Iowa Teabaggers Compare President Barack Obama to Hitler

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Iowa teabagger group displayed a billboard comparing President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin.

The North Iowa Tea Party began displayed the billboard in downtown Mason City last week. Images of Obama, Nazi leader Hitler and communist leader Lenin, and above the pictures are the labels “Democrat Socialism,” “National Socialism,” and “Marxist Socialism.”

Beneath the photos is the phrase: “Radical Leaders Prey on the Fearful & Naive.”

While the billboard stirred local controversy, one Democratic activist from Mason City, a city of 30,000 people just south of the Minnesota state border, said he thinks the sign lays bare the views of teabagger loons.

“I welcome them to continue to spew that kind of stuff because I think it’s going to do a lot of good for the good Democrats around the state,” said Dean Genth.

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22 Responses to Iowa Teabaggers Compare President Barack Obama to Hitler

  1. ZarathustraMike says:

    I compare the Iowa Teabaggers to my backside where the sh*t comes out of! Yes, they’re assholes…………..

  2. feminazi says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid people. The Tea Party members have absolutely no read of history. No wonder they embrace ignoramuses like Sarah Palin and Rand Paul as their leaders. As a Jewish woman who lost all four of her grandparents in concentration camps, I find this billboard profoundly offensive. A pox on them all.

  3. I wrote a post about this kind of sheer stupidity as it comes from Beck who pointed out that 55% of Americans think Obama is a socialist. This statistic shows how effective the Republican propaganda machine, Fox “News” is. 55% = about the peercentage of Americans with a double digit IQs. Coincidence?

  4. Henrik Moller says:

    Well, Israel and Palestine is just as evil and Mein Herr Adolf Hitler, just a bunch of f*cking murderers an killer like Neonazis. Jews are just as bad for killing Palestine people and visa versa. The Jews and Palestine deserve each other. The beter they all exterminate themselves, tike the pests they are. No peace for 40 years. Dumb idiots. Pity their children must suffer on each side. They are morons and C*NTS and F*CK them.

  5. bradfrmphnx says:

    Where was all the uproar when Bushy enacted more legislation taking away individual rights than any other President in our history? These tea-baggers think that if they shout a lie loud enough, then it will become the truth.

  6. R.J. says:

    I’m shocked this isn’t in Steve King’s district. I looked it up.

  7. rjblack says:

    I am neither republican, democrat or in the tea party, I vote for the man/woman who answers the questions directly that I put to them. The policy of the previous administration was horrific and the current administration is not much better. Many of the policies of the aforementioned administrations did and currently do harm the United States of America.

    Both administrations have openly attacked the Constitution and in my eye that makes them traitors to America so, the billboard is stating a truth in a roundabout way. Maybe, just maybe if we all put party politics aside for a while and talked to one another and not at one another, we would discover that there is common ground between us.

    The crisis in America is more important than political parties and the do nothing congressional and senate houses have failed to work together, no need to throw blame around, both parties are guilty and there is no lesser or greater degree of guilt, both share equally.

    If the elected officials are unable to do what is best for the country, then it is the people of America who must take charge and right the country, it starts with a simple hello, my name is R.J and our country is hurting, what can we do to heal it?

    No political parties welcome, just people exchanging ideas in a respectful environment doing what is right for the country in an open dialogue without the negative derogatory callous attacks on personal opinions. You would be surprised at how much we actually share in common.


  8. VicoDANIEL says:

    Both administrations have openly attacked the Constitution and in my eye that makes them traitors to America so, the billboard is stating a truth in a roundabout way.


    I’m going to give you the definition of the word, traitor:

    noun: a person who is guilty of treason or treachery, in betraying friends, country, a cause or trust

    Agree with President Obama’s policies, disagree with President Obama’s policies, or agree with a portion of his policies but, President Obama in no way, shape, or form meets the definition of “traitor.”

    Now, back to this offensive billboard. I agree with Dean Genth. I like the content of the billboard because it is a reminder of the sheer idiocy of the Tea Party and its members.

  9. Estacada says:

    No one will ever mistake a member of the Tea Party as smart or well informed.

    Obama = Hitler? Obama = Lenin?

    How about, Tea Party = shit for brains?

  10. rjblack says:

    So not defending the border from invasion is not a violation of the Constitution.
    I do believe the Oath taken states to defend the constitution from threats both foreign and domestic.

    Arizona is well within the state’s rights to defend its borders under the 10th amendment and the United States government is violating the 11th amendment by suing Arizona.

    You cannot have it both ways, failing to protect the border from the invasion of Mexican citizens entering the country illegally and suing on behalf of the people of the United States are two violations of the Constitution and therefore illegal.

    That is Treason failing to uphold the oath of office and Bush was just as guilty.

    As for the billboard, protected under the first amendment whether it is offensive or not is perception on the person viewing it.

    Also please look at my comment above, I have no political affiliation with any party, I am a patriot first and will defend this country and your political views if I agree with them or not with my last breath.

  11. Jolly Roger says:

    So not defending the border from invasion is not a violation of the Constitution.
    I do believe the Oath taken states to defend the constitution from threats both foreign and domestic.

    A frigging Oath Keeper. Don’t you have a McVeigh memorial to attend or something?

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  13. DMason says:

    The Tea Party needs to stop watching FOX Noise and drinking their koolaid. These old, unemployable white people have no clue what a real “radical” really is. They live in some peculiar fantasy world. Obama is about as mainstream-center as they come. I wish the president was even further to the left. But he’s a centrist-Dem to his core.

  14. Peace Nick says:

    The Tea Party whackos are mostly, older, retired white Americans with time to spare and who suffer from terminal boredom.

    Even their attempts to diss President Obama (like this Iowa billboard) is laughable.

    I predict, in 3 years, no one will even remember the Tea Party. Like H. Ross Perot, they too will pass.

  15. bradfrmphnx says:

    “Arizona is well within the state’s rights to defend its borders under the 10th amendment and the United States government is violating the 11th amendment by suing Arizona.”

    The federal government is going after SB1020 because they perceive it to be in violation of civil rights. In particular they see the bill as being a catalyst to racial profiling. I assure you that plenty of racial profiling is going down in Arizona right now. All of Arizona’s major police forces are against this bill.

    The border is a terrible place to try to paint the title of “traitor” on Obama. Rather than being a “traitor,” I see him as just doing what he should be doing, protecting people from unconstitutional governments. I don’t think Obama is the next Abe Lincoln, but he sure as hell is not a traitor.

    The funny thing about political adversaries trying to find common ground, is that the only common ground ever found is when the other side agrees that you are right and they are full of shit.

  16. Seabec says:

    No state can violate the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution. Even Arizona.

    I saw where donors (out of state mostly) managed to drum up $500,000 for Arizona to use in its legal challenge against the Justice Dept. Let’s see how long $500,000 lasts in a legal challenge against the Federal government.

    I just wish these state like Arizona and Texas, if they don’t want to be part of the Union, then begin the secession process. Take Utah too. They don’t contribute anything anyway but trouble.

  17. Chad Lebanon says:

    For a sizable number of Americans in a certain age group and in specific geographical areas, the idea of a black man being president is more than they can comprehend or handle. For them, many of whom are Teabaggers, Barack Obama hurried too quickly off the plantation. The only similarity I can think of is older, wealthy Brits, sitting home in their estates in Surrey, longing for the days of the Empire, and who say “London today is a third world cesspool.”

  18. TomDem says:

    Just the same old rascist stuff from the folks who brought us Tim McVeigh and the attitudes of Rush Limbaugh…
    Traitors……..well Judge Napolitano from Fox News just said that Bush and Cheney should have been indcited…
    nuff said

  19. rjblack says:

    I have been accused of many things but never an oath taker! The last thing you will ever see me submit to is an oath. I hold people accountable for their actions it’s called responsibility something that seems to have disappeared from most people who fixate on hate speech such as I am witnessing here and you call that the moral high ground?

    I lived in a socialist country for 20 years and believe me; none of you is even close to what is truly left of center.

    Most of you who have replied to my post have proven the point of this exercise that tolerance is only a one way street, republican sites offer the same snide attacks, that is the reason I do not affiliate with any political party.

    I find it offensive that you would even suggest Jolly Roger that I attend a McVeigh memorial; your attempt at humor disgraces the memory of my friend who was murdered there by McVeigh.

    Well it has been a slice, thanks for the fond memories and the very best to each of you.

  20. Randy Arroyo says:

    Chad — Ka Ching! You are so correct. All this shit from the Teabaggers and the Birthers is all rooted in the color of Mr. Obama’s skin. These nut jobs would hang him from an oak tree by a noose if they thought they could get away with it. They’re the fringe of American culture. Keep an eye on them, FBI and Secret Service. Keep our president safe.

  21. Brigadoon says:

    If the Teabaggers read a book once in a while instead of watching FOX News and NASCAR, they might have a sliver of knowledge about history and realize comparing President Obama to Adolph Hitler is like comparing Britney Spears to music.

  22. D BROWN says:

    “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over,”
    Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda for Nazi Germany1897-1945

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