costing $100,000 which read, “While I express my opinions from the perspective of an Orthodox Jew and a staunch defender of the traditional family,in talking about gays and lesbians, some of my words were poorly chosen. Many people perceive them as hate speech. This fact has been personally and professionally devastating to me as well as to many others.”

    So a decade later and here we go again with this woman and her venom mouth. I think the only thing she can do is retire from radio. If Obama successfully gets the Fairness Doctrine reinstated, there will be no place for people like Laura Schlessinger.

  52. Scott Dancer,

    I was part of the StopDrLaura.com effort. We wrote letters and made phone calls and we prevailed in getting Viacom to pull the plug on her ill-fated TV show.

    But all of that was a decade ago and as others have said, I thought Laura Schlessinger had crawled back in her cave in Thousand Oaks, CA. I honestly didn’t know she still had a radio show until she stuck her foot in controversy again using the “N” word.

  53. Seabec says:

    Schlessinger’s apologists are pointing to “apology.”

    Sorry but, this isn’t an apology. It’s just the type of twisted logic you get from the radical right when they get caught with their pants down and their income is threatened.

  54. Eric Equality Kuntz says:

    Laura Schlessinger took delight saying the “n” word.

    She said it repeatedly. As a broadcast personality with 20+ years experience, you mean we’re to believe she didn’t have enough sense to say “the “n” word” versus “n****r?” If she’s that stupid, she shouldn’t be on the radio.

    She should be institutionalized.

  55. robert says:


    beg you pardon, but it has been free for whites since the beginning. Do you honestly believe that a race of people, after being sujected to 200 years of slavery and all the deprivations related to that… followed by another 100 years of Jim Crow…could actually be on a level playing field with the race that subjected them? You think that race still doesn’t need help? take a look at the stats. Hell, Congress was still passing civil rights legislation in the 60’s. And while we talk about race…where did all the money go? You see,at the end of the day, it is not a racial issue, it is a human issue and an economic issue…the middle class is disappearing and everyone is pointing fingers. 30 years ago a guy could get a job at a warehouse, get benefits and think about saving to buy a home. Today, that same job pays minimum wages with no benefits…is that a racial issue? Divide and conquer…recial animosity keeps us from being able to see and deal with the REAL issues…we all need to work on it.

  56. s. douglas says:

    “The blacks have black history month, juneteenth, MLK day,Kwanza and the hispanics have at least Cinko de Mayo but to be fair when is it gonna be “honkey day” or “cracker week” or anything like that?”

    These conversations always attract, “Why can blacks say it?” dipshits.

    Here’s a lesson, Sean. My friends and I joke with one another. Some times we even curse at one another. But if you cursed at me? Well, let’s just say from then on, you’d have a even more difficult time with your word spellin’ n’ such.

    It’s different between friends.

    That’s why, you illiterate fuck.

  57. Bel Ami says:

    So what is Laura angrier at?

    Obama being president, or getting busted by a caller for using the “N” word 11 times? All I know is, if I were on her staff, I would hide the plastic knives and forks because this broad is a nut.

  58. joost says:

    Teresa and Holly – The denial of racism is essential for its survival. You might want to give this some thought.

  59. Leo Sigh says:

    Actually, I agree with Dr.Laura (and I never thought I would say that, as I can’t stand the woman!). She wasn’t being racist, the black woman was being racist against Dr.Laura when she said she “spewed out the word”, she didn’t – she was using it as an example. (And why is it okay for blacks to be racist, but not whites?)

    And the whole PC-ness of Americans saying the ‘n-word’ drives me nuts. The word is ‘nigger’ and I’d much rather hear somebody say it out loud because, depending on what context it’s used in, at least I know who IS racist and I can avoid them.

  60. Adirondacky says:

    Leo — I don’t think not saying the “n” word is a nod to being PC. I think its about being sensitive about our choice of language, acknowledging what is hurtful and offensive to people and respecting them enough to just say no to using racial epithets. I mean, how many words are there in the English language? 500,000? We can’t as adults agree to not say 5 or 6 words that people find deeply offensive?

  61. Jimmy says:

    In 2010, I’m still stunned when I hear white people say, in effect, “Well, they say it to each other, why can’t I say it?”

    The gay community figured out how to take a word once used to hurt you, flip it, and make it an empowering word “within” their community. “Nigga” is just such an amelioration of “nigger”.

    Teresa wrote- “Just like we use the work nigger with each other and get of offended when another race uses it.”

    But, the word you use with each other is “nigga”, not “nigger”….and if you image that there is NO difference, that you are sadly mistaken.

    Plus, every hinges on intent, no matter who is speaking.

    “Just like we use the work nigger with each other and get of offended when another race uses it. “

  62. Joe says:

    I recently viewed the naked pics Bill Balance took of his then girlfriend, Laura Schlessinger. Frankly, they are no big deal, considering their intimate relationship, except when contrasted with some of her on-air comments against premarital and extramarital sex. As for this “firestorm,” it too is no big deal, in my opinion. Although her remarks might be construed as inadvisable and insensitive, I don’t think she comes off as any more of a racist than most people, regardless of their race. And I say that not as a fan of hers but as a critic, not that I listen to her stupid show. In fact, I think the entire group of radio talk show hosts are the pits, with darn few exceptions. There isn’t one of them who isn’t arrogant, while most are frequently misinformed and occasionally obnoxious. Yet nothing stops them from getting on the air and making a complete ass of themselves and their listeners. This idea that blatant demogoguery is somehow chic and is merely an attempt to counterbalance bias in the mainstream media is such a crock. Why can’t we have intelligent, fair-minded people behind the mike? Why always these ridiculous blowhards? What does it say about the advertisers and the American people, who listen to these big mouths and give them a forum to spout their ignorance and bigotry every single day? We are supposed to worry about Laura Schlessinger, in particular? Gimme a break. How about Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy, Jim Bohannon, Doug Steffen, and the rest of the establishment sanctioned morons who populate the airwaves? I say get rid of them all and put intelligent people on the radio instead. Wouldn’t the gullible, ignorant, and bigoted listenership accept them? Aren’t there enough intelligent people in this country who have good speaking skills who can do a better job? Why must so many people continually listen to all these idiots just to be entertained? Are their lives that boring? Obviously, the established order has no respect for us and thinks these jerks are all we deserve. I don’t wonder why.

  63. pretti says:

    Joe – Why don’t you shut the fuck up?

  64. GinaM says:

    Looks like “Dr” Laura is done:

    Dr. Laura Schlessinger announced Tuesday night that she would end her radio show following her N-word rant last week.


  65. Jose says:

    I did not read all of the comments before posting mine, as I’ve read many on different sites. They all seem to be blasting Dr. Laura and I cn not fully agree with them. I am a Puerto Rican man who has been married to my wife, who is black, for 16 years and we’ve been together for 27 years. My best man was black, most of my friends are black, and for those who do not know, if you are Puerto Rican then you have black ancestry as well. That being said, if you listen to and read the transcript of what was said IN CONTEXT, at no time did Dr. Laura call anyone the N -word nor did she use it in a durogitory manner. She was simply pointing out the hypocracy of any black person complaining about any other race using the N-word, if they do not also complain when black comedians, entertainers, and young black males in general use the N-word so flipantly. It’s hypocracy. My children of course are half black and we do not, and have not ever allowed them to use this terrible word. Most of my sons friends and footbal and basketball teammates are black and spend as much time if not more at my house as they do their own. They commonly use this word when they are out and about but have enough respect to know that it is not to be used at my home. My position is simple. The word was invented and used with evil intentions. Many people died trying to stop the word from being used and now, for much of the young black population to use almost as a term of endearment is an insult to the sacrifice of those who gave their lives during the civil rights movement. Dr. Laura is wrong, racism is alive and well in America and a Black President doesn’t mean that it’s not. She is also wrong because she does not realize that it is mostly the republican right who are making a big deal of race since Obama has taken office. She is also wrong in believing that Jade’s neighbors were not at least being ignorant and insensative in their conduct, I do believe that there are racist undertones. I also don’t agree with Dr. Laura thinking that Jade should just answer, “That black people think . . . it is her sorry ass husband who should man up and say something. With that said I think another place where Dr. Laura was right, is that in general, hypersensativity is also keeping racism alive and well in this country, that whole dialog and the subsequent responses prove it. Again, look at it in context and you will see that Dr. Laura was not going on a racial rant, even though I believe that because of her race and age she can not see that some of her points of view stem from her not being a minority. In closing, why don’t all of us minorties lead the way to stopping racism? let’s follow the President’s lead and conduct ourselves in a manner that makes white America as a whole (included the racist) deal with us because of who we are as individuals, regardles of our skin color.

  66. Joe says:

    Isn’t allowing the use of the N-word, or any word, based on the race of the utterer racism? Because, doing _anything_ based on race is racism. It doesn’t need to be hatred or discrimination. Rappers and comics, and their audiences, using, allowing, and accepting the N-word are racists themselves when they decide to not take offence based solely on the racial ethnicity of the person who says it.

  67. bestelkado-gadgethouse-1 says:

    Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth information you offer. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed information. Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  68. Rich B. says:

    From my perspective, Dr. Laura was railroaded. I heard this conversation on her show. I feel Dr. Laura was only saying that black people can use the “N” word repeatedly between themselves and it is just fine and acceptable. She mentioned a song by a black rapper who repeatedly uses the “N” word in his song and it was a hit and popular. I heard Dr. Laura repeat this fact and I believe she was only mimicking how many times this rapper said it. Check this out on “you tube” if you do not believe me. The song is entitled “Niggar Niggar Niggar”. Please tell me, why can this rapper repeat the “N” word and get paid big bucks for it while Dr. Laura gets let go from her show for just repeating what she heard? She even apologized and it still did not do any good. Sounds very familiar to Imus who was fired from his radio show for saying a very innocent statement and was joking about hair. He also apologized repeatedly but I feel the blood was in the water. The blacks were out to get him fired. We can thank “Reverend” Sharpton who lead the attack. Some Reverend he is.

  69. franklin says:

    Some of the brothers need to give her the high hard one about 5 or 6 times
    she might like that 5 or 6 differnts guys videos would be nice

  70. rift guide says:

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