Vatican: Women Priests the Same as Child Abusers

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In the latest PR disaster for the Catholic Church, the Vatican today issued new rules equating the “attempted ordination” of women one of the gravest crimes under church law, putting it in the same category as pedophile priests.

The new rules, sent to Bishops around the world, apply equally to Catholic women who agree to a ceremony of ordination and to any Bishop who conducts it. Both would be immediately excommunicated.

This latest move, which appeared to bar and bolt the door to Catholic women priests, came at a time when the Church of England moved in the opposite direction, allowing the ordination of women Bishops.

It would appear the Catholic Church is stuck forever in the 8th century.

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67 Responses to Vatican: Women Priests the Same as Child Abusers

  1. Big Hank says:

    The Vatican is lost. The Catholic church is lost.

    Whatever moral authority it enjoyed, died with the priest sex abuse scandal. Everything the Vatican says now just reinforces the perception of a cult trapped in the Middle Ages.

  2. Christopher, you need to read this:

    “How facts backfire” is an eye opening article that all critics need to understand.

  3. retahyajyajav says:

    Like, do we need anymore proof the Catholic church hates women?

    Just look at the way this Pope has treated nuns. It’s tantamount to a witch hunt. I still blame this Pope for the current problems the church is facing. Once he dies, there is hope for progress but not until he’s dead and buried.

  4. bradfrmphnx says:

    The Vatican sure knows how to fill copy. Journalists and bloggers won’t know what to write about when this farsical religion comes toppling down from the wall. It will be nice to see the broken egg shells.

    The Vatican and Mel Gibson are mirror images of one another. Homophobic, anti-Semitic, mysonigistic, judgemental assholes. Throw in some alcoholism and domestic violence for Mel.

  5. A Dissiple of Satan says:

    My Master has it all right. Look what the children of God do? Killing, persecuting, burning at the stakes for his name. This God of love lets his church do terrible atrocities and making shit load of money like Roman Catholic and Rhema Churches. Priests and pastors are very wealthy persons, indeed. Why is some Christian books and music more expensive than other music. TIP: Start a religion en become a millionaire over night. God is the Creator, however why did he create Satan. He knows the future and every thing and every one he created. So why create Satan if he kNEW that one day he will revolt against Him in Heaven? And by consequence (if you look at the demographics of the world since time immemorial, most peoples on this earth was not and is not Christians) most souls dead or alive will be condemned to be forever tortured in the fires of Hell, because they choose not to follow Christ. Even in the Land of God, Israel, most people are not Christians. 180 billion souls already walked this earth and most of them are and will be in Hell ….all non-Christians f*cked forever and ever. Even before most souls were born they were and was preordained to spend eternity is Hell, and yes, this IS God’s Perfect Master Plan. Does this make sense?

  6. C’mon. The 7th, at least.


    The 8th century

  7. Kate Novotny says:

    The Catholic Church is profoundly misogynistic.

    It’s run by a cabal of men who have no respect for women and the top guy is the worst of the lot. If I had a daughter, I honestly think I would disown her if she said she had become Catholic.

    The plight of the nuns is nothing short of criminal. I think women in Iran have more rights than nuns.

  8. Aleister Crowley says:

    All Popes are a perverts, jacking off on boys.

  9. Dale L. Suyeishi says:

    I wasn’t raised Catholic so maybe someone can tell me why the old guys in gold hate women so much?

    What is the modern justification for treating women like slaves and second class citizens? Does it come from some Biblical interpretation or book in the Bible?

  10. ZarathustraMike says:

    Hey Poop-a-Nazi do you think women priests would f**k little boys in the ass like you men priests do? You and your chuch are pathetic! You f**King fossil

  11. Bill Hussein O'Reilly says:

    Oh for goodness sake, people!

    The Vatican is a bath house of horny priests and bishops diddling little Italian boys for money. These are Jesus’ freaks and no women need apply.

  12. Stephan Iversonn says:

    Women priests, according to the pedophile enabling Pope, represent the “gravest crimes” against Canon Law?

    No, you stupid son-of-a-bitch Pope.

    The “gravest crimes” against Canon Law is a culture at the Vatican that refuses to handover priests to law enforcement accused of committing crimes against humanity by raping young boys, so young they don’t even yet have pubic hair.

    There is your “gravest crimes.”

  13. Harry says:

    Isn’t someone going to spice things up and come out in support of this nutty edict and try to defend the Vatican?

  14. Randy Arroyo says:

    The Pope tries to tighten the Canon vice and the world laughs in his face. What a moron.

  15. Except unlike the Vatican’s failure to properly deal with pedophile priests (i.e., assist in the prosecution of those monsters), here it will work swiftly to excommunicate the women priests and bishops.

  16. ZarathustraMike says:

    Someone, No, a bunch of guys with huge cocks, need to bend this f**king Poop over on his alter and F**k his ass till it tares & bleeds. Then, have a few appointed Women priests minister to him while doctors are sewing up the rip in his ass……….. Just so he can make a more informed decision on which is the greater ‘Sin’. Having Women priests…. or getting F**ked in the ass by a Pedophile priest. This Poop needs to get F**KED in the ASS every day as penence for his stupidity. I stand with Hitchens & Dawkins…. This Poop needs to be arrested!

  17. Jolly Roger says:

    Nah…. as I noted, they consider ordaining women to be WORSE than pedo priests. We all know how they worked to cover up for their kiddie-fiddlers. But not with women, no SIR. They deal with that shit RIGHT NOW.

  18. feminazi says:

    Outrageous! Shocking! Appalling! Ordained women in the Roman Catholic Church are on the same plain as pedophile child abusers? I am offended and I am angered by this stupid position. I hope the Vatican goes bankrupt and the number of Catholics shrinks even further.

  19. joost says:

    Just when I think the Vatican can’t get anymore ridiculous, they outdo themselves with something like this statement. What a bunch of 5th century clowns.

  20. ZarathustraMike says:

    This Poop needs to be F**ked in the ass every day till he dies…….. ON LIVE TV!!!

  21. DMason says:

    I remember when Pope Benedick the 16th was sworn in after John Paul died. A lot of my Catholic friends said they hoped the church would evolve. But like George Bush damaged the U.S., Benedick really set the Catholic back at least a century. Oh well, now they get to clean up his mess.

  22. ZarathustraMike says:

    Women…… Are there still any questions as to why the VILE KATHO-LICK-ASS church is so against your right to birth-control & Abortion????? THEY HATE YOUR F**KING GUTS!!!!! What better means to keep you down than to have you keep popping out babies????

  23. ZarathustraMike says:

    ARREST THE Poop and put him in a prison where he’ll get f**ked in the ass every day………

  24. Shayne K. says:

    OK, OK, OK, Pope Rat, I get it.

    You’ve declared gays and now women, enemies of your church. I’m cool with this. I declared the Roman Catholic Church my enemy 15 years ago.

    Be on guard because I won’t tolerate you.

  25. fran says:

    This is why I am a recovered catholic.
    Recently they demoted a Nun who made the decision to save the live of a mother when birthing the child would have killed her. She allowed an abortion to save the Mother’s life.

    Now this.

    Have we heard of one case of a nun engaging in predatory sexual abuse?

    Beyond that– women should have an equal role in
    religious duties. Genetalia should have nothing to do with who gives out communion.

    Not like their numbers have been on the increase.

    Maybe his discriminatory declaration will serve to expedite the demise of his religion.

    The Pope is a dope.

    Between enabling pedophiles, he now adds discrimination to his resume.

    What self respecting people can call this guy a leader?

  26. Adirondacky says:

    From all I’ve seen online in the international media, the consensus of opinion is complete condemnation over this latest stunt. Like Kate Novotny said, the Catholic church is deeply misogynistic. These men really have it out for women. It makes no sense but who can doubt their contempt for the other half of the human race?

  27. when will the world wake up and realize the catholic church is nothing but halliburton with gold lame costumes and a bunch of tax breaks

    this is truly the most evil organization on earth

    maybe the pope needs to wake up with a cut off horsehead in bed with him

  28. Ingersoll's Child says:

    It is my sincere hope that the next attempt on a Poop’s life will be more successful than the last attempt was on John Paul II! This piece of shit needs to go to his f**king Geebus as soon as possible…….. That would truly be a blessing on the people.

  29. Ingersoll's Child says:

    Heartfelt message to the Poop….. Die already, you old F**king piece of shit!

  30. Hitchen's Son says:

    First….. A few words about Blasphemy. There is no such thing as Balsphemy… You can’t blaspheme something that has never existed!!! Now a few choice words for this disgusting current POOP, BENEDICK XVI. You’re an evil old NAZI Mother-fucker, who mysteriously, never has had ‘congress’ with a woman…… Which is probably the main reason why you hate them as much as you do!!! It is one of the great crimes of the 20th Century that your mother wasn’t forced to have the dreaded ABORTION, to rid the World of you!!!! You’re a prime example why abortion should be allowed, if not promoted, as an easy way to weed out undesirables from the human gene pool. If I wasn’t as old as I am it would be my tremendous pleasure to try to snuff out your life….. with the same regard that I would pay to a cockaroach. No! Sorry, you are much lower than a cockaroach. I wouldn’t deem to dirty my shoe with you. You VERMIN…… I’d use a road-side bomb on you, so that there wouldn’t be too much of your stench to bury.

  31. Arizona Leatherneck says:

    The enemy of the Catholic church isn’t women or gays, the enemy of the Catholic church is Pope Benedict XVI and his 10th century world view.

  32. Morgan says:

    Has anyone asked the Vatican, how?

    Women priests the same as child abusers, how? On what planet can this be the case? How can they paint all women with the same brush, yet expect people to see a difference between a priest and child abusing priest?

    What crimes have women committed to deserve this headline? And I would also like to know how they can have such a problem with women if they compare women priests to child abusers yet have such a strong association with the latter group.

    Has the pope himself not helped forgive a child abusing priest in America who abused blind kids in the 80’s.

    Yes Eve may have tempted Adam with an apple but this is not the same as tempting children with sweets at the altar. Every Christian should be distancing themselves from the Vatican and saying your actions and comments are no longer tolerable.

  33. Hitchen's Son says:

    KILL THE POOP! He’s just a shit stain, anyway………

  34. Hitchen's Son says:

    If the Pope can equate all women with Pedophile, child-raping priests…… Then I can equate the Katholickass church with the DOG SHIT I stepped in last week walking to my car….. It’s the same slimey, stinking mess, that’s hard to get off once you get it on yourself!

  35. Glorious Blasphemer says:

    As I see it…. the real crime here is that Catholicism is still seen as a viable Religion, with this ‘SACK of SHIT’ NAZI MOTHER-FUCKING POOP as its head!

  36. rjblack says:

    Is that church even relevant anymore?

    I do believe the majority of their “flock” is in central and southern America and we all know what Argentina did to advance the rights of the gay and Lesbian communities. It may not be in my lifetime but this church will go the way of the dodo bird and humanity will be much richer for it.

    Less theory and more compassion and love!

  37. whomever says:

    Could you’all come up with ever so more obscenities, attacks, vulgarities and nastiness to get your point across?
    Can’t you just speak in English instead of being such 8th grade pissheads?
    Okay, you don’t like the Catholic Faith.
    Okay, you don’t like the Pope.
    Just try and get away with that with some Isalm leader or the Moslem faith.
    Your fuckin’ heads would be in the garbage.
    Believe me.
    Just think about it.

  38. ZarathustraMike says:

    Dear WHOMEVER, Gee aren’t we lucky that your church has finally given up burning people to death, putting people on the Rack and various other tortures. They’ve advanced soooooooo much! All they do now is fuck minors in the ass!!!!

  39. whomever says:

    Like I said, keep on piling up the inaccuracies…with all your obscenities; your accusation doesn’t prove much…check out the public school systems, the doctors, therapists, etc…see how much “f******’ goes on there, with minors, no less (swim coaches? teachers?);
    The percentage of pederast priests (and it is nothing to gloat about; it’s an absolute crime and sin, so don’t get me wrong) compared with all the other abuse that goes on in every venue is very small.
    But that’s not good enough.
    Too bad.

  40. ZarathustraMike says:

    Sure, Whomever…. but here’s the thing, see. PRIESTS TAKE A VOW OF CELEBACY, you dumb bastard. None of those other people do!!!!!!

  41. whomever says:

    Tisk, tisk.
    Attack the messenger. Yeah, that’s it.
    What about those who are MARRIED, and violate the innocent and minors, you dumb bastard?
    And use your spell check…it’s C-E-L-I-B-A-C-Y.

  42. rjblack says:


    This is a hot topic button for many people and emotionally charged to say the least. Labelling women in the church the same as a pedophile is not only wrong it is immoral, and for an institution and a pope that is supposedly speaking for God it seems very UN-christen. The church has issued many statements that incite, divide, and truly is stuck like Islam in the 7th century.

    The church has done this to themselves and are therefore ill-relevant and deserving of you reap what you sow

  43. ZarathustraMike says:

    Tisk, Tisk Whomever, so I spelled a word wrong., big deal!!! YOU’RE INCAPABLE of even adressing the topic of discussion! Like MOST KATHOLICKS, your indoctrination stops you from even seeing the truth….. WHAT GOOD LITTLE SHEEP YOU ARE!!! Baaaaaaa! Maybe if you removed your tongue from the Poop’s ass, lifted your head and looked around, you’d get a truer picture of the world! Priests are supposed to remain celibate!!! If they didn’t plan on keeping to that, why did they ever become priests? Maybe it’s because of the church’s practice of picking men to become priests who never managed to reach sexual maturity before they were taken to the monastery and taught the church’s line of BULLSHIT!!!!

  44. ZarathustraMike says:

    Saaaaaaaaay, Whomever, why is it that becoming a priest takes six years? Is that how long it takes to get used to kissing the Poop’s ass, and liking it????

  45. whomever says:

    The document to which you refer, rjblack, does NOT equate the abuse of minors with the ordination of women in a moral sense. Read the document instead of the media’s take on it.
    You can argue about whether or not this was the best way to do this; the focus of this is document is on the “grave sins” which are under the focus of how they are dealt with. It is the “holiness” of the Sacraments, not whether or not they 9the abuse of a minor or ordination of a woman) are equal in a “moral sense”…read the commentaries from the Vatican spokesman instead of reacting to what you read in the media.
    I will not even answer the next absolutely obscene and outrageous reply(ZM). Grow up and get over it.
    Nobody is making anyone become a Catholic or submit to any obedience to the Church.
    Find another venue to unleash your hostility and obvious immature inability to deal with reality.

  46. ZarathustraMike says:

    There you go again, Whomever, missing the point again!!! I wouldn’t take your poop’s opinion that the sky was blue, if I didn’t already know it myself! Who the hell does the Poop think he is making Moral decisions……. when he still hasn’t done anything to end the molestation of children…… supposedly the churches greatest ASSet. Baaaaaaaaaaaa! Keep your head bowed in shame, and don’t ever question anything that comes down to you from the VATICAN’T. After all, that head on your shoulders wasn’t put there to think with…… it’s just a hat rack for katholicks. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  47. whomever says:

    ZMike: That’s not true.
    And you know it.
    I’m not going to give you any references; you can find them yourself, if you are, in fact, interested.
    Hate Catholics. Hate the Pope. Hate what you think the Catholic Church teaches and or has allowed.
    But it’s not true; priests have violated their trust, their commitments, yes, that is true. Bishops have not done their duty to protect the faithful in certain circumstances, yes, that is true.
    It’s not right; it’s a sin; it’s a shame upon the Church.
    But it’s not the whole story.
    But please stop calling the Holy Father, “Poop”;
    that’s just not right…you can hate him, disagree with him, hate the Church.
    But can’t you just limit it to disagreeing?
    Why the invective, the seething hatred, the absolute bigotry?

  48. ZarathustraMike says:

    I enjoy calling your Pope, Poop! Because that’s all he is……… a low-life piece of excrement, who thinks his pronouncements still carry any weight. They DON’T. They’re further proof of a dying Church’s attempt to salvage it’s past. And what a past it was……. A church responsible for the deaths of more than 250,000,000 people in its 2,000 year history…… The torture of untold hundreds of thousands who refused to convert. The burning of thousands of innocent women branded ”witches” by the church because they practiced help for women in child-birth not approved by the church. The denial of SCIENCE because it did not agree with church doctrine, as to the creation of the Universe, remember Gallileo? The murder of Doctors because medicine, the church said, went against the will of their IMAGINARY g-d. Do I really need to go on? Your church has been the ENEMY of HUMANITY for 2,000 years. Now get with the program, and get over it! RELIGION & your church in particular, is a curse, not a blessing. I only hate that which deserves to be hated!!!! And, I will continue to work towards its destruction…… for I am one of a growing number of ANTI-CHRISTS!!!!

  49. ZarathustraMike says:

    I’M HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!

  50. Glorious Blasphemer says:

    Cursing at your church seems quite appropriate……. that’s because your Pope and your church seem to bring out the best (worst) in people. I learned cursing myself from the best possible source…. my Parents…. and I’ve worked hard to extend their legacy. Your church and your 7th century thinking Poop bring nothing but curses to my mind. I’d really like the opportunity to tell Poop Nazinger to his face what I think of him. He deserves no respect…. respect is something which must be earned, not blindly given, and nothing I’ve seen or read about this man brings any feelings of respect to my mind. Hey I have an Idea…….. someone needs to get this Pope LAID!!!! He’s been backed up for 82 or 83 years….. That’s got to have a devastating effect on any man’s mind. It’s un-natural! He’s got sperm dripping out of the corners of his eyeballs……Maybe if the pressure was releaved he could think clearer….. and see women as the valuable humans that they are!!! He’s had a valve, kind of like the BP valve, on his hose for way too many years. If he doesn’t die quickly, a vague wish of mine, that valve is surely going to just explode!

  51. Walk on Socks says:

    If the Roman Catholic church doesn’t change and evolve, it will cease to exist outside non-industrial based nations.

    Perhaps this explains why the Vatican’s outreach isn’t the U.S., other nations of the EU, or Canada, but third world nations where people still pray for rain, a good harvest and cures for disease and illness.

    The Roman Catholic church’s stranglehold on the lives of people in developed nations lessened with the industrial revolution and today, few Americans or Europeans believe this Pope or any Pope, for that matter, speaks with moral authority.

    Personally, I think the nail in the Roman Catholic church’s coffin was the priest/child sex abuse scandal that swept the planet. They won’t recover from this.

  52. Glorious Blasphemer says:

    And Heeeeeey, let us not forget how the church came to an agreement with HITLER just before WWII, to not interfere with Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’ for Europe’s Jews…….. And let’s just realize…. that the KATHOLICKASS church participated zealously in assisting many Nazi war crimminals to escape, and to escape prosecution for their crimes against HUMANITY, in which the church itself is a heavy-weight player. You’d think the church would be upset that the Nazi’s usurped their realm…. but, no, they weren’t. They turned their blind eye to the suffering, and just let it all happen. Yeah, That’s another bright gold star in the church’s history……. Kind of like the way they’ve helped PEDOPHILE priests escape prosecution for their crimes against children. Yes, this church has been a ‘beacon of morality’ throughout it’s history. But, now is the time for that history to come to an end………. with a breath of great relief by the populace of this Planet!!!!

  53. Glorious Blasphemer says:

    Hey Pope Nazinger….. Is your middle name, DRIED UP OLD PIECE OF SHIT?

  54. whomever says:

    So much maturity.
    So much intellectual insight.
    So much bullshit.
    Back atcha.

  55. whomever says:

    And, another thing.
    I would not want to put any children under any of your care.
    So just suck on that.
    The Catholic Church has taken care of millions of poor, destitute, orphans, women and children without means for centuries.
    How much have you jackasses given to any kind of care for them?
    Give it up.

  56. Glorious Blasphemer says:

    Oh, Poor Misguided one, Whomever, The church, your church, is the originator of the PROBLEM. By Not allowing for either sex-education, Family-planning, birth-control or abortion….. where the hell do you think all those poor needy children & destitute women came from??? Do you think Geebus blinked his eye and all those children dropped out of his asshole???? You are pathetic……..

  57. Glorious Blasphemer says:

    Dear Whomever……….. too bad Geebus didn’t open your eyes before he sank his dick so far up your ass!!!!!!!!! That you became blinded.

  58. whomever says:

    GB: If you can’t come up with something better than the bullshit you’ve spouted, too bad for you!
    I’m so not impressed.

  59. Idaho Librul says:

    “The Catholic Church has taken care of millions of poor, destitute, orphans, women and children without means for centuries.” – whatever

    You must be referring to the work of the Catholic nuns who work like dogs, tirelessly, and often die young.

    These women — the women this Pope views as the church’s enemies, are the backbone of the Catholic church. They perform the heavy lifting while the priests and bishops — males all, diddle little boys and violate the sacred bond of trust between a man of the clothe and an innocent.

    So let’s be clear. Were it not for the women in the Catholic church, there would be nothing positive to mention.

  60. whomever says:

    Idaho: Thank you. It’s good to dialogue with someone who isn’t mentioning some kind of ass thing here.
    You have a point; women religious have not, in the past, been treated equally or equitably. And yes, they have done wonderful works for the poor and the forgotten.
    But…every priest is not a “child diddler”…very few, percentage wise (according to the statistics, if you dare review them). There is a definite problem; I’m not contesting this, at all. These bishops and priests should be prosecuted and punished if they have participated in the violation of children and the vulnerable. No argument, here.
    But to portray ALL priests and religious as pedophiles and to talk in such horrid language (ass licking and F******) about the Pope and priests in general, is hate speech, as far as I’m concerned.
    The hospital system, the social welfare system and the school system the Catholic Church has provided in this country (when the poor and immigrants were left to their own by others) cannot be discounted.
    Hate the Church for her teachings; fine.
    Hate the Church for her beliefs, fine.
    But get your facts straight. And knock off the obscenities. It does not further your “cause” nor does it make you look believable.
    I’m not trying to make anybody Catholic; I’m just trying to get the facts straight.

  61. Glorious Blasphemer says:

    Hey Idaho Librul, sure the Nuns have done a little good, maybe out of guilt for their church…… But what about all the stories about Nuns being cruel to School children….. beating them etc. I have first hand knowledge of these experiences talking to Catholic friends of my childhood who hated the Nuns at their Catholic schools, and who eventually left those schools and transfered to public school to get away from being beaten. Sorry if my vile language offends anyone….. but at least it gets you to read about my true feelings for you hellish church…… Whomever. At least my language gets you fired up enough to read the criticism. My disappointment is that I still can’t seem to enlighten you……. and perhaps throw off your shackles……. That’s the shame….. You, like Bill Donahue, still think your church can do no wrong, and you just go merrily along accepting everything they tell you…………… to accept.

  62. whomever says:

    GB: If anyone has shackles, it’s you, my friend (don’t be offended by my lack of hatred for you).
    Listen, I don’t accept “everything” “they” tell me; give me the benefit of the doubt…I acknowledge that there are problems and difficulties within the Church; yeah; don’t think I haven’t suffered at the hands of idiot priests and nuns. But they’re not the Church; they are one minuscule part of the whole thing.
    Give me one example of any society on this earth that is perfect; no lying, cheating, abuse, scandal, stealing…you can’t, can you?
    Well, sorry to say, the Church is no different.
    You can disagree with Her teachings but to attack the leaders and members of the Church with distorted or unfounded accusations is just crazy.
    Priests are not in any great number the abusers of children; that’s a fact.
    The Pope is doing what he can to rid the Church of this horrid crime; that’s a fact.
    He’s not a Nazi; get that straight; he was enlisted as a youth (as were all German youths) into the army, against his own will; he was a prisoner of war at one point; he was released. Not all Germans in the army were Nazis.
    All I’m interested in is the truth; life is complicated in any situation. But to generalize and stereotype the Pope, bishops and priests as pedophiles is just wrong; check your facts.

  63. Glorious Blasphemer says:

    OK, Whomever, I give up! I won’t curse at you any more & I’ll quit ragging on you…. but not your disgusting church or your Pope. What they say and do is inexcusable. They’re beyond redemption. If your Lord Jesus was around today, he’d rip the Pope’s head off and crap down his neck. My feelings for you, however, have turned to SYMPATHY………..Your life-long INDICTRINATION, by first your parents and then your church, has rendered you incapable of ever seeing the truth, and my Atheist’s Heart goes out to you. Shackles, NO, Atheists don’t possess any shackles, we’ve ridded ourselves of them many, many years ago… my case at least…. I’m 65. You know, reaching the point of Atheism in one’s life comes from a life long review of religion, reading the bible written by Bronze age uneducated men, and not some vague SKY DADDY who never really existed, and events, not any kind of indoctrination. It’s a conscious decision…… derived from all the evidence or lack of it, not the result of years of brain-washing. I actually feel sorry for you……. Get some help, and good luck with your recovery…………….GB

  64. pretti says:

    Glorious Blasphemer – I am not Catholic, in fact, I have no religious affiliation whatsoever but I agree with Idaho Librul’s comments about the nuns.

    The nuns are the mules, the beasts of burden in the Catholic church. This frees up time for the priests to prance around in Prada and “entertain” minor age boys.

    Mother Teresa is an example of a great nun.

    For 50 years, she ministered and cared for the poor, sick, orphaned, and dying, while guiding the Missionaries of Charity’s expansion. She held the victims of AIDS, cancer, cholera, and TB. She personally cleaned up puke, blood and feces, and she never complained.

    She was a saint — not the enemy of the Vatican.

  65. Glorious Blasphemer says:

    Dear Pretti, I beg to differ with you. Mother Teresa was not a ‘Saint’. Yes Nuns are the Mules/beasts of Burden for the church. For 50 years Mother Teresa went around the World crying about the plight of Indians and raising huge amounts of money…. NONE of which she gave to the poor suffering in India. Instead she donated all that money to the church so that the church could build housing for Nuns around the World. Mother-f**king Teresa, instead taught the Indians that their suffering was bringing them closer to g-d- damn god.! She forced the sick and dying to sleep on dirt floors! You should read Christopher Hitchens summary of Mother Teresa. Then you’d realize that she was nothing but sanother shill for the despicable church. Holding the dying in your hands……….and watching them die, is not the same as actually helping them.

  66. Matteo says:

    Here’s a pip in today’s Advocate.

    The precious cult of lying, Catholic pedophile priests caught with their pants down (or robes up?) in an undercover sting operation visiting gay nightspots in Rome, and having casual sex.

    Pardon me but, don’t priests take a vow of celibacy when they “marry” the church?

  67. Terry says:

    When I asked myself if I could raise a daughter in this church the answer was no. I left.

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